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Late last night, when I left my previous message, logged off and threw aside my laptop in a huff, I never expected so many of you to respond. I have been very overwhelmed lately with real life and that horrific comment caught me at the worst time possible. I reacted far more strongly than I would have ordinarily because of it. All I can say is, hug your loved ones close and make the most of every moment together. It's priceless. Now, coming to SP, I spent the day thinking about it, whether I should take it down and just be done with it, or finish what I started. Which is what my goal has always been. I may take a long time getting to that finish line but I'm going to get there with each of my stories--fanfics as well as originals. The outpouring of support I received means so much to me (I've replied to each of you btw). I know Secret Passion has the most readers--the stats prove it--and it's my longest-running fic. I mean, with this finale episode, it will cross 1000…
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Important Note

Note (especially for Secret Passion Readers):

For a very personal reason, I have not been able to update in quite a while... I wish it was a nice, happy reason that keeps me away, but it's something quite devastating and deeply personal. I wish I could say more... but suffice to say, for a girl who likes to write only happily-ever-afters, dealing with real-life tragedy is never easy.
Writing has always been my escape and that somehow, what I've written has struck a chord with so many of you means a great deal. Thank you for that. Thank you to all those who took a chance not only on my fanfics, but Heartless, Bow-tied, Leather-strapped etc. as well.
I logged back in here after a really long time hoping reading some comments would lift my mood up as it usually does and partly, that worked. I haven't gotten through them all but a couple made an impression. First, shout out to Judy for your comments on Baby, Hold On. It's always nice to read such positivity and feedback--e…

Leather-Strapped Now Available!

Leather-Strapped Now Available! Amazon link All info here with promised bonus scene Hope you all enjoy this romantic, angsty novella,  the love story of Grant & Alessandra.
Happy Reading!
<3 Tina
ps. Secret Passion soon!

EXCLUSIVE: Read the first chapter of Leather-Strapped!

Instead of an excerpt, here's the entire first chapter of Leather-Strapped :) I've posted it at the bottom of my last post, just scroll down here.
It will go live Sept 30th, but you can preorder now if interested. All info here
Secret Passion's next episode coming soon, and remember, it's a very important one. A season finale no SP reader will forget.
Hope you enjoy chapter one of Leather-Strapped.
<3 Tina
ps. Time for another blog post too?  Maybe...


Excited to announce Leather-Strapped (Longwoods #2) Now Available on Amazon Just click here

HHe was my biggest teenage crush and my adult life’s greatest weakness.
Grant Alexander was everything I was not: rich, successful, sophisticated. Totally out of my league.
Over the years, I watched from my bedroom window as he arrived on a beat-up motorcycle with a loud, unpredictable engine then a nice, compact car to now this, a top-end, luxury SUV which probably cost more than my life savings times a couple hundred.
It was me who hadn’t changed, still living in that same old shabby apartment, watching him from behind the dirt-stained glass, knowing how far out of my reach he remained.
But in this moment, he didn’t feel far at all. I turned my brain off and gave into the rough demands of his mouth. He was hands-down the best thing I’d ever tasted.

Leather-Strapped is book 2 of the Longwoods series. It can be read as a standalone, although reading Bow-Tied #1 is recom…