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ONESHOTS By: TINA! 1. OS: Honeymoon Games -- The morning after..a hot romance.. 2. OS: Tearful Goodbyes -- Arnav and Khushi at the hospital. Will their love survive? 3. OS: Rendezvous before Second Wedding -- Hot & sweet encounter between ArHi 4. OS: Three Months From now -- Arnav and Khushi reunite after a bitter breakup 5. OS: Chocolates, Rose & Surprises -- Arhi's r omantic Valentine's Day 6. OS: Almost Kiss (1 yr Anniversary) -- What will happen this year between ArHi? 7. OS: Dr. Raizada -- A Journey of Love and Friendship 8. OS: Surrender -- Will Khushi surrender to her kidnapper? Or not? 9. OS: Arshi's Remarriage (Team Sarun OS contest winner)

To read them all: Click "Short Stories/OS" tab or  Click Here