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Fateful Love 12-16

Fateful Love by Tina
Teaser "I will always find my way to you," vowed Arnav, pressing kisses to her tear-streaked cheeks and finally her mouth. Khushi drew him on top of her, needing him desperately. "I'm not the kind to wait, as you know. I'll chase after you if I have to, Arnav. I won't let you forget me." His tongue stroked hers as he murmured between more kisses: "That will never happen. You know very well I can't live without you. We will be together." He sounded utterly convinced and yet both couldn't help but worry. Holding him to her heaving chest, Khushi closed her eyes in prayer. Everything was against them, but their love had to be enough. It had to be.. 
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Surprise Short Story *COMPLETE*

Hi everyone, here's a surprise short story for you all, titled "Storm Within". I usually update my FFs in parts (there's no other option) but I thought it would be nice to post a complete short story from beginning to end. I wrote this a few weeks back and edited it late last night. It is much more angst than what I normally write, so I thought why not give you the entire story at once so you could see for yourself where I was going with this. Happy Reading! --Tina *NEW*  Guess who else is reading this? (More info on Extras Page) Storm Within By TINA! *Summary* It's been one year since we last saw Arnav and Khushi, but nothing has gone according to plan. Their lives are falling apart. Their love has never been more tested. Can they find some answers or is all lost? Will love carry them through the pain or will they not survive the storm within? To find out, read on..

Table of Contents

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IMP Message

**VERY IMP MESSAGE BELOW**  Hi everyone,
If you take a look around my blog, you'll notice some slight changes. I've added a 'Videos' page with all the FF trailers and VMs compiled--You'll find a new Desert Heat Trailer there too! Check under 'Extras'
I've also made a 'Comments' page. From now on, everyone plz comment there (for any FF of mine). Simply write your comments as normal with the FF title and page number. I'm disabling comments on the main FF pages.
These changes will not only make page loading faster but also increase security. Unfortunately, three of my close friends have had their FFs on Arshi recently copied. For the record, I've given no one permission to alter or post any part of my work elsewhere. As an honest reader, the best thing you can do is keep your eyes open for  such people and report them, as well as notify the writer. That's part of the reason I keep my blog public, the more eyeballs reading and recognizing my…

Baby, Hold On

Baby, Hold OnBy TINA! Summary Laxmi Nagar is never quite the same again after Khushi Kumari Gupta 'collides with' Mr. Sexy aka Arnav Singh Raizada. He's a writer, poet, and their new paying guest! Khushi is both annoyed with and attracted to him from the first, milk-soaked glance, but there's a pesky engagement to deal with as well her meddlesome Buaji. Will Mr. Sexy show her that a fairytale romance can exist for a perfectly ordinary girl like her or will hindrances come in their way? Can she trust her heart with this handsome stranger? Baby, Hold On is a fun, light-hearted romcom of the unlikely love story between Mr. Sexy and Sushi. Read on..
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Secret Passion 1-6

SECRET PASSION By: TINA! & Satina A new collaboration on ArHi of course. Basically, forget about the family-friendly, disneyfied StarPlus version of IPKKND. This is the HBO version.. the true ASR and KKG.. 
Teaser  How had her life come to this? wondered Khushi Kumari Gupta. How had Arnav Singh Raizada taken over everything so completely? She could not escape his pull. His aura clung to her.. his smoldering gaze plagued her every thought..She had vowed to hate him. But how could she when he was not just her boss but so much more..Would this secret passion change her forever?
Trailer Youtube Link:

Also Note: I've added the 'follow by email' option on the desktop view. But this does not always work so I would still check back regularly. I might have updated:) 

Sanaya Irani's Small Message to Me!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *thud* *dead*  Cr. google/maker
Did Sanaya Irani--the SANAYA IRANI--just wish me Happy Birthday?!!  And say she'll read my book?!!!!
*rubs eyes* *Faintwa*
TeamSarun you made my year seriously! I really feel bad for all my friends and family bc there's no chance of ever topping this surprise:)
See here from 8:28:

Cr. TeamSarun! Thank you so much for this bday surprise!!!


One of my stories was copied and posted at another site (which I strictly do not allow) and of course with no credit to me.

I'm really disgusted. I have taken every security measure I can think of: I no longer keep my entire chapters on IF, I have codes against right-click copying/highlighting in place on this blog, and I have all my stories copyright protected.
Short of restricting this blog completely, I've done everything.
I began sharing my arhi FFs for two purposes alone--to keep the fandom alive and get some feedback on my writing. Despite everything, I would like to still believe that most of my readers (even the silent ones) are honest people. 
So, I'm keeping most of my stories here still. My short stories, Secluded Island and Fateful Love, as well as Secret Passion will remain untouched. Desert Heat is something very close to my heart, something I've spent a lot of time researching and perfecting and I cannot risk it. So from now on, only the latest chapters …

Secluded Island *Complete*

SS: Secluded Island by TINA!
Can their Love be Rekindled?
*Now Complete* Teaser Click Here

Mind Games *Complete*

Mind Games (Volumes 1 and 2)

Click on tab or click here to begin this fun and heartfelt RomCom

If you look under 'Extras' Page, under 'Videos' you'll see the VM I made for the finale (esp for those who keep reading and re-reading this story)