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Mind Games *Complete*

Mind Games (Volumes 1 and 2)

Click on tab or click here to begin this fun and heartfelt RomCom

If you look under 'Extras' Page, under 'Videos' you'll see the VM I made for the finale (esp for those who keep reading and re-reading this story)


  1. Tina please can you please spoilers, and teaser for next chapters !!! Please please please Tina!!

    1. ikr.i seriously cant wait for the next chapters.feels like my mind is on overdrive!!!!!!epp!

  2. Tina can you please give spoilers and teasers for next chapters!!! Please please please Tina!


  3. Hey dear hieee,

    Hiee I m orchids8888 from India Forums. I sent you pm but you dint reply.

    I m eagerly waiting for the Shameless e-book which you are going to release in Feb or Mar. Do lemme know and PLEASE send me its link or invitation as and when the e-book is released.Smile

    Hey dear it seems you moved Shameless chapters to your blog but I have commented on India forums. Is it ok? Do check dear.

    Also m eagerly waiting for your updates on mind games and shameless.

    Continue sooon and please reply.Smile

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    1. Hi there! I did reply to you on IF, check ur inbox;)
      As for the Shameless ebook, I will post all the details when the time comes. It will be on Amazon.

  4. hello Tina,

    I just read your story "Mind Games", loved it to bits.... In fact I read part 1 twice....the whole concept is amazing.....loved re-living ar-hi moments with your story.

    the mush, the many I love you, their chemistry, mental link.....everything is perfectly written. Each chapter was a pleasure to read.


    sri. (srmirji)

  5. Please update chapter 10 soon!!! I am very excited to read more of arshi!!!

  6. cant wait for the update
    such a sizzling precap

  7. Tina can you please give precap and spoiler picture for chapter 11!! Thank you so much!!

  8. read the update on IF but came here to comment :).
    the update was pretty cutely hot and not to forget an exhibition of possessiveness.
    the note abt there being a season 3 is obviously a happy news but the hiatus is not :(. and as you say that the story is not over well that surely makes me a bit apprehensive, I hope no extreme twist will be there, at least not before the hiatus.

  9. Thanks for precap Tina!!! I am so glad we are going to get volume 3 of MG!!!! Keep writing Tina, your amazing writer!! Please never end MG keep writing till at least 10 volumes!

  10. Thanks for writing this information to the web.

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  11. Hey my friend reccomended your story's I read mind games first omg what and adicting story I loved the way you wrote how they can speak in each others minds so refreshing then there journey as best friends only mind connection then he reveals he's her nanav her shock time to settle in things he proposing her she rejecting twice then finally her admiting her love then finally Arnav admiting his then Khushi bday omg I was blushing through out there jeep kiss omg Khushi family reaction that she can't get married till payal gets married but stopping them contacting each other uff the pain of separation finally a suitor for payal but that veer likes Khushi love her outburst and how selfish of garima and bua not keeping there words good Khushi contacted Arnav through there mind connection and told him about it will read rest of volume 2 and comment plz keep updating my fav fic and can u plz gimme link of shameless my friend reccomended it but it comes as ebook when I click on it your write beautifully the romantic scenes and potray them well

    1. glad u liked the romance and silliness of arhi's mind games.. hope u like vol 2 too!

  12. Will be attending the wedding a little late as I am traveling again tomorrow! You always seem to update on the days I am traveling....makes me feel I am missing a got me hooked....

  13. Thanks for steamy version!! Please don't remove it and keep it on your blog!! I love to go back and read from the beginning sometimes while I wait for your next update, so please please please don't remove this steamy version. Thank you so much! Excited for MG volume III!! I hope next volume is hotter and streamer as it will be arshi honeymoon!

  14. Read both the volumes together n its so so awesome
    ur ffs r addicting
    mind blowing
    rkapoor1382 IF


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