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Secluded Island *Complete*

SS: Secluded Island by TINA!
Can their Love be Rekindled?
*Now Complete*


  1. Ohhh dr Dr Im Damm sure It wl rock n b Awsm... Wow m gna Luv it, m sure.... Thnx 2 God dat he gv uTalent dat m soooooooo Into ur Strys dr Dr... bt SAd :( dat u updte nce a week :'( ... Bt cnt hlp cz f ur Profession... :) so xcused... :P

  2. will be accompanying you on the secluded island and waiting for the journey to start.. just give a green signal.. waiting.. HAPPY WRITING dear..

  3. now,i bet its gonna be irresistible!
    cant wait!

  4. Oh lord!! i cant wait!!!! Urr are you trying to kill me? You're amazing you that?!! <3 Good Luck!!

  5. Wohhhooo new os from you
    Would be fun to read
    And m already sure of it to be super interesting

  6. MG chp 1 has been uploaded???
    Cant find it on blog!!

  7. Oh more story........can't wait much dear plzzzz continue soon......<3 <3 <3

  8. OH wow... looking frwd to reading it... really excited :)

  9. wow..exciting. .

    JDD1959 (IF)

  11. Amazing concept will looking forward to the teaser .

  12. ^^ Aww thanks everyone! got ur swimsuits ready? :P
    teaser posted!

  13. hi,im a new reader..finished enjoying secluded what a passion filled romance...i was left gaping..u truely made barun's wish come true and how ! the hot sizzling chemistry between the lead pair is totally awesome..loved every bit.all the comedy elements were superb..from di catching Arshi's Rabba ve signals from a distance,to Khushi refusing to make love in front of the watchful eyes of the fishes and more.the beach romance was too good..had a blast visualising those rabba ve moments that stretched on forever.what a way to rekindle old passion :)

    1. Aww so glad you liked this romantic story :)


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