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One of my stories was copied and posted at another site (which I strictly do not allow) and of course with no credit to me.

I'm really disgusted. I have taken every security measure I can think of: I no longer keep my entire chapters on IF, I have codes against right-click copying/highlighting in place on this blog, and I have all my stories copyright protected.
Short of restricting this blog completely, I've done everything.
I began sharing my arhi FFs for two purposes alone--to keep the fandom alive and get some feedback on my writing. Despite everything, I would like to still believe that most of my readers (even the silent ones) are honest people. 
So, I'm keeping most of my stories here still. My short stories, Secluded Island and Fateful Love, as well as Secret Passion will remain untouched. Desert Heat is something very close to my heart, something I've spent a lot of time researching and perfecting and I cannot risk it. So from now on, only the latest chapters …