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Baby, Hold On
Click here to find out more about this crazy roller coaster romantic comedy about Mr. Sexy and "Sushi"
Parts 1-8
Part 9-14
Part 15-20
Part 21-25
Part 26-29
Part 30: Epilogue

Secret Passion
Click here to read what this passionate, mature romance is all about. Hint hint: an edgier version of IPKKND
Parts 1-6
Part 36-37
Episode 38-40 
Episode 41

Fateful Love
A story of timeless childhood romance. 
Removed due to someone copying it on another site -_-
I hope to share this story again soon but it hurts too much right now.

Desert Heat
A historical romance set in the balmy dunes of Rajasthan...
Mind Games
A romantic story inspired from the famous telepathy scene between ArHi

Short Stories/OS

Comment Thread 6-7

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  1. Yar this drop down menu is not working on my phone...
    And i have only mobile...
    No laptop nothing...
    What should i do?
    Plz plz plz reply...

    1. no worries ill add a contents page tomorrow morning with all FFs links. it's quite late now. btw what phone are u using Amina?

  2. Replies
    1. Check 'Mobile Users' Page. All links will be there

  3. O.m.g tina..ths drop down menu is nt working n my cell is nt so advancd..pls make it as earlier.i cnt read any f d stry.pls do smthng.pls..

    1. I've added a mobile-friendly page. check 'Mobile Users' for all links.

  4. Miss Tina! You are the most considerate writer I have ever come across. My world is encompassed in my iPhone and for you make to make your links, my escape to reading wonderland, that much more accessible is just plain Awesome :)

  5. Hey
    thnk u so mch. I read ur ffs thru phone n ws nt abl to comment as its
    nt so advanced... I really enjoy reading ur stories n the best part what
    i feel abt ur writing is no matter what arshi are alwayz togethr.... So
    a bigggg thnkuuuuu

  6. Tina di here another fan of ur frm IF..:) Nw I thnk I dun hv to wait for getting pm dere den read ur new updates..yiipiie.. My IF Name is PrncssOfHeart. Hope to read ur nxt updates vry soon. Eagerly Waiting. .:)

  7. Hi Dr. Tina... M another fan of urs from IF.. I love ua stories... U r n amazing writter... N d fact dat u r a Doctor makes meh admire uh evn more.. Coz evn m a medical student n i know how tuff ou profession Iz... N still u take ua time out 2 write such n amazing stories on arshi... Itz comendable... Thnk you n plz continue writing... Love uh...

    1. Hi there :) Agreed, medicine is tough for sure, but it's worth it. Doctors can also write reasonably well ;)

  8. Tina Tina Tina! How thoughtful of u to take so much time n effort for doing us such favour,really love u n thankful to u.
    N in last can I ask u when u r going to update DH
    Eagerly waiting for it :)
    By awaheed

  9. You are a brilliant writer. Read two of your short stories. They are just wow!!!

  10. Hey tina , amazing stories.... Vry sweet of u to think of de Moible readers ......

  11. Tina.. Hi, wanna read ua story shameless please help me out.. A great fan of uaz out here in india

  12. Incredible mam......... u r fabulous writer........Im completely speechless ryt........don't know how to praise u n compliment ur all ur ffs.......m completely awestruck..... dying to read the next parts of BHO and SP
    plssssssss update asap ........m dying of curiosity. .......thankfully I finallycould sign up as a follower....but I find problem in commenting coz d page goes non responsive everytime....plssss help me out

  13. Hi Tina I am new reader of your site. But I didn't find your two stories - Shameless and Fateful love. I didn't find them on IF also. Can you please give me a link of those above stories. Please.... pretty...Please..

  14. You won't find both these stories online. Shameless was in process for publishing, but has been halted for the moment as Tina had informed sometime back, I wish it gets published soon, since I am dying to read it again, it is one of the best story I ever read. Fateful love has been removed due to a jerk, who didn't understand that the story belonged to the writer, Tina and no one has the right to copy it elsewhere, hopefully we will get to read it again soon.

  15. Please please update fateful love here. I can't find chapter 8-10 on IF. :/

    1. I totally agree with the previous reader, I desperately want to read this story, Fateful love, that is entire story, because I love it so, so much, I read it in IF, but not all chapters, with very big gaps unfortunately(((( I adore it, and I hope that you will publish it here...

      In the hope that you deign to concede our request,
      Olga, from Russia.

  16. Hi Tina... I am a new reader of ur fan fictions nd I must say I am pretty much enthralled by ur writing.. The way u have written the stories just keeps us totally glued to ur story line and keep anticipating what's gonna happen next. Keep up the good work and please update Baby, Hold On pretty fast as I can't wait to know what happens next.. Lots of Love
    Aakanksha Mohanty

  17. have you taken down dessert heat chapters :(


  18. Hey Tina, i recently came across ur blog n im hooked on to ur stories since then. Currently im reading desert heat but im not able to access chapter 6 onwards.plzzz help, i cant wait to read da story ahead!!

  19. Hi tina 😊
    I just came across your blog and it was nice to read your stories and i must say that you are an awesome writer who brings out the best of arshi however as much as I want to know what happens between chapters 6-28 in desert heat I'm unfortunately unable to read those chapters since it says that the pages that I've requested is unavailable in this blog 😯 please help me 😔
    Thanks for taking out time for us readers 😊

  20. hi tine
    i once read your story named fateful love. from last 1 month i was searching the story to read as i did not know the name. finally i got the story on india-forum but the loss of me is that its not complete over there. i mean there is just a fraction of a part . i knew the story but i loved to re read it . can u please tell me where can i find your story to read again. i have read most of all your stories . i loved them . but the most i love to read again and again is fateful love.. please reply how can i read it

  21. I'm a new commer but I read all ur ff which mg,dh,n sp it's all mind blowing but it has been long time yaar there is no updt 4m u

  22. I am new to your blog. I am also a fan of arshi.I came across ur ff desert heat and I feel myself lucky to read such a beautiful story. Really you are such a great writer. I also feel that it's my bad luck that I found this story so late coz u have removed many chapters of desert heat. But I understand your decision. Still hoping that u'll repost some of the chapters soon for the new readers.

  23. Hi I am a new reader. I am simply hooked to your writing. My bad luck that i found desert heat too late. I hope you repost it soon .......

  24. Hi Tina, have read SP and I enjoyed it tremendously...I love the way you wrote it and it is one of the BEST Khushi-Arnav stories I've read. Totally brilliant! Am truly interested in reading DH, but unfortunately some of the chapters were missing in your blog so I hope I'm able to read the whole of it. I am so sorry to hear that someone or some people had plagiarised your work and, I can understand your hurt, anger and frustration. But still am hoping to read the missing chapters of your stories listed in here. Lastly, salute to you for the brilliant job on your stories...I'm sure you have many fans/followers now (including me :) ) who are and patiently waiting for your updates. Hope to hear from you again soon...cheers.

  25. Hello...thank you for the beautiful stories. I came across excerpts of fateful love in IF and it was si enthralling. However could not find the entire story. I understand plagiarism is a very difficult, specially when you put in so much effort. I am very interested to read fateful love and would it be possible for u to mail a watermarked pdf to me...or upload here....whichever u feel confident. Thanks again and keep writing.

  26. Please upload fateful love .. plzzzz

  27. Kindly post remaining chapter of dh plzzzzzzzzzzz

  28. Really Tina glad that u r back.The story of SP is so enticing that I went on reading n rereading again again. You r a gifted writer. Take my words.....there's no one who has been so close to Ipkknd characters ,depth of each one yet a new dimension to each.No matter how many times I read it for every new update I go over the story again.There's evey thing a reader wants mystery, thrill,suspense, twists n turns but what binds the readers is the never before experienced " Passion" .please update sooner . All the best in ur life.

  29. Really Tina glad that u r back.The story of SP is so enticing that I went on reading n rereading again again. You r a gifted writer. Take my words.....there's no one who has been so close to Ipkknd characters ,depth of each one yet a new dimension to each.No matter how many times I read it for every new update I go over the story again.There's evey thing a reader wants mystery, thrill,suspense, twists n turns but what binds the readers is the never before experienced " Passion" .please update sooner . All the best in ur life.

  30. hello there,
    i found your stories last week by chance on india forum--secret passion & couldnt stop reading. just got done with episode 39. im so hooked on your writing. this such a fantastic story. im so glad i was able to access your blog so thank you so so much for not making it private.
    you really are a brilliant writer. please please update this story soon.
    thanks again & now on to your other stories.

  31. Oh Tina I've wanted to comment on your stories since ages. I've been a reader since day one and read all your stories/books but for some reason no comment section works. It did before but it doesn't now. So thats why I haven't really commented. I just wanted to say your an amazing writer and I hope your well. Also I hope you have time to update Secret Passion. Thank You for the amazing ride you put us through in each story, it always is worth it.☺ Keep up the hard work. I appreciate it.💋

  32. hey please upload desert heart 6th part. i am new here and love ur stories.

  33. Hi Tina! How can I continue reading Desert Heat from chapter 6? I would like to continue. Pleaseeee

  34. can i continue Desert heat...
    chapter 31

  35. Hii Tina please please post your story Fateful Love back again please..I really wanna read it please

  36. Pls Tina how can I get chapter 6_9 of desert heat. Really enjoy reading your stories

  37. Hey Tina. I wanted to read your story Shameless and got to know that it's now in form of an ebook. Where can I purchase the ebook? And for how much in INR?


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