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Baby Hold On Mahaupdate Posted!

BABY HOLD ON CHAPTER 25: AN Unexpected Visitor (You have to scroll all the way to the bottom for it. New thread next time.) Comment thread #6 (Scroll down all the way down on this one too to comment) First of all, thanks for all the get well soon wishes That was really sweet. I'm all better now. Thankfully. Second, I hope everyone who celebrated had a great Thanksgiving with their friends and family :) Third, I really, really tried to update both Secret Passion and Baby Hold On tonight but there's just not enough time. Not with the length my updates tend to be I'll try to post SP in a day or two, but no promises. 14-16 hour shifts at the hospital really make it difficult and by the time I get home, all I want to do is sleep honestly. But if you've been following me, you know that's kind of how it's always been. I might take my time to update, but you get the equivalent of 2-3 updates at once. And there really aren't any filler chapters. I have each story mapped ou…

Desert Heat Updated + SP Teaser

Update Time! Desert Heat Chapter 28: Oasis This is the chapter that really led to this whole story coming about, so I hope you like it as much as me. Also, if you'd like to relieve some of the past DH moments, particularly that full moon night, I've made available, after lots of back and forth with myself: Desert Heat Chapters 14-20 Please DO NOT make me regret this. If you see any part of my work copied on any other site other than my account on IF under TINA! please inform me asap. Action will be taken as it has in the past. In case you missed it, Baby Hold On was updated yesterday: BHO Part 24: The Island I've replied to everyone on the comments thread. You'll see my comments all the way near the bottom in pink if you scroll. Leave your feedback there only please, it makes the site load faster. Comment Thread #6

Baby Hold On Updated NOW. DH tomorrow!

Baby Hold On Updated! Part 24: The Island Comment Thread So it's a bit later than I hoped it would be, but the update is finally up. Heads up, there are just five more chapters of BHO to go. No sad faces please, let's enjoy this crazy love story all the way till the very end with Mr. Sexy and Sushi. Note also: I will be updating Desert Heat tomorrow (it was what I was hinting to in my last note ;) If you follow me over at IF, fyi I will not be sending out any PMs till I've posted DH and my replies to everyone here. See you all tomorrow, Tina ps. for those of you who asked or wondered, I'm feeling half-way to normal now. Hopefully this cold goes away soon because in my case, the saying 'doctors make the worst patients' is completely true :)

Note about updates

To all those waiting for updates: First of all, I'm really sorry for not updating :(  Trust me,  it's not because I've forgotten or don't feel like writing (as you can tell from the length of my updates, I love to write endlessly, esp when it comes to arhi) but I've been down with a very bad cold this past week. A bit better today so I will be posting updates this weekend. Just give me a day or two. Appreciate your patience. Sincerely, --Tina ps. shout out to all those who left questions, concerns, and messages on the comment thread
pss. I think this delay calls for an extra steamy and romantic update. I won't say which story though. Maybe you can guess ;)

Secret Passion Mahaupdate + BHO teaser Updated!

Secret Passion Updated! Secret Passion Mahaupdate: Episode 28: Mood Swings Comment Thread
Plus, on popular demand, here's a teaser for Baby Hold On: Part 24: Jealous Much? *Teaser* It was one of those this-can't-be-happening-to-me moments. Everything felt surreal. I mean me and pregnant? Just saying that word in my mind made my stomach swoop and flip. I wanted to deny it, to shout that it wasn't true, but there was a pesky, niggling doubt in my head that just wouldn't leave me alone. Could the old Greek woman/gun-wielding mobster have been right? Was I really pregnant? I had no way of finding out. None in the current scenario--all thanks to a certain Mr. Sexy, I fumed. It was only because of him I found myself cut off from civilization, sitting in the middle of an abandoned beach on some nameless island. I pinched my forearm--hard--but the vision didn't fade. I was really here, as far away from Laxmi Nagar as you could imagine. Seawater dripped from my soaked hair and clot…

Quick Note

**EDIT: sry for the delay but I'm very busy. Like 16 hr days :/ Hope to find time to post tomorrow, Wed (US Eastern time)** Hi everyone, I'm on call at the moment so very short on time, but I wanted to let those waiting for updates know that I will do my best to post Secret Passion's next part this Sunday. I have it written, but need a bit more free time to edit and post it *fingers crossed for Sunday* Since it is Halloween, you could give Possessed a read till then. I know a lot of readers skipped it the first time I posted it because it is horror, but you never know, it just might surprise you :) Plus it is ArHi <3 Link to Possessed Here Happy Halloween! --Tina
ps. Shout out to Leah for the a-m-a-z-i-n-g and super sweet poem. Means so much to me! 
 pss. I have my replies to everyone who left feedback done--will post with SP update ;) *runs*

Secret Passion Teaser

First, important message: Thanks to all those who nominated me for IF's Member Awards. As most of you know, I only log on there to update so I didn't even realize there were awards going on I was just informed about it two days ago tbh. So I know this is very late, but better late than never right? Thanks everyone, it's a very nice feeling to win something for my writing  Especially since most of my real life friends don't understand my FF addictionCongrats to the other winners too. Link: And *drumroll* here is the teaser for the upcoming part of Secret Passion. Click Read More or here

BHO Updated

It's really late but I had to post this today :) Baby Hold On Updated Part 23: Confession COMMENTS HERE ps. Those who follow me on IF, I will be updating there tomorrow.  Short on time right now. pss. look out for an extended Secret Passion teaser soon ;)

Note about Updates

Sorry everyone but the update for this week will be slightly delayed till Tuesday. I'm out of town for Columbus Day wkend here and I thought I'd have time to write and edit in between, but I'm realizing that I really don't :( Mr. Sexy: Sigh… Really? It was BHO's turn dammit. Sushi: *nods* I've been looking forward to the confessions for so long now. Thanks to you know who *glares pointedly at Mr. Sexy* Mr. Sexy: *raises eyebrows innocently* Sushi: *whacks him over the head with a pillow* Mr. Sexy: *tackles her and looks ready to kiss her senseless*  Me: Time out you two! Hold off till Tuesday. Promise :)
ps. Can't tell you how much all your feedback means to me. I check back here during my way too short breaks at the hospital and I always leave smiling. Thanks.

SP and DH Mahaupdates Now up!

Note about updates...

(US Eastern Time) 9/29/14 CHECK BACK SOON! *off to edit* --Tina

Baby Hold On Updated + DH/SP Extended Teasers

Hi everyone, I seem to be on a Baby, Hold On roll so here is the next part: BHO Part 22: Behave, Mrs. Raizada I've been working on SP and DH but my schedule is literally packed and I'm on call this coming weekend. Will try my best… Here's some extended teasers till then. Click 'Read More'
ps. Comments go here. I've replied to everyone from Comment Thread 6. You'll find them there in pink. Desert Heat by TINA! Chapter 27: Weddings
*TEASER* It was that odd time of day when the moon was still out, but the sun was rising too, its rays threatening to break past the clouds as the sky changed colors at regular intervals. For the twenty-five men kneeling on the sands of Raizada, each minute felt like an eternity. An inch closer to darkness. Heads bowed, arms locked behind their backs, their gazes were stoic and directed to the ground. Akash scowled down at them, the corded end of a black leather whip tightening in his hands. Beside him stood Shyam, looking not as confident a…

Comment Thread #7

Thanks to my friend Farwa Ibrahim for the banner. Love it hun! Huge thanks for all the feedback everyone and the bday wishes. COMMENT THREAD #7 We've crossed almost 200 comments again. So I've replied to all the old comments and moved those to 'Archives' page. Please leave all new comments here (with the Title of my FF and Chapter Number). This will help with page loading issues and also increase security so this blog can remain public for honest readers. I appreciate all the feedback everyone. --Tina ps. instead of replying individually in this thread, I'll be posting one giant reply to each person in order of date and time. After a round of updates, look for it and I'm sure you'll notice it.

Note about updates...

Hi everyone,
Important note about updates: as you might have guessed I've been super busy at work.That being said, Desert Heat's wedding update will be posted within a day or two.
Baby Hold On next part and SP teaser this weekend. Even though it's my bday Saturday, I will try to squeeze in some writing time :)
Thanks for the comments since the last update btw. 
Special shout out to the regulars and to the silent readers who decided to let me know what they think. I do come to this blog every day and it's always nice to see a message. 
So rest assured, your comments are all read by me and very much appreciated. I will try to reply to everyone by the time the next update is up.
Take care,

Baby Hold On 21-25

TWO UPDATES! Secret Passion: Episode 26: Club Indigo Baby, Hold On: Part 20: Three Months Later Comment here Have a great week everyone, Tina

Updating tomorrow

NOTE: I will be updating tomorrow :) I've been on night call this past week at the hospital so it's been super hectic and really impossible for me to find time to write. But something tomorrow for sure.
*cough SP and maybe something else cough cough* --Tina

1,000,000 Hits!

Thanks Dia for the banner! Huge thanks to my friends and loyal readers :)
ONE MILLION A million memories swirl in my mind, Of late night typing, outlining, planning, and daydreaming amid yawns. Of jotting down something about the Dark Prince in the noise of the hospital cafeteria. Of typing Secret Passion on my phone as the train chugs and a snowstorm hits, struggling with the tiny keys. And waking up in a white canopy bed, wondering how the hell  am I going to juggle story number six? Maybe I'm strange, but for me it's like  those ending credits never ran. IPKKND's memories are always there within my reach. Of love, heartbreak, Betrayal and the sublime Tears and laughter, Fall outs, joy, and happily ever afters. His slight smile, her impish innocence. Those "what the's" and "i love you dammit's" seem as fresh as ever to me. The magic and beauty has not dimmed, and I don't think it ever will quite honestly. Arnav and Khushi,  I hope I never have to say goodbye. Yo…

Baby Hold On updated + SP teaser

Hi everyone, Here's the continuation of BHO. It's been a while since I updated, but my schedule is really tight and I'm on call a LOT so thought of posting this at least while I have some time. Have a great weekend, Tina BABY HOLD ON PART 19 REDEMPTION and TENSION All COMMENTS HERE PLEASE Note: If you want to follow me via Facebook for updates and teasers, you can. I've added the links on desktop view in the top right corner of the blog. Or you can simply click here. I don't accept friend requests but you will see all my public posts about updates if you simply click follow. Some of you have already figured this out :) Thanks to all the SP readers for their continued encouragement. My real life job is really hectic and sometimes when I read a message to update soon or how much the chapter was liked, it pushes me to sleep a little later and type a little more. And to those who spotted the difference between how Khushi and Payal reacted to Arnav's scar, great catch! Also…

Secret Passion Mahaupdate + BHO teaser

Anyone waiting for updates?? Here is the next part of Secret Passion. Episode 25--so that's like SP's silver anniversary or something right?  I think that calls for a mahaupdate, don't you? Happy reading! SECRET PASSION EPI 25 'ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR'  Remember to comment here: Comment Thread #6 I'll try to reply soon to you all. --Tina ps. Baby Hold On Part 19 teaser: It shouldn't really be called a diary. It was Khushi Kumari Gupta's collection of pain, I thought wryly. Taking a hiccupping breath, I bent over it. July 6th Everything hurts right now. To hold this pen in my hand, to think about all those lies, to breathe... How could he do this to me? I gave him everything. My heart, my soul, my body, and he lied! He lied and lied and lied! He even admitted that he came close to me just to get information. I've been such a complete idiot. Part of me knew such happiness couldn't possibly be mine. How can anything ever go right for Khushi Ordinary Gupta? I am…

Desert Heat Mahaupdate Up!

Well it's been WAY too long since the last DH update so here is an extra long chapter to make up for some of the delay. My note below still stands fyi. This chapter is undoubtedly the longest update I've ever posted (27+ pages on Word, so it's basically almost 3 updates at once). When I re-edit DH one day, I'll probably split it into two but I'm posting it all today. I hope everyone reaches the end or you're missing out--trust me.  For those who asked or are wondering, we are roughly 65% done with DH. I think it will end around chapter 40 but it just depends on how much detail I ultimately decide to go with. I really appreciate all the continued support and encouragement. Especially since new readers can't really read this one. So thanks to those that have stuck with it or joined midway. Hugs to Fari for the perfect banner! Hope you all like the chapter. Ready to finally jump into the sands? Are you sure? Well then, the Dark Prince and his Angel await you DESERT HE…

Note About Updates

Hi everyone, Hope you're all well. In case anyone is waiting for updates, I unfortunately have zero time to write these days. Real life intervenes, but I hope to continue soon (I have SP and DH's next chapters more than half way done to be precise). Like I've said previously, a lot of people in medicine don't make their own schedules, and I'm one :P Plus, writing when I'm under pressure to write is no fun. I write when I can AND when I feel like. And I think that's how it should be. I'm sure you'd all notice if my heart wasn't into it. That being said, I'm not one to abandon stories so no reason to panic. I do finish everything--just at my own pace. If you follow the blog via email, you will be notified about updates automatically. I am posting a small snippet from Desert Heat. It's not a teaser but an extra scene from the time the story first began last year. Some readers from IF may have read it before (I sent it to all those who commented…

Baby Hold On updated + SP/DH Teasers

Thanks Amna for the new banner! Super hectic week for me, but I've had this chapter written a while back so posting this at least. More on Mr. Sexy's secret past. Also, note: there are usernames mentioned in this part. I've made them up but they probably do exist somewhere or might in the future, who knows. To be clear, no resemblance to any known username/person is intended. All usernames are strictly fictional in the scope of this FF. Baby Hold On Part 18: The Truth Happy reading! Leave your thoughts as usual here: Comment Thread #6 I've read most of the replies on FL's epilogue and will try to respond to those soon. --Tina

Fateful Love Epilogue

FATEFUL LOVE COMPLETE! Please make sure you've read CH 19 Parenthood before reading this. Enjoy the epilogue  Remember that you can comment directly on the epilogue page. This way your final thoughts on FL will remain with it. Click Here to Read the Epilogue or scroll down <3 Tina

Amazing News + Fateful Love Mahaupdate

Hi everyone, First some really AMAZING news^ (huge thanks to Team Sarun!). I didn't think this would happen since I've put Shameless on hold, but TS worked their magic More info about it all here: Elated and Proud--TINA's Work Reaches SARUN I've updated Secluded Island with the version sent to Sanaya (I edited it slightly). Storm Within had very minimal changes so I'm leaving that unchanged here. Secluded Island Storm Within Also, here is the final chapter of Fateful Love. I've made it extra long, a true mahaupdate. There will be an epilogue and I will try to post that sometime soon this week, along with some surprises. Fateful Love Chapter 19 Parenthood Comment Thread Note: The comment limit on blogger is 4000 words so I've had to split my replies into two posts. Also, for the epilogue, I will leave the page open for comments so instead of using the comment thread for that one, be sure to comment directly on the page. That way your final thoughts on FL will remain …

Secret Passion Part 25-29

Secret Passion Updated! A reader mentioned after the last chapter that SP is like a layered soap opera. And that's kind of the idea if you read the teaser. It's what IPKKND could be like if it was a HBO show, more mature and edgy. If you notice, even the chapters are called "Episodes." More soon hopefully. --Tina

Poem + Note about Updates

Hi everyone, First--A poem on ArShi's First Kiss has been added to the nook Here. Also, several people have messaged me about my update plans so here's what I've planned: When I wrote the last SP chapter, I continued into the next one so that one is most complete at the moment. I will try to post it by this weekend or sooner. The title has been changed from 'Rollercoaster' to 'Threats and Promises.' And yes, you will get more on Payal in it, though some of you are on track with your theories about her already. FL's final chapter June 4th and Epilogue few days after that, around IPK's 3 yr anniversary. Keep in mind that this is all tentative and while I'm aiming for these dates, I might be slightly off. Let's see... See you soon, Tina ps. I've read through all the new comments, and I will try to reply soon. Running short of time at the moment (see my last post below if you have no idea why) :)

BHO Updated, SP teaser + VERY IMP NOTE

Hi everyone, First, a VERY important note: Updates are going to continue to be a bit erratic for the next month or so. Actually, I'm moving cities soon so there's a new place and hospital to adjust to. I am NOT putting any of my ongoing stories on hold and I love them too much to abandon them (plus I know how much that hurts for readers too). Just be a bit patient, I will update when I can. I am putting Shameless the ebook on hold. It's just not possible at the moment, but hopefully one day I get time for it. Anyways, I did get some time to write yesterday and couldn't resist continuing BHO, so here is the next part: Chapter 17 Deadline. FL and DH are due I know, but I'm really happy with this BHO chapter and I don't always say that. Hope you give it a read and leave your feedback here: Comment Thread #6 Happy Reading, Tina

Secret Passion Spoiler + Sing Along

After the Secret Passion update 2 days ago, here is the spoiler about Khushi's medical report. Click 'Read More' or Here if you want. Also, I added a new page to the blog: Sing-Along I sometimes get songs from friends and readers and this will be a nice way to organize it all. Check it out! *working on Fateful Love's final chapter* --Tina

Secret Passion MU + Baby Hold On Updated

Update time! Secret Passion Mahaupdate: Episode 23 Guilty Baby, Hold On: Part 16: Tonight All comments here plz: New Comment Thread #6 Previous thread is now under archives (I've already replied to everyone). Also added some new reviews from IF under Extras. Both of the updates today are quite lengthy and you'll see why it took me so long to write, edit, and post them. Looking forward to all your thoughts, questions, theories, etc on the comment thread. Always nice to know someone out there is reading and liking my stuff. --Tina

Comment Thread #6

5.5.2014 Comment Thread #6 We've crossed almost 200 comments again. So I've replied to all the old comments and moved those to 'Archives' page. Please leave all new comments here (with the Title of my FF and Chapter Number). This will help with page loading issues and also increase security so this blog can remain public for honest readers. I appreciate all the feedback everyone. --Tina ps. instead of replying individually in this thread, I'll be posting one giant reply to each person in order of date and time. After a round of updates, look for it and I'm sure you'll notice it.