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Secret Passion Part 25-29

Secret Passion Updated! A reader mentioned after the last chapter that SP is like a layered soap opera. And that's kind of the idea if you read the teaser. It's what IPKKND could be like if it was a HBO show, more mature and edgy. If you notice, even the chapters are called "Episodes." More soon hopefully. --Tina

Poem + Note about Updates

Hi everyone, First--A poem on ArShi's First Kiss has been added to the nook Here. Also, several people have messaged me about my update plans so here's what I've planned: When I wrote the last SP chapter, I continued into the next one so that one is most complete at the moment. I will try to post it by this weekend or sooner. The title has been changed from 'Rollercoaster' to 'Threats and Promises.' And yes, you will get more on Payal in it, though some of you are on track with your theories about her already. FL's final chapter June 4th and Epilogue few days after that, around IPK's 3 yr anniversary. Keep in mind that this is all tentative and while I'm aiming for these dates, I might be slightly off. Let's see... See you soon, Tina ps. I've read through all the new comments, and I will try to reply soon. Running short of time at the moment (see my last post below if you have no idea why) :)

BHO Updated, SP teaser + VERY IMP NOTE

Hi everyone, First, a VERY important note: Updates are going to continue to be a bit erratic for the next month or so. Actually, I'm moving cities soon so there's a new place and hospital to adjust to. I am NOT putting any of my ongoing stories on hold and I love them too much to abandon them (plus I know how much that hurts for readers too). Just be a bit patient, I will update when I can. I am putting Shameless the ebook on hold. It's just not possible at the moment, but hopefully one day I get time for it. Anyways, I did get some time to write yesterday and couldn't resist continuing BHO, so here is the next part: Chapter 17 Deadline. FL and DH are due I know, but I'm really happy with this BHO chapter and I don't always say that. Hope you give it a read and leave your feedback here: Comment Thread #6 Happy Reading, Tina

Secret Passion Spoiler + Sing Along

After the Secret Passion update 2 days ago, here is the spoiler about Khushi's medical report. Click 'Read More' or Here if you want. Also, I added a new page to the blog: Sing-Along I sometimes get songs from friends and readers and this will be a nice way to organize it all. Check it out! *working on Fateful Love's final chapter* --Tina

Secret Passion MU + Baby Hold On Updated

Update time! Secret Passion Mahaupdate: Episode 23 Guilty Baby, Hold On: Part 16: Tonight All comments here plz: New Comment Thread #6 Previous thread is now under archives (I've already replied to everyone). Also added some new reviews from IF under Extras. Both of the updates today are quite lengthy and you'll see why it took me so long to write, edit, and post them. Looking forward to all your thoughts, questions, theories, etc on the comment thread. Always nice to know someone out there is reading and liking my stuff. --Tina

Comment Thread #6

5.5.2014 Comment Thread #6 We've crossed almost 200 comments again. So I've replied to all the old comments and moved those to 'Archives' page. Please leave all new comments here (with the Title of my FF and Chapter Number). This will help with page loading issues and also increase security so this blog can remain public for honest readers. I appreciate all the feedback everyone. --Tina ps. instead of replying individually in this thread, I'll be posting one giant reply to each person in order of date and time. After a round of updates, look for it and I'm sure you'll notice it.