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Baby Hold On 21-25

TWO UPDATES! Secret Passion: Episode 26: Club Indigo Baby, Hold On: Part 20: Three Months Later Comment here Have a great week everyone, Tina

Updating tomorrow

NOTE: I will be updating tomorrow :) I've been on night call this past week at the hospital so it's been super hectic and really impossible for me to find time to write. But something tomorrow for sure.
*cough SP and maybe something else cough cough* --Tina

1,000,000 Hits!

Thanks Dia for the banner! Huge thanks to my friends and loyal readers :)
ONE MILLION A million memories swirl in my mind, Of late night typing, outlining, planning, and daydreaming amid yawns. Of jotting down something about the Dark Prince in the noise of the hospital cafeteria. Of typing Secret Passion on my phone as the train chugs and a snowstorm hits, struggling with the tiny keys. And waking up in a white canopy bed, wondering how the hell  am I going to juggle story number six? Maybe I'm strange, but for me it's like  those ending credits never ran. IPKKND's memories are always there within my reach. Of love, heartbreak, Betrayal and the sublime Tears and laughter, Fall outs, joy, and happily ever afters. His slight smile, her impish innocence. Those "what the's" and "i love you dammit's" seem as fresh as ever to me. The magic and beauty has not dimmed, and I don't think it ever will quite honestly. Arnav and Khushi,  I hope I never have to say goodbye. Yo…

Baby Hold On updated + SP teaser

Hi everyone, Here's the continuation of BHO. It's been a while since I updated, but my schedule is really tight and I'm on call a LOT so thought of posting this at least while I have some time. Have a great weekend, Tina BABY HOLD ON PART 19 REDEMPTION and TENSION All COMMENTS HERE PLEASE Note: If you want to follow me via Facebook for updates and teasers, you can. I've added the links on desktop view in the top right corner of the blog. Or you can simply click here. I don't accept friend requests but you will see all my public posts about updates if you simply click follow. Some of you have already figured this out :) Thanks to all the SP readers for their continued encouragement. My real life job is really hectic and sometimes when I read a message to update soon or how much the chapter was liked, it pushes me to sleep a little later and type a little more. And to those who spotted the difference between how Khushi and Payal reacted to Arnav's scar, great catch! Also…