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A New Year Surprise

First of all, a very Happy New Year to everyone!
As you know, two of my stories are wrapping up soon, and well, I can't seem to stop writing on my fav telly couple EVER!Embarrassed
So here's the result
Hope you're a part of this journey too.
It's going to be about 25 chapters total based on my outline but we'll see…

*NOTE* I appreciate the messages, and understand waiting for updates isn't exactly fun, but like I said in my previous note, I'm on vacation till Jan 5th. You will get Secret Passion, Desert Heat, and Baby Hold On updates soon after that.
Enemy Lines by TINA!
In a world riddled with darkness and crime,
Khushi Kumari Gupta has always tried to bring a bit of sunshine
 into the lives of total strangers.
In the guise of a young boy, she can slip through the dangerous streets of Delhi
with relative ease.

One night though,
things go wrong and she comes face to face with the one man
she has been raised to hate.
But Arnav Singh Raizada is far beyond anything she could have imagined.
Brooding, educated, and the son of a Controller,
he is everything she is not.

They stand on opposing sides in an increasingly volatile society
But he’s not letting her go.
As much as Khushi strives to avoid his sensual caresses and
Needy, almost punishing kisses,
Neither can deny
there’s something that binds them regardless...
A bond that stretches past the games they play
to their very soul.

Torn in every which way,
Khushi knows that no matter what side she chooses,
There will be betrayal.
What will take precedence? Her conscience or her heart?
Her love or her dreams?
Will Arnav regret ever allowing her to come so close?
And most importantly,
Will their unlikely bond survive what is to come? 

Enemy Lines
A dangerous tale of conspiracy, deception and unexpected love
set in the grim future of the year 3015.
By Tina

“He thinks too much; Such men are dangerous.”
--Julius Caesar, Act I, Shakespeare

*Feel free to leave comments here or on the comments thread*


  1. A very happy new year to you and your family. Awesome teaser. SOOOOOOOOOOO excited that you are starting a new story. Love all your stories. Can't wait for this one and the other updates. �� -- ship13(IF)

  2. Happy new year Tina and thanku for the gift of enemy lines....

  3. hi teena! Wish u a great year ahead. i have just started reading these stories recently. i have kind of fallen in love with your writing instantly. It is an absolute delight to read these stories and see arnav and khushi in new characters! Keep it up. waiting for the updates.

  4. Remarkable gift. Can't wait to read more. Well in one story you take us deep in the history and then here comes another story plotted far ahead.

    Can't wait to read the first chapter.

    KEEP IT UP :)

  5. First of all happy new year ...second Yeahhhhh!!!!! another story.... Wonderful yaar...eagerly waiting for the updates though.....

  6. Its good to see one more story from you. You r a wonderful writer. I have discovered this blog not so long ago and am reading so work slowly. You r absolutely gifted. Thank you for the lovely stories so far.

  7. Wow
    Will follow on blog
    This is gonna be fun
    So much more dangerous
    How can. They. Be together
    Set in future
    Just what you haven't written on dear and now even that you have done cool
    Happy new year

  8. soooo happy to hear about the new story:)) happy new year have a wonderful and loving 2015.

  9. happy New year! cant wait for this story!

  10. Hi Tina!

    Hope you're having a fabulous time on holiday, and happy new year!

    Absoluted delighted about your upcoming story - your stories are beautiful!

    Love you lots,
    Risha. x

  11. Hi Tina! Happy New Year dear! Remember me? Sorry for not replying for so long... This is a very interesting teaser, I am looking forward to reading the first chapter. Take care, Chanya.

  12. Interesting.
    love Your style of Writing.
    Been reading your stories
    Have noticed You draw a Beautiful picture when You pen down stories.
    Look forward to Your Updates.

    Happy New Year

  13. This seems like an interesting story! I would love to more of it :)

  14. Happy holidays...
    Waiting for this story...
    Waiting for SP, BHO and DH like hell...

  15. Happy new year to you
    Enjoy your holidays
    Will be waiting to read lots on our beloved couple

  16. Happy New Year
    This os an awesome start
    Looking forward to it

  17. Happy New Year TINA!!!
    I love your surprise!!!
    Awesome concept of the story!
    Can't wait to read it

  18. Happy New Year Tina! Love the new concept. Saddened that other stories will be ending soon. DH and SP are so close to my heart.♥♥♥♥♥

  19. Happy New Year tina... long time I have commented...been busy but catching uo with ur updates. Over all I think its pregnant
    Cant wait fr d next parts of ur regular one n ds new one seems terrifically awesome bcs ur writing it... xoxoxo..

    Brkn angl

  20. wow can't wait to read the NEW FF. please do update soon

  21. cant wait for u to continue stories...

  22. wow. i love all ur stories. awesome teaser. and a very happy new year to u too. i always tried to comment but some or other way it will be remain unposted. i do tried to comment on IF. really excited for ur new story.take care.

  23. Aaaah! New story! Time to do the boogie dance :D can't wait!

  24. wish you and all your readers a very happy and prosperous new year. hope you give us much of such wonderful stories...

  25. Wow I am so excited,... Please continue when u can... Happy new year :)

  26. First of all a very happy new year Tina hope u enjoyed your vacation. The teaser is very interesting excited to know more...


  27. Very interesting Teaser- a great new year surprise!! Now get back to work and give us an update already!!! :P

  28. Oh wow...seems interesting...eagerly waiting for it to start :)

  29. seems interesting, keep on writing! Happy New Year! Lovely surprise!

  30. hi tina i recently came across ur stories.u are doing a great job will be a understatement.i loved ur new year surprise waiting for secret passion update.eager to read about payal's fate.

  31. ^ Thanks everyone for all your feedback and encouragement. I hope you love Enemy Lines <3

  32. Sounds absolutely tantalising! Thanks for the little taster!


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