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Baby Hold On Updated: Part 28 BAIT

Finally found some time to update. Here it is... An extra-long update. A true roller coaster ride. Are you ready? Baby Hold On: Part 28: Bait Leave all comments here only please! Note: there are a couple more chapters and epilogue left in BHO. DH and SP should be updated next weekend if my schedule goes somewhat on track. Happy reading! Tina

Baby Hold On Ch 27 Up

So another of my chapters got wayyyyy too long again so I'm splitting it into two. Bad news: you'll have to wait a little longer to find out who the mole is.  Good news: You won't have to wait very long.  I will post the continuation in a day or two. Right now I'm just too sleepy… Enjoy Part 27 of BHO: Break In Click here to leave your thoughts (all comments only here plz) ps. I've updated on IF too but PMs will be delayed till Ch 28: Bait is also up.

BHO Update Tomorrow!

Hi everyone, Just a quick heads up, Baby Hold On will be updated tomorrow. I am almost finished with it. I would have updated it tonight, but this is my first weekend off all month and well… I just can't get away from real life.
Be back very soon. Tina ps. any last minute guesses on the mole in BHO? Last chance… :)