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Secret Passion Teaser

Thanks for all the amazing feedback on Baby Hold On's finale everyone:) Means a lot to me...
I tried to finish up Desert Heat's next chapter by this weekend but well, I got sidetracked by real life. Will try to continue it after work tomorrow or Tuesday.
Till then, here's a teaser for Secret Passion readers;) I think whoever has followed the story closely will be able to guess from whose diary this excerpt comes from...
ps. those in Dubai, I hope you were one of the lucky few to get a chance to see IPKKND on the big screen. I so wish we could all experience that, no matter where we are. 
pic credit to OP
...Now on to the teaser...

March 25,
Today I met him.
The man that everyone says is perfect for me. The man my parents cannot seem to stop gushing about and my grandmother says was made for me. Our fates were entwined from birth, she claims.
I don’t truly believe that. Of course, everyone would find Arav Malik my ideal match, he is after all father’s best friend’s only nephew. So naturally, they arranged a small tea party today and invited him and his family there too.
I found all about this devious plan from Ma. She can’t keep secrets from me and neither can I from her.
Thanks to her, I had ample time to be prepared for the party. I entered it with my opinions already formed and set. I would meet this Arav, behave politely and then just as politely reject him.
I expected myself to dislike him instantly, to find him sorely lacking in some way. What I did not expect was to be utterly mesmerized by him.
I don’t know how it happened, but the moment I saw him, I was thunderstruck. Me! Can you believe it, dear diary? Me, a girl who’s never fawned over any boy before couldn’t form a proper sentence around Mr. Malik.
In my defense, he was not at all what I was expecting. I thought he’d be young, nervous, and well, bumbling.
But Mr. Malik was far from the boyish image I imagined. He was a man. A sinfully handsome man.
He was taller than me, so tall that when I gazed up at him, I felt both overwhelmed and enraptured by his proximity. It felt as if he was enveloping me, swallowing me whole. To my surprise, he was not my age, but my senior by nine years. I find the age difference to be insignificant--if anything, it draws me more to him. He is so wise, so intellectual. A proper gentleman.
I thankfully got over my nervousness around him quite quickly and we managed to have a very nice conservation.
He told me about growing up in London and how much he’s missed his ancestral home, Sheesh Mahal. He said he wanted nothing more than to return to Lucknow now and raise his own family there.
Blushingly, I changed the topic and told him all that Delhi had to offer. On Dadi’s behest, I gave him a tour of Shantivan. He was charmed by our gardens and said Delhi had such beautiful flowers, he had to take at least one home with him. And then he looked at me, meaningfully.
I didn’t expect him to be so direct or so charming. Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately, Ma interrupted us then and I didn't have the chance to reply to him. I don’t know what on earth I would have said. Till next time, dear diary. Ma’s calling me for dinner...



  1. Plz reupload DH's 11-13 chapters too...

  2. Its Arnav's Maa's diary right??

  3. i guess it's arnav's maa.though i couldn't understand where this tract emerged from.

  4. Interesting.
    Love Your Style
    Look forward to the next chapter

  5. very nice and interesting olease update soon

  6. Interesting teaser
    I'm guess it's Arnav's Maa's diary coz it's got Arav Malik who's Arnav's Father...
    Waiting for the SP update eagerly... And of coz DH too!!!
    Continue soon!
    OMG in Dubai they showing IPKKND in big screen that's totally awesome!!!

  7. Lovely teaser. Now I can't wait for the updates !! :) So looking forward to SP and DH. Love both these stories !! :)

  8. Lovely teaser dear!!! Can't wait for the update:-))

  9. hi .................story seem taking new twist................
    and tina i respect u so much and love ur stories..................plz respond to the PM on IF i have send as rarshiaaliyak...............plz dear

  10. waiting for next update ..

  11. Hi Tina! I dont whether you would calss me as one of your regular readers oor not....but i can sincerely say that i do read each update and I love it, you skills for writing is far beyond a culinary art....I just received your email about you further updates and I would just like to say that for someone to plagiarise your work must be heart breaking but you shouldn't let these thief's win and stop what you love doing the most which is writing fan fictions on arshi ( I'm guessing you love writing them) but as I was saying just keep carrying on because you dking a fab job and yes there will be people in the future who may do the same but leave them and don't let thme affect you....I usually don't comment on your updates but from now on I will....and wanted to say thank you for all your past updates and fan fictions they've been amazing to read....I hope you still keep writing! :) x


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