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Chapter 39 Pt 2 Posted! Sorry about delay!

*peeks out*

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone's doing well in their corner of the world:) 
I'm sorry about the long delay but real life came up. Things in my personal life are so crazy right now (in a good way!) but it's been enough to keep me away from Secret Passion. Please do know that I  love writing on Arnav & Khushi(always will)and I appreciate all the comments and feedback I've gotten from readers over the years. Seriously, you all keep me coming back to this time and time again. Even when I'm on the verge of letting it all go, you all pull me back and I find myself typing another chapter:) So I've truly missed being away from all of that.

 I have been writing when I can since my last update. It's not a fanfiction but a full, novel-length original, something that's been swirling in my head for a while now. I wanted to get it down on paper so I've written about half of it since my last message (crazy, right?). I will hopefully share it with all of you one day soon:) Satina has read the rough draft and approves so make of that what you will:)

Till then, let's finally finish Episode 39. Here's the second half:
For those scrolling, it begins after Payal's encounter with Master Horatio and begins with the words "It hurts.."

I wish I had more time to write in the coming days but till mid-March it's going to be near impossible. I hope you stick around till then or whenever you do stop here after that, you'll find more of Secret Passion and hopefully more surprises *cough...Desert Heat...Fateful Love...cough cough*

*huge hugs*

ps. next chapter of SP you will be finding out about the mastermind of SP, aptly named Master Horatio. Leave any last guesses:)

pss. Leave all comments on this post or here: COMMENT THREAD #9


  1. Omgg absolutely loved it!
    So engaging and beautifully written
    I cant believe akash's dead... cant wait to read more!

  2. Welcome back Tina, missed you!!! Omg that was an update, wow Akash is dead? Cannot believe it!!! Update soon, cannot wait for all your other stories too!!!

  3. Lol.. How abt my wild guess.. Out of box and wierd prediction... Master Horatio must be UNCLE😂😂😂.... It was just fun...
    I think.. May be akash or karan orAJ or who knows even NK OR AMAN...

  4. Tina
    1st question... Are you on twitter?


    F**k Aakash is dead... Arnav shot him! Please tell me that Arnav won't be arrested! He shot to defend himself... Please do not let people call him killer... There are so many enimes still left...
    Its 3am here... I read chap 39 thrice... And I'm praying... I don't want anything bad happening...

    I'm sweating! Them v/s world... Why can't snyone see them happy! When Khushi was reading his mother's dairy I was afraid what if Dadi was right! What if circumstances seprates them! But I trust you tina! You make me live this fiction.... Bravo pal!

    Thanks for updating!

  5. The real danger is still out there 😥
    I can't sleep anymore

    Please god save my cute... Too in love... Arshi!

    Tina..... I'm trusting you!No separation please... You killed me for a lil while when Arnav said he is going to face AJ... I knw AJ is far from gone but... Buddy as I said I TRUST YOU Update soon...
    Take care....
    I just hope these two are never seprated... Not as dadi said that ASR will cheat Khushi... Not for his past... Not for her family...

    Okay now I'm babbling 😂😂

    See you soon

  6. Hi Tina
    I have been following your stories for a while and I love them all. I love your writing and look forward to reading your new story when it comes out. I think Uncle is Mr Horatio........let's see. ��

  7. Hmm frm the diary entry.. I think Arnav's dad is not that bad.. But what made him change?? Frm that moment i think all miseries started..

  8. Dear,

    Happy Valentines Day..........

    Good to know that you are doing fine & happy in your life.

    I loved the update. Its thrilling........ Suspense is increasing day by day..........

    Please dear try & update chapter 40 soon to know about the one that has planned it.

    Impatiently waiting for you to continue Desert Heat.....

    (orchids8888 from IF)

  9. I need to know the mystery master tina... Uncle is in my top list.. After reading it again.. I think arnav's father was mislead by his best friend aka uncle... Ratna is so content in her life... Also that ringing tone of master is twinkle twinkle ryt?? Arghhh so many doubts...

  10. Amazing...

    Plzzz do PM me


  11. Tina di, your stories are awesome. Waiting for the next update of SP.

  12. Tina di, waiting for the next update eagerly.

  13. Tina- long time! I did not realize you are back to writing. Wonderful update showing there undeterred trust in each other. They are able to squash all evils completely.....
    Can waiting to read details of there encounter. I want to read the reason of Akash's hatred.
    Are u going to repost Shameless?

  14. By the way.... time to have these twins now. Aafan

  15. Amazing update..loved it very much :D

  16. Hey,
    Welcome back!!.
    Was missing your story alot.
    Well I just want to say I really wanted to read your story Desert heat but since u have taken out the other chapters as people out were misusing it.
    I would love read d story as u going to post d next part also.
    Please do repost it.

  17. Hi tina update kahro na yaar

  18. i want to read this again....will you complete this now...its been too long now..:p and i am reading it again so that i can go with the flow

  19. Hope you are fine! When are you going to update. It's being so long. Waiting.
    At least give us the note


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