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FIRST OFF, thank you sooooooo much for all the messages and outpourings of encouragement. After my last post, so many of you either left me a message here or emailed me and each one of those messages means SO much to me! Thank you for the support and for those of you who shared your own stories of betrayal like I experienced, a huge hug to you. Like I've always said, you all are the reason I'm still around :)

NOW, on to more happy news! I'm ecstatic to announce that I finished some writing--finally!
I've poured my heart and soul into this story over the past six months and I'm so happy I can finally share it with all of you.

It is a contemporary romance, my original work, and 18+ as I hope the cover makes clear. It's literally a bit of my soul on paper, all 100,000+ words and I hope you will be alongside me as I make this huge jump.
I know some writers stretch debut novels into series, but I prefer it to be a standalone so no fear, there will be no cliffhanger:) Although if it's well-received, I am open to a sequel.
I love these characters and hope you all will too!
Luca Violante & Aishwarya/Ash Arora <3
Their story I think is worth telling.
Thanks to my editor and bestie for pushing me with this, encouraging me all the way, and for you all who believed in me--even in those times that I didn't.
In the coming month, more information will be released about HEARTLESS including book blurb, dates and where to access it.
I'm sooo frickin excited guys and I hope you are too!

FINALLY, in the coming days you may notice changes on this blog in terms of design and layout. Don't worry, my IPKKND stuff will still be here--as always. As some of you know, I've been writing long before IPKKND came on our TVs but something about that amazing show pushed me to share my work. So I will still be continuing with my fanfiction on the show, as well as *SURPRISE SURPRISE* re-uploading one of my old fanfictions. I'm leaning toward one... but honestly still deciding. I'll have more information about this alongside HEARTLESS.



  1. congooo hun looking forwardto it!!!!!

  2. Eager for the story as love your stories.

  3. hi tina,

    First of all congratulations for your new story and we are happy for you.
    But we are eagerly waiting for Secret Passion. Please update the next part. You left us in a cliff hanger and we want to know what happened.

    will be waiting for the update

    Thank you


  4. Welcome back— waiting to read heartless. Also eagerly waiting for SP update

  5. So good to hear from you after so long. Eagerly waiting for next update😁

  6. Wowww new story.. Congratulations..
    I m so happy for u.. Eagerly waiting for it..
    Nd Plz updt SP too if u have the tym..

  7. Congratulations.... So glad to see u back...

  8. Congratulations. And glad to hear back from you. And Thankyou for continuin ArshI Fanfiction. Will be waiting for an update.

    What story are you going update from your archives.... hope it will be fateful love. I so want to read it again. The time traveller Arnav.

  9. Welcome backkkk Tina...Congratulations for your new story..but plz update SP soon...eagerly waiting...stay always happy healthy and blessed.. take care.

  10. Hey welcome back dear.Happyyyyyy so hear such a wonderful news.��. -,dilliamma

  11. Wow Tina great to hear you are back with a bang...... Incidentely I was also too much busy for past few monrhs, and once back I first checked your blg.... It's awesome to see you are back as well. Good for this story as well.... Can't wait to read your work..... Rittzz

  12. Wow Tina glad to hear from u.... Come back soon and post some thing on sp please dear

  13. Wow! Congratulations...

  14. hey tina
    first of all i m so happy that u r back
    eagerly waiting for the sp update plz update soon
    one more request can u plz continue desert heat n post previous chapters also
    plz update soon thanks fr cming back

  15. Great to see you back
    Eagerly waiting

  16. It's nice to see u back with so many surprises ❤️ & I'm happy to know ur gonna complete ur previous stories although u gone through betrayal ��
    Thanks for the note & looking forward for Arshi's story to complete...

  17. Finally finally so good to hear from you Tina. Loved the surprise. Looking forward for many more and I hope u post secret passion ASAP it's one of my favourites.

  18. Yayyy. Tina didi is back officially.. 😘😈😈😈

  19. Welcome back!!!! and a big hug <3 <3 <3

  20. Oh My God! You're back! You're back! She's back! You're back!
    I can't believe how happy I am to see your note! Very excited to read your original work! Yayy! Can't wait. Eeeps!! Gosh I'm screaming/ squealing right now! But I'm just so so so excited to see your note. Welcome back Tina Di!

  21. Hiiii tina di.How u doing?
    Thats such a good news that u r finally back.One more story...well bring it on.. m so excited.
    Try to update SP as u feel comfortable n when r u planning something fr Dessert Heat? u knw i am always a bit partial for that

    wll always be waiting for your stories


  22. So happy to see you back and with such amazing news. Congratulations on your debut! I am sure this story will be as wonderful as everything you write. Looking forward to the changes and things to come.

  23. Oh man..finallyyyy I got to hear from you and that too such an amazing good news...
    So looking forward to everything new and old...
    Please continue the pending ones soon..

  24. omg....finally you are took a wonderful decision by not deleting this blog... i love your works...happy to know that you will b re-posting some stories....waiting for your stories...please do update SP...waiting for the family union...arshi and their babies...


  25. Wonderful to hear from you... though technically it is read from you...hope everything is fine and verymuch excited about this new story... But secret passion will be my personel favourite always and hoping to read from you on that front soon....

  26. It is really nice to hear from you after all this time. I hope you are inclining toward updating secret passion and re-uploading fateful love. i have missed both the stories so much. Hoping you are doing well.

  27. Hiiii plz update secret passion

  28. Welcome back πŸ˜„
    Looking forward for Heartless... Also please do continue SP... Missing it 😒

  29. Congoo tina..��so happy dt u r back nd very eager to read this new story.. but pls pls update secret passion it feels like forever since I'm waiting for d reaction of khushi's after seeing her twins nd how dey will deal with master horito. Please update soon dr can't wait anymore. Nd I just hope u r planning to post shameless if it is yes.. den yayyyyyy I'm so happy I missed out d chance of reading it. Bt I would b very happy and grateful to u if u repost it. Please do dt Dr.

  30. Wow...u left us a double dhamaka...excited for your new more waiting for secret passion😁😁...i wasnt surprised to hear you making changes in your blog...its due time i think....if your making your blog private...plz add on your viewers....and your old stories being reposted....tats gud....waiting for that too☺️☺️

  31. Such a great news..will be waiting eagerly

  32. Hi Tina! Was happy to receive your notification and it was really great to hear from you again!���� Congrats on your new story - Heartless...I hope it'll be a huge hit for you. It was an awesome news to know that you'll be re-uploading one of your old FFs (I hope it'll be Desert Heat coz I really would like to read the whole chapters of it). And of course, not forgetting the totally awesome Secret Passion...we are waiting eagerly for the next chapter coz we're really missing it a lot. Lastly, please DO NOT delete this blog...I would be so crushed if you do. So please...your faithful readers would be here to support you, just letting you know. ����

  33. Hey sweetheart
    Loved the page yes THE PAGE for me it's my friend in emptiness

  34. Wow!! super news! congratulations :) If Heartless is a paperback, I will buy it, for sure :) i love you so much <3
    Your new blog looks super cool. I am excited.. Please post desert heat also again <3 <3 <3

  35. OMG OMG I cant belive the long wait has come to an end now wow cant wait for ur stories . Eagerly waiting . D new blog look clearly shows ur come back . Plz update soon πŸ˜‰

  36. Your website looks cool and refreshing �� congratulations dear������--- dilliamma

  37. Congratulations!! ❤
    I am excited and waiting for the story!

  38. Hii Tina di,
    Glad to see you back and with full force!!!!!
    Excited to read about this new jodi.
    And thank you soooo much for reuploading your old work.
    Take care!!

  39. Wow! Congratulations!! I am super excited for the heartless :)

  40. First of all congratulations. You're an amazing writer, I'm certain it'll be well received. And secondly, I'm sooooo excited to read your old Fanfics on Arshi cause I haven't read your old work but have heard soooo much about them. I'll be waiting patiently.

  41. Very very congratulations Tina!!! So happy for you. I have one heartfelt request from you Tina.. Please please please please repost Desert Heat onwards Chapter 5. I feel like I would die if I wont read it. Please Listen to our pleas. ❤️❤️

  42. Hey tina, i really love the design of your blog it's really lovely and now reading your stories will be more
    interesting & entertaining alltogather . Please update soon. Love you. Bye

  43. You made my day with your announcement.
    Very much Excited and I am seriously looking forward to it too.
    Please update SP soon too.

  44. Oh wow this is exciting!
    and i love the new look of the blog!!

  45. Eager for the story and congrats

  46. hey tina darling I'm so excited for you! so glad that you are OK and all is well with you... keep up the good amazing work you doing and I'll continue be here following you on your writing journey. stay safe ❤


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