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Fateful Love Chapters 6-11 + A HUGE REQUEST

Hello everyone! 
Hope you're all doing well:)
I've been having a busy week but reading all the amazing comments on Fateful Love pulled me back to the story and instead of sleeping at a reasonable time, I instead decided to edit and post it. I'll probably regret it a bit tomorrow when I'm struggling to stay awake but whatever, I'll survive :)
So on popular demand, here's the next chunk...
Or start from the start: Fateful Love Part 1

Couple of notes:
--I've fixed Baby Hold On's first couple chapters. One of you let me know that the pictures and screenshots weren't loading. They should be now.
--Thank you to the very kind reader who left a comment on Mind Games. It's very rare for that story and well, most of my older, finished stuff to get any new feedback so much appreciated!
--I keep getting messages for Desert Heat/Shameless, but I'm a bit busy with SP and Heartless right now. They're my top priorities at the moment, writing wise.

Okay, now for the request... I would really love to hear your thoughts on this.
So a couple months ago I wrote an original short story for a publisher.
There were no prompts or requirements--other than to make it highly erotic. Like far, far beyond what I normally write.
So, I did write it... In fact, I wrote two stories because I couldn't decide which idea I liked more.
Anyway, I decided not to send them for publication because I realized I didn't want a third party involved in my work. I really value my independence when it comes to writing and I have no regrets about that.
So... now I have these two smutastic stories on my computer and I'm wondering what to do with them.
Anyone interested in reading them??
If I would share them, it would be on Amazon for security reasons. I'd probably make one free and have giveaways for the other.
What do you all think?

Also, more on Heartless and Secret Passion next epi coming soon!



  1. I would read happily anything your
    wrote.Thank you for Fateful

  2. Thank you very much for updating fateful love.

  3. Hello Tina Di, your stories are great. Please update sp asap. Take care.

  4. Tina di i am happy to read any of ur future stories.. Ur readers will be in ur sides. All the best

  5. Go for Amazon. I would definitely get it. Regards,

  6. Yes yes yes!!! A million times yes Tina!! please do post the two stories and a huge thank you for updating fateful love!!

    Wonderblake (IF)

  7. Would love to read those stories... ��

  8. Once again thank you for updating the second half of faithful love story, and waiting for more to come.

    Will you be updating your new story in blog or its only available in amazon.

    I Have a request. when i first started reading The Mind Games story, the first 3 chapters was not there and had only the summary of that parts....though i read the story .....I still couldn't enjoy it fully coz of the missing parts. Its an amazing story and would love to read it again. So its my heart felt request...... if you don't mind will you able to gives us the first 3 chapters so that the readers who missed the parts will be able to fully enjoy it.
    Please i will be very happy if you consider my request.



  9. Love your stories and would love to read the stories.

  10. cant wait!!!! >.<

  11. Hi Tina,

    I'm ALWAYS interested in reading your work and I'm looking forward to reading the two new stories. You're a great writer and I love your work, so yes publish them on AMAZON! I can't wait to read them.

    I'm very happy that you came back and that you re-added the additional chapters of Fateful Love.

    I look forward to Secret Passion and Heartless, I can't wait to see what's coming next. I hope Enemy Lines is also on the way too.

    Lastly GOOD LUCK with everything! I can't wait to reread more and more of your work...I think I said that too many times but that's because I love you and your work so much! ❤️❤️


  12. Hey Tina,

    I can't believe you posted the next part of Fateful Love so fast! I've been wanting to read further on what happens. Thank you for thinking of your readers despite your hectic personal schedule. It really means a lot. I'm really excited to know what happens next. I'm looking forward to Heartless as well.

  13. U don't have to sure anyone tht has read ur work wud lov to read more.. ..

  14. I would also read your stories eather its highly erotic or not

  15. Hi Tina
    Ever ready to read every thing u write ...count me in

  16. Hey tina always greedy to read ur stories.. would love to read each of ur work.. please please consider my request, I have read all ur stories except shameless please please repost it. I bet along with me der r many fans of that story I have read so many comments abt it.please Tina please do upload shameless nd eagerly waiting for secret passion's next update. And thank you for sharing fateful love. It's a wonderful story and totally out of the box thinking u have. Please do think about my request..plss (��)

  17. I adore u for reposting fateful love and also i would love to read those unpublished stories.....are those unpublished stories of arshi

    1. No, they are with my own original characters. But I will be continuing with arshi stuff too ;)

  18. I would love to read your stories,,,please so share :)

  19. Hi plz upload next parts of fateful love

  20. Just say the dates when you are going to put the books on Amazon. My fingers are itching to click on the buy button. 😀


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