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Heartless Published + Fateful Love Epilogue!

The day is here!
HEARTLESS is now available for everyone!

I've posted a free sample of the first 4 chapters or so right here on the blog.
Just click here and scroll down. 
Keep in mind that Heartless spans a decade and the excerpt is from the beginning of this period.

What is HEARTLESS all about? 
As someone mentions in the book, it is a journey
I don't want to give too much away but more details are posted on its page
It can be read by anyone (over the age of eighteen that is) so feel free to share with friends and family. 
I keep getting this question so please know: Luca and Ash's story is a standalone. There are no cliffhangers.

And as promised, here is the the final chapter of a story that began as a dream and became reality.

Also, I have been getting some emails at that it is hard for some readers to comment due to the image verification once you type a comment. Please know that I've done everything on my end to disable that but it's built into the google system and can't be removed unfortunately. I hate it too.
The alternative is to use a third party comment system like disqus but these have ads which I find super annoying or they don't allow anonymous comments which I want to continue because not everyone wants to share their name and that's totally understandable.
So for now, I'll just leave it as it is and if you're unable to comment, feel free to email me at 
It will be a much slower response rate compared to here but I will see it--eventually :)

I think that is all for updates today.
Scratch that... one more thing...
More Secret Passion soon! One creative reader came up with the name Amalia and I adore that. So more ArHi and Amalia in SP soon! Oh and some of you asked about poor, lonely NK which is very sweet but I think he is happily single guys. Not everyone has to be paired off and in a relationship ;)

Anywho, hope you enjoy Fateful Love's epilogue, look out for Secret Passion's update/smutty novella info and give Heartless a shot.

Have a great weekend!
<3 Tina


  1. congrats again !!!

    off to read !!!

  2. Was so excited to receive it this morning! I'm willing to purchase every novel/book you publish ! :)

    1. Aww that is so sweet of you! *hugs* Hope you enjoy Heartless!

  3. Love your stories. Have been waiting for today and bought it, that's my reading this evening.

  4. Hi Tina,

    Congratulations for your new story.

    And thank you very much for updating fateful love epilogue

    1. Thank you so much hun!

      Hope you enjoy Heartless and Fateful Love <3

  5. Love the story, brilliant. Read it all in one go, hooked from the prologue right to the end. Brilliant story on love and life. Loved each chapter depicting past love to loss to the painful present leading to happiness and hopeful future. Eager for your next stories. You are a brilliant writer, always keep writing and captivating your readers.

    1. Wow you are the first person to review Heartless! Means so much to me that you enjoyed it hun! *huge hug* :)

  6. Tina di, i am going to buy heartless today evening, i just needed to reach home first for that ���� (in a train)
    Leksh pvr

    1. aww hope you enjoy Heartless <3
      Get home safely!

  7. Hey Tina,

    Finally finished reading Heartless over the course of 4 days. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful this book was. I think you have made me love two totally different characters other than Arshi. Luca and Ash's story was nothing short than a rollercoaster but despite that I loved their every moment of being together. Their separation was painful to read but I'm glad Luca took a rash step and went ahead to marry her quickly. Everything fell in place with time. I'm so happy that you shared such a wonderful story with us with character's whom I really have come to love. This has definitely been one of the best stories I've read and most importantly I loved the protagonists, Luca & Ash Forever <3. Thanks for sharing yet another beautiful story with us, I'm happy I will have a copy on my kindle and I can read it again when ever I want.

    P.S. What hospital was Ash working in Philadelphia?

    1. Omgoodness. Your post made my day. Seriously :) I'm so happy to hear you loved Heartless and Luca and Ash <3
      I've been only to one hospital in Philadelphia so in my head it was that one--Kindred Hospital of South Philadelphia :)
      Please post this on Amazon too if you can! I'd love for your wonderful words to remain with the story <3 *huge hug to you*

    2. I haven't been to that one but I have heard of it. I'm more familiar with the bigger ones in Center City which is why when I was reading I imagined Ash may have been working at those.

    3. Ohh that would totally work as well. Any really urban hospital in downtown Philly :)


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