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2 Cover Reveals + Books Lineup + Blog Announcement

Happy Saturday Everyone! First of all, thank you for all the comments on Secret Passion's last update. I have read them all and will be replying back soon.
I'm also happy to share with you not one but TWO cover reveals! The first is Leather-Strapped (Longwoods #2) For those who have read Bow-Tied, you were probably expecting this announcement and that day is here! I changed my mind yet again and have decided to keep Leather-Strapped and the rest of the Longwoods series as a novella although it has been added to greatly based on feedback (about 10,000 words longer than Bow-Tied). I will be sharing the official blurb and preorder information soon for those interested.
The second cover is for a story that is very, very close to my heart. It started off as an original story a good eight years ago, I changed it into an IPKKND fanfic because well, I was and remain a HUGE fan of the show, and then I had to take it all down because it was copied--not once but repeatedly.
Due to popula…

Secret Passion Updated!

Happy Saturday everyone!
In case you missed it, Bow-Tied, my first smutty novella,  was released last week and is available on Amazon. For those that have already read it and enjoyed Tasher and Elena's story,  more info on the second in the series very soon ;)
In other news, Secret Passion, my oldest biggest baby, has been updated :) Episode 44 here Or start reading from the the beginning here
I'm really happy to see so many of you reading Bow-Tied and Heartless and giving these original works of mine a shot. It means a lot!
I am planning a lot of exciting stuff in the weeks ahead--including a new Arnav/Khushi fanfic <3 I can't get this particular story out of my head... it's like Fateful Love all over again. I am also happy to say that I have made up my mind on Desert Heat and Shameless as well. Look out for an announcement on that as well as cover reveals for Longwoods #2 and more.
Happy reading, Tina
ps. If you've read Heartless/Bow-Tied, please give them how …

Bow-Tied Published!

As promised, now available is my first smutty novella:)
It isFREEon Kindle Unlimited/Amazon Prime Book Lending, but even if you don't have those services, it is at a discounted price at the moment.
Please keep in mind the genre when reading, this is much, much more *ahem* than my usual stuff.

Bow-Tied is Book 1 of the Longwoods Series. 
The series encompasses stories that are of different lengths and tied together though each can be read as a standalone. 
Bow-tied #1 is a novella, while Leather-Strapped #2 is a novel. Each book in the series is unapologetically erotic and intended for those over the age of eighteen. Reader discretion advised.
Free sample below! Available Now on Amazon NOTE: you do not need a Kindle to read this or any other ebook. Any phone, tablet, computer or laptop, Mac or PC will work as long as you have the free Kindle app and an Amazon account.
Download free kindle app here:
I've been on a writing roll, and it's been …