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Leather-Strapped Preorder Now Available!

Excited to announce Leather-Strapped (Longwoods #2) Now Available for Preorder! Just click here! It will go live Sept 30th :) Currently, it's listed at a preorder sale price despite being much longer than Longwoods #1  so take advantage of the offer if you're interested because it may go up later.
To those who have read Bow-Tied (Longwoods #1), you kind of know what to expect but this novella is a completely different story (much more angst) although some characters from Bow-Tied will make an appearance *cough Uncle Tasha cough cough*
I want to also take a moment to thank everyone who's read Heartless, Bow-Tied or any of my fanfics. This past month, I saw a huge increase in readership, here's a screenshot from Amazon reports to give you an idea... You all continue to amaze me! I know most of you are interested in only Arshi stuff --and don't worry IPPKND readers, I'm not stopping fanfics *daydreaming about Omega* but it's nice to see so much love for Luca &…

Secret Passion Updated

Couple of Things:
1. Secret Passion has been updated (yay!). Mind the warnings, this is a mature fic for a reason. Episode 45 Here Or start from the beginning: Episode 1 Here
2. I've also updated the FAQ section with common questions I get all the time. If you have any technical issues, problems downloading the ebooks, or any questions in general check there first and if it's not addressed, leave me a message anywhere on this site. I do read every reply I get. Alternatively, you can email me--see Contact tab.
3. Huge shoutout to all the readers of Heartless. The past month, I've been really blown away by how many of you decided to read this story and give it a chance as well as Bow-Tied. But Heartless is very special to me--and hopefully to those who have read it as well--and it means soooo much to me to see so many of you devouring Luca and Ash's story:)
4. Thank you to an amazing friend and editor, Satina, for this:
5. And finally, check back soon, more info on Leath…

Blog Post #1

RREC LIST  I'm soooo close to being done with Secret Passion's next chapter, but it's not gonna happen tonight. Very soon though. I thought I'd post my first blog post till then because I've been meaning to do that all week as well. I've been debating what I should post about, but then I took a walk earlier today and realized, I didn't have to look any further. So my first item on the Rec List is this...
Unfiltered, majestic, awe-inspiring natural beauty <3 Where I go to get away from everything and relax. If you're lucky enough to live near an ocean or lake, make sure you take advantage of it. Even if you happen to have a gaggle of kids that you need to supervise and make sure they don't pull each other's hair out, the calming effect will be there regardless. If you're land-locked and far from any beach, go out to a park or any little slice of nature near you. It's pretty spectacular how natural beauty surrounds each one of us, and s…