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Late last night, when I left my previous message, logged off and threw aside my laptop in a huff, I never expected so many of you to respond. I have been very overwhelmed lately with real life and that horrific comment caught me at the worst time possible. I reacted far more strongly than I would have ordinarily because of it. All I can say is, hug your loved ones close and make the most of every moment together. It's priceless.
Now, coming to SP, I spent the day thinking about it, whether I should take it down and just be done with it, or finish what I started. Which is what my goal has always been. I may take a long time getting to that finish line but I'm going to get there with each of my stories--fanfics as well as originals.
The outpouring of support I received means so much to me (I've replied to each of you btw). I know Secret Passion has the most readers--the stats prove it--and it's my longest-running fic. I mean, with this finale episode, it will cross 1000 pages on Word.
Those pages haven't been easy to put together, to write and revise and edit and tweak. That being said, I do not expect to receive just positive feedback. After all these years, I am quite used to getting a negative or downright nasty message every now and then--99% of the time having to do with Secret Passion.
Usually, I ignore such messages and move on. I don't delete them because I don't believe in censorship and that's the only reason I continue to allow anonymous comments on this blog.
But this message in particular was not about disliking or hating Secret Passion, it accused me of promoting heinous things. Things I've spent my life standing against. 
This anonymous person wrote without once thinking if I've faced anything in my own life that might be triggered by their words.  They spoke without knowing about any of the movements and causes I've stood and worked for.
So I reacted strongly. Because I do not see censorship of fictional material as a positive. I wish this outrage on female empowerment could be directed toward a real cause such as gender income inequality, female infanticide or the limited opportunities of education and growth provided to too many women worldwide.
In those cases, such moral outrage is needed--desperately so--not over a piece of fiction which in my objective opinion, is far tamer than a lot of dark romance books out there.
So, I will NOT be taking down Secret Passion.
I WILL be finishing it.
I WILL however be adding yet another disclaimer, one that I hope makes clear that Secret Passion is a dark, mature fictional work that is NOT for everyone. 
If you click on the the IPKKND fanfiction link above and scroll to Secret Passion or click here, you will be see a disclaimer *read first* which will direct you to a backup blog of mine. I will not be providing further comments on this. Like many readers have said, it's a simple thing, read it if you like it, if not, move on, perhaps off this site if necessary.
I am all for feedback--both good and bad--but when it comes to questioning my character, I will not be silent.
Secret Passion readers, I'm sorry I gave you a bit of scare yesterday with my message but I was very upset and overwhelmed with everything and it just came out.  I hope to post the season finale of SP soon.
Desert Heat readers, look out for more info soon ;)


  1. Hi tina,

    Im very happy for the msg and thank God, you changed your mind and thought of continuing the story. Thanks a lot for considering our request and decided to finish SP. Love you and will be waiting for the update. Rock the show and let the haters know that nothing can set you down from your goal.....


  2. (by shivi.10rocks)

    Hi di
    I read d note n it feels really bad that some people do such stuff. I agree they hv a right to put forward their opinion but being disguised as anonymous n targeting someone personally s nt good. They should understand that at the end of d day its a fiction n d writer may or may not agree completely to the even happening to someone in real life. At the end of the day they have a choice to continue it or leave it if they feel its not their cup of tea. Their s no compulsion to go on n put sugary comments.
    I completely understand ur outburst n thats absolutely fine.
    I hope u get strength n positivity to deal with every hardships n loss in personal life

    I am happy that u took a decision to complete ths story, however i am here n will respect ur decision.

    Always ur biggggggg fan
    Cheer up n have a good day
    Love you

  3. Di u knw what.... U r one of d best writer i knw. You hv that magic that sway us to arshi land n we never get enough of it. I feel myself lucky that i came across ur work . Ur writing s no less than a piece of art that gets one in awww so plz never ever stop writing.
    I knw i am being selfish here but i would lyk to read ur work tll d end of my lyf.... I mean it n if its arshi then d added bonus.
    I definitely wish to meet you day.

    So keep rocking !


  4. Remember one thing di. We r with u..
    When u took break all of sudden, lots of ur loyal readers made their presence in blog leaving messages abt ur whereabouts... Ur absence lasted for almost a year which actually made us worried... Still we hang in here and there about ur return and taddaa u r back..
    U don't know how much happy ur notes made me.. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ That u r OK.., u r back officially and will continue ur fictions.
    My first story in arshi fanfiction world is secret passion.. All those years ago, when I didn't even own a gud phone.. I randomly searched and reached ur blog.. It was very difficult to load pages in java mobile..u posted chapter 4 of secret passion by that time.. It took almost 4 hrs for me to read all those chapters in that mobile.. Then desert heat too.. U hooked me then and there.. I don't know how to comment with that mobile.. Then when I brought a better mobile (not a smartphone) I continued to read.. U started and finished fateful love, then baby hold on.. Then desert heat chapters were put down due to plagiarism.. I wanted to comment badly but commenting through my phone become a difficult task... My first comment in secret passion with my new smart phone 3 yrs ago..
    I strongly believe that anonymous reader is a newbie..who don't know a thing about Tina as a writer...she/he started reading yesterday and made aweful comments.... Ur loyal readers know u from past 5 or 6 years..we will always be grateful.. There were lots of chances for u to make this blog private after so much plagiarism and negativity still u stood by us..
    I am very happy to read this note now..
    Got really worried when I read that previous note.. 😞😞

    leksh pvr

  5. Hey dear
    Read ur note and I am happy to know that u consider request of Ur fans by not taking down Ur work. I don't know about others but for me Ur stories are like drug. I can't even count how many times I have read all of ur stories. I m following u from India TV forum. All Ur stories are outstanding and personally I don't find anything inappropriate in any of ur story.

    The satisfaction and happiness u feel in writing, the same satisfaction and happiness we felt whenever we read any of Ur story.

    So dear don't pay heed to haters and do what u want to. I suggest u to come with bang now and show the fuckers u don't care what they think. You would do what you want to.

    Hoping to read next update soon

    Love u

  6. You are one of the best writers i have come across....i just loveeee all ur fics...please dont be disheartened by the haters...we love you..thats what matters....

  7. Ohhhh! Tina Di, Thank God you changed your mind otherwise I would have been sooooooooooo sad. I love reading SP. It is one of my favorite fanfic. I have already read it many times but I still enjoy re - reading it. Please don't take it down ever. It will break my heart. I love this story and also all the other masterpieces written by you.

    I feel so annoyed at those whose stole your work and also on those who condemn it. I know Secret Passion is a mature fanfic but it is about fighting against the bad, it is not at all promoting any kind of fetish. This fanfic is so close to my heart, I don't understand why people can't see the ray of hope that this fiction has.

    Please ignore such comments that degrade SP and always remember that there are many like me who love reading SP and all your stories again and again. So please don't take them down.

    And waiting eagerly for SP and Desert Heat.

    - Mansi!

  8. I am extremely happy after reading this message. And I 100% agree with every single word that you've written here.
    I just want you to know that I have always been a fan of your amazing work and will continue to love every piece of your work. I highly appreciate and value all your hardwork. Don't lose hope. When negative people bug you, just try to look over all the positive people in your life and I am sure you will feel much more better. It may be difficult but it's not impossible. Can't wait to read the next update of Secret Passion!

  9. Thanks for note again Tina and very happy to know that you will be continuing SP.. We love our writer sahiba and don't want her to get herself drown into negativity with some people's negative words.. Always with you and looking forward to hear what you have to say about DH.. always eager to read DH..

  10. I was super busy yesterday and didn't even realize that you left a note . I'm so tired of ppl with their accusations and hate towards others hard work. Time and again you've said that SP has tiggers and not for everyone. I hate how ignorant they get by judging others and not knowing the reasons behind it. As a matter of fact there doesn't even have to be a reason, you have all right to do and write what pleases you! Its what you love doing and you bring it across so beautifully. I'm a sucker for dark romance novels or fanfic and I've read darker that SP... I as a person must know how far I can go with certain things. Nobody forced to read it... we all must know what we can handle... Yes there's going always be critics out there ready to give their mouthful but when it's taken to a personal level that's done right disrespectful smh. I love all your work and I've read all that is available on this blog and I have no fault with none of them. SP is my favorite and I love every bit of it. Don't allow ppl negative and hate to bring you down... Don't ever let them win.. Who of them to judge anybodyπŸ€”πŸ™„. Continue doing what you love and if you feels like even going dark do it! It's your choice no one can ever take that away from you. They always say one apple spoil the bunch but I'm glad how you took charge and at it again... Throw away that bad apple yes and save the bunch 🀣🀣🀣🀣. Fanfuckingtastic writer that's what you are and thank you so much for not giving up on SP like the haters wanted😘😘😘😘😘... Until then stay safe you and family❤❤❤πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜...

    1. "Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

  11. Hey thanks for considering our request you have made my day. Your this note means a lot to me thank you once again. Will wait for ur updates .Love youπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’

  12. Awesome!!! :D
    eagerly waiting for the next update... no pressure though! Take your time.

  13. Thank you for the note and glad that you are continuing SP.

  14. ohh thank you so much for <3

  15. I am so so so happy that you have decided to finish your fic... It's your work, your baby and no one has the right to pass a judgment based on their narrow mentality... Such people are attention seekers and should be ignored at any cost.. But I know it's easier said than done...

    So I will say just this... That count your blessings and ignore the haters.... We who love you would outnumber haters any day...
    So stay with us always and never leave us hanging...
    Love you...

  16. Hey... glad to know that you have decided to continue the story...i understand people comment what ever they want but they should atleast have the decency to not hurt others feelings... please continue the good work and you will always have our support not only for this story but for the upcoming one's as well...

  17. Hats off to my dear...
    Felt like giv8bg you a big bear hug and say proud of you.. you are a very strong girl...πŸ€—

    SP is one of my very fav story...

  18. thank you for considering our words. .love for you...

  19. Hi Tina,

    I was so shocked to read your previous comment to take SP down. But now after reading this note, I feel so relieved.

    I have been reading and commenting on your stories from many years... from india-forums, to your previous blog, and now here.

    Your stories have given me so much happiness. Whenever I am feeling down, I start reading one of your stories. It may be one chapter or more... but by the end of it, I feel so much better.

    My request is, please never stop writing. Those negative people and their opinions should never matter and are not important.

    I am eagerly waiting for the SP season finale and DH.

  20. Thats the spirit............. in marathi we have a saying, 'Tichya Nakawar Tichun' meaning we should do the things which our detractors don't want us to do, to annoy them more....

    Eagerly waiting for SP n DH updates, both stories are super close to my heart

  21. Hey Tina!
    You go, girl! Don't worry about narrow minds and stupid thoughts they have. Didn't he/she read how your characters are set on destroying the activities happening at these dark clubs?
    You are a wonderful, creative writer! Never stop writing.

  22. Hey!!! Tina Di,
    Waiting eagerly for Secret Passion update. Please update soon.

  23. Tina, I am writing for the first time here. I was deeply moved by your updates.....I was thinking , what a single comment can do to a creative writer. I am with you as a reader . I am with you as a human being, as you are passing through an emotionally difficult time.

    Please do not be upset. You have all rights to think, create and write what you feel. No comment has enough power to damage your state of creativity.

    Happy writing.

  24. Where are you di?
    Please update soon

  25. where are you? plz update soon.. .waiting for your updates since ages...

  26. Hi Tina. When Undone will ne done. Please share it and ignore criticism.


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