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How do I access Heartless, the Longwoods series or other original book? Please check my Amazon Author Page Here for ordering information.

I don't have a Kindle. Do I need a Kindle to read your books on Amazon? Absolutely not--any computer, tablet or phone can be used. All you need to read any of the ebooks are two things: an Amazon account and the free Kindle app--download info here

Do you have a table of contents for all your fanfiction? I can't find _____. Click here

How often do you update? For fanfiction, this varies but I try to update a chapter at least every couple of weeks if not sooner. Sometimes, real life comes up and this is not possible.

Will you be discontinuing writing fanfiction? No way, I love Arhi too much to stop.

Will you write fanfiction for another show/movie/xyz? Not at this time, but never say never.

Do you read comments? Yes, I do read each one and it means so much to me to receive feedback! I try to respond when I can but I cannot promise replies always.

I cannot access Heartless or some other ebook on Amazon. Please leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Amazon is available in most parts of the globe, but some countries are unfortunately not covered. This is not something I can address and it's best to contact Amazon if you are having trouble downloading. So far I have seen multiple downloads from the UK, America, India and Canada to name a few so if you are having issues, please let me know and I'll try to help.

I noticed one of your works posted on another site, what should I do? Email me directly at with link if possible. This is the ONLY website I allow my work to be available on.

Will I get spam if I subscribe to your site? No, google will simply email you whenever I update. I have no involvement in the subscription process. It's an automatic feature that many blogs have.

Whenever I try to comment there are annoying pictures or word verification to prove I'm not a bot. Can this be avoided? Yes!!--login to a gmail account and then post a comment here. You will bypass recaptcha that way and still be able to post anonymously. It only appears if you are not logged into anything. It's another automatic feature.

Is there mature content in all your books? Yes, with the exception of a oneshot or two. Everything else is labeled clearly as mature, suitable for those over eighteen.

I have a question or concern not addressed here, what should I do? Get in touch! Feel free to contact me either in the comment box on any page here or email me directly at

What is your copyright policy? Can I post your work on another site or share it? Short answer: no. For more details, please see below! 

Disclaimer: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, the characters of Arnav, Khushi, etc. are trademarks of StarPlus India. No copyright infringement intended.
The fanfictions posted on this site are simply for fan enjoyment.
All text on this site is the property of Tina Eskay (Copyright © Tina Eskay. All Rights Reserved.) and is protected by U.S., Indian, U.K, and other foreign copyright and trademark laws. The text of this website may not be copied, reproduced, reposted, translated or distributed in any manner (electronic, web or printed) without the prior written consent of the author, with the exception of minor, properly-attributed quotations.

Further information:
The US copyright law (Which my work falls under) states: The 1976 Copyright Act provides that copyright protection "subsists ... in original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression, now known or later developed" (17 U.S.C.A. 102(a)). Thus, virtually any form of fixed recording is protected, no matter how new the technology.
This is a copy of the 1976 Copyright Act:
The UK ( England and Wales): The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998
Copyright is the exclusive right of owners to control the copying and exploitation of their works by others.  Copyright law in the UK is governed by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA).  The CDPA has been amended/supplemented several times to take account of EC Harmonisation Directives.
Included is a link to The Copyright, Designs and Patents Ant 1998.
(Also EC stands for European Communities Law, which includes any country that is part of the European Union)
Indian Penal law: Indian Copyright Act, 1957:
This Act, unless the context otherwise requires,
(a) "adaptation" means,
(i) in relation to a dramatic work, the conversion of the work into a non-dramatic work;
(ii) in relation to a literary work or an artistic work, the conversion of the work into a dramatic work by way of performance in public or otherwise;
(iii) in relation to a literary or dramatic work, any abridgement of the work or any version of the work in which the story or action is conveyed wholly or mainly by means of pictures in a form suitable for
reproduction in a book, or in a newspaper, magazine or similar periodical
If your country is not listed, there is likely a very similar law. 

So please note: No copying/sharing/distributing/altering/posting of any part of any of my stories allowed. Since this keeps happening, for the record, I give NO ONE permission to post on my behalf and I never will. FFs are posted only on this blog and have been taken down from India-Forums (under ID 'TINA!'). Please respect that. If you see any part(s) of my stories posted elsewhere, please report the person and contact me ASAP.
Thanks in advance. And my sincere thanks to Jenna for all your help. 


  1. Am just in love with this stroylines , you write so good..... Wel what a twist , hope arshi will come out of this danger togenther . People around them are like snake. Please update soon you have time and in mood to write. Lo you leave us in a very interesting point...and hope kuishi is okay.

  2. Hey, can you please re-upload 'Fateful Love'? It has been a year since you have taken it down

  3. When are you gonna start uploading 'Enemy Lines'?


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