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I'm ecstatic to announce that I finished some writing--finally!
I've poured my heart into this story over the past six months and I'm so happy I can share it with all of you.

Aishwarya Arora has everything planned out. Her final year of college won’t be involving any frat parties, boy drama or whatever else most of the campus seems obsessed with.
And then Luca Violante storms into her world and uproots everything.
The quarterback of the football team, four-time wrestling champ and all around bad boy shouldn’t be starring in her every erotic fantasy. He shouldn’t be popping into the middle of her biochem class!
Luca though is persistent, not to mention sarcastic and prone to jealousy, but Ash sees beyond his tough guy facade. They have absolutely nothing in common and yet with him, she feels freer than ever before.
As their unlikely love blossoms, its sweet pull threatens to eclipse all else. But there’s a darkness that lingers, a fate neither of them can escape.
Nine years after graduation day, Luca is all man and Ash no longer the innocent she once was. Yet, one word continues to haunt her. One accusation.

**New Adult Contemporary Standalone Romance with mature content, plenty of angst and a BIG Indian Wedding**



NOTE: You do NOT need a Kindle to read. Any phone, computer, tablet or laptop can be used. You just need to download the free Kindle app if you haven't already and have an Amazon account. 
Click here to download the Kindle app.

Click here for free sample of Heartless. Just click 'Look Inside' above the cover pic or read below!


  1. By Gosh, you never spared our hearts. Quite the thriller. Too bad, I found you so late. Glad to have found what I did though.

  2. You are an awesome.....awesome....writer. Loved all your FF's. Really glad that I found your blog.

  3. This is one of the best thrillers on Arhi that I have read so far!! THE BEST!! Absolutely chilling and thrilling experience! You deserve a standing ovation! :)

  4. Hey, tina.
    I just bumped into your blog and I wanna read shameless from the beginning..
    I really find it interesting...can u plz provide me the link of shameless from the beginning.
    It's my privilege to read a beautiful fiction of yours...

  5. Tina Can you post all the chapters of Shameless please !!! Thanks!

  6. Anxiously waiting to read this. I am sure it s as magical as your other works!

  7. Waiting for this so anxiously. What's the ETA?

  8. Checking for ETA every few

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Hey Tina....came across your blog and love your writing......your really sensuous and very well written so is MG .....started reading that one......

    All The Best to you for your book......


  11. i am so eagerly waiting to read shameless.....missing the thrill of it very much.....ofcourse i love DH too....shameless is in my heart more as its ur first story.......hope to read it soon!!

    kamalapushpa :-D

  12. hey ..
    hun i m dying to read shameless again...i m actly craving for it...when is d ebook coming up??itz past itz due date na??
    hun something ..can u re-post here till d book is done???plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,,,,


  13. hey nice n intense stories tina,they have very depth meaning in them,continue soon...............n yah please add to ur blog list........

  14. Hey.....u r a fabulous writer....i love all ur fictions....!!!

  15. when is the book coming out . please let us know. i want to read it badly.

  16. Congrats on your book, can't wait to read it.... Will I get to read Shameless soon?

  17. Still waiting!! :)

  18. I'm hooked to ur blog tina !!! just amazing !

  19. Hey Tina,

    I've been following Shameless from the beginning and was wondering if there was anything after part 37?

    Heard about the plagiarism issues and about the ebook. Any new on when it'll be up?

  20. hello
    i'm new to your stuff and your writings are awesome .. i just loved them...

    from s_mg

  21. I want to read Shameless (Arnav Khushi version), how can I get access?

  22. hey i loved reading DH so far and loving it. really eager to read shameless- when will it be available????

  23. hey tina hii I have read u other FFs is really awesome n really grt I m very much eager to read shameless when it will available??

  24. pls Tina ab toh update kardo pls. waiting waiting waiting

  25. Your writing are all awesome. I love to read and avidly wait fr the next update. I know the magic has long been gone its been 7 months now but your stories are what keeps it alive and prosper. Thank you

  26. Waiting for the e book i love this story to bad you didnt upload the full story on ur blog :(

  27. i need the e book

  28. Tina, I'm totally bowled over by your writing. Have finished Mind Games and Desert Heat so far and loved it to bits. A fan girl of your writing already and I'm eagerly awaiting this e-book now. You have an amazing flair for writing and I'm extremely happy you are going professional about it. Congratulations! May you write more and gain success :))

  29. Hi TINA,

    Do let us know about the latest update regarding the ebook. I am eagerly waiting for it.

    IF Id: Pinkly

  30. How can I read the ebook shameless. I have read it in IF. Want to read it again.

  31. tina I am searching for shameless updates but couldn't find any...don't know if your ebook editing is finished or not but please do pm me (march2011)IForum.
    I started reading mindgames I a fell in love with it since then I am always constantly follow your work.

  32. Hi Tina I am a big fan of your work. Have read all your stories, but could not finish shameless. Was wondering if there was any way to read it and also when is the ebook releasing . Can't wait!!

  33. everyone, i took down shameless due to someone trying to copy it. the ebook version will be out soon, it just depends on my schedule

  34. eagerly waiting for the book pls do it soon

  35. Hey Tina, still waiting for this book.

    IF Id: pinkly

  36. Hey Tina

    Looking forward for SHAMELESS

    My IF ID: Alai123

  37. hey i can't open any of the links you've provided..really want to read your there any way i read name is'll fund me as shagun-rocks in IF...

  38. can't wait Dr. tina! congo =D

  39. Hi Tina just came to know about your blog when it was mentioned in Sanaya's interview and searched for it and saw it finally and started reading the stories, you are an excellent writers, i enjoyed your OS's and Mind games, However I was not able to read 3 chapters and I know you have taken it out due to plagiarism and all is there anyway that you can post or e-mail them to your reader privately, and I just started to read DH but it has 12 chapters missing plz give us readers like a little levy. I know it hurts when people steal your work how much it hurts. but you cannot punish everyone for the sake of few sick people. plz consider. here is my e-mail


  40. Congratulations!!!! SO excited :D

  41. Waiting for the book...
    Amina87 from IF...........

  42. Tina didu!
    I want to read Shameless with Arshi... :(
    Haven't read it from the start, but I liked the cover of your ebook.

    Is it possible to read it with The epicest Arhi?
    If yes, where can I read it?

    Please do reply I'm very eager to read it.


    Keep writing dear di-dums!

    I wish you well!! :)

    Your faithful reader
    Meghmallu ki best friend,

    Saraa Dias!
    Ipkkndrokzz4eva :P

    P.S.: Itna info lika, lag raha hai k police verification dey rahi hoon!!!

    Lol!! :P

    P.P.S.: I just remembered that were you able to find me on fb?
    Cheers!! :))


    I would like to give my toast whenever the celebration party of Shameless happens but well I will right it here anyway... It had to be with the upar wala book cover sentence but anyway...

    Ahmmmm.... I know my dear Di-dums, the writer who writes with the essence of ishq wala love, well for all of you she is Tina di and our beloved writer, has put in a lot of effort to bring this book into existance by sitting in front of the laptop, straining her eyes and making her loved ones bicker about her writing fan fictions on the net and wasting her time and that too over an Indian dailysoap, we must say! She also had to face the criticism, a lot of "gaalias" from the readers for her untimely updates but she didn't break our trust and brought out the best out of her heart, mind and soul into each and every word in her stories.

    She has put in whatever she had learnt from her childhood in every field... And may I say more specifically in *ahem* *ahem* field ;)

    And we don't mind it at all...
    Coz we too love each and every letter written in her stories and each one us wants to go to gaga land (or tinaji ka wonder-dreamland) and feel like Alice each and everytime.
    And dream about our prince charming there. *Sig.....hh...hhh*

    I don't know about others
    but I can surely say there is not a day on which I don't read a Tinaji ka update.. Even though its the update are old...

    Since its a toast..

    And bahut bada hogayega if I keep on speaking...
    But in the end I would just like to say...

    Aisa koi chand nahi
    Jo tumhari tarif na kare
    Aisa koi gulab nahi
    Jo tumhari khusboo ka intehaa naa kare

    Mere toh tumse ek ji hai khooaish,
    K aap k dil se sabdh nikalne k liye kisse ka intezaar naa kare,

    Aur iss aapke kahani k mehboob pe bas ek daya kijiye,
    Apni yeh likhayeee allah ke liye kabhi baand na kijiye!

    May God bless you always!

    It seems as if aaj mere andar ka shayar bahar aagaya,
    Gemini hooney k fayade...
    I wrote it myself!
    I never listen to shayari,
    Par kya kare tumko dekha toh yeh khayal aaya!

    Bye bye!
    Need to to go some Havan tomorrow!
    Muah muah!
    Love you!

    P. S infinity.: I know I speak a lot but I speak it from my heart <3 :D

    Long Live Di-Dums! :-)=

  43. Shit pehle wala comment itna bada hogaya!

    BUT what can I say?

  44. I want to read your story shameless but I can't read it plz can u tell me how can I read this book my id is

  45. I want to read shamless of arshi version can i get de link

  46. I read and follow all your current stories . I loved them all. you are a brilliant writer .
    so..I want to read your past story shameless . can u please share the link to it .

    IF name : sher_lock

  47. hey tina :) I am a fan of your stories through IF (IF name : ace13) thanks for all the updates.. the update was as usual hot and intense making me late for my college ;) again because i am so stuck to it. Lately i am having a problem to reply on IF so i am posting it here. Please if possible do post the initial chapters of DH on your blog link I am dying to read it again. Pretty please :)

  48. hey i really wanna read shameless again ... waiting for secret passion eagerly

  49. Hey I recently found your blog...I started with Desert Heat and after the first 5 chapters ! Damn! I want to read the rest of the story can you please do something about it? I know you have things to deal with but even if you post them as images I will make do with that. Please !!

  50. Hi! I found your blog and started reading BHO and then with Desert Heat and I can't seem to find Chapters 6 onwards. Please I want to read the rest of the story. If possible please re-post them. Please!!!

  51. Hi! I found your blog and started reading BHO and then with Desert Heat and I can't seem to find Chapters 6 onwards. Please I want to read the rest of the story. If possible please re-post them. Please!!!

  52. Will you ever repost desert heat .....ever again.....i would love to read it ......ik there have plagarism threats but with the increased web security i dont think anyone can plagarise ur work....i assure you...pls repost desert humble request

    1. Aww thank you for your message! I will keep it in mind. Honestly, I haven't decided what to do with Desert Heat. I will make a decision on it soon and let everyone know.

  53. I love it...
    Sounds interesting...
    I can't wait to see what happens in this story...

  54. Can't wait to read

    Broken Angel

  55. Important things first: Luca is such a sexy name :D

    The blurb is so exciting. I love second chance romances.
    I can't wait to read it when it's released. It sounds perfect for summer time though.

    1. I love second chance romances as well! Hope you enjoy it.

  56. Love the blurb, interesting. Eager for the story.

  57. Interesting Blurb.
    Eager for the story to start.

  58. hi interesting concept
    i wish you all the best
    and waiting for the start of it

  59. Waiting eagerly for the story to reveal :)

  60. Hey Tina,

    This new story sounds really interesting! I'm looking forward to reading about characters other than Arshi! I am happy to see you back on the blog. Thank you for being so dedicated and sincere with your stories. It reflects in you writing. I hope everything goes well from here on. I would love to be able to be able to read your stories on Amazon one day!

    Thank you for all the wonderful stories that you have let us read over the past several years!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. Hope you like Luca and Ash's story <3

  61. Your writing is always spot-on and a joy to read. How you write and portray the characters every time so differently reflects creativity with a healthy dose of curiosity – key components for excellent, engaging pieces. I have been following you from IPKKND days from india-forums, to your first blog to here. I appreciate the time, dedication, and thought you invest into each piece for readers like us, You are an inspiration to many and I hope along with the life saving job you are doing, you will keep on writing forever.

    Loads of love for you.

    1. Aww thank you so much hun. Your post put a huge smile on my face. Glad you've enjoyed all the arhi fanfics over the years and hopefully that will carry on to Heartless as well. Hugs!


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