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Fateful Love Chapters 6-11 + A HUGE REQUEST

Hello everyone!  Hope you're all doing well:) I've been having a busy week but reading all the amazing comments on Fateful Love pulled me back to the story and instead of sleeping at a reasonable time, I instead decided to edit and post it. I'll probably regret it a bit tomorrow when I'm struggling to stay awake but whatever, I'll survive :) So on popular demand, here's the next chunk... Fateful Love: Parts 6-11 Or start from the start: Fateful Love Part 1
Couple of notes: --I've fixed Baby Hold On's first couple chapters. One of you let me know that the pictures and screenshots weren't loading. They should be now. --Thank you to the very kind reader who left a comment on Mind Games. It's very rare for that story and well, most of my older, finished stuff to get any new feedback so much appreciated! --I keep getting messages for Desert Heat/Shameless, but I'm a bit busy with SP and Heartless right now. They're my top priorities at the mome…
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Fateful Love Chapters 1-5 Now Available!

As promised, the first chunk of Fateful Love has been reuploaded. For those who haven't gotten a chance to read it before, it's a very unique ArHi story. Hope you like it! Chapters 1-5
Thanks for all the lovely comments on Heartless's Blurb!
More Soon! *cough SP cough*
<3 Tina

Heartless Official Book Blurb Now Up!

Excited to announce that the official book blurb for Heartless is now up! For those interested in it, I'm really looking forward to hearing what you think now that I've revealed more about it plot-wise.
ArHi fans, first of all thanks for the feedback on the last update on Secret Passion. If you left a reply, I have responded to you. Please do check. I wish I could always respond to each comment I receive but real life sometimes gets in the way. I do try to surprise you all every now and then and this was one of those times. Based on what I read, most of you are split on who has it worse right now--Arnav or Khushi, which is really interesting. More SP madness soon!
In other news, like I mentioned in my earlier posts, I will be reuploading one of my old IPKKND fanfics. I considered the number of comments, emails and requests I received and used everything as basically a poll. Winner: Fateful Love Look for the first 5 chapters to be reposted in the next couple of days and eventu…

Secret Passion Updated!

So happy to let you all know that Secret Passion: Episode 42 is now up! Thanks Sandy for the banner!
Thanks to all of you for all the support on everything from my IPKKND fanfiction to Heartless. Look out for the official book blurb on Heartless this coming week for those who are interested.
I've read a few comments already on the new blog design. Glad you all seem to be liking it and able to access all my stuff easily. If you notice any links aren't working or any issues in general, please let me know.
Lastly, please keep in mind that Secret Passion is a DARK romance for a reason, though there is always a glimmer of light. Reader discretion advised.
Happy reading! <3 Tina
ps. feel free to leave your comments directly on this post or with SP's latest chapter. And if you haven't already, subscribe using the button on the top right hand side to be notified by email of my every update.

Or read from the start: Secret Passion Epis…


FIRST OFF, thank you sooooooo much for all the messages and outpourings of encouragement. After my last post, so many of you either left me a message here or emailed me and each one of those messages means SO much to me! Thank you for the support and for those of you who shared your own stories of betrayal like I experienced, a huge hug to you. Like I've always said, you all are the reason I'm still around :)
NOW, on to more happy news! I'm ecstatic to announce that I finished some writing--finally! I've poured my heart and soul into this story over the past six months and I'm so happy I can finally share it with all of you.

HEARTLESS It is a contemporary romance, my original work, and 18+ as I hope the cover makes clear. It's literally a bit of my soul on paper, all 100,000+ words and I hope you will be alongside me as I make this huge jump. I know some writers stretch debut novels into series, but I prefer it to be a standalone so no fear, there w…