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Omega Chapter 2 Now up!

Thanks for all the feedback on Omega and SP (replies posted fyi)! It's really motivating:) So here is the next part of this very different fanfic.
II: Celebrated (scroll down to read)
or start from Chapter 1 here
Happy Reading! Hope you have a great week ahead! <3 Tina

OOMEGA AAn IPKKND FanFiction by TTina Eskay
III: Celebrated ~~ASR~
Though it was nighttime, the sky was painted in a riot of colors. Pinks. Blues. Vibrant emeralds. They glittered and shone, dying quickly like doused flames. I looked down at my watch. 12:00 AM. Happy birthday, Khushi. For a long moment, I just breathed in that word. Her name. Letting it envelop me like the warmest of blankets. I waited to see if I’d sense her again, but I wasn’t so lucky this time. A cough interrupted my thoughts and I glanced to my side. My cousin was frowning at me, his eyebrows furrowed above his glasses as if he was struggling to make sense of things. “What is it?” I snapped. He motioned to the sky above us. “Fireworks? Seriously?” I didn…
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Happy Valentine's Day!

FYI: I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's day  (e(except for the discounted chocolates the next day lol)  but I have planned some things for all of you...  This was supposed to happen in time for New Years but  life intervened... it's finally coming together now!
First up-- Bow-Tied is at the lowest price possible on Amazon US/UK for one day only (8am Feb 14 to 8am Feb 15th). Unfortunately, the discount feature is not available for other marketplaces otherwise I would have offered that. For those unable to order, I'm trying to plan something for you. It's in the works... I will post more about it hopefully soon!
Second-- this one is for everyone!! It's the new fanfic idea I haven't been able to get out of my head. After writing a romcom, time travel story, historical romance and a dark epic-length soap opera, this time I'm venturing into the Alpha/Omega genre with a soulmate twist. It will be another original, mature Arnav-Khushi fanfic, as always.
Please note: updates …

Secret Passion Updated!

At the time of my last note, I had decided to continue Secret Passion but it was hard to find the motivation to continue with a funeral to deal with and just generally, a very difficult time. It took me some time but here it is... The season finale of Secret Passion! Episode 46: Undone Or just scroll down! KEEP IN MIND: all warnings apply. Read the disclaimer for Secret Passion here if you haven't already. Don't like, don't read. It's pretty simple. The internet is a big place and I don't need negativity on my site so exit out of here if it's not for you. I really can't be clearer.
With this chapter, the story crosses 850 pages on Word :O I've been working on Desert Heat as well but it is longggg. I had forgotten how long lol.  So it is a work in progress and I will update you all soon with its progress. In other news... I am planning something for Valentine's day so make sure to stop by ;)
Hope you are all doing well! I will respond to comments soo…