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One of my stories was copied and posted at another site (which I strictly do not allow) and of course with no credit to me.

I'm really disgusted. I have taken every security measure I can think of: I no longer keep my entire chapters on IF, I have codes against right-click copying/highlighting in place on this blog, and I have all my stories copyright protected.

Short of restricting this blog completely, I've done everything.

I began sharing my arhi FFs for two purposes alone--to keep the fandom alive and get some feedback on my writing. Despite everything, I would like to still believe that most of my readers (even the silent ones) are honest people. 

So, I'm keeping most of my stories here still. My short stories, Secluded Island and Fateful Love, as well as Secret Passion will remain untouched. Desert Heat is something very close to my heart, something I've spent a lot of time researching and perfecting and I cannot risk it. So from now on, only the latest chapters of DH will be posted here. If you have been following the story closely till now, I think you deserve to know the ending. But new readers will have to wait several months to read it.

Mind Games was the one that was copied word for word and I really wonder how that person will continue the story now. The first 4 chapters have been removed; I will keep the rest up for those who reread it. For new readers, I will post a brief summary.

But this is my last warning and final attempt at this public blog. There's only so much I can take.

I hope you respect my decisions.


ps. It might be delayed, but I'm still hoping to update something this weekend. I won't let this deter me.


  1. I do agree with u Tina.... That's really pathetic to copy someone's work without their permission n not giving credit...
    I do love all ur stories ....ESP mind games and DH....these are my favourites till date.... Though I ma miss ore reading...I guess taking off old chapters is best for now...

  2. You go girl! I have been a silent reader till now, but I really love all of your stories here- wanted to start reading DH, but I will wait for it! Because I completely understand your decision!
    X chandni

  3. Agree with you Tina di. Taking down the previous chapters is the only possible solution of this issue. I respect your every decision and i am with you in this and every situation BAS!!! people who are copying your stories should be thankful to you because you have kept ArShi alive. Hope they got the message loud and clear..!!


  4. Oh no! That is terrible! I hope the person removes it and gives you due credit! Why steal just cause no one can see you!

    Your writing is great and I love reading it!


  5. that is so disgusting
    how can someone lay claim to something which they did not write?

    I support you in whatever you deem necessary to ensure
    that your work is not plagiarized

    should you decide to make this blog private
    please allow me access, as I have read all your stories

    I am currently reading Secret Passion, Desert Heat and Fateful Love

    Mind Games has been one of my favourites and I have re-read
    it a few times

    wish you all the success that you so rightly deserve

  6. Oh nooo! Sorry to hear that.....
    Why cant readers just enjoy reading...i dont get why to copy.

    I love reading all ur stories, esp DH. I am just one that enjoys reading,not interested in wriring, i leave the hard work to the storytellers.....

    If you do make this private please allow me access to continue reading ur great work and zone out x

    Best wishes xx K

  7. I am so sorry to hear that someone is stealing your work! Shameful!

    Thank you for deciding to continue posting DH...I love it and SP so much! I follow you here and on IF, and will be so sad if you restrict your work..although I understand why you are considering doing so.

  8. I do agree wid u tina.. I think dis is only solution left...
    watever will be ur decision m
    wid you and go to hell dem..
    they r just copy cheaters..
    i think u shuld restrict ur blog alsofrm now on...


  9. Really sorry to hear that... Thanks for continuing with the stories.. We all really love it.. My favorites are DH and SP.

  10. Ohh nooo!!! Why do people keep posting other writers stories and not give the credit?

    I love reading all your stories although I have yet to read the latest chapter on DH. And I so love DH! And of course, everything that you have written that I have read.

    I don't even know what to suggest!

  11. agree with u dear
    but i want to read chapter 15 of DH
    kal padhte padhte chaptet gayab ho gaya
    could u plz give me the link


      ^there u go

    2. I dunt understand why do people steal,its stealing,appreciate your decision to still post here,thank youlooking forward to next chapters

  12. and i love DH and SP so much

  13. Totally understandable! Plagiarism is sick! Both for the writer and the reader. It deprives the writer from the satisfaction of sharing their work and the reader from enjoying the actual writer's point of view. The wait for eACH chapter is only known by a true follower! Though I have been a silent follower till now.. I totally am lost in the flow of all the stories..I have read and reread every single story to the extent that I can quote to context! Plz ccontinue wrint

  14. Oh no y some people are Disgusting Like this Because of them we can't loose such a Brillient Writer
    I Love All u r Stories yar
    Be it SP full of Passion & DH Desire and Love Now Fateful Love such a nice COncept
    Thanx for COntinuing dear Thank u so much

  15. I absolutely agree with you Tina and appreciate the step you have taken of removing your copyrighted stories..i am still wondering you care for us (a silent reader) so much that you will still be continuing the stories..i am really grateful to you because i always look forward to your updates especially DH and your updates have always made my day..Mind Games was the first story of yours that i read and i have been a great fan of your writing skills..i really pity that fellow who has copied your work.., arshi FFs are something which are really close us ..The Fandom..and it is not something about showing the world how great your imagination is..and that too by copying someone else's imagination..

  16. I repect your decisions Tina. Are you going to remove SP and DH and all other stories from here, I hope not because I have been your reading since day one of the stories. I hope whoever has copied your story , learns their lesson and apologies and gives you credit for your work. Thank you for keeping this blog open for us because for me this is the only place where I read your stories and if it gets blocked then I won't have access to it. :( I hope those cheaters stay away from your stories and let you writers write in peace and let us readers read in peace.

  17. tina you are absolutely right with your decision. we are with you. we don't want to loose such a fantastic writer because of some stupid and disgusting person.

  18. I completely support your decision Tina! Honestly i have reread each and every story of yours so many times that i think i know it by heart! Will miss Desert heat's untouchable first few chapters but it will forever be in my heart!

  19. i completely agree with you, your writing is amazing, and you should be credited for that. i'm glad you will carry on still don't want to lose your writings just because someone cant come up with something on their own and feel the need to copy.

    IF - IPK..Jenny

  20. Oh my! That is disgusting! I don't understand what sort of sick pleasure do people get from plagiarizing someone else's works. I am so relieved that you are still continuing!

    -Harjas- (I-F)

  21. I'm wid u, Tina..
    I do know how it feels when ur work gets copied widout ur concern
    and whn u r nt credited of the original genuine effort u'v put..
    As a writer, I completely agree wid ur decision wid a patting and encouraging hand..
    But as a reader, Yaar... I'm gona miss ur stories..
    U r 1 of the few people who'v inspired me to pen down my stories..
    Ur stories hv always been extremely comforting at my tired times and I do hope everything gets sorted pot at the earliest..
    Best wishes and lots of love..

  22. Hi Tina! I'm so sorry to hear about this plagiarizing mess! I don't understand what a person thinks they will achieve by stealing someone else's work! Thank you so much for keeping this blog going and allowing us all to continue reading these stories we love oh so much! I've been a silent reader for the most part but I'm a big fan of your work! I'm really invested in DH and SP right now and I'd be sad not to be able to read them anymore so thanks for continuing and keeping them accessible!


  23. Hey Tina!!! I have been following this blog for a long time now and I'm so sorry to know about all this plagiarizing thing.I follow all of your stories but my most favourite are DH and SP and I'm so glad to know that you are not removing them.Hope this mess gets solved and this doesn't happen again.Thankyou for keeping your blog still on :)


  24. aaahhhhhhh........ :'(
    I hate it hate it n yes I hate it....buhuhhuhuhu....
    first only am dying to read your previous work....that is shameless n to keep my heart up I randomly re read any of the updates....but now....ehhhhhhh >.<
    what to do o_O
    am in mess...

    -Tina di's Bella *sobs & sniffs*

  25. Oh mann..its soo sick that all if this is still happening inspite of all d measures the writers take...

  26. this is so sick ..... its taking away all our fav authors away

  27. I love reading your stories and I am sorry and sad that you had to remove them for a crime somebody else did.its sad to loose such beautiful stories....but whatever happens you will always have us fans supporting you....dont loose heart and keep writing those beautiful stories We enjoy....cheers M

  28. I truly support your decision
    Taking down chps seems like the only possible way
    Thankfully you didn't decide against continuing the story like some authors but I still respect their decision as its their work but I feel its a bit unfair on the parts on honest readers
    Dnt knw whats satisfaction these cheaters achieve in receiving feedbacks as appreciation.
    And update this weekend...yayeee

  29. I support you decision.. i wish there was some way to avoid this...

  30. ofcourse dear,,,,, you have put so much efforts to bring this story and now someone will don't this to you ,,,, really will not be tolerated ....

    will wait for your update whether on Blog,,, will surely gonna reader as i have been reading FF on blog from past few fews and have been a follower of your blog since ages.....

    Love ya

  31. i am really ashamed to admit that i am a silent reader..i promise to comment on all the further updates from now on..i really admire your spirit of not letting some thief affect your story..good luck

  32. Plagiarism is becoming more and more pressing issue. How cheap of those people to steal other's hard work and post it like their own. Loyal readers are losing many writers in IF also because of this issue.

    I really love your stories a lot. I was waiting and really looking forward to read Shameless from long time. You did right thing of removing some parts of your stories. That serves those disgusting stealers right. We are with you even though we miss your stories.

    Will wait to read DH. Thank you very much for writing and letting us read such Awesome and Fantastic stories. Wish you very good luck in all your future endeavors.

  33. not again.... when someone likes another writers story so much why cant they just give their frens the link and mention abt the original writer instead of Copying it.
    How will they enjoy the readers comments when the comments are actually for the original writer..... its so sick.
    Thanks for not losing the spirit TINA... we are with you in whtevr decision u take

  34. I cant believe how sick some people can be to take credit for someone elses work. Its the lowest of the low!! I love ur stories tina and im SO glad ur not punishing everyone for the mistakes of an individual! Ive said this a few times before and ill say it again - im completely and utterly addicted to ur stories!!

    I hope the plagerism stops immediately and u continue to share ur beautiful stories with us!!

    P.s. sue the b*stard!!

    Mx (if:mayzz)

  35. I support u and totally understand where u r coming from... this is so shameful..
    To ppl who plagiarize:
    own up to ur wrong doings... u totally know u r not worthy of the praises u get by copying.... give credit to ppl who put so much effort into writing such a beautiful story... god this makes me so mad...
    Thanks for still letting us read ur stories... really appreciate it!

  36. Hi tina.. i have been a silent reader to your blog.. But i m really ashamed that people can copy things of others and not even give them the due credit.. I have loved each of your stories tremendously specially mind games and desert heat... Although i havent read shameless, i am sure it will be amazing as i have heard a lot of good things about it..
    I really am grateful for you to still keep ur blog open..
    I m also sorry that i havent commented before on your blog.. but i am definitely going to do so henceforth...
    Thanks for giving us such amazing works to read...
    IF user id Swty_arshionly

  37. How do dey such cheap tricks..I read ur SP n DH wen I feel lonely n bored..dnt know which I like most...but its ur decision at d end of d day...but do let us know if u plan to make this private..can't miss dis d best...waiting for next update

  38. really people need to get a life and shouldn't do such cheap things and really grateful to u as i have said earlier u really fight wid these people wid ur presence of mind keeping evrything in mind and mainly ur readers really a great thinker u are have i said it earlier that u r pretty intellingent if not then u are really trust me on dis bcoz people loose cool and simply say i m quitting love ur fighting spirit baby love everything abt u.....posted my comment on secluded island too on blog plz have a look and i hope u do recognise me pretty please.....
    Love u tk care.....
    Keep smilin....
    God bless.....
    Pechan kaun and do reply if u recognise me or not......

  39. i'm really disappointed to know this.Your stories are something which i eagerly wait to read...ur work is really awesome...hope that person realizes his/her shameful act and apologize to u....but hats off to u,y bcoz u decided to continue and not to close ur blog like mostly writers do when palgarised...
    keep it up
    ur ardent fan

  40. This is very disappointing to hear Tina! Since I'm a writer myself, I totally understand how it feels when you put in precious time and effort to write and the only thing that makes it worth it is the feedback you get from readers! But there are always those handful of people that are deceiving and think its ok to steal some one else's work.

    I really hope this is sorted out for you soon! Stay strong till then <3 you have the love and support of all your faithful readers!

  41. its horrible that therz ppl out ther dat do stuf lyk this. i reli hope hueva it is stops. it wud b a shame for all da ppl hu genuinely love ur work. hope everything is sorted out. :)

    12345abcdefg on IF

  42. im sorry my dear... im in love with your stories... and always wiating for your update..i hope this mattar will sort soon and why they cant just enjoy reading your storis rather than stole them.. really you

  43. I dont know why ppl keep doing this. you are an amazing and wonderful writer and you deserve all the credit for your beautiful stories. good luck and I hope they stop copying your stories.

  44. This is horrible. Why do they have to copy, they can share your link if they want someone to read your stories. Your stories are amazing. Almost everyday I check your blog for updates. I have been a silent reader but i have been reading your stories from the start. I had been reading shameless but due to exams and stuff I had stopped coming on IF due to which i couldn't read the whole story. Believe me when I say that Desert Heat is fabulous. It's not only close to you but also to us THE READERS My IF id is (sweetpinky123)

  45. Omg people who do this kind of shit are simply pathetic D:< im rlly sorry to hear about this Tina and im sure everyone will support you im ur decisions regarding your stories...DH is one of the best stories that i have ever read and ive reread it several times, although this is probs an understatement, and its sad that it wont be up anymore but i understand...hope this kind of stuff never happens again, dedicated authors like you rlly dont deserve this disgusting treatment :( if u do happen to make ur blog private then please let us know, ive been commenting on ur blog alot but i dont think youre familiar with me cause i dont usually comment on IF...ty for still not giving up on those who've been following ur stories and hope this gets sorted out real soon!
    (IF ID: srishti9015)

  46. This is too bad, coping someone's else work is simply not done....
    I am with you in all your decision.....

  47. I feel very sorry for u Tina Nd i will support u in all ur decisions.. And thnx a lot 4 still keeping this blog public... I am addicted to ur ff's like crazy plz plz dont ever make this blog a private one and if ever u plan to do this blog a private one then plz let us know.. And thnx a lot 4 not giving up on those who hav been following ur stories And hope this gets sorted out very very soon..
    nivi21 IF ID

  48. that was really bad i dont understand why few people do this cheap act of copying other work which is written with so much hardwork i wish to punish them badly roshaan IF

  49. Hi Tina, I don't why a person who cannot write in the first place, copies other's hardwork and claim it as theirs. i really hate people who have no shame in them to copy others work. because of this, many good writers have quit IF. Don't know when this will stopl. i really feel bad that your work also has been copied. Dear, whatever decision you take i am with you. Secret Passion and Desert Heat is very close to me. Don't loose hope and continue to do the good work you are doing.. take care..


  50. hi tina im being a silent reader of ur ffs and I really love ur way of writing and what ever decision u have taken go for it as it is being a writer pride about their writings through which thy sharing their feelings with others and when these are misused with out the credit for the original writer it is being immense pain shame on them to copy some ones work but dont lose hope keep going all the best

  51. This is simply pathetic... even when u trusted ur readers sharing something u had never done and someone stopped so low to steal other's work and post under their names... no ethics and manners and they have no idea by doing such act they indeed are making other to question their upbringing.... stealing is stealing no matter what... if u think that oh its just a matter of words nothing else than u r wrong sweetheart.... u r doing the stealing and in short u r thief....I would say go for what Jen said and do those steps only then ppl will know tht they will need to go through proper court and punishment for such crime as plagiarism if u have so much spare time and u want to get praises learn from these writers and bring something of ur own initially it wont be good but at least it will not show u a low person such pathetic acts and people I HATE PLAGIARISM AND PLAGIARIZERS

  52. i am really sorry to hear that someone has been copying your stories. it is pathetic and stupid when someone takes off your hard work and makes it as if they did it on their own.

  53. Some people are just sick they have no creativity and no fucking morals really disgusting they have to steal other work to make themselves popular so sad th hear this Tina

  54. Hi Tina, i m new to blog, just 2/3 mnths before i came to about stories written on our beloved ARSHI, since than i m reading all the stories on them including yours & i have become addicted specially urs. u r my fav writer the way u write scenes whether ful of passion or emotions are tremendous..

    i hav been a sillent reader i hav never commented before bcoz im not good at words, i cant express what i feel but right now i cant stop myself to comnt after reading ur this note. those people whoever copied ur work simply dont hav self respect for themselves. if they want to write stories than they should use thier brain & comeup with new concept by taking inspiration from other writer not by coping thier works.

    i just wanted to let u know that u hav full support from ur readers including silent(like me). u r a true fighther who fight against plagiarized.
    til date i hav been a silent reader .(.big sorry for that) now onwards i m going to comnt whther it is for 2/3 words or more..

    big thanks to keep this blog public bcoz of that we still can relive our magical jodi Arshis power. & by any chance in future if u plan to keep this blog private pls pls allow me access. i cant even think about not reading ur work. i hav read all ur works. my fav are mindgame, sp & dh
    though i cant get a chance to read shamless but i m sure that one also awsome..

    pls keep going my best wishes are with u..

  55. oh Tina, its look as if its a bad period for arhi fanfiction writers and readers. some leeches are copying awesome writers work and because of this the writers suffers and which also result in the reader bearing the burden of the crime.
    i am so srrry for the trouble it must have caused you.
    obviously we value your decision its already very nice of you to let it effect you, continue writing and keeping the blog open wht else can we ask for more.
    i was just stalking the blog for update of secret passion that i came across this note

  56. Hi Tina. Silent reader here (commenting 2nd time on this blog), just to let you know that you are supported and appreciated. Sometimes, I'll stumble upon a great FF story, I'll get into it, just to find about half way through that the author has removed the story due to plagiarism issues. Although I understand why, as a reader, it's frustrating. So I really really applaud you for trying so hard to cater to your readers, in-spite of obstacles. Unfortunately, it takes all types to make the world, we can only just chin up and continue doing what it is that makes us us. Thanks so much Tina. If the comments on this post are any indication, you have a heck of alot of people behind you!

  57. Iv loved all ur stories.....past and present!! Tanx sooo much for writing as its sometin i always look forward to readin. Hate da fact dat their r people who steal others work!! Anyways if worse comes to worse n u make ur blog private pleaseee do let us knw.

  58. It is a shame when people do despicable things like copying - I can understand stealing an idea or something - but copying word for word? That is just wrong!! Mind games is one of my favorite stories - very different from the mainstream stories about arshi.
    I sincerely love your work and feel it is good enough to pay for!! Even though I have read all of Shameless I still intend on purchasing the ebook when it comes out! Would love to read it again.

  59. I am absolutely disgusted to the core Tina. It has even happened before. But I am very proud of you Tina . This hasn't deterred you from writing for us . My respect for you has grown in leaps and bounds . Remember, no matter what happens, we sincere fans of yours are with you.
    PS Could you please give me a link where the stories were copied. Would like to put my bashing skills in use.
    Thank you.

  60. Hi! Tina...really sorry to hear about this, u know what those people who plagiarize are sickos.Don't let these deter you passion on writing......nobody is worth it. most of us (readers) do really appreciate you works , you are one of awesome writer, keep writing.
    U\Your fans would always be there for your support.

  61. UGG MY FAVORITE STORY!!!!!! Mind Games was one story which I LOVED LOVE AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE VERY MUCH NO MATTER WHAT! it comes in the top list of all my favorite fan FICs actually it's number one on that list..nd now m hurt! But I truly admire settled this in such a mature manner, unlike many who would have taken abrupt decisions and all..that's truly amazing, just proves that you are not only an amazing writer but Also an amazing person..a very mature one..

    I swear if it was me I would have reacted violently like WHERE ARE MY is no time to joke I know but I hope I lightened up your mood a I'm sure like many i know that mind games was very close to you after I truly hope the idiot who even thought of plagiarizing faces some sort of penalty!! I'm being mean, but that story truly was the one story I always read when I was upset, or was going through a low mood, I even read it after recieving a bad grade on my test though ppl would go study or get depressed after low scores on a test that was suppose to be a final test of the semester I just read Mind Games cz it took my mind off of the real world..

    I even acted stupid once thinking imagine if someone knows WHT I'm thinking in my mind right now lol..I was hoping for an Arnav lol..I swear I'm so upset over this news..hopefully I'll see the WHOLE story once again so I can read it like I always did..and you know what's weird I feel like reading It now cz I'm upset..ugh.. The person who copied it has me now in a total off mood..

    But gladly you handled the situation THANK you for that! Truly.. Thank god like many other authors you didnt take the entire story off..but I'm really sorry to hear deserve a lot AND I MEAN A LOT of credit for all your stories, and mind games is one of them!!

    I swear If i ever find that person on I-F, IM GONNA GO ALL ASR ON THEM DAMMIT! Well a female version..though definitely not Anjali version..but A female Arnav Singh Raizada version!!
    KSG_luv (I-F)

    1. aww u did make me smile :) Thanks for the very sweet message hun

  62. Thts really sick of ppl for doing tht.
    U put ur heart n soul to write.
    I am sorry to hear tht n thank u for continuing ur stories.
    I read all ur stories missed shameless like I had told u earlier.
    U one of my fav writers.
    Whatever decision u will take will be standing by u
    Rkapoor1382 IF

  63. Dis is can someone steal someones work..??
    İts so shameful...!!
    But wanna say dis...i njoy reading u r every workd tina!!..right from shameless to secret passion..each nd every story was excellent..
    Do tke wichever measure suits u best..!!
    Wil always support u ..:)
    arshi-pooja (İF)

  64. not again ... thats pathetic .. we alwyes supporting ur decision dear .. feeling so sorry for them ..
    Ruki.f (IF)

  65. Not wanna be vulgar but seriously fuckk those bastards who stole people piece of arts and dont even credit !X( im so angry right now because as a reader i feel like ur stories could be snatched away from us any moment now and i jst feel like punching the face of the robber :'( :'( :'( honestly
    i dnt wanna see Desert heat desapear from your blog actually not a single story im addicted and unfortunatly im kind of silent reader cause i dont really have time to comment nowadays (preparing for college)
    i just hope ill be able to read all ur FF still
    im siham parulian sarunholic on FB and Barul-lover on IF

  66. hope this copying stops.. we are losing out on good stories :(

  67. Iam a regular reader of ur ff's from the time of shameless. And of course I regularly read DH and SP.
    And i hate palgarizers because of them we can't read wonderful steps. It s only natural that u take stepd to prevent it. But i really wish to read all your current and future stories. I hope i can do that. Can I??

  68. That is so pathetic! I'm always with your every decision Tina!
    The step you've taken is absolutely correct. Though I'm going to miss re-reading your stories, I don't mind because your hard-work in infinite times more important than anything else :)

    -Divya (@sobtian/IF)

  69. Hey Tina I have been a silent follower of your blog..I prefer reading here as its easier and even when reading gets delayed it makes it easier to go with flow.. What has happened with you is very sad.I dont know why do people do such insensible acts.. And your decision sounds fair enough.

  70. Hey! I am so sorry this happened! Ugh just hate it when it does! You are such a great writer. I am glad you are still giving people a chance to read your work! It's just sad because I loved to go back and re-read..especially DH. But it's totally understandable. I hope to one day be able to read DH start to finish again! Glad you are finishing it! :) thank you for the wonderful stories!
    -keyboard123 IF

  71. You are such a gifted wtiter, I know nothing about writing but I am sure it takes a lot of hardwork. And then if someone steals your work I am sute it hurts a lot. I have read all ur stories and I always wait for ur updates eagerly. The thing u have done is I guess the best option to deal with these people right now. Thanks for thinking about ur old readers.

  72. oh, really sorry to hear this news,
    i only read mind games ,i came across this blog last week, and i loved ur writings, i will wait

  73. Oh my god dear ! I feel sooo bad for u ! God knows why some people do such a thing ! They hurt both the writers and faithful readers image too ! Watever ur decision dear , im alwayz wid u oopd we , the faithful readers wll be with u no matter wat ! Dont forget this dear ! Thankz for the note

  74. not again!!!! first shameless then MG and now desert heat......
    i dont understand what pleasure ppl gain in copying others stories and telling them as their own.....
    i was half way through creating a banner for desert heat and i came to the blog to check on case any thing is very similar to what i am making....and i see this note.....
    is there any way we reader can help you in any way?? do let us know....i cant afford to be without reading another story of yours again.....i am already missing shameless a lot


  75. we are with every decison that you take

  76. i am with u TINA definitely agree with u i hat when some one does that especially without your permission i cant believe someone can do that dont worry your true fans r with u!

    IF ID:-IPKKNDbigfan

  77. I hate plagiarism so much and the people who plagiarise are so pathetic
    So many great writers and stories have stopped due to it
    Really hope you don't become a victim...again

  78. Its so sad to know that u have to face plagiarism issue again !!!!!
    it such a pathetic and cheap act....only 4 fake publicity...
    I hope that ever issue vl be resolved....I am with u regardless what decision u vl take........
    IF smartgirl


  80. I really hate with people I don't understand why do they do so its a shame and u will eventually get caught
    I feel bad for u
    And respect ur decision aaradhaya1688

  81. hi there tina,
    i am mrudula, and i am a silent reader of yours... sorry that i am one... but this topic u have posted here is of very much importance..i am so very angry at this moment to those people who did that...the issue of plagiarism is at its peak i think... why the hell are they bent upon posting the hard work of the writers ???? i am damn sure that they cant write a thing of their own... this makes the writers in such a tight position that they are apprehensive of posting the work... the same thing happened with anne with her story neertherose some idiot posted it in a site.. and we new readers were caught up and we cant access the story.... we cant blame them also who will they believe if the story was definitely posted by some of their dedicated readers ? but in that case i was the one who told her about the posting.....
    but pls remember this whatever step u take i will definitely support u its not anybody's right to steal any of theses amazing work & post it in their work... but i still appreciate that u r still posting it.. hats off for that .. really love you yaaar for considering all ur readers... i admire u actually... thanks for considering us silent readers too.. not so many people are that accommodating thanks a million for that ....

  82. hey tina i am fan of ur storys
    and defenatily love them
    i really hate it when people start coping other people work
    why do they do that
    and then their are we ur reader
    we wait the whole week and thinking ohh my favorite writer is gonna write acapter
    and then their iss this desesster
    in indian form to their are very good writer who shift to a blog and are not writing anymore
    what is our as reader fault in it
    cannt we just trace the person who do on palgrisme
    i really hope who ever did this send you a messeage and ask for appologie
    i really hope
    so u are not going to write any chapter of secreat passion and fathfull love
    they both are near my hart
    and i did read you whole story mind game
    and also i love desert heat and i am folowing that from start
    tina i really feel sorry
    soory for that fools who do on palgrisme
    sorry that we as reader would not be lucky enough to read more storys
    love y

  83. I have been a silent reader for the most part, I have only posted a comment once but now to read that some unscrupulous individual had the audacity to copy your work is utterly disgusting and despairing. Mind Games was your first story that I read and for me that remains very special but apart from Shameless I have read and re-read all your other stories and am particularly fond of DH and SP. Your stories are amazing and your are such a talented writer and as a reader I am so grateful that you share your stories with strangers like myself around the world, the common thread binding us all - the love of Arnav and Khushi. You should be afforded the respect and appreciation by others as well. I strongly support whatever necessary security measures you take to safeguard your stories, and am very touched that you have continued to post more updates. I eagerly look forward to reading the updates which I constantly check for. Your stories provide a welcome change in the humdrum of our daily routine.... I sincerely hope that the plagiarism stops now! Best wishes alwayz to you....

  84. I have been a silent reader for the most part, I have only posted a comment once but now to read that some unscrupulous individual had the audacity to copy your work is utterly disgusting and despairing. Mind Games was your first story that I read and for me that remains very special but apart from Shameless I have read and re-read all your other stories and am particularly fond of DH and SP. Your stories are amazing and your are such a talented writer and as a reader I am so grateful that you share your stories with strangers like myself around the world, the common thread binding us all - the love of Arnav and Khushi. You should be afforded the respect and appreciation by others as well. I strongly support whatever necessary security measures you take to safeguard your stories, and am very touched that you have continued to post more updates. I eagerly look forward to reading the updates which I constantly check for. Your stories provide a welcome change in the humdrum of our daily routine.... I sincerely hope that the plagiarism stops now! Best wishes alwayz to you....

  85. I have been a silent reader for the most part, I have only posted a comment once but now to read that some unscrupulous individual had the audacity to copy your work is utterly disgusting and despairing. Mind Games was your first story that I read and for me that remains very special but apart from Shameless I have read and re-read all your other stories and am particularly fond of DH and SP. Your stories are amazing and your are such a talented writer and as a reader I am so grateful that you share your stories with strangers like myself around the world, the common thread binding us all - the love of Arnav and Khushi. You should be afforded the respect and appreciation by others as well. I strongly support whatever necessary security measures you take to safeguard your stories, and am very touched that you have continued to post more updates. I eagerly look forward to reading the updates which I constantly check for. Your stories provide a welcome change in the humdrum of our daily routine.... I sincerely hope that the plagiarism stops now! Best wishes alwayz to you....

  86. I am a die hard fan of your stories. I have read your FFs so many times. And Mind Games is my most favorite story. I have read it 7 – 8 times from start to finish till now. Usually my weekend starts when I read at least one chapter of any of your stories.

    As usual this week also I wanted to start reading Mind Games again and noticed that you have removed first 4 chapters. Then I read your note and understood the reason. I don’t know why some sick people want to take credit for other’s hard work. You have invested so much time and efforts in writing these wonderful stories. You have every reason to get angry when it is copied somewhere else without your permission. I wish there is some way to protect these stories. Please do not remove any more parts. I am so sorry you have to go through all these. But please continue to write the FFs.

    IF Id: pinkly

  87. Am so sorry dear that it's happening again. I am with you all the way. I don't know what is wrong with some people. Copying other people's hard work and then taking the credit its just shameless. I love love mine games and I keep coming back to reread it and hoping that you will put an update. I hate people who just wants to take advantage of others hard work.
    Sorry once again dear.

  88. Am so sorry dear that it's happening again. I am with you all the way. I don't know what is wrong with some people. Copying other people's hard work and then taking the credit its just shameless. I love love mine games and I keep coming back to reread it and hoping that you will put an update. I hate people who just wants to take advantage of others hard work.
    Sorry once again dear.

  89. Cheval
    Omg tina so sorry for wat happened to u ... I dnt understand these pepoz if they dnt knw wat to read why cant they just read instead of copying??? Gosh they r so orritating

    Waiting for ur uodates soooon

  90. I am so sad to hear that people have been copying your work... plagiarism is disgusting.. and the honest readers have to suffer.. thank you for not restricting the blog.. we love and respect you

  91. hi tina i am your regular reader and i am really sad that somebody copy your work and posted some where else....and i am really grateful that you did not restrict your blog ..lets hope that person learn his/her lesson. we love your stories .

  92. oh my ...when did dis happen??
    i dont knw if i m a silent reader...i do comment every now on nt on regular basis...u knw me BARUN-MYLADDU from IF...
    hmm so now ppl r going down to such things even after so much of protection ......wt can v realy do to stop dis tina,,think of something na,,,like a security password or something,,whch only v ..ur loyal readers shud knw...n with dt only v ppl shud b able to open up ur blog n no one else...n newbies can ask for it ...think bou in anycase...u r a fab writer hun..dont let such things effect u ...dis happens wid all big ppl...n u r on dt path too :)

  93. So sorry to learn your work too has been stolen, they really are characterless people... I hope posting on the blogs works for you to be able to protect your writing, truly want to complete my journey in the desert !!

    srat - IF username


  94. its really disappointing to know that ur such wonderful stories are
    being copied.i respectur decision of protecting ur work.


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