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Possessed *Horror*

A break from my usual romantic stories.. to something more scary..

Click here to read this four part story..

Happy Teri Meri Anniversary

Teri Meri Anniversary Today! There's a quote I love that fits this scene and its importance in IPKKND: "They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered." --F. Scott Fitzgerald Arnav and Khushi never recovered, and neither did us fans :) I haven’t had time to write anything new on this epic sequence, but in Mind Games Vol 2 I did write a pretty detailed Teri Meri scene. Click the “read more” button to read that part again. The full chapter is under the “Mind Games” Page (Part 8 of Vol 2). ps. If anyone is wondering about updates, I'm writing BHO later tonight. Updates will probably come around the normal time or sooner, not sure.
pss. I'm all caught up with comments
Happy Reading!

Secret Passion MahaUpdate + FL

Secret Passion MahaUpdate/Fateful Love Ch 13 Secret Passion>> Episode 20 Keeping Secrets Fateful Love>> Chapter 13 Memories

Fateful Love & Baby Hold On Updated

Update Time! On popular demand, here is the continuation of Fateful Love as well as the next part of Baby, Hold On: Fateful Love>> Chapter 12 Answers Baby, Hold On>> Part 10 The Blonde
Also, we've crossed 300+ FF Banners! Huge thanks to all those who've taken the time and sent something. You can see them all at And last, remember all comments go here.

Note + Oneshot

Happy 2014 everyone! I know many of you are waiting for updates so I'm posting a quick note just to let you know that Desert Heat and Fateful Love will be updated tomorrow. I'm editing both chapters at the moment. Till then, here's a OneShot and SP teaser:  It's actually one of my besties birthday today and this oneshot is dedicated to her. Several months back, she asked me to write a crossover oneshot on three of my FFs: Desert Heat, Mind Games, and Secret Passion. And I was like  "That's impossible. It won't make any sense." Well, here is that oneshot, Jyo--finally!! Happy Birthday hun!!
OS: SP x DH x MG  Click Here to Read Secret Passion by TINA! & Satina teaser:
Khushi stared down at the white plastic stick in her hands, her eyes narrowing. Two red lines.. What did that mean?
"Why can't it just say pregnant or not pregnant?" she grumbled under her breath, reaching for the instructions.
She read it once more, her heartbeat pounding. The…