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Comment thread #5

Comment Thread #5
March-April 2014
Please comment on the current comment thread only.


  1. Amazing and scary end to Possessed. Loved it!!

  2. wow an awsome and scary story which I ever come across, usually a a scardy cat I don't read horror stories, but how can I miss tina's creations' thought to give a try and yes it made my interest more in readind scary stories its realy a lovly horror story dear thanks for sharing it.

  3. Possessed! Wt to say..speechless. True love can destroy every evil..awsme tina!! Amazing story.loved d entire flt so real..i love ur creativity skills..if u love someone truly,no demon can separate writng dis kind f o.s.abt S.p-loved d mahaupdate..finally! Arnav acptd d reality,ovr his past.i wish we cld c al dis n t.v as barun nd sanaya..dr romance nd chemistry wl always remain sizzling..same as u describe n ur stories..nd f.l teaser waiting to c arnav regaining his memory,nd gtng rid f dt sheetal.update b.h.o yar.longing to read it.

  4. Oh my!!!!! This story was absolutely mindblowingly fantabulous!!!!!!
    Loved the story so much that I have no words to praise it!!! Its simply the best scaro-love-story!!!!!! U r just tooo good!
    PS - plz update fateful night and BHO fast.... I' been dying to read them since long.

  5. Hi Tina , firstly I should tell you are amazing story writer. I liked Mind games very much. Read already once and it's tempting me to read again. But I am missing the first initial parts between arnav and khushi. You have given the summary but I am missing it. Where I can read those parts?

  6. Sorry the above post was by me Jayanthi(jayanthinag) from IF.

  7. Possessed was really awesome though it was scary but I like the ending!!!

  8. possessed awesome ending to awesome story

  9. awesome story!!!!!!! loved it.....i like the ending but could u please write an epilogue for Possessed if possible? i would love 2 read one more chap :)

  10. Possessed-
    Lovd it..
    Its diffrnt all together..
    Plz write epilogue..

  11. possessed :
    it is such a sweet story instead u displayed it in horror format, continue soon..................waiting for fateful love.................

  12. Possessed - Part IV and V
    I really felt sorry for Arnav at how helpless and lost who was in the face of the evil that possessed him, even though he has been fighting so hard for years. Have to commend Khushi on her bravery and strength to stand up to the demons and fight. And to acknowledge her feelings for Arnav. Was really sad and horrified that the demons had killed the Guptas, in all the years he lived with them, the demons had not harmed them but the demons were wiping out all the people that Arnav loved and the last one left was Khushi. But so happy that good triumphed over evil and light over darkness and love reigned supreme in the end:) A rather unusual story but compliments to you Tina for writing a story about Arnav and Khushi in this genre!!

  13. Secret Passion Ch. 21
    What can I say that hasn't already been said. It was a brilliant chapter. Everything was perfect, from Arnav's rumination and decision to Khushi's determination, from Arnav's romantic plans to Aman's genuine amusement. Every section, every thought, every spoken word... it was all magical. And to top it all off, Khushi's little tease was fantastic and I personally loved the fact that Arnav manages to free himself. And the hearts!!! Oh my, they sure had me all molten!! They made my day just as they made Arnav's. Also, just as much as I wish to see Arnav and Khushi safe and want the mastermind to be exposed, it makes perfect sense that ASR's formidable image prevented the senior police officer for mention the last words of the hired man to Arnav. In short, I loved the update. Especially the fact that, Khushi slept on Arnav's side of the bed and went to confront him instead of pulling a weak stunt like leaving him. That would've undermined the depth of their relationship. She couldn't just get hurt and leave. Deep down in her subconscious, she trusted him and his love and couldn't accept the "fact" that he left her alone. It had to be a lie.

    I would've have never ventured into reading something in this genre with ArShi if it wasn't written by you and am I glad I could read it or what?! You've really impressed me, Tina. Only something so pure as Arnav & Khushi's love could defeat something so vile and evil. Arnav has been suffering for such a long time and only complete acceptance and love from Khushi can heal the permanent scars that the demons etched in his heart and soul. I loved how Khushi went to Arnav during the funeral and held onto him while was trying to withdraw into a shell. And the courage she showed in endeavoring to help Arnav rise against the demons deserves special mention. I feel that the guilt of having tormented him while he was actually the greatest victim of the demons must have been earth-shattering and the transformation of her intense emotion to love just increased its magnitude. And I cannot forget to comment on Arnav's plan to kill himself in order the keep the demons at bay and keep Khushi safe. It was painful yet beautiful. Tina, you have certainly outdone yourself. I knew you were brilliant but you have just shown us all that you have many more hidden talents!! Thank you very much

  14. waiting for new update on baby on hold

  15. Possessed - finale

    amazing update..
    finally Arnav's fight against that demons over...
    his love for khushi help him to fight back against demons & defeat them.. truly love powers is above to everything..
    & if a person that u love is with u so on one can defeat u... i m happy that khushi stood by him & supported him.. she knows that her life was at risk phirbhi she stood by him..

    & she realise her love for Arnav..feeling sad for guptas but happy that she not alone she hav arnav with har..
    he free with demons but now possessed by khushi... in a good way.. wink

    lovely & a scary story.. brilliant combo..

  16. Omg I cried so much reading "fateful love", I have not cried so much reading a story as much as I did while reading fateful love. Plz update soon

  17. Hey Dear doc!
    It's a general request to you...
    Can you plz not use screen shot in any update in future?
    It's difficult to open them on phone dear...
    Plz plz plz i'll be really obliged if you consider my this request...

  18. Possessed
    Read all of it in one go.....

    Oh my god tina, u have made me speechless here....

  19. I was continuously crying while reading it, arnav was in so much pain...
    Each & every emotion was portrayed brilliantly....

    I could feel all the emotions..
    I adore ur writing....

  20. Hi tina.. I finally caught up with the updates of SP. OMG I so missed readin this story since after their marriage I dint get to read it. Its been too engrossing n amazing so far. Wow read all the parts frm 12 at a go.
    Pls forgive usually I do comment bt this time I read so many I'll put it in brief.
    I loved Arshi standing by each other while their families were against them.
    Khushi is strong she dint chicken out seein her family's opp n I loved the slap she gave to Karan who always gave bad vibes. Arnav did the right thing to walk out then pleadin the families to accept them.
    Also their romance n their passion is so sizzling. Their office romance is awesome.
    Arnav's still so haunted by the past tht he tried to spy khushi coz he knw she kept somethng frm him not coz she ws guilty.
    The news of khushi's pregnancy again made him go into his past. He dint lash out or blame khushi he walked out to clear his mind. Bt khushi has her own fears which thnkfully got cleared. Poor arnav is so scarred by his past tht he again doubted if heis even good for khushi coz obviously he's different n he reacts differently to situations. Bt khushi's words abt why she loves him gave him some hope n assurance n he did wht he does the best make up for his flaws by showering more love on khushi.

    Last upd ws HOT!!!!! Khushi in a sexy avatar with cabaret dancing. Arshi r really 2 of a kind.

    The sis is anjali coz payal has never been to the estate.

    Thanks Tina for understandin. N reading the blog ws gr8 so commented here instead of IF.

    Renee.bee IF

  21. Hi tina di,
    I read ur possessed,it was such a beautiful 5 shot
    You've penned it so well in just 5 parts,arnav's innocence,guilt,coldness, and awww his love,it was so warm,seeing him so helpless was really heart wrenching,and he was planning to kill himself for her :'(
    Khushi was right on her place but still,I loved arnav more in this ss,and then the way khushi fought with those demons,loved him even after knowing that dark secrete.
    I was literally having goose bumps when they both were fighting with black spirits,khushi encouraging arnav to fight with them and come out of their(ghosts') grip,arshi's love was sooo strong,I couldn't stop myself from crying reading this ss
    PS---their love story was cute,when she realised his love and promised payal,she won't hurt him,from then it was cuter :P <3 <3 :)

  22. Suzy: Glad to hear it!

    Nadia Sulaiman: I'm not a huge fan of horror either but it was a nice change. Glad you liked Possessed:)

    Afrin: Well said, love does triumph doesn't it? BHO will be coming very soon.

    Vatsala Arora: Thanks so much :) FL now up!

    Jayanthi: Unfortunately when people copy things, there are consequences so MG has been affected but instead of taking it all done I just removed the first three parts.

    Arshi Alai: I'm a fan of happy endings :)

    Namita: Thanks!

    Seema Asthana: Thanks!

    Divya_divs: Glad you liked Possesed, no plans of an epilogue hun. I like where it left off. A murky, but hopeful end..

    Sanghamitra Roy: Glad to hear it. See my response above about epilogue.

    Greeshmaraipathora: Sweet and scary, right? FL now up!

    Aarthi: Aww thanks hun :) Yeah, the demons were very dark so the Guptas could not be spared, much like the Raizadas. But Khushi, thankfully was :)

    Alexandrite91: I love how you picked up on all those small moments between ArHi in SP :) So glad you liked it :) And possessed--perfectly put, the purity of their love defeated the evil. I'm so glad to hear it came together well. My first horror story you know.

    Anonymous: BHO sometime this week hopefully. It's halfway done.

    ffsheen1: *wink back* Yes, Khushi truly stood by him once she understood and Arnav shared his pain.

    Vanita Poonal: *passes kleenex* I can imagine hun, FL is my most emotional story I think.

    Amina Mahmood: The screenshots prevent copying hun. I'm going to try loading them from my computer instead of directly from IF so I hope they show up for you.

    Shipra Agarwal: Aww thanks, your speechlessness means a lot :)

    Renee: Hey glad you could catch up on Secret Passion. Yes, the last update was very blushworthy. And ArHI have a lot against them for sure, but they're standing firm. More soon!

    Shreya2748: Glad you liked Possessed :) Yeah, Arnav was going to sacrifice himself for Khushi's sake. But of course, their love had to triumph.

    Loved your comments everyone, great read!

  23. OMG LOL TINA. I'll be back to blab about the epic mahaupdate but I couldn't keep myself from mentioning the baby bump that Khushi has in that banner! The attention to detail is fab :DD

    -Srishti :)

  24. I was so happy to read this update of FL....against all odds they have come together. ...Their meeting in sheeshmahal is something I look forward to. ...

  25. Finally some news from you, I was beginning to worry!
    Fateful Love was amazing! Khushi was trying so hard to make him remember, and it will pay off... Sheetal got what she deserved from Khushi...and now we'll get a Arshi reunion in Sheesh Mahal, like it was suppose to be!... right???
    I had tears in my eyes this time as well but there were more smiles for Khushi's efforts... now eagerly waiting for BHO and DH.. Update soon...
    ps. You're Awesome

  26. FL - Chapter 16
    I was so excited to see an update Tina:) I have been checking all the time and appreciate it considering your hectic schedule....
    This was such a beautifully penned Mahaupdate. Khushi is a woman of such strength and her condition to be so patient, wanting but more so knowing that Arnav needs to remember on his own. Also having to deal with the meddlesome brat Sheetal, but I think now she has got the message loud and clear!! Loved Khushi's little gestures like the roses to help him remember.The love between Arnav and Khushi is so powerful and pure that Arnav's heart knows even though he has only fragmented memories to go by. He is so thoughtful and caring of her situation and I loved the part were he acknowledges that he is immensly jealous of Khushi's 'facelesss' husband. I guessed that Khushi had his photo on her phone and that was what she was looking at. I was thrilled when Arnav asked her what she is not telling him and the way he kissed her and then goes after her.... I think it was perfect that Arnav had to go to Khushi's house and that Buaji who is a stranger to him recognised him and showed him the portrait and told him what Khushi had to endure and the ulitmate 'your wife and child'. Can't wait for their reunion in Sheesh Mahal where it all began, how appropriate:) I am sure once they meet there but more specifically in their bedroom, Arnav's memories will come flooding back!! Truly heart-warming and soulfully romantic....

  27. aww finally an update and that too a very happy and enchanting one!!! It was awesome as always Tina!!! Whenever i read any of your stories i just keep hoping that never end and i keep on reading it..... FL was awesome loved it completely.... Head over heels with your writings....... waiting 4 the BHO update And all the others too!!!! I commented earlier too but i dont know where did my comment vanish anyways i love your writings so i dont feel irritated to comment twice,thrice or n times until my comment is published.... waiting for BHO,DH,SP,and most importantly FL....


  28. F.l mahaupdate.:-) dts nt fair tina..cliffhanger at d rite tym. My mind nd heart wnt b at peace tl nxt update. It was superb update.i was so immersed in reading dt i was wishng it wld nt end.eagerly waiting to c thr reunion.finally,arnav remembered khushi.update b.h.o sn yar.

  29. FL ch16: omg finally arnav knows khushi is his wife... wohoooo i cant wait for the next update...
    this update was lovely... khushi must be going through so much trying to remind arnav... but she must be happy thinking atleast he is in front of her :)
    just lovely!

    1. Go get her Arnav :) she is waiting for you!

  30. Another amazing update!!! Worth the wait!!

  31. Finally after months am able to post comments. Somehow it would hang!!

  32. Another amazing update!!! Worth the wait!!

  33. An awesome update.
    Must slaute khushis unwavering beleif in arnav. She doesn't even once doubted arnav even sheetal's doing. It was so cute doing damll small for thing for arnab to make him remember but never pushing. I am so happy that he came to knw some truth. May be seeshmahal is the final trigger to his memory. I am eagerly waiting goe next chapter

  34. For tha updates of FL, SP & Possesed
    "Stupendo Fantabulously Fantastical"

  35. fantastic update of fateful love.

  36. Possessed
    WOW!! Just read Possessed! Tina you have outdone yourself again!! I know I have said it before but I want to say it again! You are one of the MOST versatile writers on IF. Brilliant thrilling and beautifully written :)


  37. Fateful Love

    And read this one too...loved it! The chemistry and emotion is fantastic as always. Can't wait for Arnav to enter Sheesh mahal...that wud be the triggering factor on his memory.



  38. Fateful love chapter 16
    Totally blown away by your maha chapter - just fab!


  39. F.L : Wow finally Arnav knows Khushi his wife. Waiting for their Milan after the truth is known.

  40. F.L
    I wait till they are reunited!!! Finally Arnav found out the truth, now I just hope he gets his memory back and sees how strong their love is! I hope Khushi's family accepts her again after seeing that she wasn't just making Arnav up.

    Thank you for the update Tina. It was truly lovely and please update the next part soon. I really want too see Arnav, Khushi and baby all together! :D

  41. Awesome update on FL. worth the wait

    Waiting for next update eagerly

  42. omg omg omg
    That was so much to bear
    Amazing-est update
    I was crying at the end
    I can't express how much it affected me,so beautiful
    Loved it
    Waiting for that moment when they will confess their love again

  43. Awesome update of FL
    Khushi tried her best to make Arnav remember their moments but unfortunately he don't get it fully
    Hopefully he would remember everything
    Arnav did a good thing to visit Khushi's house
    I'm so glad that Arnav got to know that he is her husband the child is his :D
    Can't wait to see them together at Lucknow and at Sheesh Mahal!!!

  44. fateful love:
    wow such a sweet update,continue soon.......................don't end it now please..............

  45. What a beautiful reunion... His subconscious feelings for her came through so beautifully. Finally he realizes the connection when buaji tells him to go his wife. Lovely update.
    ... Arshidewani

  46. Thank you for the nice, long update on was beautifully written...felt all their emotions as I was reading...I hope that he remembers everything once he is in Sheesh Mahal..


  47. Fl- almost there! Let's see sheesh mahal brings back the magic

  48. FL chp 16 - Mahaupdate
    i m so happy to see an update.
    thank u soooo much Tina for update apart from being super busy still u hav taken a time & updated uper se MAHAUPDATE for that hats ff to u.

    comnig to update i loved it very much..
    i really like khushi's way of reminding him with her every little gesture instead of directly confronting him.. how she try to remind him his fav food by bringing lunch for him, red flowers valentines day talk every thing...
    & how she shows sheetals place in Arnav's life.
    in back of his mind he recollects everythig which khushi indirectly reminding him & what buaji told him & looking at pic he is almost there but everything goes well once he reach sheesh mahal
    really looking forward for thier reunion that will be a most awaited chapter...

  49. FL 16
    Hey Tina...
    A wonderful update.... The connection between ARSHI hearts could not be broken by Sheetal stood no chance... Hope she will realise it soon... Hope sheesh mahal n the bedroom will form the bridge for memory to return n ARSHI to meet finally...hope there won't be anymore hiccups...

  50. I never thought i'd say this but kudos to buaji. She gave Arnav some desperately needed answers. I loved everything. Him being drawn to her, his internal conflict, her confidence in their love, Her logical & cool argurment for sheetal... i could go on endlessly. All those beautiful things that you've woven into this fantastic update for FL are magical.
    The roses, the lunchbox, the picture in her phone... the kiss and the promise to return. And his promise to be there for his wife & child!
    Seriously, if you're going to keep this up, all my works going to go on the back burner. I've reread your update for FL 4 times!

  51. Fateful Love Ch16
    Finally things are falling into place
    Thank God Arnav left the Malik's
    ah he is getting flashbacks
    can't wait for them to meet at Sheesh Mahal

  52. SP ch. 21:
    Thank God! Arnav accepted the baby...
    I was really scared...
    Arnav is really changing for good...
    His concern for Khushi really touches my heart always...
    Finally Arnav has accepted that He should let go of the past and look into their bright future...
    Which is a really good sign...
    And his surprise for Khushi was mindblowing...
    Oh God! They are acting like teenagers who can't live without eachother for a min...
    I love their romance...
    They are truly amazing...
    And Arnav's gifts for Khushi really touched my heart...
    I loved that part...
    Especially the bib...
    It was really adorable...
    And last but not the least Khushi's surprise for her hubby was hot and sensual...
    Their love and desire is out of bound for eachother...
    And i only pray that they always remain like this forever...
    Plz give next part soon...

  53. DH ch. 22:
    Amazing update as always...
    Arnav is getting really obssessed nowadays...
    And after hearing Khushi's fiancee name he became really frustrated...
    He is turning into that little boy day by day who fears that His most fav thing will be snatched from him...
    Khushi is his love, obssession, life, everything...
    Khushi understands him but sometime i also become irritated with her behaviour...
    I just pray that they reach north really soon...
    Already he has put sindoor and now day by day he will become really frustrated...
    I just hope they stay unite...
    Plz no seperation...
    Khushi just return the ring and end it once and for all plz...
    Update next part soon plz...

  54. Fateful Love Ch 16
    Loved the maha update. well written and emotional. Cant wait for them to meet in Lucknow. As always job well done!

  55. Teaser DH ch. 23:
    Aman and Maya are fighting with their emotions and desires...
    Especially Aman...
    He should accept that he feels for Maya...
    He is hurting Maya as well as himself with his this behaviour...
    I just hope He accept his feelings soon...
    Good going Maya don't give up that easily...
    Plz update this part soon dear...

  56. BHO ch. 12:
    Arnav and Khushi are fully into eachother...
    Arnav is soo much relaxed that everything will be fine but i'm scared of buaji...
    I really can't imagine how she will react with broken engagement and Arnav and Khushi's relationship...
    I think a big strom is coming on the way...
    Plz update next part soon...
    P.S: I'm really waiting for a hot encounter in the bathroom...
    'A rub in the tub'... ;)

  57. Possessed:
    well you have done a great job...
    It was an excellent short story with a superb end...
    You have proved that you can write any topic really well...
    You have done a superb job even in horror story...
    I loved it...
    And the happy ending was mindblowing...
    Thank God! They became one...
    I always love happy endings...

  58. And at the last my most fav story FL...
    This story is my lifeline...
    I have read all the story upto ch. 16 again...
    I simply can't stop my self reading it again and again...
    I have already read Ch. 16 six times and i'm going to read it more and more...
    I can't express in words how much i love this story...

  59. FL ch. 16:
    As always you took my breath away with this update...
    I really love Khushi's Buaji...
    She always support Khushi through every thick and thin...
    She is the pillar of support for Khushi...
    I really admire her always...

  60. FL ch. 16:
    I can imagine Khushi's happiness after seeing her Arnav back...
    Her happiness is out of bounds...
    Her love is tested enough plz no more...
    I loved it when she said to her baby that 'Daddy is back'
    It was the most adorable and emotional moment...
    I loved it yar...
    Arnav has lost his memory but still his heart beat only for his Khushi...
    His heart always recognise her and long for her...
    He is again totally into his Khushi...
    Their love was and will always be undying and out of the world...
    And this 'Sheetal' she always irritate Arnav as well as me...
    She is soo cheap... Always wants to attract Arnav by showing her body...
    I hate her...
    Khushi came on the right time...
    She has adopted the perfect way to get her Arnav back...
    In only one day She has affected Arnav alot...
    And in the following week She almost succeceded an bringing her old Arnav back...
    Who smiles and is really adorable...

  61. FL ch. 16:
    I Loved it how Khushi has closed Sheetal's mouth...
    Khiushi's confidence in her love and belief in Arnav and her heart in truly amazing...
    Arnav is attracted to her like moth to flame...
    He always wants her close to him...
    And at last He kissed her...
    He is not able to stay away from her love and charm....
    How he was afraid that Khushi will not come back and he asked for the promise that she will return back... It was a really heart touching moment...
    I truly loved it...
    It's good that Arnav shifted to hotel...
    This sheetal was getting on my nerves...
    Thank God! He went to her home and came to know the truth...
    Plz Arnav go for it...
    Go to Sheesh mahal...
    To your love...
    I just want to see them together in sunlight in sheesmahal...
    Plz no more hardships...
    Plz reunite them...

  62. FL ch. 16:
    I found it really cute how Arnav was jealous of Khushi's husband without realising that he is the one...
    And after knowing that he is the one... He bacame sooo happy...
    I'm waiting like hell for next part...

  63. FL ch. 16:
    I'm waiting like crazy for ch. 17...
    I want to see them together in sheeshmahal again...
    In their ROOM again...
    Together at night and togther in sunlight...
    Plz plz plz plz plz plz update next part soon...
    Plz can you give update of this story before any other story...
    Plz plz plz...
    I'm really going crazy of waiting...
    Plz consider it as my most earnest request...
    Plz give ch. 17 really soon...
    Plz plz plz...

  64. FL ch. 16:
    I just wish Arnav also get his memory back also...
    Plz update soon...

  65. Hi Tina , am enjoying FL very much. Please update and continue writing such wonderful stories.

  66. FL:
    Woah spent my whole day reading the story from the beginning.... im left speechless please update soon before I get hooked to another Story nd forget to read the rest of Fateful Love... But at first I was scared like the story is so cool... couldve been a movie I swear HOW DO U COME UP WITH THIS??? its so cool.... but the weird thing is just yesterday I was in the mysterious corner of youtube where I was watching stuff on time travelling AND UR FF POPS UP!!! but its so cool... I can imagine every bit of it SOOOOOOOO THANKFUL TO GOD FOR WRITERS LIKE YOU... tbh I hated reading and then arshi happened and then I found out about ffs and then about the AMAZING writers like you... so now im hooked... if I get an A in English its solely because of ur Fantastic writing and vocab skills


  67. Shristi: I love the baby bump pics too haha

    Mayuri B: Agreed, against all odds

    Zryah Ayok: Aww FL will end where it began, Lucknow ;)

    Aarthi: So glad you liked the FL update :) Yes, Khushi has grown up to be a very strong woman, confident in her love and herself. And Arnav had to go to her, I thought Buaji would be the best person to reveal to him how he was in fact "the faceless husband"

    Nivi21: Glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes comments take disappear on blogger, idk either.

    Afrin: I hope it was a good cliffhanger :) BHO now updated!

    Ekta: Agreed. Go, Arnav, Khushi and baby are waiting! :)

    Dess Cent: Nice to hear from you again :)

    Namita11: Yes, Sheesh Mahal has always played a huge role in this story and that is where it will end.

    Tanya Ranjan: Thanks so much :)

    Seema Asthana: Glad you liked it!

    Ray of Light: Thanks hun, I keep switching genres so I don't feel any need to write on another telly couple. ArHi are enough for me :)

    SB: Glad you liked it :)

    Jayanthi: I can imagine. The countdown is on..

    Maira96: You will get all 3 together very soon :)

    Anonymous: Glad you liked it

    Shreya2748: Aww FL is probably my most emotional story *passes kleenex*

    Arshi Alai: Lucknow coming up soon ;)

    Greeshmaraipathora: FL still has 3 chapters and epilogue to go. No worries.

    Arshidewani: Yes, when Buaji told him, Arnav may not have remembered the past, but it all clicked for him.

    What_the: Thanks, glad you liked it

    Rachel Regina: Yes, almost there :)

    ffsheen1: Aww glad you enjoyed the mahaupdate. Nice to know all the emotions came across :)

    Jyothi Parsi: You're totally on track!

    Alexandrite91: 4 times already wow :) Glad you enjoyed it, more soon!

    Seeta_naips: Yes, and the flashbacks will keep on coming ;)

    Amina Mahmood: Oh wow loved reading all your comments hun. Glad you liked all the small little details and especially how FL is coming along. I know it's your fav. Arnav's memories are coming back and that will intensify once he's in Sheesh Mahal. More soon :)

    Fauziyya: Thanks :)

    Anonymous: Another FL fan :) Awesome.

    Nidz Bunny: It's interesting how you stumbled on FL. It has 3 chapters and epilogue to go, will be all up by next month. FL is actually based on a dream I had. I was sleeping on a white canopy bed. Nice to hear you liked it :)

    Madiha Sophia: Awesome :)

























  69. DH- 23..
    Lovd it..
    Its awsome..
    Khushi had no doubt she wont forget that, that night was their wedding night..
    Hw arnav regrets about drinking, hw he behaved like a stubborn towards her its amazing..
    Cnt wait for nxt part..

  70. Baby hold on-13
    Its amazing, lovd it..
    Its hillarious, when buaji interrapt their love moments.. Hw frustrated they look like khushi said' this buaji of mine drive me crazy..'
    Arshi's passioniates momemts were just so sexy, i realy lovd it..
    Will be waiting for nxt update..

  71. BHO
    Thank you so much!! That was the best bubble bath ever ;) Jealous Arnav definitely had me smirking. Loved everything... from the Arnav's walk of glory to Buaji's LOL

    News Flash: An Arshi Update can never be too long!!!
    I will read the next update if i haven't succumbed to the pressure of waiting for it :P
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    BHO- was hot, I'd never be able to have a bubble bath without Arshi's thought now thanks to you, lol, but seroiusly, it was amazing but I think there is something wrong, I have a feeling still, that Arnav's hiding something, the way he went still when Khushi asked if he was a writer... but anyways
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    In BHO, the LOL from Buaji was awesome and gave me such a god laugh! LOL!! :) Buaji's character is so funny in this one. Love the fact that arnav khushi have expressed that they want each other forever!
    DH: Finally arnav khushi are married and Khushi's childhood engagement doesnt hold any importance anymore. Curious to know if they would decide to go back and continue with Arnav's mission now instead of taking Khushi to North. Pretty unusual wedding night for them, but Arnav was very cute, repeatedly calling Khushi his wife! :)

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    FL - Teaser
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  83. KKKA: Wow, loved your lyrical style as always. I wish I could make everyone read your comments, they're amazing and so hilarious.

    Sanghamitra Roy: Agreed, he better regret drinking. More soon!

    Alexandrite91: Hey loved your comments :) Yes, Arhi's love is very deep and the ring is nothing but a hindrance at this point. It will come up for discussion as you'll see ;) Hope you like the continuation

    Zyrah Ayok: Yup, they really need to talk it out. Haha Mr. Sexy is taking over magazines, bubble baths, and the list continues.

    Seema Asthana: Blush! Thanks :)

    Firebolt/what_the: Haha yes he is acting completely like a husband at this point :) And about sindoor, unlike Khushi he has a different opinion as you'll see. Oh glad you liked that line especially, third time was the charm :)

    Shilpi: Hey this comment did get through :) Glad you like Buaji aka Maddy Bua. I've tried to make her more fun and cool haha. And more to come in DH shortly..

    Seeta_naips: Yes, a room for their wedding night. I thought it would be a contrast from all the nights on the sands. Glad you liked BHO too :)

    Aarthi: Hey hun, loved your comments (as usual!). I'm glad you found some time for them :) BHO--yup Buaji and her well-known interruptions strike again. Glad you liked DH and rightly said, they're both battling their own doubts at this time and the drinking has not helped :P I'm sad to see FL end too, but there will be lots of Arshi moments before that point, no worries :) And yes, it ends where it began.

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    1. Shit!!my comment got published as anonymous its me afrin

  101. Shit my comment got published as anonymous.. Its me afrin

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  126. @Madiha Sophia: awesome :)

    @anonymous: agreed, it's decision time in DH

    @greeshmaraipathora: no plans for sequel. I think FL will have the perfect conclusion where all the loose ends are tied up so there's no need for it :)

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    @namita11: Now that Arnav has his memory back, he will never let Sheesh Mahal become a mall. About Garima--you'll find out soon.

    @Joe Arshi: Yes, it will be worked into SP so no need of a new story. Plus, I don't have the time.

    @Mayuri B: I love happy endings too :)

    @seeta_naips: Yes things are wrapping up in FL and confrontation coming in DH

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    @Anonymous (Nisha): Aww that means a lot hun. I love the show and them too. Glad you like my FFs so much. BHO update very shortly ;)

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    @ekta: You haven't missed anything, but as Arnav has mentioned, he's very jealous of the ring and also scared to lose Khushi--even though there's no reason for it. But he is human and seeing the ring on her finger for weeks now takes a toll

    @anonymous: Hi there. Yes, it's definitely not easy to balance writing with work and life in general.

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    @Kerrie: Glad you enjoyed reading FL, there are 2 chapters and epilogue to go.

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  131. Baby Hold On>> Part 15: Birthday Surprise
    OMG THE PRECAP. U r surely gonna kill me. Cant wait *impatient*
    Secret Passion>> Episode 22: Aftershocks
    again im repeating tis question "di u wil nt separate arhi na?" Everyone is against their beautiful & wndrfl relationship. Y is tht karan's mom still sticking to guptas. Shameless woman >:o . They romance ,speechless *blushing blushing still blushing* awww morning sickness & his caring nature . Wht a hubby :* . Tht traffic woman came there for hurting other >:o *hate u stop signal wali dadi* . Arnav, i loved the way u roar at tht gud 4 ntg dadi of urs. Khushi,dont cry dr. Ur arnav is there na (tina di too) . They wil make everything right. Payal, ur the villian :o y r u doing tis? R u after khushi's arnav or money? U wil get punished 4 tis. Tina di & asr wil make sure of it. Cngrats for finishing 1 yr old bd SP. Cntn sn.

  132. Secret Passion>> Episode 22: Aftershocks
    again im repeating tis question "di u wil nt separate arhi na?" Everyone is against their beautiful & wndrfl relationship. Y is tht karan's mom still sticking to guptas. Shameless woman >:o . They romance ,speechless *blushing blushing still blushing* awww morning sickness & his caring nature . Wht a hubby :* . Tht traffic woman came there for hurting other >:o *hate u stop signal wali dadi* . Arnav, i loved the way u roar at tht gud 4 ntg dadi of urs. Khushi,dont cry dr. Ur arnav is there na (tina di too) . They wil make everything right. Payal, ur the villian :o y r u doing tis? R u after khushi's arnav or money? U wil get punished 4 tis. Tina di & asr wil make sure of it. Cngrats for finishing 1 yr old bd SP. Cntn sn.

  133. Secret Passion>> Episode 22: Aftershocks
    (cntn) Their romance ,speechless *blushing blushing still blushing* awww morning sickness & his caring nature . Wht a hubby :* . Tht traffic woman came there for hurting other >:o *hate u stop signal wali dadi* . Arnav, i loved the way u roar at tht gud 4 ntg dadi of urs. Khushi,dont cry dr. Ur arnav is there na (tina di too) . They wil make everything right. Payal, ur the villian :o y r u doing tis? R u after khushi's arnav or money? U wil get punished 4 tis. Tina di & asr wil make sure of it. Cngrats for finishing 1 yr old bd SP. Cntn sn.

  134. Secret Passion>> Episode 22: Aftershocks
    (cntn) Tht traffic woman came there for hurting other >:o *hate u stop signal wali dadi* . Arnav, i loved the way u roar at tht gud 4 ntg dadi of urs. Khushi,dont cry dr. Ur arnav is there na (tina di too) . They wil make everything right. Payal, ur the villian :o y r u doing tis? R u after khushi's arnav or money? U wil get punished 4 tis. Tina di & asr wil make sure of it. Cngrats for finishing 1 yr old bd SP. Cntn sn.

  135. Secret Passion>> Episode 22: Aftershocks
    (cntn) They wil make everything right. Payal, ur the villian :o y r u doing tis? R u after khushi's arnav or money? U wil get punished 4 tis. Tina di & asr wil make sure of it. Cngrats for finishing 1 yr old bd SP. Cntn sn.

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    Joe Arshi: No prob, spamming is okay here lolz. Glad you liked BHO and esp the precap ;) SP--no separation hun. It's them versus the world. I think you all will like this story ahead. More soon on Payal!

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    Aarthi: No worries hun, I'm updating both here on the blog and IF simultaneously. If that changes, I'd let you all know. SP--it was a roller coaster of a chapter and evil Dadi and company made appearances, but while Arhi will be tested, they will not separate. They've come too far for that. Payal's motives will come out in time but she does have a motive--several actually. BHO--Glad you liked the "Baby Hold on" mentions. And yes, next chapter there will be no Maddy Bua, Butterball, or General to interrupt ;)

    Anonymous: Glad to hear you like them all :)

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    So Anjali was not held at the police station. It would appear that Arnav and Khushi are staying at the Raizada Mansion because Anjali has come to their room or either they have taken her to their new home but with the appearance of Shyam it seems more likely that they are at RM....The idea of the 4 of them sleeping in one bed leaves me aghast !! You can't be serious?? In the earlier chapters Arnav did not want Shyam to lay his eyes on Khushi and now he can't seem to take them off, I would run and hide!! Can't wait for the update....

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  168. Firstly, I just wanted to ask you, Tina to please pardon the grammatical errors in my last comments on DH, I really don't know what was going on with me:$

    FL - Ch 18
    A really beautiful chapter....Arnav and Khushi are finally together in the place they rightfully belong:) Arnav is so caring and loving, carrying Khushi everwhere with such ease. Their love is stronger, deeper and more powerful and they have won the battle against their faceless enemy, Time. Finally they are able to talk and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Truly admirable, how even though Arnav and Khushi in their hearts consider each other as husband and wife, Arnav still wants to do right by Khushi by asking her to marry him and perform the rituals making her his wife. A very kind gesture by Arnav for calling the Guptas to invite them for the wedding and sending them plane tickets, knowing that Khushi would want them there even without her saying so. Garima's reaction and response was no surprise, but so happy that she was not able to influence Payal and Babuji and that they attended and apologised to Khushi too. Hats of to Arnav for telling Garima off, just loved it, she deserved every bit of it!! Was also really glad that Buaji was first to arrive, she has been a pillar of strength for Khushi without being judgemental and only showering love. As for Sheetal Malik, she got what she deserved too!! But really liked the fact that Mr Malik was so supportive. Incredible how Mr Ram knew that Arnav and Khushi would one day be married....loved the gift from him, truly endearing and meaningful and the gift of Sheesh Mahal from Mr Malik and now the baby is arriving, perfect timing on their wedding day:) Eagerly awaiting the last chapter and epilogue but sad to see this story end....Really loved every bit of it, a story written par excellence.

    Compliments on your poetic skills Tina, looking forward to reading are exceptionally talented!!

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    FL 18
    i dont really know what to say cuz ive been really caught up with this story so far and its its just mesmerizing how itts been going along..i mean you portrayed every emotion every feeling so powerfully...its im at a loss of words to describe the magic you have woven in that story. like adjfhalsdkfjh i love it. and i was so excited for chapter 18 because ommggg...arnav finally remembers!!! i was soo excited...and basically checked your site daily even though i knew nothing was posted yet.and then today...its posted and i was like a child given a lollipop after being denied it for the longest time. and so i read it...very eagerly just waiting for that BAM to hit me as your writing usually does( for every update of your every story your writing..just like sorta hits a its so intense...and just emotional) and so i kept reading waiting for something super cool to happen...but i read...and read...and finally i finished the chapter. and i must say...please dont take this the wrong way but..i was very dissapointed. I mean, the emotions were not portrayed half as beautifully as you usually do..and everything felt so rushed, so jumpy. like you moved from one scene to the next to the next. no beautiful know what im saying? because i just kept waiting for that same heart stopping feeling i get from your stories but this was such a turn down for me :(....
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