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Happy Teri Meri Anniversary

Teri Meri Anniversary Today!
There's a quote I love that fits this scene and its importance in IPKKND:
"They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered." --F. Scott Fitzgerald
Arnav and Khushi never recovered, and neither did us fans :)
I haven’t had time to write anything new on this epic sequence, but in Mind Games Vol 2 I did write a pretty detailed Teri Meri scene. Click the “read more” button to read that part again. The full chapter is under the “Mind Games” Page (Part 8 of Vol 2).
ps. If anyone is wondering about updates, I'm writing BHO later tonight. Updates will probably come around the normal time or sooner, not sure.
pss. I'm all caught up with comments
Happy Reading!
Mind Games Vol 2, Ch 8 Teri Meri Excerpt (Full chapter under "Mind Games" Tab):

The lights on the stage turned off overhead. The audience leaned forward as the first notes of the music sounded.
And then a spotlight was shone on Arnav. He looked very handsome, dressed in dark blue, his eyes focused on the darkness to his right.

“Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil..” He extended his hand toward the dark, willowy figure. “Do lafzoon mein yeh bayaan na ho paye..”
A second spotlight turned on, highlighting Khushi. She stood tall in her plain green sari, her eyes focused on her love. There were murmurs of surprise in the audience.
But Arnav and Khushi ignored them all. Their hands entwined on the stage. “Ek ladka, ek ladki ki hai yeh kahani nayi.. Do lafzoon mein yeh bayaan na ho paye..”
Arnav and Khushi slow danced, their bodies moving restlessly against the other. His hand drifted into her open hair as he tilted her face up so their eyes met.

Heat blazed between them.
Arnav bent over Khushi, nuzzling his face against the column of her neck. “Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil.. Do lafzoon mein yeh Bayaan no ho paye..”
“Hai re nandkishore! What is Sanka Devi doing?” cried Buaji, her eyes widening. “This is so improper!”
On the stage, the entwined couple moved as one, their passion unleashed. As Arnav murmured, “Ek dooje se huye judaa, jab ek dooje ke liye bane,” Khushi leaned up, kissing his chin, her eyes shining brightly. No one would ever separate them again.
Garima choked as she watched the kiss, feeling like she would faint all over again.
Arnav’s hand drifted down Khushi’s spine, bringing her even closer to him. Their bodies collided as he spun her in a circle, his eyes glowing. “Har ehsaas mein tu hai, Har ek yaad mein tera afsaana..
Do lafzoon mein yeh
Bayaan na ho paye.” Her eyes drifted closed as his breath fanned over her face. Her chest heaved as she felt him position himself behind her.
And then his large, masculine hand drifted across her exposed waist, lingering over her silky skin.

“Saara din bit jaye, saari raat jagaye..” He flattened his hand on her stomach, holding her with blatant possessiveness. “Bas khayal tumhara.. Lamha lamha tadpaye..”
Veer’s eyes looked murderous as he watched Arnav’s lips trace across Khushi’s shoulder. He was standing in the neighbor’s property, spying on the sangeet from a small gap in the fence.
“Yeh tadap keh rahi hai, mit jaye faasle yeh tere mere darmiyaan, joh hair saare..”
The couple on stage exuded an almost primitive heat, drawn to each other again and again. And then the arrogant man did something that hit Veer like a punch in the gut.
Arnav turned Khushi so they faced one another. And then with a firm touch, he raised his hand to her shoulder, detaching the sari. Making sure she was covered to the audience’s eyes, he slipped between the soft material and her skin, her sari curling around his back.
There were loud gasps, as well as a few whistles. Juhi, Sarah, and Anjali were clapping wildly as they watched the romance unfurl on stage. “Go, Chote!” shouted Juhi. “We love you, Khushi!” shouted Payal and Anjali as ‘Teri Meri’ went on.
But the couple dancing had eyes only for one another. Khushi was standing on her tiptoes, her arms looped around Arnav’s neck. She held onto the end of her sari with one hand, ensuring she was covered to the audience’s astounded gaze. Arnav’s eyes smoldered into hers. His grip on her hips tightened as her breasts rubbed across his shirt. I love you, Khushi..
I love you, Arnav.. she whispered, leaning up to kiss his cheek again as the last notes sounded.. “Teri meri, meri teri
prem kahani hai mushkil,
Do lafzoon mein yeh
bayaan na ho paye..”
As the song faded and the lights dimmed once more, Arnav turned Khushi in his arms in the darkness.

He cupped her cheek in his palm as he brought their lips together, kissing her thoroughly. They barely noticed the commotion behind them, where raucous applause mingled with expressions of visible anger.


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