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Possessed Completed

This month is so hectic for me, but managed to finish Possessed. It's in 2 parts. Enjoy the finale --Tina Click here to read

Secret Passion Updated

SECRET PASSION UPDATED! Episode 21: Confrontations COMMENT THREAD HERE Few days late so made this a mahaupdate with Valentine's Day elements thrown in. This update really matches SP's tagline as you'll see. Happy reading! ps. it's really late for me so I'll reply to comments all together tomorrow. 
pss. I'd planned on updating Fateful Love today with Secret Passion but life isreallyhectic this month. You will get an update sooner than you think though (along with the finale of Possessed). Also, since we are winding down on FL, I like to end my stories with a VM, so if you have a song in mind for FL, drop your suggestion in the comment thread. The most requested song will be chosen.

Here's a teaser till then: It was with some reluctance that Khushi slipped into her bedroom, glancing over her shoulder. She'd decided on her way back from the Maliks' residence to not tell her aunt anything about Arnav for now. Buaji already worried so much and if she found out…

Double Updates

I think Fateful Love readers more than deserve a double update. So I'm posting Chapters 14 and 15 together. 4 chapters + epilogue remaining. Fateful Love: Chapter 14 and 15  For Possessed, my original plan was to write a twoshot but I can't seem to stop typing so it'll be 4 parts. I'm updating both parts 2 and 3 today so the next update will be the final one. Possessed: Part 1-3 Secret Passion (A very teasing teaser):  "How could you just leave me? Was it that easy to walk away?" The hurt in her quiet voice scalded Arnav's insides. He shook his head at once. "I didn't leave you." Khushi frowned, taken aback. "Of course you did. You were gone." "No, I was outside all night long. I couldn't leave you, baby." Tears swam in her eyes, her heart squeezing painfully as she read something in his gaze. Her breath caught. "You're not happy, are you?" He didn't reply, the silence between them stinging like…

Desert Heat Updated

Desert Heat: Ch 22 Red Baby Hold On: Part 12 AHHH! I needed a break from the romance, so I wrote a horror two-shot lolz, you can read the first half if you'd like.. OS: Possessed  ps. I just read the comments since my last post below, so updates will continue simultaneously on IF and here for now :) I'll let you know if I change my mind on that.
Comment thread. Happy Reading! Tina

Baby Hold On 15-20

Baby Hold On Updated: Part 12 Desert Heat Pending.  It's a mahaupdate so taking me some time. Also, if you read this blog often and it means something to you, let me know. Because as much as I love my blog, ever since I've started posting here, I've noticed fewer comments on IF. So let me know once in awhile because I am considering updating here after a delay instead of simultaneously. Not sure.. Shout out to those who regularly leave feedback.