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Double Updates

I think Fateful Love readers more than deserve a double update. So I'm posting Chapters 14 and 15 together. 4 chapters + epilogue remaining.
For Possessed, my original plan was to write a twoshot but I can't seem to stop typing so it'll be 4 parts. I'm updating both parts 2 and 3 today so the next update will be the final one.
Secret Passion (A very teasing teaser): 
"How could you just leave me? Was it that easy to walk away?" The hurt in her quiet voice scalded Arnav's insides.
He shook his head at once. "I didn't leave you."
Khushi frowned, taken aback. "Of course you did. You were gone."
"No, I was outside all night long. I couldn't leave you, baby."
Tears swam in her eyes, her heart squeezing painfully as she read something in his gaze. Her breath caught. "You're not happy, are you?"
He didn't reply, the silence between them stinging like the sharpest of thorns. And then he caught her hand in his, looking more lost than she'd ever seen him.
"It's not that simple. I vow to you that our child will never feel unloved, but.."
Khushi couldn't tear her eyes off of him, her heartbeat pounding. "But?"
More soon!
I appreciate all the comments and feedback everyone: Comment thread here.
Have a great week,


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Next Secret Passion Episode Now Up!

*waves* Hi everyone, So judging by the comments and view counts over the past couple of days (yes I keep a close eye on them lol) plus the sorta-kinda cliff hanger ending last time, I think it's more than time for an SP episode :)
Thank you for all your wonderful, thoughtful feedback *hugs* You all keep me sooo motivated to make SP the best it can be. Those wondering about other stories I've written like FL and DH, please see my comments on my last post below. I answered best as I can and more updates will be coming soon. Special shout out to Lahana. I hope you're enjoying your new phone and the fact that the first thing you did after getting it was to type in this blog's address and leave me a comment because you never could before... well, you made me speechless and really made my day *hugs*
Before I post the link to the extra long update, word of fair warning about Secret Passion--this chapter in particular. I know most of you are regular readers and know this already by n…

Baby Hold On Part 26-29

Got a bit delayed tonight, but here is Baby Hold On's much awaited update. This is the one you've been waiting for--trust me. All those questions so many of you have asked all along finally get answered. Answers I couldn't share until now... Happy Reading.  And let me know what you think. Baby Hold On Part 26: Answers & Hideouts Please leave all comments here please!
I will try to reply to everyone soon. ps. Secret Passion readers, I know that was some cliffhanger to end at last time. I will try to post the next part sooner than later. pss. I haven't forgotten about DH. I'm just a bit sentimental about that story ending so I'm taking my time with it. Only 10 chapters left :(

Secret Passion Updated

Hi everyone! First of all, loved reading all the amazing comments on Fateful Love. Whether you were in a lecture, daydreaming or just thinking about this story, your feedback really made my day. Thanks for that!
Secret Passion readers, here's the next installment EPISODE 43: Hell is Here. Please mind all the warnings, this is dark stuff, but that's what this story has been heading to right from the start. I wish it was more fluff, but there's always Baby Hold On/Mind Games for that ;)
With this update, Secret Passion crosses 800 pages on Microsoft Word.
To put that into perspective, that's like three normal sized novels :O
And it's still going lol
Also, I'm happy to say that I'll be posting a release date for Heartless as well as more about the novellas for those interested this weekend--if life hopefully cooperates. *fingers crossed*
Happy Friday to each one of you! <3 Tina