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Fateful Love Updated + Poetry Nook

Here is the next, much-awaited Fateful Love update: Chapter 18 Also, I'm adding a new page to this blog: Poetry Nook. You'll find it here and under "Extras." The poems are some of my random musings and I generally do not share any of them, but some of my friends made such amazing creations using them, how can I not share a few? :) I'll be adding to it time to time.

Desert Heat Update + SP Teaser

Hi everyone, I was super busy this past weekend but here is one mega update: Desert Heat Ch 25 Dedicated to 3 of my friends and birthday girls: Saij, Rasgulla, and Anji. *Happy belated birthday!* Ps. I will try to update Fateful Love this weekend, just depends on my schedule. Remember all comments go here Pss. SP Epi 23 Guilty teaser: "Khushi?" Arnav whispered. "Do you have enough room? Are you comfortable?" Tightening her grip on him, she pressed her lips to his chest. "Yes, baby. Good night. Good night, Di." "Good night," his sister said, yawning. "Night," Arnav murmured, drawing Khushi flush to his side. Exhausted by the day's events, their eyes were just about to close when another knock sounded. Whoever it was did not wait, cracking open the door without further warning. Khushi froze as she saw who it was. That same yellowy, leering gaze lingered on her and her hand automatically yanked the blankets to her chin. "Rani Sahiba can'…

Secret Passion & BHO Mahaupdates now up!

Two Mahaupdates! Baby Hold On>> Part 15: Birthday Surprise Secret Passion>> Episode 22: Aftershocks I've also edited one of my old oneshots>> Honeymoon Games Some really amazing reviews by Jyo, Ankita, Arushi, and Farwa on Secret Passion's 1 year anniversary Here. Please leave all comments as usual on the comment thread, it makes it easier for me to reply and speeds up the loading time too. Hope you like these two very crucial updates, I'm looking forward to all the thoughts and questions. --Tina ps. Baby Hold On includes a song with English translations. If anyone is curious and wants to listen to it, here's the youtube link: