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Comment Thread #6

5.5.2014 Comment Thread #6
We've crossed almost 200 comments again. So I've replied to all the old comments and moved those to 'Archives' page. Please leave all new comments here (with the Title of my FF and Chapter Number). This will help with page loading issues and also increase security so this blog can remain public for honest readers.
I appreciate all the feedback everyone.
ps. instead of replying individually in this thread, I'll be posting one giant reply to each person in order of date and time. After a round of updates, look for it and I'm sure you'll notice it.


  1. Hav been waitin for ur updates since long........ checking ur blog every now and then. Thank God ur updating 2moro.... Btw, ur stories are fabtastic!!!!

  2. can't wait for the next update

  3. was there a one shot that followed mind games 2?

  4. wow,,,,,wow,,,,,,2 updates ,
    cnat wait 2 read them.

  5. Yay 2 updates can't wait for them :D

  6. Hi Tina, i really appreciate that you take time out of your busy schedule to write such wonderful stories for us. i check the blog every two days for new updates with fingers crossed and cant wait for tomorrow.

  7. Secret passion chap-23
    All the payers are now in the open. Anjali and Shyam seem to be perverts while Payal is in a league of her own.
    I'm loving it.

  8. Secret passion and baby hold on

    Wonderful update . Eagerly waiting for the next

  9. SP
    As alaways lovd the update.. Their passion, their chemistry, their love is alaways unique..
    I hope their wont any bad news about khushi's pregnency..

  10. Wow. . Both was indeed a hot n sizzling update. Was checking ur page every hour to know whether u updated. Y can't u use twitter. Just asking. No offence dear.
    Brkn angl

  11. Wow! So hot nd sizzling..
    Lovd it..
    Arnav's all surprise is amazing..
    Finaly they cnfessd their love nd arnav's proposal, its wow!
    Cnt wait for nxt part..

  12. Phew!!! Finally two maha updates.... OMG finally Mr.Sexy nd Sushi confessed love.... nd SP as always was hot and sensuous....


  13. SP n BHO
    Awesome updates

  14. Baby Hold On - ch 16 Tonight

    whoa Mr Sexy proposed to Mrs Sexy and even made her his

    Secret Passion ch 23 Guilty
    God! Shyam is so sleazy and Anjali is just mentally imbalanced
    Damn can't wait for them to find out that Payal is the one trying to kill Khushi
    I believed Payal is in love with Arnav, that is why she hates Khushi so much
    Hmm Mr. Raizada certainly can't resist Mrs Raizada

  15. SP 23
    Anjali seems as much twisted as Shyam... He manipulate s people for lust n money,...and Anjali for Control n Sympathy... Is there more to Anjali...story...?
    But what's wrong with Payal...? Why does she hate her Khushi sooo much... ?
    Why is it that the Shantivan is like Mental Asylum...? All lunatics and Psychopaths ...
    How is Payal going to be exposed...?
    Now what's going yo be with the baby...?
    Waiting for teaser..

  16. BHO- was amazing!
    the update was truly blushworthy....
    Their confessions of love and ASR's proposal was so romantic...
    Mr. Sexy and Mrs. Sexy... wow
    will wait for the next chapter...

    SP- was.... well i dont know... there was so many emotions going on while reading this update...I was confused with Anjali's behavior, disgusted and loathing Shyam , hated and felt like killing Payal...grrrhh...and banging my head against the wall seeing Khushi behaving all "professionally" ,the Sexy, Stubborn Wife knows very well that Mr. Raizada couldn't stay away, yet...I so miss their lunch hour adventures... ;)
    well I believe my guess was right! It has everything to do with Arnav...Payal hates Khushi... Is it because she's jealous, because Khushi being the adopted one got more importance, then it was because of her Payal's first wedding was called off, and lastly when finally got married in Raizada family, Khushi falls in love with The Arnav Singh Raizada, Payal's jethji... and I think Payal's in love with her jethji or maybe its just some stupid obsession....?
    well Raizada mansion is just full of lunatics and psychopaths... its more like a mental asylum! BUt when and how are they going to find out the truth???
    I just hope Baby Raizada is fine ,healthy and safe...
    waiting for the teaser....

  17. Thank for the updates dear. .. hope everything is alright with khushi and baby and about papal. .. is she want area. .? The way you portray kitchen scene where arnav khushi and payal were... I got the feeling..... anyways loved it......

    and about baby hold on.... gosh she got the best and unforgettable gift on her birthday. .. got proposal and then share the moment with your lover... just hope they they'll be together forever......

    love ya
    Neha aka Nea aka Neag

    1. Sorry for mistake.. on second line.. its payal not papal and it's arnav not area.... my phone auto spelled it.... gosh it's hard to write comment via phone..... sorry again

  18. Hi tina aanya here
    I am not new to your blog but was not commenting.
    And I am damm sure that you know this that what you write cannot be expressed in amazingly well you potray all the arshi emotions, their love, passion and everything else.
    Just wanted to say that I love you equally as I do to arshi or sarun.
    Tina since you know that ispkkd has ended a long back but still all its fans are as crazy as they were when it started with its magic.
    Dear you know that how many of sarun fans wanted them to be together even in real life But that didn't happened as barun and sanaya are with their own spouses.
    See I really and truelly respect their personal lives but it's just that I can't get over this fact that now at least we can't see arnav and khushi together forget about barun and sanaya
    Tina pleseeeeee this is my heartiest and deepest request to you to please write a story on sarun and not arshi.
    Let their fans imagine them together happily married at least in your story.
    Please think about this and reply as soon as possible and I hope that you will surely make my thid dream come true and will bring back our sarun our magical and stunning and wonderful and beautiful sarun.
    Only you can do this tina, only you can bring sanaya and barun together in their real life be it in your story only.
    Pleaseeeeeee tina bring us sarun back with the same offscreen masti of idpkkd cast , barun and akshay's bromance with more of romance love and passion.....
    Pleaseee tina I beg you for this
    Hope to see your reply soon
    Love you but I love sarun a little more. ..
    Byeee and take care

  19. BHO
    so much expressive. Can't help but share their happiness.

  20. SP: awesome update. The behavior of Anjali seems weird Luckily Khushi and Arnav moved to guest room to sleep. Payal is so evil Khushi just escaped for getting killed even though unknowingly. Wonder what is Payal's motive to kill Khushi...

    BOH: amazing update. So wonderful on how Arnav planned his surprise. Finally they have confessed and became one that's awesome.

    Thanks for the pm and 2 wonderful updates :D

  21. His home's name should be ASHANTIVAN. Its more apt. God psychiatric wards are more peaceful than that. Anjali s acting no surprises der I love her as a manipulative villain.
    Wonder what's the story of payal??? Ignored childhood, jealous y???

  22. i always heard so much about you and your writing, but never got a chance to read..... today finally i am lucky enough to start..... and i read Fateful love in one go..... this is AWESOME..... i m in love with this story...... i really dont know what to say or how to say..... i smiled..... cried....... got anxious.... even prayed for them while reading...... this is way too brilliant...... looking forward to read the next chapter already... and also ur other works too.....


  23. Chapter 23 of Secret Passion was simply superb --- sexy Arshi aside, I'm mesmerized by how well you tapped into the disturbing aspects of Anajli's nature. The emotional manipulation she utilizes in controlling her surrounding, particularly Arnav was a treat to read. And OMFG please take a bow for writing in the scene of Shyam joining them in bed - I was so mentally disturbed by it, especially how Arnav handled it. Applause to Khushi for her plain speaking. I'm a mass of nervous excited energy - can't wait for the next update!

    1. Almost missed your comment, I guess you commented while I was replying to the others :) Anyways, Anjali and Payal were never fully utilized in the show IMO so I'm trying to make that happen here. I try to include stuff that hasn't been done ever before--like Shyam in bed with arshi o.O (if it fits the storyline of course). :) More soon!

  24. Vatsala: Thanks! :)

    Anonymous: Updates up now!

    Anonymous: No there isn't a OS that follows Mind Games 2 but there is a crossover OS that incorporates a bit of it.

    Meena Gul: Hope you like them

    Fauziyya: Thanks for the message, means a lot.

    Amina Mahmood: So what did you think??

    Smita Leslie: Yes, things are finally coming out in SP though lots of twists and turns ahead ;)

    Slowsun93: Glad you liked them!

    Sanghamitra: Glad you liked the chapter, spoiler being posted shortly for SP. And BHO was finally bit more hot ;)

    Broken Angel: I'm already on IF, FB, and here so twitter would be too much. There is a follow option on the blog, just feed in your email address and blogger automatically sends you notifications when there is an update. Hope that helps.

    Nivi21: Glad you liked both. SP is almost always sensual ;)

    Sida: Thanks! :)

    Seeta_naips: Good theory about Payal--if you read part 1 you'll get more clues hint hint. Baby spoiler coming shortly.

    Jyothi Parsi: Lots more to come in Anjali and Payal's stories but most of their psychology you now know. Baby spoiler on its way ;)

    Zyrah Ayok: Glad you liked the romance of BHO hun :) SP was a roller coaster ride for sure, all the craziness of the side characters against Arshi's romance. Great theory on Payal, more soon!

    neag: no prob, auto correct is annoying sometimes. Well for SP, Baby spoiler is coming shortly and as for Payal, reread part 1, it might point you toward more clues ;)

    Aanya: Glad you like my stories, but it is strictly Arnav and Khushi only for me.

    Namita11: Aww glad you liked it!

    Arshi Alai: Anjali is weird for sure, and Payal can have multiple motives--the thing is which one is it? Will be revealed in time ;) BHO--yup, finally they're one :)

    Thavaputhalvi Chandran: More soon :)

    Namita11: Haha Ashantivan, perfect! Payal can have lots of motives, part 1 gives a small clue, hint hint.

    Nishu: Aww so glad to hear you liked FL. I think it's my most emotional story and not everyone gets it, but I'm glad it's struck a chord with so many readers like you :) Next chapter soon!

  25. BHO chp 16

    absolutely an amazing update.
    loved every part of this update their confession, their little passionate dance in rain qnd specialy his surprise, he proposed khushi for marriage..
    like & he already start calling her Mrs Sexy like khushi call him Mr Sexy..
    & big thanks to u coz there was no disturbns from buaji *wink*
    now waiting to see what wil they do when once again buaji will be there to distrub in their private moment..

    SP chp 23

    its really a brilliant update.. i m little confused with anjali's behaviour why she 's behaving like this & what mrs singhania told to police about anjali ...
    & after reading payals behaviour in this part when she sees arshi together & their love & care towards each other, i also feels that she wants & obsessed with arnav or sonething like thats why she hate khushi & want to kil her..
    their off encounter was realy a passionate one..his sexy stubborn wife is really a stubborn one asr is asr now they are back to their usaul lunch time with passionte moment.. looking for next part..

    SP baby spoiler
    i m realy excited after knowing that they are having twins.. eagerly waiting to see arshi's reaction specialy arnav's . pls update soon

    & sorry for commenting late, some work is giong on at home thats why i m little late..

  26. Wow Tina, 2 lengthy updates were indeed a treat, especially with your work constraints, thank you so much!! :)

    BHO - Part 16
    I read this one on the day you posted them and was so excited that I had wanted to comment immediately but thought I rather complete SP and then comment. Now I can understand why you called it a 'blush-worthy' chapter, indeed it was and so much more!! God bless you for not writing in any interruptions (doing a happy dance!!) I thought it was incredibly romantic, from Mr Sexy and Sushi on the motorbike (21st century version of galloping off with one's knight in shining armour...) to the cabin and even the leaking roof which just added to the ambience. Khushi's love for Arnav is so powerful that she isn't afraid of the dark anymore. It was so sweet how he had tried to meet Khushi on several occasions and was so near, yet so far. Mr Sexy really made Sushi's birthday so wonderfully special, the chocolate cake, jalebis, the lingerie and a poem in hindi, that was most impressive Tina:) And when I thought that him telling her that he loves her was going to be the big surprise, you went a step further and added the best surprise, his marriage proposal!! It was perfect, I just loved it, didn't see that one coming yet. I also loved the very bold, forthright and decisive Khushi, who was not ashamed of her choices but acknowledged her love for the man her heart beats for, openly. A perfect way to end her birthday, he made her his in every way, passionately and with so much love!! Mr Sexy and Mrs Sexy finally one....The use of the title at the end was awesome. Now wondering what Buaji's reaction will be and Arnav's family too and hope there aren't any obstacles and that they reach home timeously too.

  27. I apologise Tina for my lengthy comments, therefore had to split them....

    SP - Episode 23
    The Raizada household houses a bunch of raving lunatics who should all be committed!! Anjali's behaviour is psychopathic and it was great that Khushi made a firm point on that later in the chapter. Very kind gesture on Khushi's part to withdraw her complaint, in order to give Anjali piece of mind and at the same time placing herself further in grave danger. I don't like Dadi at all and her constant berating of Khushi but was thrilled to bits that she was put in her place by Khushi's actions. Anjlai's interruption of Arnav and Khushi's romantic interlude was one thing, wanting to sleep in the same bed as them was a little preposterous but the slimy Shyam joining them is just ludicrous!! I think Anjali and Shyam are perfectly suited for each other, both manipulative and scheming. So glad that Khushi had the good sense to say she can't sleep there but then walking right into the lion's den. Payal is far more dangerous than anyone could imagine, I shall have to re-read part 1 for the clues you have mentioned. It is obviously something of great importance to her, if she is willing to kill Khushi herself, and in the Raizada mansion at that too! Thank God her plans were foiled by Arnav's appearance, unfortunately the too trusting Khushi has now shared the news of her pregnancy with her, which is a scarier thought. Khushi is always lovable but I have to agree with Arnav that her stance of drawing the line between personal and professional, was becoming frustrating....The passion between them is combustible and she knows it, the lunchtime visits had become a routine and they can't stay away from each other no matter what she says or does. So after all the madness at the mansion, you more than made up with the sensuous rendevouz in the office and particularly the conference room, a rather brazen Arnav taking some bold steps. Love his possessive nature, Khushi is his only! Rather concerned with Khushi's bouts of feeling ill and with trepidation was going to read the spoiler....Arnav and Khushi have been through too much to be tested even further but was doing the happy dance yet again with the double surprise (pun intended:) -> twins!! I am thrilled, hope it is a pigeon-pair. For Arnav who is just getting used to the idea of having one child, wonder what his reaction will be to twins:) But of greater concern to me, is the crazed Payal still at large, hope she will be exposed soon....

  28. oh what?...i thought i already posted a comment...hmm i wonder what happened...or maybe i did and i just cant find it...anyhow, ill just post it again :p

    SP 23:
    whaaaaaaa....that was soo good. feeling really sketchy about both sisters here..anjali and payal. what is payals motive? and anjali....shes so complicated.dafkldfjsklf whoaa :p but i must say im really suprised with arnavs behaviour in this update, usually hes so feircly protective of khushi but this time he just like let go of the case and even didnt get all protective when she told him shyam was staring at her and making her uncomfortable. so yeaa....really liked the update tho. :)

    BHO 16:
    THAT WAS SOO GOOOD!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG IM FANGIRGIRLING. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time..the way you just described everything...omg SOO PERFECT. i loved their confession and the whole proposal and their love making. :))))) it was just beyond words

    thankk you so much for both updates, i will be looking forward to more soon.

  29. Hi Tina,this is jassi here. I googled up your blog after catching the mention of your stories in an interview of teamSarun with sanaya! have been glued to this place ever since! needless to reiterate that you are a wonderful and prolific writer! not just as arshi fanfic your works stand to beat many established writers and their novels! To take two characters out of the show...keeping their characteristic traits intact you put them in different situations masterfully! Not once does it feel incompatible with the characters we've seen on the show...wether they are playing out in Secret Passion, BHO or DH! The backgrounds keep changing...but our beloved arshi keeps mesmerizing! Thanks for giving this pleasure dr.tina!! You are awesome! :)

    But here's a request....i found it very disappointing unable to read the first 13 chaps of DH! I understand the pain and disgust which caused you to pull it down..but it would be great if you could allow some honest die-hard fans like me to read it :/ i guess the bitter sweet part of arhi is their hesitation wether to "do or not to do" in terms of moving towards one another. In DH that part gets over before chap finding it very painful that i cant read such a gr8 story of yours! :(

    1. I completely agree, it is tough for people like us who got to your blog only now and dont know what happened in DH 1-13 or Mind Games 1-3 :(

  30. Catching up with your update! Needed some alone time for that! ;). So worth the wait! Amazing amazing....all of them! Thank you!

  31. Hi Tina, this love_for_serial from IF, hope you remember me.
    Just finished reading Baby Hold On, another classic from you.
    I have been very busy lately so just catching up with the Arshi world weaved by you.
    Will comment when I am done with one more , is there any chance of MG vol 3?

  32. SP is turning out to be more interesting and with khushi having twins it's double dhamaka

  33. Loved ur writing very much.. all of ur stories r fabulous

    In SP, I guess payal trying to kill khushi bcoz she thinks that khushi s de reason behind her called off marriage with her long time finance.. she might ve loved him very much.. she does not want khushi to succeed in her love..

    FL s going to end :( such a beautiful story of friendship n love..

    Loved ch tonight in BHO.. each n every part s awesome..

    Waitin for DH updates..

    IF username: JesiC

  34. there are probably a lot of typos beware, replying from my phone:

    ragini wadekar: Updating very soon :)

    ffsheen1: No prob about the late comment, I can understand. Yes, no interruptions in BHO, total fluff :) And as for SP, both of Arshi's older sisters are definitely strange. I'm looking fwd to the twins too!

    Aarthi: Glad you liked both the updates hun :) BHO--was total romance and Khushi more than deserved that storybook proposal after the Cinderella-like life she's led for so long. The family will not be an obstacle as you'll see. That would have been too much like SP ;) In SP, Arnav's reaction to the twins news is coming up and you're very right, arshi have their own little paradise but outside of that, there is danger lurking everywhere. More soon!

    arshiforever123: There's a clue about Payal's motive in Epi 1 of SP hint hint. You will see more of Arnav's reaction next time, he kept it controlled because he saw how tired his pregnant wife was :) But the letting go of the case is quite shocking. His disbelief about his sister being accused aside, it was a misstep. Glad you liked BHO :)

    Jassi/anon: That interview was the best bday surprise ever. Glad you found my blog and liked it :) About DH, well unfortunately I am keeping it restricted to current readers only. It was only after several warnings that I decided to take that step. If I ever change my mind, I'd post a message about it.

    Dess Cent: Glad you liked them!

    love_for_serial: Aww glad you enjoyed BHO thus far. No plans of MG vol 3, maybe one day though. I'm just too busy and want to first finish my ongoing FFs.

    seema asthana: yes for sure! :)

    JesiC: Great guess on SP and I'm going to miss FL too. But every story has an end and I'm not a fan of unnecessary dragging. BHO on it's way!

  35. OMG!
    A cop? Arnav's a cop?
    LOL I guess all of us were so darn busy drooling over him that we missed the hints completely :D
    So he was here on some kind of a mission?
    Interesting..very interesting
    Now I want to see how Khushi will confront Arnav
    I read the other parts that I din comment on
    Loved each one of them
    Take your time n update :)

  36. Yes!!! I was right! I was right! I was right!
    Arnav was hiding something! i got the hints, even mentioned in some of my comments...can't stop smiling...coz am getting good with the guessing... OMG! He's a cop!!! Woah!...that's big! interesting... wating to see Khushi confront him...
    BTW...Amazing and blushworthy update!
    thanks for the PM

  37. I don't know what came over me! i knew he was hiding something but was not sure and he pulled a thick wool over Khushi. its a nice shock and cant wait to see what happens next. Good job! Really eager for FL and SP updates. Take care Tina.

  38. whoa so romantic and sensual is Mr Sexy
    hmm didn't think he is a cop though
    didn't pick up on the hints to busy drooling over Mr Sexy

  39. BHO: Awesome and romantic update. Loved the twist in the story that Arnav is a cop. Surely Khushi will be shock. Guess next chapter will be telling of the truth and hope that it doesn't affect their love for each other...

    SP teaser: amazing teaser can't wait to read it. Wonder what happen which made him to react that way to Anjali... Update soon :)

  40. Sp..
    Intresting teaser..
    Cnt wait for the update..
    Bt little curious about it what had happend which made him react that way..

    Its a sizzling nd hot update.. Lovd it totaly..
    How they was planning their future, it was really beautiful..
    Bt i m little shockd, Arnav is a cop.. What happend that which made him hide in khushi's house?
    I thnk we wil knw that..
    Nd hope this shock cnt effect their love..
    Cnt wait for nxt part..

  41. BHO
    I always thought this will bw one of those romantic comedies which will be predictable and will have no shockers which are your speciality. But no u proved me wrong. . Arnav s a cop ha....he s undercover or something? ???waiting for the truth..

  42. i just love ur stories ...i have recently came across and i read each of ur work....
    i love fateful love and sp alot and bho is fun ride ....waitng for ud always ...


  43. BHO:
    omgomgomgomg sooo cuteeeeee >.< i absolutely adore this story...i kept giggling throughout this entire chapter ...bobby my man!!! AHAHAHHAHAHA like i died. it was so funny lollll :p and im really shcoked that he's a cop...i didnt notice any hints!!! but itll be really interesting to see how this affects everything and his real reason for staying in laxmi nagar.

    whoa...i wonder what happened...but like anjali is slightly annoying... he loves his wife more than me...well jdoi?!?! ofcourse...its his wife...anyways....cant wait!! and i shall go back to chapter one to look for a clue on payals motives.

    and waiting eagerly to see what happens to arnav in DH...and im sorta upset FL is coming to an end :( i will truly miss it..and then you will only have 3 arshi stories remaining...will you ever start new ones or are these it?

  44. Oh this is soo nice . Cant wait to read more.

    Arnav is a cop. Oh my god

  45. great update well done, my favourite part was when they were talking about the jalabies- arshi are such an adorable couple- and i love the modern buaji... i can't believe arnav is a cop... can't wait for the next update especially on how khushi may reast to this truth. well done :) good luck with moving cities

  46. BHO 17

    Er.....he's a police officer? I definitely did not pick up on any of the hints, I thought he was just rich and therefore could afford the luxury of being a writer.
    Was not expecting that at all! But who has he come to investigate?....buaji and her tax fraud? Joking! But seriously did not expect that at all - absolutely loved the twist - ooooo but how will khushi react to this secret/lie - I don't know if I'd be so forgiving. Anyway shall wait and see.

    Good luck with your move


  47. Cop? Haaye...that makes him so much more sexier....
    Loved this sweet, romantic, feel -good update!!


  48. OMG Arnav is cop!! It seems I was very busy drooling over Mr. Sexy that I didn't notice any hints... Arnav as a cop haayyeeee!!!!!!! The update was blush worthy😊.... Waiting to know what khushi has to say now.....

    SP teaser was very interesting waiting for the updates now very eagerly!!!!


  49. Congratulations and best wishes on your move and your new job Tina....Hope that it will be a smooth transition and that you will be able to settle in easily....Will continue checking for updates as usual, and greatly appreciate that you will still be updating....Love your stories so much, it is like a breath of fresh air amidst the normal routine of life, can't imagine not being able to read them!!

    SP - Teaser
    I found it very intriguing, considering how much Arnav loves Anjali, how he dotes on her, his reaction when she was taken to the police station and even staying the night at the Raizada Mansion with Khushi. But it would appear as if this time she has certainly crossed the line. I am guessing that he either found out about something she has manipulated (she has a memory of the noose and a young Arnav) or she has said or done something against Khushi, because she does tell Dadi that Arnav has changed because of his wife and that he loves his wife more than her. It also appears as though Anjali and Dadi don't know that Khushi is pregnant as Dadi is hoping that Arnav will leave Khushi. Looking forward to reading the chapter to see what transpires....
    I re-read Ch 1 to pick up on the clues about Payal. The two things that stood out was when Buaji tells Khushi that the groom's family has found out about Payal's past and when Khushi tells Buaji but we told them (the groom's family) everything. I wonder if it implies that Payal has been unstable or perhaps she had done something....waiting to see how this aspect unfolds.

    BHO - Ch17
    Loved the continuation of this chapter from Ch 16, so much love and passion, and more importantly no disturbances!! Their love is so beautiful, that it makes them so comfortable in each others presence. This also makes Khushi as brazen and bold as Arnav but love that through his love she has been able to shed all her inhibitions. Even I felt sad that they had to leave the cabin, it was their own little cocoon for a short, precious time. Glad that they will be returning though, more blush-worthy reading!! :) It was great how they could talk about all aspects of their future life together including having children. Thankfully, they reached home without having to face any drama from Maddy Bua, the LOL bit is too cute. Arnav is a cop!! I have to admit, I did not pick up on any clues, I think I was too caught up in the love-story aspect, looks like I will have to re-read from the beginning :) But Arnav is mentioned as being rich, he even reflects on his room in his home, so wonder if his family is in Australia, if he is rich as well as being a cop? What about the writing aspect, when Khushi and him were on a date, the lady who interrupted them was a fan of his. We know he can write poetry but then again did he?? What is he doing living in Maddy Bua's house and who is he investigating? So is the real Arnav Singh Raizada all this and more or is it all part of his cover???? With regard to Khushi's reaction, I think shock is only natural. But then if I were her, I'd have so many forms the basis for any relationship....Arnav has told her that he loves her, proposed to her and made her his in every way and went to great lengths to make Khushi's birthday special, he even said that he did not come to Delhi looking for love but then he met her - all that has to be real and true. But why hide your true identity from the woman you love and want to spend the rest of your life with, is he protecting Khushi is some way and is that why he is in a hurry to get married. Perhaps Khushi does not have part in whatever he might be investigating. I think Khushi will be hurt at first, probably angry too but I hope that her love for him allows her to give him the opportunity to explain. I truly did not see this twist, but love it all the same, really curious to see how this unfolds, please don't let it keep them apart though, hope the truth will make them stronger together than before....

  50. BHO 17
    Wow... Sooo HOT PASSIONATE ROMantic...
    Awwww shocked what will Arnav do... I guess woo her again by seducing her...
    Can't wait for their small fight... I guess it's time they put their plan of talking out like matured adults in practice...

  51. Hi Tina, wow BHO is going grt!!!! i never expected u ll give sucha twist, Mr.Sexy is a COP?????? OH GOD, he seems hot in al d roles u hav given him, thank you so much, keep going d grt work, said u got to shift, take ur time to settle but keep in touch.stay happy n peaceful.

  52. BHO chp 17

    first of all this was ful of love, passion & blush worthy update.. cant get enough to read of their romance..
    & the twist was really a kind of shocking & amazing one. shocking bcoz i never thought that he is a cop, i knew that he was hiding something but not with his profession but might be with some personal reason.. & amazing coz that cop uniform will add more charm & sexyness in Mr. Sexy's personality..

    i really hope that k arnav hide this secret from khushi will not affects their relation. i know khushi wil be upset & angry but bcoz of whatever reason he was hiding this from her should be worth it. realky looking for their confrontation hope khushi do it soon...

    SP teaser was really very interesting i m very curious to know the reason behind arnav's behaviour towards anjali...

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    Dhruti Patel: Aww glad u liked them!

    nivi21: I try to rush with updates, but it takes a lot of time to plan them out and then write and post them. but I'm doing my best with everything that is going on :) more soon!

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    Afrin: Nice to see u back :) Thanks for the compliments hun. And dont worry about repeated comments, I delete the duplicates when i log on. About Shameless, please read the comment directly above.

    What_The: Glad u liked the chatroom. It was inspired by IF lol

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