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Note About Updates

Hi everyone, Hope you're all well. In case anyone is waiting for updates, I unfortunately have zero time to write these days. Real life intervenes, but I hope to continue soon (I have SP and DH's next chapters more than half way done to be precise). Like I've said previously, a lot of people in medicine don't make their own schedules, and I'm one :P Plus, writing when I'm under pressure to write is no fun. I write when I can AND when I feel like. And I think that's how it should be. I'm sure you'd all notice if my heart wasn't into it. That being said, I'm not one to abandon stories so no reason to panic. I do finish everything--just at my own pace. If you follow the blog via email, you will be notified about updates automatically. I am posting a small snippet from Desert Heat. It's not a teaser but an extra scene from the time the story first began last year. Some readers from IF may have read it before (I sent it to all those who commented…

Baby Hold On updated + SP/DH Teasers

Thanks Amna for the new banner! Super hectic week for me, but I've had this chapter written a while back so posting this at least. More on Mr. Sexy's secret past. Also, note: there are usernames mentioned in this part. I've made them up but they probably do exist somewhere or might in the future, who knows. To be clear, no resemblance to any known username/person is intended. All usernames are strictly fictional in the scope of this FF. Baby Hold On Part 18: The Truth Happy reading! Leave your thoughts as usual here: Comment Thread #6 I've read most of the replies on FL's epilogue and will try to respond to those soon. --Tina

Fateful Love Epilogue

FATEFUL LOVE COMPLETE! Please make sure you've read CH 19 Parenthood before reading this. Enjoy the epilogue  Remember that you can comment directly on the epilogue page. This way your final thoughts on FL will remain with it. Click Here to Read the Epilogue or scroll down <3 Tina

Amazing News + Fateful Love Mahaupdate

Hi everyone, First some really AMAZING news^ (huge thanks to Team Sarun!). I didn't think this would happen since I've put Shameless on hold, but TS worked their magic More info about it all here: Elated and Proud--TINA's Work Reaches SARUN I've updated Secluded Island with the version sent to Sanaya (I edited it slightly). Storm Within had very minimal changes so I'm leaving that unchanged here. Secluded Island Storm Within Also, here is the final chapter of Fateful Love. I've made it extra long, a true mahaupdate. There will be an epilogue and I will try to post that sometime soon this week, along with some surprises. Fateful Love Chapter 19 Parenthood Comment Thread Note: The comment limit on blogger is 4000 words so I've had to split my replies into two posts. Also, for the epilogue, I will leave the page open for comments so instead of using the comment thread for that one, be sure to comment directly on the page. That way your final thoughts on FL will remain …