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Comment Thread #7

Thanks to my friend Farwa Ibrahim for the banner. Love it hun!
Huge thanks for all the feedback everyone and the bday wishes.
We've crossed almost 200 comments again. So I've replied to all the old comments and moved those to 'Archives' page. Please leave all new comments here (with the Title of my FF and Chapter Number). This will help with page loading issues and also increase security so this blog can remain public for honest readers.
I appreciate all the feedback everyone.
ps. instead of replying individually in this thread, I'll be posting one giant reply to each person in order of date and time. After a round of updates, look for it and I'm sure you'll notice it.


  1. Omg! loved it!
    BHO was so much fun, I kept laughing out through the whole update, I am loving this "redemption track" ;) fake or real Mr. & Mrs. Raizada!
    tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam... Ouch butterball, pliz update DH soon...

  2. BHO 21
    Wow Tina... What can I say ... AWSOME
    Ur such a creative writer...loved the way u planned the Preperations for shock of Shyams life... Only hope he will leave Buaji unharmed n not take his anger on her...
    As per Khushi...God she is one stubborn lady...n childish in asking to accompany ASR to Greece... Wonder how would the govt allow visa n tickets...

  3. The time dekha toh yeah jaana sanam had me all cracked up! Hahaahhaha .. Arnav's seduction will b worth the wait I guess!
    Can't wait for desert heat!!!!

  4. First of all Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to u Tina!!!

    BHO 21: It was awesome! Wonder why just Arnav could not tell her the truth... Maybe if he have told her the truth, she would definitely understand him and not be angry with him. Redemption track haha I guess it would be fun and moreover Arnav and Khushi are going to Greece as a married couple!
    I could stop laughing when Buaji and Shyam met, ESP Shyam being shocked! And the song just add more fun to the whole scene!
    Thanks for the pm ;)

    IF: Alai123

  5. Belated Happy Birthday to u dear....
    Loved BHO update...

    well khusi is right from her stand and arnav too has to understand her view...he cant keep doing all this hiding thing if he wants to b with khusi is big thing and its lacking alot in thier relation....
    while buaji and shyaam scene was damn hilarious....
    butterball on the run with SRK music in background....hahaha

  6. You are simply amazing,
    especially your last few updates, Gosh!!! Superb!!!
    Buaji, Butterball and Bollywood Romance, Heights,
    Nothing can beat this scene,
    I was actually rolling on my couch in laughter!!

    Just waiting for Mr. & Mrs. Sexy to reach Greece!!

  7. Brilliant update. Shyam' reaction on finding buaji were awesome. I was laughing like crazy.

  8. Omg!
    This is hillarious..
    Cnt stop my laugh..
    Nd khushi wil be arnav's fake wife, that was awsome..
    Enjoyd it very much..
    Cnt wait for nxt..

  9. Plz make arnav pay for all the hell he put khushi through.... Cant wait to read next chapter

  10. khushi deserves some answers atleast after all this madness
    i avan just imagine the butterall's face when he saw buaji...i feel bad for him. chased down and beaten to death by buaji..haha. i think there is no need of arnav and his team, buaji will take care of it
    it was hilarious

  11. first of all a very "Happy Belated B'day", may God fulfil al your dreams..

    BHO chp 21

    superb update, i m totaly on Khushis side, she's right on her place, they were/are in a relation so she deserve to know the reason behind his disapearence..
    but as we all know that we cant see them apart, they are just ment for each other, i really want Arnav to woo her soon & get back together & i m sure that time going to be very interesting...

    & lastly the kidnapping track is going more hilarious, i feel pity for butterball after seeing what buahi done to that mens who brings har here, i feel that its time for butterball to melt literely by buajis torture...

  12. In order of comments from my last set of replies on Comment Thread 6:

    JB: thanks!

    Kali: Glad you liked DH, SP soon I hope. Posting a long teaser today though

    Sida: :)

    Shyamala Satya: So sweet of you. I wish I had more time to write but medicine is my priority :) Maybe one day...

    Arshi Alai: I find Aman and Maya cute too :) And Imran and Taj will be arriving next chapter no worries. Glad you're liking SP too :) More twists in that one soon!

    Mrignayani: Hopefully I can post another DH chapter soon :)

    Madiha Sophia: Wedding coming soon ;)

    ffsheen1: Aww hope all is well now with your family and you had a wonderful Eid :) Glad you liked the updates as you caught up. Yes, in SP, Arnav will do everything to find out who's after his wife and children. No worries. More twists ahead :)

    Anonymous: Glad you liked Fateful Love. It's unusual but close to my heart.

    Anonymous: Thanks. MG is special to me

    dips: I'm only up to Ch 26 in DH hun

    seeta_naips: yes, Arnav is waking up to the dangers surrounding them in SP

    Zyrah Ayok: Payal is crazy and delusional for sure. More twists ahead in SP! And yes, finally ASR's sharp mind is on the case. He will not let go of that doubt on her so easily ;)

    Joe Arshi: True, Payal can never be like Khushi no matter what she tries. Glad you liked it. Will try to write as long as i can on arshi

    luvraj4ever: Gald you're like SP and DH. and haha yeah the interruptions in DH will have to stop one day… i mean night cough cough

    Sanghamitra Roy: "lifeless woman"…that's really interesting, ill think on it :)

    splintered skies: first of all, i love your comments girl. Yes, SP ch 25 was about the many faces of the woman who have or at some point, had an impact in Arnav's life. And good catch on the scar! That was included to differentiate the two sisters and how one loves ASR, the man and one just is obsessed with the image. More soon!



  13. stelitoes11: Glad you liked it hun!

    Quiet Storm: Aww I'm glad the wait is worth it :) <3

    Fauziyya: Glad you liked SP :) of course ASR can't wait for his wife and just breaks the door ;) Hmm ill think over you request on MG.

    Shubha Iyer: Yeah SP is designed to be like a soap and as one, there are a lot of villains though they have minor roles. Arshi are the stars like in all my stories. More soon!

    Broken Angel: Payal needs serious help in SP. And I'm missing FL too hun

    Namita11: Awesome catch on Indigo! It is the same club mentioned by Lavanya in the beginning chapters

    Amiarisme: Glad you liked the twist in BHO. It was planned from the start ;) More soon!

    Jyothi Parsi: haha true the papers reached where they were destined for in SP--the garbage! :v Arnav will deal with Payal in the coming chapters as you'll soon see

    SB: Glad you liked the updates!

    Suzy: :)

    Angullgrl91: yeah, Mr. Sexy has some timing right? But he's back now ;)

    Risha: Aww thanks so much. Glad you like BHO so much :)

    Harika Priya: So many compliments! Thanks :)

    Nivi21: aww thanks hun, your words mean a lot. I'm going to write on arshi for as long as i can :)

    AREternalLove (Aru Arshi): Thanks so much for all your words on the 1 million mark :) SP--that line by Arnav about Khushi's adoption was put because it was something arshi had been wondering about and also because he unintentionally said Payal's heart's desire. Glad you're liking BHO, more twists soon :) Happy reading!

    Sida: :)

    Arpi age: Thanks!

    Anonymous: How could I hide Mr. Sexy for long? :P Impossible :)

    ASR: Glad you like my stuff :) Unfortunately, I've taken Shameless down right now publicly. I'm debating whether to put it up or not honestly. If I change my mind, you will hear about it here. happy reading!

    Harps Xo: Aww thanks so much for your words. Means a lot! I LOVE IPKKND so of course the blog had to be entirely them :) ps. i found your post uber cute, not weird at all :) *hugs*

    Shipra Agarwal: Aww I can understand that life gets busy, no worries. Nice to see you back :)

    Pinkly: Aww *hugs* Hopefully soon everything will be updated :)
    But BHO for now.

    Alexandrite91: Aww thanks so much for your kind words hun!

    Anonymous: Thanks, posting BHO right now actually :)

    Meka L: Thanks for the bday wish :) Glad you liked the sindoor moment in SP, ASR has come a long way right? And yes, Khushi's sacrifice will not go unacknowledged here no worries :) MG vol 3-- maybe one day. I have the story in my head but no plans to jot it down at the moment. ps. I wish I knew how to say something in Tamil back to you.

    Anonymous: Not NYC, but they may go somewhere else soon hint hint. More soon in SP!

    Amina87:Thanks for the bday wish, glad you liked all the updates hun :) Mores soon!

    Risha: Thanks hun for the bday wish :)

    Kerrie: Thanks for the bday wish hun :) Yes, I hope one day you all get to read DH from chapter 1. Unfortunately a few people had to ruin it for all the honest readers out there..sigh..

    Umme Ayman: 'Walking in a dream turning into reality' Wow, thanks that was just the goal in SP. To give everything we didn't get from the SP version :)

    Rachel Regina: Glad you liked Butterball's choice of song :v

    Anonymous: Glad you liked BHO so much! :)

    Shubhangi K: Nice to see you all BHO readers laughing so much :)

    slowsun93: comment noted :) More soon!

    HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WISHED ME ON MY BDAY! There were so many of you! Mwah! Thanks I wish I could reply more but running out of time and I guess you'd all rather see an update from me than a comment anyway :P xx

    1. Tina...pls pls pls pls i request u pls just lyk u posted DH prev chaptrs..pls do it fm d start i really wnt to rd hw arnav and khushi met nd hw dey fell in love i wnt to rd der cnfession evrythng..pls yar.its a humble request.i knw i wnt cmnt regularly its mainly due to my mob i nvr miss ur any f ur stories r updates..each day i wld check ur blog to see any updates..wn dr s none i wl rd all d stories again nd again i dno hw many tyms i hv read mind games.i hv lost d count nw..pls do repost DH fm chapter-1 its a req..nd sry fr nt commenting regularly.loving b.h.o secret passion nd d.h..u rock always.:-)

  14. BHO part23-

    loved d update tina. The first part was hilarious. U must have also cracked up badly writing the part just like we cracked up reading it.
    Buaji was a wrestler? Her most effective and final weapon- farting. That was amazing. And shyam got many other names than butterball.

    Arnav is a pilot. He is surely "jack of all trades". The bathroom scene was amazing. Khushi was loosing her control but arnav respected her earlier wishes. Love this arnav even though he wants nothing but to make love to khushi, he wants her to come to him widout any doubt or insecurity.
    Aww even arnav named his plane AK349!! That so sweet.
    finally confession time is here.
    arnav said hell. What did he want to imply? The place he went to was hell or 3 monyhs widout khushi was hell or both??

    Excited 4 nxt part.

  15. SP teaser

    arnav seems worried and scared to lose his khushi. Hopefully ther will talk their fears out and sooth each other pain.

    hehe. The tradition of khushi sleeping without clothes goes way back to their early love-hate relationship. Does arnav follow the same tradition???
    aww. Khushi can't sleep widout being in arnav's arms.

    DH teaser

    akash and shyam are evil. Hope their plan flops or backfires.
    arnav is so cute sometimes. Glaring at innocent door. Haha..
    ah. So khushi revels in admiring gaze of her lover cum husband. Well who wouldn't, when u have such a sexy and handsome man beside u.

    Waitn for both updates.

  16. SP teaser

    arnav seems worried and scared to lose his khushi. Hopefully ther will talk their fears out and sooth each other pain.

    hehe. The tradition of khushi sleeping without clothes goes way back to their early love-hate relationship. Does arnav follow the same tradition???
    aww. Khushi can't sleep widout being in arnav's arms.

    DH teaser

    akash and shyam are evil. Hope their plan flops or backfires.
    arnav is so cute sometimes. Glaring at innocent door. Haha..
    ah. So khushi revels in admiring gaze of her lover cum husband. Well who wouldn't, when u have such a sexy and handsome man beside u.

    Waitn for both updates.

  17. BHO- that was nice update! Buaji and Shaym were really funny. But Sushi and Mr. Sexy need to have a looonnngg talk! you did great as always, hope to get other updates soon.

  18. beautiful teaser of DH..
    i really hope dat u'll update soon tina..
    we all are wtng fr it..
    your all stories are awesome..
    But DH is the best ff i'd ever read..

  19. BHO- I was literally laughing here in my sofa.. didnt knw buaji knew wrestling...n dat last ace..omg..dat was hilarious. I was imaging her face n shyam..I think he needs a fumigation n sterilisation of his nostrils.. hope he survived...n background music of violin. Cool... so mr n mrs have started d journey. Nw waiting fr d hell of arnav..

    DH- villains r back...yay..

    SP- arnav knew abt payal..

    Belated birthday wishes. May ur life fil wit al happiness n joy..

    Brkn angl

  20. Hey I am new here. Ur stories are amazing. In two days I finished all ur stories n im eagerly waiting for more. U made me fall in love wid the new asr I cud never imagine. Tysm. Plz update bho n sp faster. Can't wait

  21. Hi, I am new here too. Just wanted to say I absolutely loved the update for BHO. You are such a fabulously gifted writer that in every piece of your writing there is magic. I love your vision of Arnav and Khushi, love the way you breathe passion and life into their characters. Looking forward to more updates from you. :)

    Also love your terminology like "butterball"; I swear I have started looking at butter in a different way. :)

    -- ship13

  22. Awesome update of BHO! Buaji was just great I guess this side of Buaji as a wrestler, Shyam didn't see before and now he saw and experiencing it hahaha!!! Khushi was just out for 5 hours and Arnav was going mad not finding her and what she asked him was absolutely correct on how she had felt when he just disappeared for 3 months and that too without saying anything! At last Arnav made up his mind to spill out the truth! Waiting to know what is the confession of his disappearance!!!


    DH: Hoping the wedding of Arhsi will take place without any interruption...

    SP: I guess Arnav is doubting Payal... And maybe confused to whether to share it with Khushi or not...

    Thank for the update and teasers ;) waiting for the next updates!!!

    IF: Alai123

  23. BHO:

  24. hey tina...
    BHO update was awsm....i just control my laughter afterthat buaji and shyaam we know her secret ..she was wrestler...even if she wasnt she can still handle those goons easily...poor butterball paid for this mistake...hahaha...

    loved arshi scenes...arnav is trying hard to gain her trust ..but he also knows he have to tell her all in order to gain it...khusi was ryt when he couldnt live 5 hours without knowing about khusi where abouts then what khusi have gone thru in 3 months he cant even guess... i hope he tell her now...its going to b tough to gain her trust back..

    waiting for next :)

    Aru Arshi

  25. Hey Tina,

    Bho chap22

    What a chapter sweetheart, I mean really that was something....
    I m already so much in love with this story & u t making me fall

  26. Interesting update. What does he mean by hell????? Cant wait to find out

  27. Amazing update....
    Lovd it..
    "what is hell??"
    Cnt wait for nxt..

  28. Love all your stories.....

  29. It was soo hilarious. ..COCKATOO...made me remember my childhood. ..I have a feeling that there is no need for the team to rescue buaji she will probably singlehandedly bring down the entire drug deal....
    Arnav is trying his best to seduce her and he was in hell???? u think his hell is whereever khushi us not

  30. hey i m a new reader were will i get dh all parts???

  31. hey i m a new reader were will i get dh all parts???

  32. sorrry for being late to comment... & thanks for yor concern i m realy touched & yes everything is going back to normal in my family...

    BHO chp 21

    Mr. Sexy was right, butterball having his hands full more than enouh with Buaji.. i seriously cant stop laughing my self after reading Shyams condition.. even now when i imagine shyam flat on ground & buaji on top beating him, i just cant control myself...
    & that Fart part not just for them but for our readers also was for a shockingly surprise element.... Thank u so much Tina for writing such a hilllarious part..

    & Arshi part was really a beautiful as usual..their flight journey, i really enjoyed their nok-jhok a lot, their little hot moment in bathroom everything...
    i really hope that Arnav confront Khushi everything & clear their differences, despite i enjoyed their fight but cant see them apart...

    & sorry i forgot to mention about pilot Arnav.. Is there any profession which is left by Mr. Sexy? first writer than police that pilot.. i think he has lot in the store from which he keeps giving everyone surprises.. waiting to see everything..

    sorry i didnt read the teaser for both sp & dh now but going to read it now & i m sure both would be a supet tempting..

  33. Bho part 22

    Fabulous update....

    I just love both of them & the way they love each other

    The ending of bho & the teasers of both sp & dh were so intriguing u have gotten me curious here....

  34. Tina, Just checked the note. I am so excited for tomorrow... I am sure you will be updating DH and I can not wait to read the wedding update. If you are updating SP and BHO also, then it will be like Icing on the cake with a cherry on top :-).

    Pinkly (IF Id)

  35. Hi Tina, saw your note for the updates for tomorrow. Can't wait. Love your writing and your stories. You are fantastic. :)

    -- ship13 (IF)

  36. The latest chapter of SP is my favorite till now. I just loves it. It was a complete one with the perfect dose of passion and love. As for DH, finally arshi are married. can I request some Imaran-Zara moments next please. They are my fav after arshi.

  37. A wonderful SP update. Just lover it. I am happy that arnav is suspecting pay all. Hope he gets the evidence soon and is abLe to convince khushi that it's payal all along. Hope this happens before payal gets to khushi. Loved the lunch experience in gupta house. As usual they thought arnav was wrong. When will the guptas
    understand arnav. Please do update soon. Wsiting to read more.

  38. A wonderful SP update. Just lover it. I am happy that arnav is suspecting pay all. Hope he gets the evidence soon and is abLe to convince khushi that it's payal all along. Hope this happens before payal gets to khushi. Loved the lunch experience in gupta house. As usual they thought arnav was wrong. When will the guptas
    understand arnav. Please do update soon. Wsiting to read more.

  39. Hi Tina I am very glad that you write such wonderful stuff. I relive all the ipkknd moments through your ff's. I just how you describe each emotion so beautifully it seems like I am watching everything that u wrote. I am so glad that I came across your writings. What can I say about the updates they were just just fabulous, awesome, wonderful and all the adjectives that fit..... its just so so beautifully written...


  40. Tina I have a small request to you plus never stop writing I know it's very tough to keep writing considering your job but I love the stuff you write. They are just out of the world. I still regret that I couldn't read "shameless"... I am a huge fan of your writings.. day in and day out readings your ff's had made it as a habit.... believe me or not but I read your ff's whenever I feel low scratch that I read your ff's everyday no matter how my mood is. I have rread each of your the ff at least thrice that's the bare minimum.... I hope you never stop writing.... and finally thank u so much for writing such beautiful stories portraying our beloved characters....


  41. Hi Tina ..thanks for double updates...loved it soo much

    SP 27 awesome..arnav was so much in self guilt and loathe just because of that one incident where he think he suspected khusi and couldnt protect her and their children ..but as always khusi love brought him out of his self made guilt..and that poolside make up was amazingly hawt ;) ..while poor payal again lost her chance to defame khushi as her video thing backfired...but this stunt atleast gave arnav reminder of that inspector talk of sister...he learned from his past ..and i m happy that without telling khushi or anyone he is tracking payal with police.and detectives..
    i feel bad for akash ..when thruth wil b out he will be hurt as he love his wife and want a happy family with kids...but its good he get rid of her soon...while in gupta house payal as always fuming and cunning...while arshi all together and loving...and khusi did right to tell about the video thing...she cant see her family disrespecting arnav...while arnav was jeaoulos about her first kiss..and that yoo with karan..hahaha ...answer rally brought him pride....that room scene was quite fun..finally he got more than kiss there ;) but knife scene was close...damn this payal is psycho...she can do anything just to sleep with arnav..sick...i just hope arnav get to know about payal soon before she gets her hand on khushi... precap is intersting,..hmm khushi having mood swings will make arnav go crazy...may b little fight too...waiting

    DH 27 i cant tell u how much i was waitng for DH and i m soo happy was outstanding...that sick akash and shyaam are really going to pay worst for thier sick plan...morons...i was actually worried whether they will be able to hurt arshi ..but no matter how evil they have to meet end soon... loved the whole marriage sequence...even maya scene to tell khusi and all about her confession with aman was really crazy...and eveyone had thier news...khusi for marrige in week...and most surprising sia becoming pregnant so she will also marry soon...though she wished for long preparations but now this was important...all were happy..
    maya vision was as usual true but i loved how arnav calmed panic khusi...and assured her they both wontt live apart...Taj and imran comeback was usual taj is spreading cheers all part was raj reaction of becoming father...haha poor boy..felt bad for imran and zara and now when they are again meeting after 5 years he mistook zara to be married with kids...but he wil learn truth soon as arnav nd khusi will surely do about it as they did for aman and maya...the secret meetings of arnv with khushi with having thier bodygaurds was really cute...and when he wanted to go for hunting which he lied he made sure khusi was happy and safe...the best part for which i want to hug u was how arnav brought her new dress and which was his mothers and told khusi why he brought it...and loved how he dressed his bride himself and in that they shared a lttle passionate moment too...but they really have amazing self control yaar ;) even khusi dressed her prince.. and the scene i admired most was how arnav defended his marriage with khusi and to be more precise how khusi stand for herself and for arnav against that angry can they just distrust arnav on rumor...and her marriage with arnav held more legality and value than that good for nothing ring engagement of childhood...and finally they were married...i m soo happy ...they made it finally...and yeah those people too now make again this news spread as per arnav...haha that akash will rot in defeat now...most shocking surprise was that fake nidhant and arnav conversation...omg ..arnav knew nidhant ?? why he didnt told khusi about it ?? and is it because nidhant wasnt good person or he was in love with khusi and she love him back thats why he didnt told her ?? gosh ...all through when he know about khusi and nidhant he hid this fact....i m curious to know... precap seems thier SR and much more passion and romance ...waiitng for more ;)

    Aru arshi

  42. awesome updates


  43. Awsome updates dear ♡♡♡ just loving ur ffs. Perfect

  44. Hi Tina,
    Caught up with your stories. I had started to read them earlier and then gotten away from them.
    Done with all the short stories, FL, MG, BHO and read the recent chapter of SP and am in the process of catching up with DH - the chapters that are on the blog here and maybe someday I will get to read the entire story.
    Love your writing and am looking forward to the updates.
    Take care.


  45. SP 27 *hyperventilating* while I comment =p

    There were so many things I loved about this chapter I don’t even know where to start …ok, since it has to be said – ARNAV IS A SEXY BEAST


    I love that nugget into the earlier days of their relationship.
    “Clothes will only come in the way”
    “I’m going to want you a lot”
    and “Don’t worry. I’ll keep you warm” = O.M.G. panty melting lines Mr. Raizada!

    The subsequent scene is definitely one of my favorites in the story so far.
    It was a painful beautiful to hear his words of self-loathing and fear that Khushi will one day walk away from him. Beneath that cold veneer he uses to keep the world at arm’s length, Arnav is such a lonely man. I’m glad he finally voiced these thoughts to Khushi, even though he’s confessing to his moment of suspicion in the alley, it actually shows how much he’d come to trust her. For a man like Arnav, privacy is what he guards the most. Sharing his body meant little (until her), she’d made a place for herself in his office, his home, his family, his heart, but his thoughts will be the final battleground.

    While I loved how you delivered vulnerable Arnav, but Khushi’s reaction stole the show for me. When they started, Arnav clearly had the upper hand – being the more sexually experience and older partner, yet once Khushi embraced their relationship, she blossomed. I love how confident she is in her body, in Arnav’s reaction to her, in their chemistry, in their love. We met her as a girl on the cusp of adulthood, now she is clearly a woman, one who has no problem seducing ASR into her way of thinking!
    I wish someone would knock some sense into the Guptas. Their constant teeter-totter reflects badly on THEM, not Arnav. Then again, such is the problem with many an in-law relationship.

    It’s interesting how anyone can think Arnav is even capable of cheating on Khushi. He is so incredibly attuned to her – her moods, her thoughts – I can almost swear he sense it before Khushi.

    Jealous he-man Arnav… tsk tsk, although how cute was it that he was so intent on knowing her first kiss?
    Payal is now in a free fall of seething hatred. I wonder how much longer before that mask starts slipping. Like say- actually crying out Arnav’s name while in Akash’s bed. How would the always overlooked younger brother react to that?!

    Thank for an amazing chapter – once again you leave me wanting MOAR!

  46. SP 27
    Wow... Finally Arnav put someone on Payal... only hope they would catch her...especially considering Payal is over confident so as not to get under the suspesion radar.. but how can she be soo cheap... guess Buaji n Garima would be upon shock of their lives knowing it was Payal who never respected their principles n upbringing..

    DH 27
    Oh... Tina... how did Arnav know about Nidhanth Singh...? How long has he been knowing about him n not told Khushi...? you cant stop there leveaing us in limbo to keep guessing... is Khushi pregnant too...?
    hope their romantic honeymoon would not be spoiled...?

  47. DH- ASR! He knew? he knew all along whose Nidhant Singh is, and didn't tell Khushi, He's more Jealous, possessive, stubborn and in Love then he Portrays.... But atleast the wedding happened legally, though it was ALMOST comical to see err read ASR rushing through... So Congratulations to the Maharaja aur Maharani on their wedding! <3 and also heartiest congratulations to Raj and Sia on their weddding and pregnancy... and IN you face Shaym and Akash, the rumour idea didn't work... Looking forward for the next update.. happy honeymoon to the newlyweds....
    ps: you nailed it, Tina! *mwaah*

  48. DH Chapter 27:

    I've read this entire story. It's such a great story from the very beginning. The scene where Arnav first save Khushi from Akash was so beautiful. Loved their 1st meeting. You are a brilliant writer Tina.

    Chapter 27 was the most suspense filled chapters I had read the teaser before I really had the urge to go to the last lines of the chapter just to know wether they got married FINALLY or would my worst fears come true that Khushi would somehow be captured by the maharaja's men. But I steeled my self and read the whole chapter from 1st word to the last without skipping (which feels like I've climbed the Himalyia ;) I can breathe now.... DEEP BREATHS) :) brilliant chapter and great happy, romantic and some sad and emotional moments. It was full of all human emotions possible.

    This is my first comment on your stories. And while reading the story I had a feeling that Khushi's childhood fiancΓ© was Arnav. It was like a 6th sense thing. So now that I've read the last lines of the chapter tha feeling has firmed the way the dark prince said that I know the real Nidhant Singh. My belief has filed *fingers crossed** So if my guess is right I am just waiting to see how it would for the story. You're a great writer Tina. Brilliant concepts. All your stories are very good.

  49. SP- I have been reading the past chapters again, and I see that you've mentioned in one of Khushi's flashback, in which she she thinks of the wedding night when she first meets Arnav, Garima says that the Grooms family aren't coming, because she thinks they know about her past, that is Payals past! now whatever that means ;)
    About this update, the starting had me terrified, Arnav all self doubting and self loathing! it had me thinking Fifty Shades Of Raizada... but the make up after the conflict was *ahem ahem* blush worthy and also the morning after... ;)
    The lunch was miserable with all the family doubting Arnav and Buaji nagging on about Karan... but the encounter of "khushi's first kiss" more than made up for it...nit was really sweet of Arnav, and it was a pleasure to see Super possessive and jealous ASR.... also the concerned Arnav... Seriously, Hospital for a cut... too cute... the episode ended on a uneasy note... but I know Payal would never succeed... It was an awesome update Tina.. waiting for more....

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    SP: I was expecting that Arnav would blame himself for suspecting that woman for Khushi but Khushi managed to pull him away for that thought. Luckily when Arnav was angry he did not hurt Khushi if not he would have definitely regret it later. Payal's plan again failed and she was fuming in angry seeing how happy Arnav and Khushi was :D Enjoyed the part how jealous Arnav was getting whenever he hears about Khushi and Karan in their childhood. It was so cute of Arnav telling how he wished that he was there instead of Karan, with Khushi in the childhood life. Also love the part where Khushi said that what if they didn't spend their childhood life together but they have the rest of their life to spend together! It was a good thing that Arnav is privately following Payal and hopefully finds out before Payal plays her next move!
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    And what can i say about Arshi, their fights, their love, their passion everything is simply mindblowing...
    Khushi's plan also got failed... Sad!!!
    But Oh! Is Khushi really pregnant?
    It was a shocker!!!
    Will this news make things easy or more worse for them?
    I really don't know...
    I wish for the easy though...
    And that Bastard Shyam also came and caught Arshi...
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    Hmm.. Arnav's Khushi, thates really a great bday gift but the 2nd gift really left bad taste in arnav as well as our mouth. How can khushi think that even after seeing his mother suffer throughout his childhood, he will get pleasure by seeing other pain especially hers? This act of her almost bring back the old cold-hearted ASR for a few minutes. I really felt sorry for arnav to think that khushi can still think abt arnav in such manner. Poor him! But the question is- will now arnav tell her abt the reason behind his interest in DL?

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    BHO teaser-
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    Poor Aman!! I really hope ASR lets him in on his "Payal Hunt" mission soon. He's going to make himself miserable thinking that there are other people that ASR trusts that arrange things for him.

    I really like how you showed Arnav's reaction to Khushi's second gift. It was so genuine. Arnav was really hurt to realise that Khushi could picture him as someone who could inflict pain on women for his personal pleasure. But I really want to see how he's going to explain this one. To explain DL without letting Khushi know what he knows about Payal is going to be tricky, if not impossible.

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    Thanks TINA for the mind-blowing mahaupdate on SP
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    I just want to see payal's face then...
    I just hate her...
    Office scene was also nice...
    Oh! Khushi misunderstood Arnav's search for DL...
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    He is truly the bestest husband and lover ever...
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    wow, it has taken such an amazing turn with payal being the one behind ARSHI.
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    ARNAV is a smart appreciating his smartness of how he sent payal away from khushi.
    he is just so caring. i am loving it.

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    BHO teaser was amazing waiting to read more..

    Ps: sorry for late & short comnt.

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    Coming to the the update oh my my Mr.Sexy saw the pregnancy test kit what now...... I wonder how Mr.Sexy can be so cool all the time..... I hope he would be happy knowing that his sushi is pregnant....
    As always it was an awesome update but feeling sad that BHO is approaching it's end but I guess every good thing has to end.....

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  119. In order of comments from my last round of replies:

    arhi_crazy: Glad to hear you're enjoying BHO and the others too. Loved all your comments so much.. Most of your questions are answered in the most recent update btw ;) Arnav's use of the word hell is actually a really important part of the story. More revelations soon ;) And yes, in SP, ASR sleeps the same way as Khushi *blush*

    Zyrah Ayok: Glad you liked the BHO update. Agree, they need to talk and Part 24 begins that process. DH wedding chaper- yes, he knew from the moment she mentioned the name Nidhant. It is his jealousy and love and insecurities that prevented him from telling her. SP--oh really good point about payal's past. It was deliberately put there in chapter one ;) More soon hun! All the best on your exams!

    Uttara: Aww glad you like DH is so much

    Brkn Angl: thanks for the bday wishes :) And yes, Buaji's tactics in BHO are quite creative for sure lolz

    Anon: Wow, you finished everything in 2 days? :o Glad you liked it!

    ship13: Aww your messages are so sweet. Glad you like BHO and its layers :) It's not just a ff, it also is a diet plan. Will make some readers avoid butter lolz. And loved your thoughts on SP and DH too...

    Arshi Alai: BHO--haha yes, that was the first time Shyam found out about Buaji's wrestling past and first hand too ;) Glad you liked the update. DH--haha i have a feeling readers will kill me if i dont let the wedding night happen without interruptions. it would be a repeat of the barn scene so it won't happen no worries ;) More soon!

    Greshu: interesting guess :)

    Aru Arshi: agreed, Mr. Sexy has to work a lot to earn that trust back. SP 27--great point about Akash. Everyone forgets that he's a huge character in Payal's evil ways. He will be most affected no doubt…DH 27: So glad you liked their wedding. I wanted their wedding preps to be unique so thought why not have the groom dress up his bride? :)

    Shipra Agrawal: aww glad to hear you love BHO so much :)

    slowsun93: Mr. Sexy's use of the word hell will be explained in the coming chapters. But it was very deliberate… hint hint :) And while I can't tell you quite yet how he'll react to the news of the pregnancy, BHO has been light and fun for the most part and will stay that way ;) More soon!

    Sanghamitra Roy: Glad you liked the update

    Anon: good to hear :)

    namita 111: very good point about Arnav's use of the word hell. More soon!

    swatikagupta: sorry, DH is for current readers only. It's my only story I've done that with but I can't risk it being copied again. If my stance on that changes, I'll post a note about it. But I dont see that happening anytime soon…

    ffsheen1: Glad to hear everything's good with u :) And yes, Mr. Sexy is a pro at almost everything in BHO. After part 24, we can add shooter and swimmer to your list :) DH--yeah the wedding finally happened and I wanted it be like that, where you're not sure whether it will or not and anything could happen. But like with most of my stuff, all ends well :)

    Pinkly: You're always one of the first readers I hear back from I've noticed :) Love your thoughts always.

    Madiha: Glad you liked the SP update. There is more coming in Imran and Zara's love story but after the oasis chapter. I think our leads deserve a whole chapter for themselves every now and then :)

    Anon: I know right, the Guptas always see Arnav as wrong for their daughter in SP… sigh… More soon! :)

    Replies continued below!

  120. Nivi21: aww that's like a huge compliment. for u to see what i write is amazing. i see it all in my head like a movie too and then jot it down best as i can. And I will try to write on arhi for as long as i can.. let's see :)

    Sida: glad you liked it

    Priyanka Jindal: thanks, glad you like my stuff :)

    Kerrie: Aww glad you found time to catch up. that's a lot of reading :)

    splinteredskies: aww I always love your comments <3 SP 27--agreed ASR is very sexy and under his seducing ways, Khushi has changed through the chapters to a woman who is confident and bold. Their love made that shift inevitable I think. As for Payal, her mask if definitely slipping and it's a case of overconfidence. She's so sure no one would ever suspect her… More soon!

    jyothi parsi: The Guptas for sure will get a huge shock when they learn of Payal's reality. Can't wait to write that part :P

    Zunara: Aww glad you like DH so much. It's hard sometimes to read word for word and resist the urge to skim to the end :) The next chapter will answer your question about Nidhant…

    seeta_naips: yes, payal is finally getting tracked down by someone much smarter than her ;) Glad you liked the other updates too hun!

    greeshmaraipathora: yes, arnav has secrets of his own in DH ;)

    ekta: Glad you liked the updates. Yeah, arnav is rightly after Payal in SP ;) smart man…

    Shyamala Satya: thanks hun!

    listenquietstorm85: yeah, the pregnancy has been revealed. Because BHO is in first person I couldn't really reveal she was pregnant till Khushi realized it. And she only did on the ship. Before that, She blamed the weight gain and hormonal changes etc on too many jalebis and stress lolz

    Paramjeet: hey nice to see you here. Ur on IF too right?

    alexandrite 91: omgoodness… your poem stunned me… thanks so much! means so much to me. I'm really touched by your words *claps* I'm adding this to the Reviews section btw. hope that's alright. You'll find it under Extras tab. :) ps. don't strain your eyes too much plz. doctor's orders ;)

    Amina87: aww my most persistent reader award definitely goes to you. Sorry for the wait but hopefully it's worth it. Glad you liked the updates and in BHO, to answer your question, it is true… she really is pregnant :) …. Aww i love arshi and hope to write on them as long as i can, let's see :) And don't worry about late comments, I've gone through med school too. I know how it is :P

    Replies continued below!


  121. Madhia: hmm it's a dilemma for sure for him. to tell his wife about her own sister whose after her life or not? question is, would Khushi believe him? :/

    Anon: Glad you liked Khushi showing up in Thailand. The Guptas have never been able to accept Arnav mostly due to his image in the public of being a playboy. Only Khushi knows the real side of him and well you all, the readers :)

    Shubhangi K: DL will be explained next update. BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM). Basically what DL is all about…See my reply above for more on the Gupta's mentality :)

    Amiarisme: yes, Payal is truly sick in the head and the chapter 28 gave a huge clue about her though it wasn't stated to be overly clear. eventually it will all connect, hint hint

    Deeksha Gautam: I'm bacK!! ;)

    Deepthi Laxmi: thanks and u heard right, I'm one of the worst patients for sure lolz

    Amrit Gill: Now I have that song in my head lolz! Glad you liked the BHO update. More soon ;)

    anamika: true, she just can't keep away from Mr. Sexy. Can't blame her though :P

    Thanks everyone for the get well soon wishes and all the messages. Phew… finally I could reply :)


    ps. to the person whose message I deleted. I do not do that often (actually never) but honestly I felt your comment didn't belong here. You said yourself you hadn't even read my writing and yet you were judging it all based on the pictures alone I'm guessing. Everyone is free to live as they choose. I personally find nothing wrong in love and passion. Absolutely nothing. It's one of the most beautiful parts of life… But of course you can feel free to disagree. In that case, my blog isn't really something you should be reading, nor most of the romance genre in general..peace.

  122. OH MY GOD ARNAV. N.K.? Nannav, mere bhai? Dudeeeeee you slipped. Let us think of another song to convey this predicament... "I wish that I had NK's girl, where can I find a woman like that?" Well bud - you already got her. As for the SP preview, I had the biggest smile reading about Payal's discomfort hahaha. May I recommend 'Mr. Brightside?' Amazing updates Dr. Tina!!,!,

  123. Hey Dr!... I hope you're in perfect health now...
    BHO- THe update was amazing... khushi's pent up anger and passion and then arnav torn between his love and duty... gosh it was so much... but they managed to get away unharmed, loved how khushi, though not 100% sure, was still concerned for her baby when she wa asked to jump... and then the time spent on the island was just wow and aww...but, but,but... khushi did what khushi always does, left brhind the kit, now Arnav would know she's pregnant... waitiing to see them test, confirm and confess....
    DH- was really blush worthy , you'd know why, and of course it was also heart wrenching...Arnav's pain and fear was parable... Khushi would eventually find out the truth but I hope Arnav's worst nightmare would not be true... of course she's not going to leave him...they wantng a baby was so very cute and romantic, but honestly now may not be the right time for it... indeed!....
    SP teaser- was again wow. In your face Payal. she can never come between ArShi, Arnav will not let it happen!... waiting for the update...
    ps: you're awesome
    pps: thanks for the PM....

  124. Desert Heat- The oasis
    What a perfectly private honeymoon!!
    Though I do hope Arnav trusts his love for Khushi and her love for him and tells her the truth.

  125. BHO -chapter 24 the island

    Beautiful update....I am so glad that finally khushi decided to forgive arnav and move must be so difficult for her to trust him again but still her love proved to be stronger. ..
    Loved their romantic encounters. .they are perfect together. ...I just hope they stay this way forever..
    I am so excited for the next update ...can't wait to read about arnav's reaction...he is going to be a't wait. .
    Continue soon

  126. Okay this is weird, I wrote a comment n published it but it didn't show up here. so I'm writing it again, if it comes twice I'm sorry!
    I recently came across your story 'Fateful Love' and just finished reading it.
    I must applaud you for writing an ArHi FF based on time travel and pulling it off so well!!
    It's a lovely story. I loved how they meet, become friends, connect and form such a deep bond that only strengthens with time. In spite of all the hurdles and problems, they manage to find each other and their love endures the toughest of times. It's a touching and beautiful story. Thanks for sharing! :)

  127. Hi Tina hope you are better now...
    BHO was awesome loved how arshi had a sweet time on the island and khushi being khushi forgot the kit lolz now waiting for Mr . Sexy's reaction.....
    DH was awesome oh my my nidhant is none other than nannav mere bhai N.K. l hope arnav overcomes the fear of loosing khushi and trust their love and tell her the truth..
    And finally finally I was more than happy to read SP teaser. I am really looking forward to see the reaction of that poisonous snake payal gupta. In your face payal,she can never come between arshi...


  128. Hey there... I really like the idea of your story ‘Mind Games’. It’s very intriguing. But when I started reading it I realised that the first three chapters have been removed. (Sorry to hear about the plagiarism) And the summary is a bit short. I just want to have a clear picture of what exactly is happening...if you’d be kind enough to answer a few of my queries, I’d be grateful!
    You said they remain friends in spite of being in love...does it mean they don’t tell each other about their feelings or they don’t realise only? And how and when (age) do they get separated? How does the mind reading work...can they control which thoughts the other can hear or is it involuntary? Why do they lose contact in spite of the mental connection? Now, does Arnav know Khushi is his childhood friend? And what is the nature of their relationship currently...colleagues or acquaintances i.e. how do they meet in Delhi?
    I’m sorry for so many questions. I just want to understand what’s happening ‘cause I’m very eager to start reading.


  129. You are an awesome writer tina miss your FL which I loved to read .........waiting eagerly for SP and BHO uptades.......

  130. You are an awesome writer tina miss your FL which I loved to read .........waiting eagerly for SP and BHO uptades.......

  131. DH n BHO
    awesome updates


  132. I hope u hv got my comment in ur replies.i dono it s published r nt as it s nt i really req u to post D.H fm starting i really wnt to rd.nd regarding b.h.o i just luv it..its my fav each part s just amazing nd same goes wth secret passion..u really are an awesome writer..loving ur stories tina..get well soon.nd do consider my req if possible.i wl b waitng*fingers crossed*

  133. Hi! I just read BHO and SP all in one go, and I have to say you're stories are amazing! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, I have really enjoyed reading both stories! You know how to portray your characters so differently in both stories, and yet I still think of Arnav and Khushi from the show for both the stories. I especially love the terminology in BHO where Khushi has such funny names for people! I absolutely love it when we get to be inside her head and read what she's thinking, she's absolutely hilarious!
    I am really excited to keep reading your work! You're amazing! :)

  134. Awesome, Superb update. I just loved reading Khushi and Arnav's escapade with "Butterball" and can't wait to read more about Arnav's reaction to the pregnancy test". :) Seriously I am absolutely in love with this story. Words fail me to describe your writing -- in one word "BRILLIANT" !!! Here's to you, Tina, an amazing GIFTED writer. :)

    -- ship13(IF)

  135. Hi Tina,

    Loved the update of DH. Am so glad that finally their marriage happened and they are together. The teaser of Secret Passion was fantastic. It was great that the psycho Payal heard the interaction between Arnav and Khushi. Please update when you get a chance. It really makes my day when I realize you have updated these "ADDICTIVE" stories!! :)

    -- ship13(IF)

  136. BHO part 24
    They finally are off that boat but still not safe from butterball

    They certainly can't keep their hands of each other

    She didn't tell him she might be pregnant but he found the test

    Can't wait for more

  137. SP teaser was very interesting
    Damn Payal is just so disgusting
    Hmm mrs Raizada has become very bold

  138. DH part 28
    Ah finally the Suhaag Raat
    Now we know that Nidhant is Arnav's cousin, hmm Khushi will be upset when she finds out
    Crap Arnav dreamt that she left him because he didn't tell her the truth
    Can't wait for him to reveal the truth and know her reaction

    So sorry to post so many time but my Internet is giving trouble

  139. Desert Heat
    You couldn't have better justified the name of this story. It was a perfect chapter and it was hot!!! I loved it!! And as for Arnav's secret, I know that Khushi's not going to like it but it can't separate them. A separation, even a temporary one, between Arhi hurts me almost as much as it hurts them. They belong together.
    And NK? I, to be honest, never guessed the association. Whoa!!

    Baby Hold On
    That was more like a movie than a chapter. The "great escape" from the ship was thrilling!! The entire chapter was riveting and I'm so excited for the rest. Arnav's shock on finding the Pregnancy test is such a major point to stop at. Maar hi daalne ka iraada toh nahi hai na?

    Secret Passion Teaser
    Why do you tease? Even without any teasers or promos we're so hyped up for your every update. I loved the Teaser. I just love it when Payal is annoyed. I'm smirking as I write this, just imagining her failing. Her expression as she's seething with fury and jealousy at ArHi's closeness is bliss.

    I'm honoured that you included my comment in the reviews section. Its truly my pleasure. Looking forward to your nest updates!!! And yes, I'll take of my eyes, doc. ;)

  140. BHO Part 24: Awesome update even though Khushi is angry with Arnav she still could not stop loving him. Love their made up part both in the beach and in the hotel. Now that Arnav is aware of the pregnancy kit wonder what is going to happen...

    DH chapter 28: Shocking to know that Nidhant Singh/ NK is none other than his own cousin... I wonder how will khushi react when she learns about the truth... I wished that if Arnav told her about NK before maybe Khuhi would have understand then... But now I guess that khushi will be furious when she knows about this in the future... Love all the ARSHI moments!!!

    SP teaser: amazing teaser! Looking forward to read the whole part!!!

    Thanks for the pm ;)

  141. BHO CH 24
    WOW... finalli both confessed they loved each other truly and trusted the other too... rather after an adventurous outing..Arnav came to know of the pregnancy too.. but I womder what was the HELL arnav was in that stopped him from reaching out to Khushi..? How did he manage to get back on the assaignment of toad again..? Who is the mo;e and whp is the unexpected visitor... Can't wait for the teaser..

    DH - CH28

    So..what made Arnav not confess about Nidhanth's identity to Khushi..? was it his love for her..? I only wish Khushi comes to know of Arnav hiding it only after she knows of his past..( I am not sure if she truly knows it fully.. I don't remember Arnav sharing it with her..) the reason for this wish is..Khushi will understand that Arnav found his soulmate in her and was not ready to lose her after he lost everything ..moreover..Khushi also had feelings for him since they had been travelling...

    SP Teaser..
    I can't wait to read Payals reaction to what Arnav mader her realize they were doing.. I have a lot of respect for Akash..he is independent and has lot of self respect.. how will he take it when he comes to know of his wife's plans and her shady life..? I don't think he deserves that humiliation...nor does the Gupta's.

  142. BHO CH 24

    Amazing update as usual. So happy to finally see them settling their fights. Can't wait to see Arnav's reaction on Khushi's pregnancy. Please don;t end this story soon because its different from your other serious stories ( i mean ehm ehm steamy hot updates ;) )
    Please update soon

    DH CH 28
    You are an expert on romanticism when it comes to Khushi and Arnav. You do not miss a single opportunity to get them one and making flaming hot love. This is really a masterpiece among all your stories with that historic yet so modern touch. This story is full of twists and turns and you take your readers along with you on the vast desert. :)
    Waiting to read more

    SP Teaser
    No words to explain the intensity of love both have for each other. Brilliantly written and that's why i say YOU ARE AN EXPERT ON ROMANTICISM :)
    Waiting to see more of Arnav's tactics and planning to gather proof against Payal and his defensive stance for his wife

    Update soon

  143. very nice update of ch 24!!!!! continue soon.....

  144. On SP 28

    (I love your AU of Arshi, sharing my thoughts is the very least I can do to show my appreciation.)

    DL - A another layer to Payal that is fitting.
    And how interesting to know that Arnav went there, even if it was only one time.
    I would love to get a glimpse of an Arnav in a relationship pre-Khushi.

    I absolutely hated what Khushi decided to do in response to what she saw on Arnav’s laptop. BDSM isn’t something to be taken lightly, even between committed couples.

    Instead of asking him about it, she went out and bought a rope. That show of insecurity surprised me since in regards to intimacy; I felt they have reached the point of being equals. Her response tells a different story. I appreciate Arnav’s immediate response. She is simply too naΓ―ve for her own good.

    ---- I hope Arnav gets a matching tattoo :)

    On DH
    I read Chapter 14. Two words - Enchanting and Yummy.
    What a world you've created! The desert is the perfect setting for the scorching passion between Arnav and Khushi.

    My partner in crime - shipperK and I are thinking of our own desert adventure with Arshi. She is inspired by Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon of all things, but I'm so intrigued with the world you set up I can't wait for us to play with our piece of sand.

    That said, I simply can't continue reading. It would drive me crazy not knowing what came before in the other 13 chapters. How terrible that someone is too lazy to write their own story, and felt they could plagiarize your work. I hope someday you will be able to share the entirety of it, perhaps in ebook format. Very much looking forward to it.

    Till then, I shall remain your avid SP reader. :)

  145. on DH..
    i wish i was in an oasis right now...perfect first night.. is he absolutely sure that its the same nidant?? but it doent matter at all...they are meant to be together

  146. BHO
    awesome update...i wonder how will special agent arnav will react to the pregnancy news...Dr Tina you are raising the standards of al our dream man...and who is this unexpected visitor??

  147. omg loved the update never expected NK to be nidant n that too Arnav's cousin shocking but loved the twist. hope it doesn't create any prob in the future, finger crossed :P waiting for SP now my fav ff :))

  148. BHO was rocking ... I loved the Ireland scene and oh poor khushi she was holding on the very thin tread of her self control,,,, it had to snap in front of mr. sexy dammit .... I hope khushi is preggo.....
    DH was amazing ... they are united in front of all after all the hurdles .... and the oasis is like a dream come true for the lovers .... the surprise of nidant being arnav's cousin was a pleasant shock .. loved it ..
    SP teaser aawwee a tree house huh ;-) pic of a tree house here

  149. Hey Tina , my friend recommended me to read “ Fateful love” .. It’s an amazing story , the kinds that you read once in a while and it leaves a lasting impact on you ..

    Really love your writing , you are fantastic.. And you are a doctor , like really ? Wow girl u r talented !
    I was addicted to FL , finished it over the weekend , it was like I was eating / drinking/ sleeping FL .. And now Iam hooked to your stories.
    Next started reading DH so about DH in my next comment .

    Take care , bless you :)

  150. BHO- Wow! update...yes yes yes!
    the update was amazing. i actually thought Mr. Sexy would find out about the pregnancy through the kit he found...but...surprise surprise...he all ready knew...and i can't believe what Sushi got instead of the pregnancy kit...typical KKG....
    Ok...there's something going on between Aman and Sheena...and whose the spy...closer then Khushi thinks... well the next chapter might shed a lot of light..after all Answers and Hideouts...
    Waiting for SP....
    As usual u're Awesome!... :D <3 :*

  151. well keeping secrets are no good...Arnav should have told her about what kept him away 3 months just like Aman Kushi is in a dilema....i dont think she will tell Arnav about the call and risk her Buajis life...and if its a truth thatwill endager who she loves Kushi might even make a deal with the devil.....Tina..cant wait until the next update...

  152. BHO Part 25
    Seems they always try to distract each other by sex
    But so hot sex is welcomed by both anytime
    Ah Raizada knows she is pregnant but wanted her to tel him
    Crap seems Arnav knows the master mind behind the drugs
    Can't wait to find out who he is

  153. Oh my God, what a fabulous update.... words fail me. Seriously, I was laughing so much when I was reading that Khushi got a disfunctional erectile kit instead of a pregnancy test. Tina you are BRILLIANT to have even thought of something so outrageously funny !! :) :) Absolutely loved the update. Love the fact that Arnav and Khushi finally talked about the pregnancy and its out in the open. Love this sweet and protective Arnav and our crazy sanka devi !! :) You ended the update in a very interesting manner, wonder who is the guy who is threatening Khushi and hope Arnav finds him and gives him a piece of his mind !!

    -- ship13(IF)

  154. hi tina,

    i m happy to know that you are fine now, i wish that u always remains like that..

    & sorry for being so late, that i have missed 3 updates. i was away for my sis wedding, so i just got free from that & got the chance to read it now..

    BHO CH 24

    awsome update..
    i must say that Khushi is very stubborn in this story.. very glad that they moved out from that ship & from butterball for now..
    really love their passionate moment at Island.. even being so upset with Arnav, she cant be away from him..
    now he found the pregnancy kit which she left behind now i m very eager to read the next part to know how Mr.Sexy going to behav & what will be their reaction after finding out the result..

    DH CH 28

    it was very hot, passionate, full of love & promisses & a heart wrenching update...

    the part where Arnav had that dream was very painful.. i know that Arnav is wrong but not completly, according to me he scared, scared of loosing his love..
    i think he should trust their love n tell Khushi about the truth of his cousin NK is Nidhant Singh, also about his insecurities & why he didnt tell her till now..

    SP teaser was seriously a tease.. i m more excited about Payal reaction, how she was getting jealous an all after hearing their voices on phone & Arnav doing this purposly..pls update soon.

    BHO CH 25

    it was really an unexpected one in all way. Arnav knew & sure about her pregnancy even before Khushi confirm about herself, that was amazing..
    the hillarious part was when she mistook that box as pregnancy kit & Arnavs reaction on that was worth it, like Khushi even i cant stop my laugh..
    & last part of that unexpcted person, (im guessing who can that be) is going to tell Khushi about that three months what Arnav was gone through..
    i hope everything was not that worse which break her..

  155. Hey,
    I left you a comment via my ipad but for some reason it didn't appear here.
    Let me start with secret passion, I re-read it last week and needless to say, yet I will since words matter, don't they? I love that story of yours, everything is spot on, their feelings, the reactions, their love. I just love Arnav of your FFs, more than the Arnav of IPK. Continue super soon please.
    Baby Hold On! Oh My God, did he really tie her to the bed; and he knew all along she was pregnant. yes yes! I know that is things that I chose to say from the awesome part :p.
    I loved it completely and this mysterious man is scaring me, not mainly because he can do some harm to Arnav but because he will create troubles for the lovely couple, if she gets to know the reason by someone else than Arnav, she may react angrily. Let's hope she keeps her trust intact on him. I don't know why but Sheena is behaving oddly, hope it has nothing to with sharing infos with the mystery man.
    Continue soon and I just love your stories.


  156. Sigh! My comments are getting deleted even before I post them! Well anyway all I wanted to say was -CNT wait!! All the stories seem to have reached a state of cliff hanger (if that's a state :p) but well atleaset that has me refreshing the page every day for a new update!

  157. Just read the latest update on BHO. well written Tina. It amazes me how you take your time to write such beautiful stories and at the same time focus on your job as a doctor with its hectic schedules. more grease to your elbow. Thank you for bringing out our fantasies on Arhi and cant wait for SP.

  158. DH-28: Am a little uncomfortable with this mode of commenting, as it takes away a little from a spontaneous reaction of a pov. Sorry, have been a silent reader so far, but realized I need to express my appreciation of your story even if you don't demand it. the story has been engrossing & has not lost that intensity so many chapters down. The mystery was still on till now.
    NK makes an entry almost in the same place in Arnav's life as the original story. Arnav enthralls with his intensity, his bravery, passion & ...jealousy! Khushi comes across as this beautiful, traditional, passionate, loving woman worthy of the Dark Prince's love. All the other couples complete the friendship circle which is the supporting family for this couple.
    Not just the story, the setting itself comes across so strong...the sand dunes, the villages, oasis, tribes, rituals.....truly fitting. Thanks for letting people like us also read your stories.

  159. I haven't been able to find time to read the last few updates. Hopefully read them this week..

  160. pretty please update SP .

  161. wow.. arnav already knows khushi is pregnant.. now eager to see who the person is who called khushi

  162. vary nice update.. waiting for next one.. its been two weeks yaar

  163. DH 14-28:
    Hi I am ..swapnali.. from IF, a reader of BHO. This is the first time I read DH and I am loving it. Thanks for making some of the previous chapters available too.

  164. I am addicted to ur FFs, i do at least check once in a day to see if new part is up. Please continue soon.

  165. hey Tina!

    i just came here to let u know that i have my user name from ffsheen1 to

    & to wish u a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance & your family.
    i hope & wish that your new year ahead brings u alot of happiness & prosperity in ur life..

    & i hope that you are enjoying your holiday to the fullest!!
    waiting eagerly for the update, which make our new year special with our beloved Arshi.
    pls update soon.

  166. Happy New Year Tina!!! Looking forward to everything... updates, Enemy Lines!!

  167. Enemy lines
    Happy New Year dear

    Very interesting concept

    Waiting for you to start

  168. First of all...πŸ˜ƒ

    A very happy new year to u too sweetheart...

    I just loved ur Surprise, awe... I just love u for this...

    I m already in love with the story...

    So much of love...😜

  169. Hi Tina,

    I just finished reading the 28 episodes of Secret Passion. I chose it first because I thought it was short and I wanted to get familiar with your writing style. You and Sanita did a great job! Bravo. I really liked it even though this insatiable Arnav is not that much my favorite. But it doesn't mean that your story is not awesome. The plot is really interesting and you know how to fascinate your readers and make them follow you willingly.

    I am not going to quit your blog until I read all your stories:-) you are a brave and generous writer ans thanks so much to share your stories with us readers in spite of some of your friends' and relatives' advice that you have mentioned.

    One more question: it took time to open the first episodes of SP. The page doesn't load right away. Do you know what's the problem? I read your blog with my iPad and I am wondering if this is why I encountered such problems or not. And why I am not able to leave a message under the last episode? Nothing is activated.

    One more time: good job and good luck!

    1. I wish you a happy and productive new year as well! Full of Arshi stories.

  170. SP part 29
    Whoa Khushi kidnapped Arnav!

    So romantic getaway for his birthday

    Hot sensual romance

    Oh crap, what the? Nicole says she was pregnant for Arnav?

    OMG he will kill that woman for trying to hurt Khushi

  171. i liked this confident khushi kidnappig arnav.sounds great.

  172. woah...u gave us a shocker at the end, arnav left when she was preg but by the looks of her attitude it must be somebody else's. wonder how will khushi react??!!
    loved the tree house... sge actually kidnapped him go khushi-aman team...
    who was the shadow looming outside?? naniji is the only one left at shantivan rit???

  173. SP 29
    What an update... so many ups and downs..I can't believe Khushi has to put up with so much..Arnav as much as he wants to save her from all this, he seems helpless, Nicole, Payal and that another Fan..and may be many more.. Will ARSHI's LOVE AND TRUST for each other get them OUT of all these cunning selfish people's schemes..?
    Shantivan is filled with sick paranoid women...except for Nani I guess.. Anjali is as sick as Payal..

  174. BHO:
    I knew arnav is hiding a big secret from her, but never expected to be this much cruel one, continue soon.........

  175. BHO 26
    Finally the truth about Arnav's being in real hell is out.. but I still somehow think Sheena might be the mole, otherwise how will that evil boss of the toad know that Khushi and Arnav are still in Greece..?

  176. Secret Passion:
    Superb update. loved the way Khushi planned a birthday surprise for Arnav. Glad that they solved their misunderstanding.
    i thank you for not ending this story soon. Please do continue it. Its a very beautiful story really close to the actual drama plot.
    Update soon

    Baby Hold On:
    well the truth is finally here. Somehow i knew Arnav's absence would be related to his injury. Well now atleast they are clear about everything. Now Khushi really seems to be a part of their secret mission.
    Eager to read more.

  177. BH part 26
    Crap he was literally in hell
    Cant wait for more

  178. BHO 26
    omg this was so disheartening πŸ’”πŸ’” please write soon...cant wait for more
    But 1 question- Arnav once mentioned Anjali being married to Aman, and now Aman's in a relationship with Sheena. It was pretty many Amans are there?

  179. BHO
    pls tell me she s not gonna bait herself....

  180. Hey Tina,
    I am new to ur blog. U are an amazing writer. Plz dont stop ever. I have a few requests!!!
    I wanted to read dh but cudnt understand much since u. Have taken down the initial few chapters. Can u plz put them up again?
    I heard a lot about ur other esteemed work shameless. But I cudnt read it! Can u plz put it up again. U promised!!! I dying to read it I swear!
    Its really sad that u had to take down anothe masterpiece fateful love due to plagiarism. I Had read it 5 times atleast. Hate dat person ! Plz its a humble request. Plz put it up soon again.
    I wanna read shameless!
    Last but not the least ur updats of Bho n Sp were amazing as usual. N loved the teaser of enemy lines. U r an amazing writer. Wait did I just say that again? I cant stop saying it!
    Plz I hope u understand my desperation.
    Love ur work!
    Btw this was my first comment. Plz try to reply. I hope I ain't asking too much.
    Thank u

  181. Dear Tina

    I have a great respect and regard for you and wish to tell you how much anguish I feel on your behalf. As a creative person, as a fellow ArShi lover and a human being... I want you to know that, I acknowledge the pain you have felt while having endured such blatant acts of plagiarism and amoral comments.
    There is nothing to be said in the defense of individuals who are amoral. Despite the fact that your decision may be heart-wrenching, I will stand by you and respect your decision, whatever you may see fit to choose. We, as readers, recognize the pains you take to allow us the pleasure of reading your wonderful work. Allowing anyone to read your work is a privilege and the fact that multiple individuals has misused this privilege is despicable.
    You are a good human being and I know this because of your art and you deserve to be treated right. I hope that you achieve success in your every endeavor. I pray to God to give you the courage and strength to fight the wrong and continue to spread you light to the world. You are a gem of a person and deserve to feel the happiness that you so generously spread to one and all.
    Please remember that you are loved and respected and, most importantly, highly cherished, Tina.

    Warmest regards,

    P.S. I did read the update and found them truly brilliant. Only you can weave these tales with such intricacy, that I al left speechless at the resplendent beauty of your writing.

  182. Hi Tina
    This is on your note about plagarism and frankly this isn't for u but for the one who copied your story:-
    Any fan fiction is as the name reads is fiction. Penned down painstakingly by the one whose ideas, thoughts and time has gone into it. For any one to copy some body else's thoughts and ideas is down right shameful not to mention plagarism at its worst.
    And after all this to write an email to the original author showing how unrepentant you are..............If you don't have any original ideas, don't write.
    Let the ones who write as well as Tina and us readers who enjoy her stories just be, without having to deal with people like u.

  183. hi tina i felt very sorry reading ur note.i can understand ur pain eventhough iam not a writer.i'll wait until u feel like writing again.i really wish this doesn't happen to u or any other writer again.

  184. Hi Tina... Happy New Year (though I know it is belated !!!)
    Desert Heat has been my faourite story right from the beginning... the setting of Desert lends to the passionate, romantic story. I loved all the twists and turns which you weave in narrating the story... always wondering what will happen now?? Their full moon night romance and the aftermath of Khushi's guilt was awesome. Everytime their love and longing for each other keeps growing. I wish that Arnav would be able to gather enough courage and have faith in their love to tell Khushi all about Nidant before the truth reveals itself in front of her. The teaser is really awesome and Oasis is beautiful with two lovely souls in it
    IF paaskhanna

  185. Hi Tina,

    I don't know if someone already told you this, if not, then it may sound really weird and if yes then it will still seem weird lol. But whenever you update I don't know why I have this feeling that I have to double check myself if I'm not dreaming and if I'm really seeing an update there! Haha this may give you an idea how eager I am for your updates. I really like your writing style.

    When I saw your last note I felt bad, really bad. I remember something similar happening some time ago, I think it was with desert heat. Though I didn't follow desert hebt from the beginning and I as just planning to read it then I also felt bad then that it happened and I commented. I said it then and I'm saying it again: I don't comment very often on your stories, but that doesn't mean I don't like them or something, in fact I am in love with your stories. I remember feeling a bit scared after the thing with desert heat that you will close this website or something and with each update I sincerely hope it stays here or wherever you place it personally, because I really don't want to miss your stories in my life!

    Keep it up girl, and always remember that there are millions of people admiring your work! :)


  186. waiting for the update!!!!!!

  187. Hi Tina ,

    Just to say I m and ws very bad with usage of correct words that is the reason never ws able to apreciate ur work but due to ur lovely stories I has developed this passion of reading novels, lovely stories and loads n loads of arhi ff...
    Sorry to bore u about myself,coming to d point why I have broken my silence is becoz of no update from ur side after that hurtful note...I ws really getting scared day by day that whether u will even update ever?? This question is still haunting don't know y.....but somewhere always stays a hope dat u will definitely gonna update may b tomorrow.....plssss plssss plssss dear I would like to make a very very humble request that plssss don't stop becoz of those scoundrels......I assure u like me there are many silent readers who r very much fond of ur work so plssss do continue for us.....

    Yours silent reader nd fan who has broken d silence..:-)

  188. Hi Tina
    Hope you are feeling better.

    I recently came accross your work and read all the stories, and forced to say.. what a Fabulous writer you are. I have read Secret Passion & Mindgames multiple time since. All your stories are Unique, filled with all aspects of life. Passion, Humour, Emotions, Love, Romance...and i can go on... Every admirer for you is like a feather on your cap and here's a new one in form of... Meeee...

    Someone atealing your work is a complement for you and a shame for them as they cannot match you in Creativity and intellect and heced deviced a Shortcut called Theft.

    Dont let them win in their attempt to Hamper your mental peace. Relax and rejoice on the numerous feathers in you cap that can overpower few thorns.

    Their Karma will give them back equally. Continue your fantastic stories and keep exploring your unique talent.

    Love your work. Totallyyy...


  189. Please Update SP ... Please update soon .
    Rose !


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