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Secret Passion Updated! Finally!

Really really sorry about the delay everyone,  I got caught up with life, work, and something else I'm writing. But of course ArHi and IPKKND are a priority too.  Hope the wait is worth it.  ...Enjoy Secret Passion... Episode 37 Life & Death Where do Arnav and Khushi go from here? Anything is possible...dun dun dun ps. feel free to leave your thoughts on this post or on the comment thread, I read both. New Comment Thread pss. special shout out to the anonymous reader who wrote "update" like a zillion times on the last post:) Hope you like this update!


I know many of you are expecting an update and you're right one is due  but how can I be expected to concentrate on writing when we just got a new mini episode of IPKKND after 3 long years??!! I will try to finish the next chapter of Secret Passion this week still but it might be delayed with Arhi being back and thanksgiving coming up. Link to episode 1 of IPKKND Ek Jashn:!/iss-pyar-ko-kya-naam-doon-6721/khushi-arnav--three-years-later--1000077349-e
I'm sooo happy to see Arnav like this: calm, relaxed, reflective and very much in love.  Next episode more of wifey I hope <3 *off to fangirl some more* ps. some asked in their comments about details on these reunion episodes. Appartently it's 8 mini episodes that will be uploaded every Tues and Sat exclusively on HotStar showing Arhi 3 years later<3

Secret Passion Ch 37 Teaser

Hi everyone,
First of all, to all readers in France, many of whom I know personally, I hope you and your family and friends are safe and unharmed. #prayersforparis Thanks everyone for all the amazing feedback after the last chapter. So much unfolded and so much has happened in SP since Episode 1, but it amazes me that so many of you remember all the details and past events and are trying to piece it all together. You're right, there are clues sprinkled in from the start and it will all connect--eventually.
Teaser below is dedicated to my dear and very curious friend Tiffany--you know why:)
ps. Have you all seen the new arshi promo? <3 Can't stop watching it. So exciting!

Arnav slammed his palm against one of the stone pillars bordering Shantivan’s massive back gardens. “How can you not see it, Uncle? There’s a pattern to this. This keeps happening to me.” The older man struggled to understand. “What keeps …

Secret Passion Episode 36

Sorry about the delay, couple emergencies came up...But here it is. Finally! Secret Passion by TINA! & Satina: Episode 36: Dinner and a Date I'll decide tomorrow if I'll be posting on IF or just here from now on. Let me know what you all think! I'll leave this post open for comments since current comment thread is pretty full. --Tina
ps. Reminder: this story is a mature romance for a reason. If you're looking just for fluff, well, this isn't it. There's healthy doses of dark, light, and of course passion;)

Secret Passion Teaser

SP Teaser First of all, huge shoutout and my personal thanks to: Zyrah, Saki Mani, Arshi Alai, Radhika Sabnis, Aaliya, Scrap booker,, Momai, Ekta, Pinky, Brkn Angl, Neetu, Sarunian Hamesha, Kamala, Anu Reddy, Paramjeet, A, Suburban SoCal Girl, Ritzzii, ongongong, Kereen Bennet, Sara Sithambaram, Ghada Brahmi, Sida, Nivi, Farheen, Deepika Gidwani, Richelle, Slowsun93, angeldream14, loveandluck, Shipra Agarwal, orchids8888, Divya, Munazza, Amina and all the anonymous readers who left me messages <3 Now... I know so many of you are waiting for an update. It's definitely overdue but I literally just landed home. I forgot when I posted my last message that I had a conference this weekend:/ So unfortunately I've had very little time to write. Hope to post Episode 36 of Secret Passion in the coming few days... Till then, here's the opening...something to mull over... ps. there are a TON of arshi scenes next chapter;)
Secret Passion by TINA! & Satina Episode 36: Dinner a…

Secret Passion 36-37

Hi everyone,

First of all, THANK YOU for all the messages and encouragement. I read each one and a huge part of me logging on again here was due to all of you :')

Second, I'm really sorry for the delay. I needed time to make some decisions but I didn't expect it be this long either. But my laptop straight up died a few weeks ago and I just got it back.

As far as continuing writing... Well to be honest I seriously contemplated just discontinuing but you all are right, it means much more to me than just a passing hobby. I missed writing SP, DH, etc. I missed our beloved Arnav & Khushi. I missed it all. So no, I can't quit--at least no completely--I realized.

Some of you mentioned in your comments other safer options and trust me, I'm considering them all. As far as making the blog private--> well I would not know even now where to begin on that. There are simply too many of you and though I do know most of the regular readers by name, as soon as I make …

Important Note

I've been silent this past week or so because once again, after repeated warnings, Desert Heat was copied on two different sites up to the first 5 chapters! My friend who runs checks online every week for any plagiarism discovered it, along with some of you who messaged me. Thanks to those of you who did, it's great to know my readers have my back. So as always, action was taken and the copies were removed. There is another fanfic on hinditvadda which involves the desert, mentions a dark prince and angel and I can see why some of you have reported it. However since only the prologue is up right now let's give the writer the benefit of the doubt that she will not go the Desert Heat route. I know she's a reader of my work and she's commented here repeatedly so I'm quite sure I'm not wrong about this. That being said, every time this happens I question why I still do this. Why I spend so many hours writing and planning these stories when eventually I'm forced …

Desert Heat Chapter 30 Now Up!

Desert Heat Updated A bit shorter but very important chapter for you all... Chapter 30: Blood on the Sands Comment only here please: Comment thread #9 Hope you all have a great week! See you soon with Secret Passion... Tina:)

Secret Passion Teaser

Thanks for all the amazing feedback on Baby Hold On's finale everyone:) Means a lot to me... I tried to finish up Desert Heat's next chapter by this weekend but well, I got sidetracked by real life. Will try to continue it after work tomorrow or Tuesday. Till then, here's a teaser for Secret Passion readers;) I think whoever has followed the story closely will be able to guess from whose diary this excerpt comes from... ps. those in Dubai, I hope you were one of the lucky few to get a chance to see IPKKND on the big screen. I so wish we could all experience that, no matter where we are.  pic credit to OP ...Now on to the teaser...
March 25, Today I met him. The man that everyone says is perfect for me. The man my parents cannot seem to stop gushing about and my grandmother says was made for me. Our fates were entwined from birth, she claims. I don’t truly believe that. Of course, everyone would find Arav Malik my ideal match, he is after all father’s best friend’s only nephew. So n…

Baby Hold On Final Chapter and Epilogue

Baby Hold On Final Chapter and Epilogue Now Up! Part 29: Holding On Part 30: Epilogue I've left the epilogue page open for comments so please leave all your comments directly there. This way they'll always remain up with the story. Hope you've enjoyed reading this story about Mr. Sexy and Sushi as much as I've loved writing it. I'm going to miss it...
ps. will update on IF tomorrow

BHO tomorrow

Baby Hold On's final chapter and epilogue will be updated tomorrow. I'll try to update right after I get home from work and read through everything one last time. Shout out to: ushankitvc, LyssaPie, Arshi Alai, Pratibha Joshi, Nivi, Ship13, Pinky BN, Amira, Ghada Brahmi and the anonymous readers who left messages:) And to the reader who asked, no I'm not on any other site other than IF and here. If you see any part of my stuff anywhere else please report and inform me ASAP. Action will be taken as it has in the past. Thanks to all my honest and amazing readers. You guys make it worth it:) Hope you love the finale of Baby Hold On tomorrow. --Tina

Note about Updates

Hi everyone, Thanks for the messages and everything:) I was planning to update BHO yesterday  but my on-call schedule at the hospital has been crazy past couple of days. Hopefully I get a small break later this week and update then. See you all soon! --Tina

Secret Passion MahaUpdate: Epi 35: RITA

A few hours delayed but I made it!
Secret Passion MahaUpdate: EPISODE 35: RITA ALL COMMENTS/QUESTIONS HERE PLEASE: COMMENT THREAD #9 Can't wait to see what you all think of this mega long chapter. Hope the wait was worth it! Happy reading! Tina!

Note about Updates

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay, but I've been trying really hard to update both SP and BHO and trust me, that is a LOT of work. I don't post unless I'm happy with the chapters and that too is a process of fine-tuning and editing sometimes. Anywho, to those waiting, Secret Passion will be updated tomorrow on popular demand. Baby Hold On I will try to squeeze in as well but no promises. I kind of wanted it to have it's own final send off without the other FFs being updated at the same time. It's final moment of glory so to speak :P So I might move that one to next weekend. Just a heads up. So the question is... Are you ready for RITA? Any final guesses? ...Less than 24 hours to go... See you very soon! Tina

Secret Passion Long Teaser + DH chapters reposted

Hello everyone! Happy belated 4th of July to all those celebrating! You might have noticed some activity on the blog this weekend. I've been tweaking things constantly  Was planning on updating BHO but then I saw that a lot of the pictures in the chapters are suddenly missing!
Apparently the site I was uploading most of the pics deletes them after awhile. Wish I'd known this earlier:/ So I've spent my morning trying to fix that situation. Didn't get through too much and it's still very much a work in progress. Secret Passion Chapters 1-12 are what I have finished fixing. As I was going through it, I edited it slightly. I ended up fixing a few typos, changing minor details, and turning up the passion factor in a lot of the scenes like the under the desk one, remember? I'll continue with the rest of the chapters soon.
It takes way too long for me to update on IF and here and I have things to do (already running late lol) but I don't want to leave you with nothing …

Secret Passion Double Update Now Up!

And I'm back :) Please read my note from yesterday before moving onto the updates if you haven't yet done so. It's right below this post. And more than anything, enjoy these two mammoth and very critical Secret Passion chapters!
Secret Passion: Episodes 33 and 34 New Comment Thread: Here Last one was getting crowded so please leave all comments here. Shout out to some very special people:
Divya, Varsha Dutt, Momai, Pinkly, Swetha Jangala, Amina, m kavi, Claudia Cristina Pop, Seeta Naips, Munazza, Smita Leslie, Nivi, Alai123, slowsun93, Shubhangi K, ship13, Richelle, Zyrah Ayok,, Sruthi, Ghada Brahmi, Namita11, Amira, Rose, Insane Clarity, Uttara Jaiswar, Minni Chennupati, Greeshmaraipathora, Renee, Anisha Kumar, Paaskhanna, Vinita Jain, Aakanksha Mohanty, Ravali Alagonda, and all those who left feedback anonymously :) And finally a short Desert Heat Teaser…
As the group trudged inside, far from the smothering heat of the sands, Nidhant's mother's gaze fell on Kh…

Updating Secret Passion Tomorrow!

I'm so so sorry everyone for the delay. Truly. There's a couple reasons for it.  Mostly personal. The other thing is I always have a tough time ending stories so with Baby Hold On I find myself continuously rewriting and editing the last chapter and epilogue. You will get both soon but I don't want to rush it. So then my plan became to update Secret Passion, but that story is at such a critical point that you need a couple chapters to make sense of things. One will not be enough. However, writing 2 mammoth chapters of Secret Passion takes time and coordination and that also inevitably delayed things. Good news: the two chapters are finally ready to go :) I'm going to give it all one last read through tomorrow morning, add in pictures and post it! Promise. Look out for a Desert Heat teaser as well. I hope you all like the 2 SP chapters. The first one will not have any mature scenes, but the second one will. The particular scene had a lot of work done on it (rewrites an…

Comment Thread 9!

COMMENT THREAD #9 We've crossed almost 200 comments again, so the last comment thread has been moved to the  'Archives' page. Please leave all new comments here (with the Title of my FF and Chapter Number). This will help with page loading issues and also increase security so this blog can remain public for honest readers. I appreciate all the feedback everyone. --Tina ps. I can't always promise replies as I used to do given my time restraints--I figure you'd rather I type up an update instead anyway--but I do take each of your comments into considerations and reply when I can. 

DH 29-30 + First 5 chapters reposted

DESERT HEAT UPDATED! First Five Chapters Reposted! Yes, you read that right, I'm reposting the first five chapters of Desert Heat since many of the events are referenced in this chapter and also because I've increased security over here.  I really, really hope I don't have to regret this decision and can repost the entire story very soon.  After a long, long time we're going back to the dunes... Six chapters to go roughly...  Comment as always guyz! DESERT HEAT: Chapter 29 Paradise Desert Heat Chapters 1-5 Comments all here please! ps. I haven't been getting enough time to reply on the comment thread as I usually do but trust me I do read each one of your comments and feeback. Many people asked about rita after the last chapter of Secret Passion--guys Arnav has answered your question for you in the preceding episode! Question is, do you and Khushi for that matter, trust him? pss. We need to recast Aman in Desert Heat. Any suggestions? :) I don't watch soaps any more so …

Secret Passion Updated!! For real!

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the delay but I've been really busy this week. There was literally no time to write, though I wanted to. Things will be better this month. 
I was trying to post Secret Passion and Desert Heat together today but I'm short on time, so just SP today. DH very soon. BHO is almost over and I'll be putting the last two parts up together.
Thanks for all the messages:) I wish I could reply to each one but I have no time to even eat lately, wish I was kidding. Who knew being a doctor was so unhealthy right? Argh, like I said, this month will be better.
Especially want to give a shout out to Arooba for the poem below. You blew me away hun! Thank you! And thanks to each of you Secret Passion readers for sticking with this novel of epic, soap opera proportions. Enjoy Episode 32 and let me know what you thought of it.

Imp Note about Updates/DH

First of all, sorry for the delay.  It wasn't my intention, but my schedule changed:(  I opted to work nights this month instead of later in the summer.  Good news: I only have two more nights of call left:)  So there's a very good chance of me updating late this Sunday US time (Monday IST).  Quick progress updates on the stories: Desert Heat: next chapter is 75% done Baby Hold On: is done. Like to the epilogue. But I have to edit it still. I'll post it all together eventually. Secret Passion: next chapter 90% done I will try my best to update on Sunday but no promises, I'm so exhausted these days I don't have time for anything let alone writing. But next month should put us back on track. Reminder: you can follow me on Facebook under 'Tina Ipkknd' I don't add anyone but I do make public posts about updates and notes. See you soon (hopefully!) --T

Baby Hold On Updated: Part 28 BAIT

Finally found some time to update. Here it is... An extra-long update. A true roller coaster ride. Are you ready? Baby Hold On: Part 28: Bait Leave all comments here only please! Note: there are a couple more chapters and epilogue left in BHO. DH and SP should be updated next weekend if my schedule goes somewhat on track. Happy reading! Tina

Baby Hold On Ch 27 Up

So another of my chapters got wayyyyy too long again so I'm splitting it into two. Bad news: you'll have to wait a little longer to find out who the mole is.  Good news: You won't have to wait very long.  I will post the continuation in a day or two. Right now I'm just too sleepy… Enjoy Part 27 of BHO: Break In Click here to leave your thoughts (all comments only here plz) ps. I've updated on IF too but PMs will be delayed till Ch 28: Bait is also up.

BHO Update Tomorrow!

Hi everyone, Just a quick heads up, Baby Hold On will be updated tomorrow. I am almost finished with it. I would have updated it tonight, but this is my first weekend off all month and well… I just can't get away from real life.
Be back very soon. Tina ps. any last minute guesses on the mole in BHO? Last chance… :)