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Important Note

You may have noticed that I've not posted anything this weekend.
In fact, I've taken something down instead.
And there's a very good reason for that.

I've always known that posting my stories online is a risk. I've faced people copying my work multiple times by now. Sometimes I don't even let you all know. I find out or one of you emails me or leaves a comment and the issue is handled "behind the scenes" so to speak.

Because honestly I hate rehashing things that are plain painful. And more importantly, the benefits have always outweighed the risks in my opinion when it comes to writing and posting online.
I'm not here writing because I want clicks or readers or comments (all those things are nice, very nice actually) but what really keeps me writing is my love for this amazing show.
It wasn't a perfect show, but I loved it. Truly, madly, deeply. And will always love it.

That's why I keep writing and posting.
Even though I have a crazy, hectic career and life.
Even though most of my friends don't understand why I continue to do this.
Even though it is all a LOT of bloody work.
Because I LOVE sharing my stories on ArHi with like-minded people.
But this time something happened that's making me rethink the risks versus benefits of continuing this completely.

Fateful Love was copied--word for word--and posted on some other site on some other show.
I've said it time and time again, I do not give anyone permission to copy and distribute my stuff. It is ONLY posted here and on india-forums under my username, TINA!
Anywhere else is unacceptable.

Anyway, I handled it this time like I always do and it's been taken down at the other site.
But what really bothered me was the person who copied it actually had the nerve to email me, claiming that because my work is fanfiction, there's nothing wrong with stealing it.
I am not replying to whoever you are because it honestly leaves a bad taste in my mouth but I really hope you read this.
For one, my stories are original. The only one that goes somewhat along the lines of the show is Secret Passion and that is deliberate. It's meant to be an edgier version of the show.
Second, no one has the right to copy ANY fanfiction. It's wrong and dishonest--not only to readers but also to yourself.
Third, take a moment to understand how much damn work this is. Anyone who takes the time to write and share it, is literally sharing their most personal thoughts and feeling and taking time out of their life to do so.
Respect that.
Why is this so hard to understand?
Anyway… to friends and readers out there… the good, honest ones that I know 90% of you are.
Couple of things:
1. I'm going to finish SP, DH, and BHO as planned. Nothing changes because of this. Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging.
2. I've taken down Fateful Love for the time being. It was a painful and difficult decision, but I think it's the best decision--for now, when I'm debating what to do. I hope I can share this story again with you all very soon because it's really close to my heart.
3. I'm having serious second thoughts on Enemy Lines. I need some time to decide where exactly I go from here--writing wise. What I'm comfortable with…and what is best if perhaps painful...

Writing has always been my go-to stress relief but this weekend, it somehow morphed into the biggest headache of my life, which I really don't like.
The funny thing is I was really looking forward to opening my laptop and typing this weekend. 
A few of my close friends know this, but I was going to tell you all that I've started taking a writing class.

It's once a week and I've been trying really hard to make each one.
I still plan on going this week.
I thought I'd use everything I learn to make Enemy Lines my best story ever, but now I think I'll first rewrite Fateful Love. 
Maybe in some weird way, this is just the push I needed…something several of you told me to do all along but I've been too busy and over my head to seriously consider it. Till now.
Thanks to everyone who appreciated Fateful Love. I'd probably be moving it into my 'Fanfiction' folder on my desktop and forgetting all about it if not for you.
Now, it's my new priority (writing wise).
I don't know where this is all going to lead. I just need some time to sort everything in my head I think…
Excuse the long rant, but I couldn't keep this to myself any longer
ps. will try to be back soon with updates
pss. hope your weekend was better than mine...


  1. Oh God!
    How much i hate these bastards who steal others works...
    I really really really hate them to the core of my heart...
    I just want to kill them with my own hands...
    I'm literally crying right now yar...
    Fateful love was, is and always will be my most fav story...
    I loved it more than anything...
    Already i missed most of DH bcoz of these people...
    I just hate them...
    Bcoz of these fucking bastards, we honest readers suffer alot...
    These bastards should be punished like hell...
    I will just pray that FL comes back really soon...
    Plz don't change it, it was PERFECT!!!
    I hope all the problems get solved really soon and you came back dear...
    It's a really sad day for all your honest readers...

  2. This is so cruel, bloody b*tch! Hope to see you writing soon Tina. I know it's difficult but don't let those cheaters steal what's yours, your passion for writing. In the meantime, sending you a big hug

  3. Hi Tina,

    I am so sorry that you had such a terrible weekend because of an awful plagiarist !! Seriously plagiarists are the most disgusting specimens; they have ZERO talent and all that they are are ELECTRONIC SAVVY THIEVES !!! I know it must be really hard to stomach that such thieves have the audacity to give excuses for their revolting actions. Having said that please remember that your loyal readers really love you and your writing. You are truly a MESMERIZING WRITER and NO ONE absolutely NO ONE can take that away from you. It is a pleasure to read your writing and you truly bring a lot of happiness and smiles to your readers faces. :) :) I know with your work schedule it must be so hard balancing everything and I as a reader really APPRECIATE IT. :) Please don't stop writing and to me all your writings are perfect. Please post your stories as and well you feel comfortable. I will always wait for them. Sending you lots of hugs and best wishes for the new year. :)

  4. *big hug*
    I am genuinely sorry for what has happened.
    But what is important is that you did not let someone else's dishonesty affect you honesty and passion towards writing.
    You are one terrific writing. Better than the people who steal someone else's work.
    I am really awed by the way you challenge yourself and try to surpass your writing skill.
    In the meantime I'll just sit and soothe my aching heart for your updates.
    Lots of love,
    Aayushi Desai.

  5. If u can take an action against the so called person Plz do
    Even u write a story in 10 lines it belongs to u fan fiction or no fan fiction
    I read ur stories bt last few months have been damn hectic n not reading mch stories on If or blogs
    U r an amazing writer n remember ur true readers will always support u n stand by u

  6. I agree 100% to everything you wrote! Honestly dear TINA it is unbelievable, I really can't understand such attitude! Why don't they understand that THIS is your hard work for us readers! And I love the show just like you but I cannot write so beautifully in English as it is not my mother tongue...
    Man, I am so terribly sorry, I am shocked and sad because of the whole situation! What should I do if not reading your amazing stories and watching the show on Hotstar... If possible please let me know your decision, so that I can manage to adjust with it! I really hope you are not ending everything... Maybe it would be better to have a closed user-group for your website! I mean I donno, maybe.. But on the other hand that would be a lot more work for you? Phew... I don't feel good at all dear! This awful people are ruining the creativity and honesty of talented writers like you! This was written during my lunch beak... lol! Big hug from Zurich, Chanya.

  7. Hi Tina.
    Read Your Note. Scumbags that's what they are.
    These thieves have no Morals Emphasis that they have no Talent.
    Been reading Your Work.
    You are one Talented Writer. Interesting.
    Yes it must Hurt. But please take Heart You have lot Of Avid Readers.
    Your Call. You decide what Action & next step should be.
    Sure Readers will Respect Your Decision. Will go with your Flow.
    Always look forward to Your Updates.
    Look after Yourself.

  8. Really feeling bad fr u.. due to some b*×ch u had an awful week. Giving u big hug.. n nerve of dat idiot to mail u n say der s no wrong in copying. I personally like beat d sh*t of her.. FL was one of my favourite stories which I said earlier am gonna cherish my entire life.. was excited to read ur new venture. But no prblm take ur time.. let us knw.. v wil b always with u..

    Brkn angl

  9. Am so sorry about what happend to u. Its very sad when people copy other peoples work. Hope they understand that it is a very bad think to do. Hope u feel ok after all this. Take ur time o write a new uodate. Those peoplw likeme who genuinely like ur stories will wait.

  10. Hi Tina,
    I have been a silent reader for a long time and never commented as I cannot express very well. Oy thing I can say is I just love your work and will always support you in whatever way I can.

    I felt very sad and depressed after reading your post. I wish with all my heart that those plagiarists receive their punishment. I never wish bad for anyone, but playing with others feelings, hard work cannot be tolerated at all... god will definitely punish them...

    Whatever you decide, I m with you... god bless you...

    Love, medha

  11. I am very sorry to hear that your stuff was plagiarized again! If I remember correctly a similar incident had happened before too. It makes us ardent readers look bad when something like this happens. I consider myself just as crazy about the show as you, except I do not have the imagination to pen down beautiful stories, whereas I have devoted mine to reading and appreciating them. I too live in the US and I know especially how hard it is for doctors - there is no time to breathe or sleep, yet you have given such beautiful pieces of art and I for one am really grateful about it. We have tremendous respect for your work. Please do not allow a moron to punish us all for their mistake. I wish people would realize and respect what you have put in is for you only. I have been following your blog religiously for over 2 years and it would be a crime if incidents like this dissuaded you from writing about arshi. Please do not let them win!! We support you in all ways we can in your effort to stop people from stealing your art. Fateful love is one of my favorite stories and I every so often like to go back and re-read your stories. I am all for you re-writing it, but if you change your mind, then let us know where we can get it. I still am bummed about not being able to read Shameless and earlier chapters of DH and mind games!! I wish you could share those privately with us if you don't want to post it. Just a thought... Good Luck with everything and we are with you no matter what you decide!!

  12. Sorry....hit the button too soon...
    I was so looking forward to Enemy Lines....I hope you still will write but totally understand and support your decisions. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

  13. I am so sorry to hear about the plagiarism. I do not understand what drives these people to steal someone else's IP.

  14. Hi Tina...
    Its really sad to read what was did with your work. I just can't understand y people do this... As far as I know and as I have mentioned in my previous comments .. U r the very few people who write wonderful stories about arshi even though the show ended long time ago.. Every story is fantastic and we can feel the amount of time and energy spent in each of ur works... I feel really sad and bad now. And I am sure that most of the people will feel the same. But I am really thankful for u for ur promise of continuing the beautiful stories... U didn't leave us in a cliff hanger and I will be eternally grateful for that. Because I don't know what will I do in such a case. I just want to say that whatever decision u make I will support u. And pls don't leave enemy lines. Its too good a story to not write ... Pls take ur time (fingers crossed)

  15. Hey Tina,

    You don't need to apologize for anything! This is your work! Your brainchildren! The fact that you share them at all is a privilege and all of your loyal readers know and accept that - as well as appreciate it greatly. As a writer myself, I can only imagine how disheartening it is when someone shows the blatant amount of disrespect towards your creation that is involved in plagiarism. Coupled with your hectic schedule, the fact that you find it within yourself to write at all is admirable. All in all, what I'm trying to say is that you should take all the time you need to bring your thoughts in order as well make a decision you're happy with.

  16. Hi TINA,

    Thanks for the note.
    U have handled the people who have copied your work! Well done
    Theses type of people, don't know what they think of themselves... By copying another person work, what to they gain from it... Hope they would realize it.
    Don't worry TINA we would always support you and your stories!
    Like you I'm so in love with the IPKKND which made me to read stories written by many passionate writers like you in IF!
    Looking forward to your updates!!!
    Thanks and have a nice day! ;)

  17. Hey Tina so sorry to hear Fateful Love been copied and put on other site.. Don't know what people get by doing so and height of everything is that somebody really after stealing your story have guts to write to you.. oh God whats wrong with people? But good you handled the situation. And you are still continuing your stories is big relief. However you are thinking of your future story.. can understand. But hopeful that you will find out the way and will not let us ARSHI lovers high & dry for such useless, thankless people who are stealing your stories and putting them with their favourite jodi.. Guys if you love your jodi write yourself why to rob others work? Tina with you and do let us know what we have to do for you. You have one strong army of your dedicated readers and we all are with you. Best wishes and Happy writing dear! God bless you!

    pup03 on IF

  18. Dear Tina !
    U may don't know me for that I m a silent reader n admirer of ur stories
    But today I couldn't remain like that after reading ur painful n agonized note
    We the readers r with u n support u in whatever just measures u r going to take
    Pls don't be upset upon those lunatics because they don't worth it
    That u waste ur time n most importantly ur emotion on them
    Its just a humble effort on my behalf to cheer u up n ur soul a lil bit
    Stay Blessed
    With regards

  19. Dear Tina

    I have always been a silent reader. Admire your work with great respect. Today after reading your note could not keep quiet. If you can take action against them please do. Scumbags! Can not write a line but want to be appreciated.

    I would say you are really good inspiration for someone who love to write. You are an awesome writer. Please continue.

  20. Dear Tina,
    I am asilent reader, following you for many years now with all your wonderful stories. Liking them as I go , sometimes commenting. I am not a great writer or critical thinker as some of your readers. Your writing gives me pleasure and hapiness to see our Arshi together.

    Having said that, what you write whether fic, non fic, fanfic, it is your work. No one has a right to publish it or copy it period.
    It takes lot of work to think, and write the story line and emotions that you bring to your work. Please do not be dis heartened by deeds of few stupid, idiots. You have some truly wonderful readers who love you and your work. Good luck to you. Waiting for DH for long.

  21. Dear Tina,
    I am asilent reader, following you for many years now with all your wonderful stories. Liking them as I go , sometimes commenting. I am not a great writer or critical thinker as some of your readers. Your writing gives me pleasure and hapiness to see our Arshi together.

    Having said that, what you write whether fic, non fic, fanfic, it is your work. No one has a right to publish it or copy it period.
    It takes lot of work to think, and write the story line and emotions that you bring to your work. Please do not be dis heartened by deeds of few stupid, idiots. You have some truly wonderful readers who love you and your work. Good luck to you. Waiting for DH for long.

  22. Hi Tina was very hurt that Fateful love had been copied. Losers are they who copy others work and claim them as their own. You know u have more faithful readers than those scumbags so take any action against them and we are with you. Hope u think about starting enemy lines. I was so very excited to know that but now that seems far off. Anyways I love your work no matter u start writing new ones or not. I re read all of your works one another every week. All d very best dear. Waiting for all the updates eagerly..


  23. Dear Tina,
    I have been a silent reader of your stories for a long time, and your stories are amazing. It is obvious how much time and energy you put into each update, and how much you love writing. It makes me so mad that you, and many other writers, have to deal with plagiarism so much that it comes to taking stories down... this punishes the readers and the original author more than it really punishes the plagiarizer. I hope that this time you take to think helps you and that you are able to come back with the same passion and enthusiasm as before. I know I am only one of many readers who eagerly waits for updates and new stories! I admire that you are continuing your ongoing stories, and really hope that you choose to go ahead with Enemy Lines... all of your stories are wonderful, and I look forward to whatever you do next!


  24. I can't believe this.. I wish I could give that person a piece of my mind. I don't get what they receive in copying someone's work and I am really enared by the person. Fateful love is my favorite FF by you. I read it so many times and planned to do so too even in future but because of that imbecile we will not get to read the story again.
    I know this must be painful and hurting you, but there will be always some people, who are going to do such deeds, please never let them demotivate you. Just know you are awesome, one of the finest writer online and you actually make our day brighter by your stories. Please, a hearty request, don't let a few people tamper your love for Arshi and writing stories for us.
    All the best for writing classes, I wish I could find such classes too.
    Loads of love.

  25. Ok to steal because it's fan fiction...

    Hahaha, oh Tina you must forgive me, but reading that idiotic comment just tickles my funny bone.

    If you can't come up with your own words, then you shouldn't be writing. It's as simple as that.

    But if you're a moron - then here's a little tidbit regarding Copyrights.

    1. A copyright exists as soon as pen is put to paper
    2. Fanfictions ARE protected under 'fair use' laws and have upheld quite well in court.
    3. The original copyright holders are within their rights to ask a fan writer to take down their work, outside of that, plots are legally owned by the writer.

    Tina - I'm terribly sorry you had to deal with this. Definitely no fun. But what to do? Not everyone is considerate. However, we must trudge forth, even when the road gets bumpy. Just know, you have one hell of an appreciative readership behind you every step of the way. :)

  26. I m so sorry to hear this, but please do not stop writing , you are one of the most beautiful writer and I love all your stories. I always look forward for weekend to read your stories

  27. I cannit believe the person emailed saying it was ok, unbelievable! you are an amazing writer n it just goes to show how low anyone wld go to get recognition for someone else's hard work. I completely understand why you took fateful love down n im sooo sorry you had to deal with all this keep your head high n dont let people like this take you away from something youare so passionate about . reading ur FF I can tell you put ur heart n soul in everything you write. I think you are one if the most talented writers I have come across on IF I chk ur page everyday for updates. lol during times like this dont forget us the real fans of ur hard work xx

  28. Hi Tina,
    You have no idea who I am, but I have faithfully followed every single one of your works. First, I want to apologize for never taking the time to tell you how much I appreciate your stories. Frankly, I just assumed that you knew how good your work is and its importance for every one of us. I did not want to be an additional comment on a page, taking your time away from other important things. However, now I've realized that this was long overdue. I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I just need to say it.
    SO lets start from the beginning, I think I came across Desert Heat when the show was about to end, or maybe it had ended already. I was desperately looking for a way to keep the magic alive. This show was unlike any before it; it made me jump up and down in excitement, while also making me cry endless tears. Anyways, coming back to the point, I got that magic from your story. I have never felt a love towards the desert, they represent very harsh and uncomfortable settings for me. However, desert heat made me see a different element that I ignoring earlier. The more I read, the more I fell in love with your characters, your story. In the mean time, I basically stalked this place and read all your other works. And the same magic was present in each one of them. I think what has attracted me most is the fact that at the end of all the tribulations and hardships, Arnav and Khushi will always be together. I have this faith in you that you will make them come together at the end, there will always be a happily ever after.
    However, this addiction to your work has caused me some pain as well. I still remember the day I came to this place to re-read the beginning of desert heat, and it was not there! You have no idea how upset I was, I loved, and still love, the initial stages of that story. Nonetheless, once I read your reasoning, I understood. Though I will admit, I come here every time and hope that you will put it back on. That I will be able to revisit the tent where everything began. But, I guess there is still time for that.
    Okay now this is getting way too long, so I will end by saying a few last words. I want you to know and remember that your stories have given many many people a chance to relive this magical show. You keep Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon alive, and that is not a mean feat. Also, although a little part of me (fine a big part of me!) hopes that I will get to reread these stories again and again, I understand and respect your reasons. I will wait, for however long it takes, for you to be ready to share your work with the world. All I request is that please, please, please don't stop writing!

  29. Hi Tina, I am so sorry to hear this, I can understand what you must be going through :(. Stealing and copying is wrong - period. Even if it is stealing something as silly as a Facebook status, still its someones feeling and emotions so how can stealing some ones hard work be OK? I cant believe she said that...
    But you should continue to write not for anyone else but for yourself if that gives you happiness. Its a shame that you cant protect your hard work. Take care and please don't let it take you away from what you love.

  30. Hi TIna,

    I know it's been so long and I have been out of the loop for so long, but I just wanted you to know that you are not only an amazing person but also a wonderful writer. I love your stories, fanfictions, one shots, and all your writings. After reading all that happened, I'm sorry that your weekend went the way it did. I just wanted you to know that Fateful Love is a great story, and we all know that you are the author! So no matter what anyone says or what anyone does, we know that you are its true and rightful author! I completely empathize with you, because I know what it feels like to have someone else take credit for your work, and have your work plagiarized. It is sad, upsetting, and extremely displeasing that someone did this! Honestly they should be ashamed of themselves! No one has the right to do that! I don’t understand what people attain from doing this, but it is awful and it truly angers me. But I just wanted to say that don’t let some like that bring you down! Keep your head up high and don’t let it get it to you! There are so many obstacles and challenges, we as human beings must face and deal with and I know you’re strong, so don’t lose hope or confidence in your work! Keep smiling and be happy, because YOU ARE AWESOME! P.S. I really miss you and wish you all the best of luck with your future writing and especially Enemy Lines, don’t ever doubt your writing, especially when you are an excellent writer!!    <3 <3 <3

    Extremelicious, now arooba55 on indiaforums! :)

    1. P.S.S. Excuse my typos, I was typing way too fast and I didn't properly proof read. I meant to say Tina* and someone*.

  31. This is one of those moments where one curses heavily in their mind and feels the need to flip the table! Where are the morals?!! You read someone's hard work you appreciate it! Not steal and make claims!! Its pathetic! Though I hate to see fateful love gone.. I'm glad you pulled it if this is the sort of things ppl do! Good going on the writing class.. Though I think your work is already brilliant.. I think ull polish it more now :)

  32. sum moralless people really know how to spoil other mood by stealing their works.....story thieves....feeling sorry fr u had to go throough this....we r with u

  33. Oh no no… First it happened with Mind Games and now with Fateful Love. Tina, I have mentioned earlier also, my weekend starts with reading one of your stories. Last weekend I read Chapter 19 and Epilogue of Fateful Love and again thought “this is the best story I have ever read”.

    Tina, I am a huge fan of your stories. Each and every chapter is so beautifully written. Your every story is so unique and your writing style is so beautiful.

    I am really so angry at those sick people who claim others hard work as their own. All I have to say to those pathetic copycats is that: Think of your own stories and write your own unique scenes so that people appreciate your writing.

    Tina, my sincere request is - please do not stop writing. I can not think of a day when you will get fed up and take all your stories down from the blog. I sorry you had to go through so much. I understand why you had to take down Fateful Love. But I am truly disheartened with all this. Also, please do not say you will not write “Enemy Lines”. I am eagerly waiting for this story. I have been a sincere reader and always, always appreciated your stories.

    Pinkly (IF Id)

  34. Tina...So sorry to hear this... oh n the nerver of that person to email u back ...grrrr

    Fateful love is a very unique story and very close to my heart... feel so mad.. dont even knw how u must be feeling.. its ur blood n hard work that was stolen...
    Im glad that you did not shut down the blog and are still going to continue writing...thank you :)
    oh n a writing class... i dot think u need it though....u r one fantastic writer :)

    Ekta (IF- Luvbug)

  35. I am sick by reading plagiarism... how can people stole some ones hard work and post like their own... these people are disgusting... because of those nasty people, we readers are missing reading of valuable stories.i hope you post Fateful Love again as this is my fav too....

    Parvathi (If- honey-sweety

  36. Okay, first of all to whosoever had the guts to plagiarize - GET A LIFE! How can you even have the audacity to mention that its just a fan fiction and that gives you the right to copy it. Did you even hear yourself before saying this to her?! Whatever happened to using your own brain and learning things instead of using someone's hard work for your benefit and not even having any remorse about that fact? Since you seem to be a reader, you must be knowing Tina is a doctor who already goes through crazy hours of shift AND STILL manages to write and update fics here on time. I wonder how could you not feel ashamed of copying!

    Tina, I feel you. Seriously. Is there any way you can penalize that person?

    But I'm glad you thought of your readers and are not discontinuing ongoing fics. Thank you for that. I highly appreciate everytime the time you put in for writing these fics which are a reason for many smiles. Please don't stop writing for issues like these ever coz you're blessed.

    Lots of love (and really waiting for SP

  37. I'm so sorry to hear this Tina! This is terribly awful! I understand how downright upsetting it must be for you.

    I'm appalled at that plagiarizer's audacity to email you and claim her act!
    She's nuts!! Not an ounce of shame.

    I understand you removing FL. And I fully support you on that decision. And thank you so much for deciding to continue with your other stories despite this. Your stories are my remedy after a stressful week.

    All the best for the writing class ! Although you're a brilliant writer already!!
    Looking forward to your updates, and Enemy Lines! =)

    Love and Hugs.
    -Divya xoxo

  38. Tina... I am extremely disgusted to hear about plagarism and the fact that person had the audacity to write to you and claiming what she claimed.... Peole who do this should be penalized and I wish you do take some action agaginst them.
    You are an amazing writer and I fell in love with your stories from the time I started reading Desert Heat. Though I am a slow reader who might seem to disappear for some time but I always come back to read your stories and am glad that you would continue to give us the privilege of reading your stories.
    wish you all the best for your class and hope you continue to write ...but please take whatever necessary action you feel like taking to protect your work
    take care
    IF paaskhanna

  39. Dear TINA!

    So sad to hear this, some people are just .. there are no words. They are like different species altogether, no can compare to their stupidity. I cant imagine how hard it must be for you to take down FL, it was your baby and we all love that story so much. I hope who-ever that stupid person was, S/he hasn't discouraged you from writing, we'll be heart broken to lose you. After IPKKND, we, your readers have come to rely on you for our little dose of IPKKND, to obsesses some more. You're the one thing helping me with my addiction of IPKKND.

    I was so excited for Enemy Lines, I was so happy that I would get a chance to read another wonderful tale because i absolutely adore your stories.

    We all support you in your decision and will continue to stand by you. If you decide not to write anymore, we'll still be there, re-reading your old ffs and laughing and if someday you decide to tell us a new tale, we'll be there to read, not silently! We'll always support you.

    Thanks for continuing your on-going stories. Thank you so much.
    Much love,
    ...Ashley (I-F)

  40. Dear Tina,
    To be honest, at the moment i feel awful for not taking time to comment on your stories. Sorry about that....
    It's so sad that amazing fan fiction writers like you, are objected to take down their stories because of plagiarism by these so called heartless human beings. It's so frustrating! Why don't they understand the consequences behind this?! It's only a loss to the writer but also a loss to his/her fellow readers. I'm glad you took a good decision keeping readers in mind. Thank you.
    Plagiarism is nothing new but seriously something has to be done to stop this! or else they will take advantage of the situation.
    You are an amazing writer Tina. You have the talent to keep readers hooked on to your stories. No matter whatever happens after this you have our support. Take your time and complete your other stories. Thank you.


  41. it was nice of you to share your feelings and concerns with us. hope the request you have made to us about plagiarism is heard and people stop copying other works. i am extremely sorry that this has lead to you removing one of my favourite stories. but hopefully you post it back.... really leaves us in a very bad mood thinking how low people can get by not only stealing others works but also have the nerve to support their answer...

  42. I'm going to kill the person....I'm feeling very very bad....Fateful love is one of your story which was close to my heart.....I love it to the core.....nothing new in it...because I love all your stories equally and they are all different and unique...seeing your work copied makes me mad....Can't they get life...Why do they steal? First Shameless...then Desert Heart...Then Mind Games....then now Fateful love.....Why you...Why us.....I don't know what to say....You are Amazing Tina Di...and I hope you do continuing writing on ArShi.....will wait for the day when we can see Fateful Love again in revised version........I'm with you Di......Will be waiting for the updates on your other stories......Fateful love :(...I'm gonna miss you so much.....And Di is there any news on Shameless....I'm nuisance I know but I'm really missing Shameless from past two years.....

    vs_2706 (IF)

  43. Hi Tina..Im actually feeling sorry for the idiot who copied Fateful Love, my most fav story, coz he/she is getting cursed by so many of ur fans including me. Its a shame that people don't have same respect for Fanfictions as they probably have for normal novel fictions. But such people who copy other's work are not writers or creative in any manner other than cheating. Thanks a lot for deciding to complete SP, DH & BHO. & plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss, do share Enemy Lines with us. Pls Plsssssss Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. I know incidents like this leave a bad impression but ArHi lovers lyk us can't seem to get enough of Arnav, Khushi, IPK and YOU and YOUR stories, sop please share Enemy Lines with us. & best of luck for ur classes, though u don't need any. Lots of luv & support :) xoxoxoxoxo

  44. Dear Tina,
    It was with utmost dismay and anger when i read your last update. i am so sorry. how can people be so lazy and cowardly to steal someone's hard work and portray it as their own????Fateful love is what brought me to this blog. i was actually goggling for a movie of the same title when i clicked on the site out of curiosity on seeing Arhi. i understand how you feel right now but please don't ever let this be an obstacle to your love for writing and sharing it with us. we love reading your stories and are always eager for an update. Please don't let us the true fans suffer for someone's wickedness.
    I hope there is a legal way you can make the bad guys pay for this. this has to stop!!!! i wish you the very best in your writing classes and always remember that we are always here for you to at least give you moral support.
    take care and lots of love and hugs from me.

  45. Hey Tina
    it gave me lot of anger when i read someone is copying your stories and moreover is not regretful about it. and i can't imagine what u would be feeling. I just hope people do realize their mistakes. Hope to see u soon

  46. OMG... I dropped by here to read my most favourite ff Fateful Love again... :o Why God why? :( I hate cheaters like this... I wish I could punish them with my own bare hands... Dear Tina, I feel very bad for you and hope you will recover from the pain soon... Dont worry we are with you... You are gifted with a magical fingers to write those beautiful and lovable works... Forgive me because I've been a silent reader all along from last year... You dont know me but i know all your ff,ss and os... I am a girl and a ipkkndian and an Arshian. Fateful Love was the first ff that brought me here to a creative writer like you and i love that ff to the core... I've read it 2 times last year and I wish to read it again and again... <3 I could feel murderous rage towards those low lifes... I am sorry if I am rude but couldnt help to ask when will you post this awesome fateful love AGAIN in your heaven blog? I wish I could travel the time back with our beloved Arshi once again :) That ff is very close to my heart like you said to you too... I understand your pain and I pray I'll have the honour to read this ff again... <3 I will miss it...

  47. And please dont change the story... It is awesome and mindblowing the way it is... I am so sad because couldnt read it again... Please I beg you to post it back.... Please... Please... Please... Sorry about my blabbering but I am going crazy here... I am sorry once again :(

  48. Dear Tina, I hav been a silent reader so far.. hav read almost all of ur stories.. I m huge fan of yours n love ur work.. am sry for wat happened to you.. Take severe action against the idiot who copied ur story.. and I also wanna req u to pls continue writing on arshi forever.. Your stories makes us not to miss Arshi.. so pls continue soon.. Take care :)

  49. Dear tina,
    Very sorry for what happened...fateful love was the one which bought me to u it will be very sad to see it go and please don't make any changes in the story it is beautiful as it let us know your decisions very soon.

  50. sorry for the trouble you had to go through.
    hope it makes you stronger in every possible way.

  51. Omg!!!!
    That hurts so damn much when it happens. We readers too feel the pain coz we've been on this journey along with you. And these people must have so much of brains to copy coz your every work is stringently protected. I wonder when people will learn.
    But on the bright side sweetie, you know what?
    You're writing has such class n is so darn beautiful that people jump at opportunities to emulate it. Plagiarising is a crime I agree, but it also shows that people are desperate to have the talent that you have.
    Please don't think I'm trying to side with that person. I'm just trying to lighten your mood by buttering you a lil ;)
    Be happy and loyal readers like us are always with you

  52. Omg!!!!
    That hurts so damn much when it happens. We readers too feel the pain coz we've been on this journey along with you. And these people must have so much of brains to copy coz your every work is stringently protected. I wonder when people will learn.
    But on the bright side sweetie, you know what?
    You're writing has such class n is so darn beautiful that people jump at opportunities to emulate it. Plagiarising is a crime I agree, but it also shows that people are desperate to have the talent that you have.
    Please don't think I'm trying to side with that person. I'm just trying to lighten your mood by buttering you a lil ;)
    Be happy and loyal readers like us are always with you

  53. Omg Tina I'm so sorry you had to deal with something like that. And that person actually had the nerve to email you about that. I really really hope that whoever he is, he goes down for that. That copyright statement does not consist of only words, It's something legal and something that person can pay dearly for. If you want to seek further actions, you can and you will even be supported by the email he sent you. I'm really sorry about what you had to deal with. Your writing brings a lot of people from all over the world together and I sincerely hope that it gets better. Don't let the haters bring you down :)

  54. Omg..... I love your ff..... This is one of my favourites. Sorry Tina. I hope everything works out well

  55. OMG! Tina I'm soo sorry to hear this....Fateful Love was special to me and i'm sure to all other readers....whoever the person was who stole your words for that jerk...I hope you work everything out...just don't let your spirit down...all the real ArShian's are with you.... tc

  56. I am so sorry you had to go through this Tina... but I am glad you will keep writing the stories...

    IF name: varsha2KD

  57. Hi Tina! I've been an anonymous reader for a while now. I found ur stories through fan faraktion. I started first with fateful love, such an incredible story. I can not even begin to imagine the hard work you must hav put into it with the beautiful way you captured arhi love through time travel. I cried towards the end of that story and often I daydream abt it wondering how their lives would've turned out later in the same 'time zone' together with their baby. It's sad that there are such people out there who steal others' works and if that wasn't bad enough this person is so shameless to outright say such things to u.
    I'm also following Baby Hold On and Secret Passion and love both equally. I hope you come out through this stronger and this unfortunate event somehow turns out in your favor. Just had to comment to let u know I may have been a silent reader all this while but am a huge fan of yours. I am one of the many who truly appreciates the wonderful stories you write.

  58. hey tina. i love ur story very much. fateful love was very close to my heart too. i just love that story very much. i can't believe people are this selfish. i hope ur going to upload it soon. i read that story again and again to be relaxed. i love all of them. i hope whoever he is get nice punishment in some way for doing this. please do keep writing we are with u till end and above. i wish u well. continue veryyy soon .take care. love ur stories and miss ur writing very much. it like a dream world to me. different from real. love u di.

  59. hi Tina,

    i was away for few days & was unable to come online but now when i m back & came here to check for any updates, i got shocked to know that your work again plagiarised...
    i dont know what we can say about people like this, they are really sick people.. they simply dont have self respect. they just want to gain popularity, they do such shameful act of copying someother work & producing as their own..

    i just wanted to say one thing to these people that if you want get popular than use your brain & come with new story line of your own by doing this u just not only get popular but also u will be appreciated & more than that u wil be Respected.. so pls dont do that again with any writer...

    & Tina what i can say about.. from last year i have been following u from that i have known that you are very very STRONG & PASSIONATE about writing on ARHI & no bloody stealer will break u & stop u from writing. i really Respect u alot & salute you..

    feeling really sad that you have to take down our favourate Fateful Love but happy that it is in safe place right now... but will be eagerly waiting for the time when you will put that again & we will be reading that beautiful story again n again..
    feeling bad that you are giving second thought about Enemy Line, coz of bas***d like that we genuine readers have to suffer, but i m sure you will start that journey also (finger cross)
    you have our full Support, Love & Respect for you..
    will be waiting for your updates eagerly...

  60. Dear Tina
    I am a silent reader of your stories and never had a courage to post a comment because of my poor english skills, but today couldnt sit back as I understand wht you might have gone through....because many times when ever I read your updates I always appreciated you for your writing skills and the research you might have done ( specially Fateful Love as it is a very different story altogether and one of the best stories I have ever read) are such an amazing writer and I admire you a lot and learnt lot from your script ( especially good english) you got such good talent and you make us hook to your stories that every weekend we will wait for the updates and never forget to check though stuck in busy schedules.....and today my respect for you has increased a lot for the way you are handling it and not disappointing your other followers for ones mistake.....for that I cant thank you enough....because your stories are stress busters in our busy lives....thank you so much and god bless you.....

  61. I cant believe that THAT thief has the audacity to email you after stealing your story and say that it was ok coz this is a fanfiction!!!!.....whoever that person is, he/she is a doubt about that....disgusting....

    if id: xyzsm

  62. Omg I am so sorry that something like that happened to you. I know what it feels like to have your story copied up by someone else online. It's really hard to deal with that but unfortunately that's one of the harshest reality of the internet. Don't let this get you down.

  63. OMG why woul someone went to do that to you :( hugs T
    Take your time will wait btw is mind games finished or your still going to write season 2?

  64. So sorry to hear what u have gone through,it's bcz people luje tjis person that all of us have to suffer...i was abt to leave a very cheesy comment on DH and SP but didn't bcz i thought u might be ill or something otherwise u never take this long to update a story... i was so looking forward to read enemy lines, i hope u will find a way to write this story and we will be able to read it as well.


  65. Hi dear!! Came across ur ffs a few months back n I must say dat ur an absolutely amazing writer!! The way u portray Arshi in ur ffs is beautiful!! I really enjoy n love reading ur ffs.Really sorry to hear about ur work being plagiarised....dat person should be ashamed to say dat its only a ff n can be copied!!.......can only be a self absorbed lunatic who wud say dat!Hope u won't be discouraged by this......just remember God has Blessed U with a gift to write n no doubt ur an amazing writer n no one can take that away from U!!

  66. its been a month, no update yet.. very sad. always look forward for weekend to read your stories :(

  67. I've beeb continuously checking for updates for the past 4 weeks but there's been none :( I hope everything's fine at your end, and I hope we get atleast one update soon :)

  68. Hi Tina,

    I hope all is well at your end. Just hear me out: You're a great writer and a good person! Keep your head up high and do NOT listen or care about those individuals who have plagiarized your work! I know you're angry, I would be too! I completely empathize with you, but don't let something like this get under your skin. Show the person whose boss and the actual author of this story.

    All of your fans are rooting for you to come back with a bang, and make a Dhoom 3 kinda of an entrance, so we are ready to be blown away! :D Just be happy and keep smiling and if you ever need to talk, I'm always here for you!!

    Ok I know I was missing for 2 years, but that was because I had 2 jobs and my aunt passed away from breast cancer. After her death, I was in shock for lengthy period of time and I shut out the world and distanced myself from everything. It took me a really long time to move on, because when she died I realized who really matters and who never mattered. The difference between real and fake and truth and lies were clear to me.

    I know what it feels like to be used and to have other people take credit for your work. But I don’t ever want you to lose confidence in your work, because truly you are an AMAZING writer, one of the best actually! The way you describe everything and paint a picture with your words…it’s magical and enchanting…I love it and so do all of your other millions of fans and readers! So be proud of yourself and keep looking forward, because you deserve to be happy! Don’t ever let yourself feel down for anything!!

    Here's a poem I wrote for you:
    Tina: An Inspiration
    Tina Tina,
    Where have you gone?
    We miss you, we love you, please come back
    The Fan-Fictions, Short Stories and One Shots you write
    Just makes me giggle, blush, cry, and daydream
    The burning and fervent romance in Secret Passion
    Causes butterflies in my stomach
    And the wondrous adventures in the sandy dunes of The Thar
    just makes make eager to pay a visit to Rajasthan
    Sushi’s and Mr. Sexy’s teasing and bantering in Baby Hold On
    Makes me wish I dated a hot and gorgeous police officer
    And those promiscuous Mind Games that Arnav and Khushi play
    Just gets me really tingly inside hahaha
    Can’t forget the thrilling horror and suspense of Shameless
    Passionate and erotic and just so intense,
    The time traveling journey and the true and Faithful Love of Arnav and Khushi
    Is making me want to go farther in time, so that I can find my true love
    The teaser for Enemy Lines has gotten me way too excited for my own good,
    And I can’t wait till you start it, because I know just like your other stories,
    It will be AWESOME and AWE-INSPIRING!
    Tina Tina,
    You’re a brilliant writer with a great talent
    Wish you good luck and all the best
    Hope you come back soon, because we all miss you and love you!! 


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