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Secret Passion Mega Update Now Up!

I hope this really long update makes up for some of the delay. I almost split it into two chapters but what the heck, it is Arnav's birthday after all so enjoy!
I would have posted Baby Hold On's update today along with Secret Passion but the SP update is so long and well, so important, that I don't want anything to take away from that.
BHO will be posted this Thursday, Jan 15th sometime in the evening (US Eastern time).
So are you ready to find out the mystery behind Mr. Sexy's 3 month long disappearance? I know Sushi is... Check back soon.
...Arnav's long-held secret will be revealed in just a few days…
Special Shout out to Sib for the "Quote of the Month" suggestion, I think that's a great way to remember stories that have ended. Feel free everyone to leave suggestions on the comment thread. First one is Sib's nomination from Storm Within...
ps. Really, really glad to see the great response to Enemy Lines--it will begin once BHO and DH conclude within the next month or two. SP is designed to be a long-running soap opera saga so it will not be ending any time soon :)

pss. The current comment thread is getting very crowded so please use this post as Comment Thread #8. I will reply in a day or two to everyone on Thread #7.


We've crossed almost 200 comments again, so the last comment thread has been moved to the  'Archives' page. Please leave all new comments here (with the Title of my FF and Chapter Number). This will help with page loading issues and also increase security so this blog can remain public for honest readers.
I appreciate all the feedback everyone.
ps. instead of replying with individual posts, I'll be posting one giant reply with my response to each person in order of date and time of the comment. After a round of updates, look for it and I'm sure you'll notice it. Happy reading!


  1. Omggg! You need to update SP again ASAP. This wait will kill us.
    Amazing update.. loved how Khushi planned for his day.
    I'm sure Khushi will handle the Nicole situation well too.. Nicole needs to get as bad as she gives. :|
    Continue super soon. Pleaseeee!

  2. Just read SP chapter 29 and I must say that the MAHA update was indeed a treat. I loved it and thank you for that. �� Loved the fact that khushi went to such lengths to make Arnav's birthday special. The interview with Nicole seemed really interesting and can't wait for khushi to give it back to Nicole. Hope khushi realizes that Nicole is lying and believes Arnav. Eagerly looking forward to the next update. ☺️-- ship13(IF)

  3. SP chapter 29 was awesome & well writing as always, i just hope khushi will believe Arnav & put Nicole in her place. please update soon SP chapter 30 :)

  4. nice story please update soon

  5. hi tina, why is nicole sabotaging anrav? what will be khushi's answer to nicole. will the family understand their love and support them. please bring anjali from her illusion world and make her to see and realize what is happening around her life. she should be the matured one to stand and support arnav in difficulties not the other way around. how many more difficulties will he endure in his life? i hope Khushi and Arnav stand with eachother thick and thin in all their problems and face the world. please dont separate them. and why does payal hate khushi so much. how will arnav be able to revial about payal to khushi. will she believe him. the way problems are going on in their life, i think it will be very difficult. its a live interview so payal must be very happy seeing khushi's condition. how will they come out of this problem?

  6. Hey TINA

    It was an awesome long update of SP!!!
    I really hope that Anjali would be able to see he true colors of her husband and how he is taking her to his advantage! Hmm I wonder who was the person who watched them, was it Nani?
    Finally his birthday somewhat went the way which most of the readers wanted was Arshi loveable and romantic passion moments, though there was some misunderstanding between them at first. Love the idea of Khushi kidnapping him to have some time with him on his birthday. The place was super!!!
    I was happy that Arshi cleared their misunderstandings and now came another problem by Nicole... I wish Khushi will trust Arnav and not believe that evil and jealous Nicole's unwanted accusations, who is trying to create problems in their life
    Can't wait for the next update!!!
    Pls don't keep the suspense long...
    Thanks for the pm ;)

  7. Hi Tina episode 29 of SP was absolutely amazing. I was worried that arnav would be upset through out his bday but i loved how khushi convinced him. I hope u are not plaaning on separating them after all those hurdles they have faced i want them to behappy and believe obe another. The title of the next episode seems positive and i hope khushi gives a very very hard time to nicole and her belief in arnav does not less a tad bit. Eagerly waiting for the next update and thank u for not ending SP early.


  8. Nice update....please continue soon

  9. Update was amazing... But I want this kind of lengthy update twice in a week... Ohh it would be fun... :p
    P.s . u r an amazing writer.. :)

  10. Wow!!!!!! So good yaar ur keeping us on the edge that bitchy gpst !!!! Hope their love survives this test also .... Wonderful chapter as always ... U R THE BEST . . u have kept the story and its theme so centered e end after so long ... Kudos yaar

  11. Hi again tina... I couldnt control myself so posting another comment... Poor arnav he felt so bad... But let me day one thing I seriously thought that there will be some 50 shades stuff here . but he was so hurt by khushi and what a way to mend ways ... Khushi is a genius. And nothing could surpass her birthday gift though .... Such beautiful chapter with emotions... When u said 2 of us stories will come to an end I thought it will be BHO and SP but thank god it will continue. Even though I like the other stories SP is my favourite.. U gave me peace .... Eagerly awaiting the future episodes... And lastly MMMMUUUUUUAAAAAHHHHH for the best writer of arshi stories u r the best

  12. amazing update!!! pls.. no MU between them.. continue soon... :) :) :)

  13. TINA!
    Hello back... Hope you had a nice holiday....
    now the update:
    Loved the way the emotions are portrayed early on in the chapter... Arnav's hurt and Khushi's dilemma... I guess Khushi is being her natural self... all self doubting and its also the pregnancy hormones running wild... Thank god for Khushi's weirdly amazing idea of kidnapping Arnav, the birthday was an absolute treat to read...
    phew...Arnav just barely got away without telling the truth about Payal to Khushi... <- that sentence sounds weird but anyway moving on... Payal should really get that she stands no chance...
    Anjali!...can anyone be anymore delusional? I wonder who was the shadow in the dark, though... and now coming to the end of the chapter...
    Tina *whine* <-- yes i am whining right now...because the chapter was going soo great until Nicole James chose to make an appearance... that B**th Troll...excuse me for that... but seriously...she ruined everything... though i have hopes and faith in on Khushi, Arnav and their love and trust... hopefully she won't be able to do much damage... you won't let her...

    I was sad to know that your stories are coming to end but am so happy its not SP because though i love BHO and DH... Sp is definitely my favourite...
    would be eagerly waiting for the BHO update on Thursday...
    ok this is getting lng so i'll take my leave...but thanks again for taking your time to write and share your stories with us... looking forward to and year like last field with lots of ArShi stories and updates...
    ps: thanks for the PM... :D

  14. Just read SP. Lovely update. The way khushi kidnapped arnav was wonderful. Happy that they did get over their misunderstanding. But at the end what nicole said wouled it affect tear relationship. I have a feeling that it would not. Hope my feeling becomes true. Please do update fast. Because I can't take the sus pence.

  15. Loved SP. What an update. Hope nicole doesn't create rift between arnav and khushi. I think it will be fine. Please do update soon. So that the us pence is over with.

  16. The drama!! That's what SP is all abt and what feeds of my satisfaction reading your master pieces!! That was an absolute cliff hanger! CNt wait for the rest to be updated tii.. Pl update All of them soon :(

  17. Hi Tina..I loved the recent update of SP. Im a great fan of all ur stories. My fav though was, Fateful love. But im simply in love with all the FFs here. U r an awesum writer. Eagerly waiting for next update of Baby, Hold On. Anddddd also, ur new FF, Enemy Lines seems really interesting. Pls start it asap.

  18. hi Tina!!
    wish you a very happy new year once again.

    thanks for the best surprise of the year..
    'Enemy Lines' that was such a treat..cant wait to this journey to start. thanks once again & sorry for coming here late..

    coming to SP chp 29

    that was brilliant.
    a lot of things happen in this part. from their little misunderstanding to their make up.
    from one villian Payal to the new Nicole James.. all were just fantastic.
    i know that Nicole is not just trying to creat difference between Arnav & Khushi but want to seprate them, (may be i m wrong but with her attitude gives me this feeling..) but she dont know that they love each other deeply, & Khushi trust Arnav more than herself, which nobody can break.. though i know it will hurt her but she'll answer Nicoles every damn question & save AR reputation, Arnav's & to top it all to their Love..

    waiting for the nxt eagerly..

  19. very nice update. there mu got clear.khushi kidnap arnav. there chemistry. there love. i hate payal dadi and Shyam very much. garima finally accepted arnav. that Nicole is a witch. i hope khushi answer her well. continue soon. take care..

  20. (Welcome back! I hope you had a head-clearing vacation!)

    SP 29 – ‘His Birthday’ felt like my birthday. :)

    I loved their opening conversation. Arnav was honest, brutally so, but Khushi very much needed to hear that she is indeed different from his other women. With his wealth, his looks – he could have chosen anyone, but he chose HER because she’s KHUSHI, it’s as simple and as complicated as that.

    It also made me realize something. This version of A & K has never shied away from difficult conversations. They lay it out, have at it, and move on. Their relationship comes out stronger, their bond more secure after being tested by fire. That it’s hot, goes without saying ;)

    Anjali and Shyam were deliciously insane in this update. I read each line with fascinated horror. And the ultimate reveal of him painting a bull’s eye over her naked flesh… damn. (Who’s left at the house to witness this scene?)

    Your jab at the kidnapping scene is much appreciated LOL
    This kidnapper was way more effective, the hideout well chosen, and the results much more… pleasurable ;)

    Sexy cunning Mr. Raizada is my favorite. How wicked of him to seduce his wife while sister-in-law was on the line. I love it!

    You left us on such a dramatic note! Nicole’s attempt at payback is pathetic and laughable. On live national television, really? Someone must have interned for the Jerry Springer Show. :D

    Thank you for the fabulous update. It was yummy, scandalous and left me wanting more, i.e. a typical SP update. :) I will be anticipating ‘An Eventful Party’.

  21. BHO update was intense. Almost made me cry. Loved the update..

  22. hi tina

    happy new year...sorry for late commenting.. i read all updates in one go ..hehe
    i didnt knew u will be ending DH nd BHO soon..i will be mising it soo much...ok nw for update...
    DH i loved the oasis..though they have finally untied after soo long..arnav is soo much in tension due to nk truth ..i hope he reveal himself before too late..anyways khusi wont leave him ever...but if someone else told shewil be hurt...

    SP what can i say ..awsm is short...arnav doing all detective for payal is great decision..since khushi wont accept it soon..her birthday suprise turned bad for a moment ..i loved how arnav told he couldnt even think of doing that with her...he was hurt ..but i loved how khushi tried to make up everything...even that kidnap was fun..and finally birthday was awsm so was gift of baby showing we have more pyshcos ..payal will remember same sound during khusi aptt days and fume more..shyaam is added psycho now..dunno who saw..nani or khan?? that nicole is such a big drama and liar ..attention seeker..i m sure khushi will handle this jerk well..

    BHO..was awsm and emotional...finally after soo much of running and chasing and all mus the truth is out...gosh arnav suffered real hell for sure...that is the reason he safe guard khushi first as he didnt knew he will survive...but who is spy betwen them who is leaking everything..can it be really lavanya?? i hope not..that man isreally dangerous..i was so emotional when finally truth was out and when khusi saw his marks ..the way arnav finally broke down in front of was really heart touching.....dunno what khusi is planinng now to end this all...i m curious now


  23. Hi Tina,

    BHO update was fantastic. Just loved it. I am completely in love with this story. It has humor, passion, mystery and drama. Brilliant writing. You are really a fabulous, gifted writer and your stories are really amazing TREATS for us readers. Thank you for it !! �� Coming back to the update, I loved the fact that khushi finally got to know how much Arnav loves her and how he had been tortured. Loved her response that she too starts crying when she realizes the truth. The mystery deepens that who is the mole. Maybe lavanya !! I must say khushi is very smart that she thought that the room might have been bugged and mentioned it to Arnav in the shower. Loved the closeness of arnav and khushi. Really really looking forward to the next update. ��
    - ship13 (IF)

  24. Hi again Tina...
    BHO update was everything you promised it would be...
    I would never have thought that what happened was this... there were man speculations but nothing close to what actually happened... the update was really intense... but I'm glad everything's cleared between ArShi now...

    Aman & Sheena... well well well... but that's so cute... but is Lavanya really the spy... or is there still something amiss...

    But all in all the update was trul amazing and now looking forward to DH and SP update...
    thanks for the PM

  25. Hi tina di....this is my first comment..but i have read all your work. Every single ff ss and os is just awesome... Specially baby hold on and secrete passion..i am feeling sad that i can't read desert heat from start...but i loved all your work...and i promise i will comment on each chapter from now on..thank you- Radhika

  26. sp n bho

    awesome updates loved both of them


  27. wonderful chapters. cant wait to read desert heat. was very eager to read that....

  28. Hi Tina BHO was everything u promised finally the truth is out but it was really heart wrenching to know that Mr.Sexy had gone through hell those three months. Finally khushi knows how much arnav loves her. Waiting for the next update i hope she doesnt do anything stupid so that she doesnt risk their lives... well well aman nd sheene were cute though.... nd who is dat mole?? Could it b lavanya really i hope not but whoever it is has to pay hell once Mr.Sexy comes to know about it.


  29. Awesome chapter of BHO!
    Finally the truth on why Arnav went missing was out... Felt bad for Arnav that he sacrifice himself to save the innocent people. But he was a strong person!
    Thanks for the pm;)

  30. just read the maha update of secret passion and i must say one word


  31. ohh just read bho. can't believe arnav have to go through so much. feeling really sad for arnav. and the hate for those people. continued soon. waiting eagerly. take care.

  32. ohh just read bho. can't believe arnav have to go through so much. feeling really sad for arnav. and the hate for those people. continued soon. waiting eagerly. take care.

  33. ohh just read bho. can't believe arnav have to go through so much. feeling really sad for arnav. and the hate for those people. continued soon. waiting eagerly. take care.

  34. OMG wat a fantastic update... both BOH and SP
    just awesome....
    SP: tht was so cute...Khushi kidnapping Arnav for his birthday..... and wat is this Nicole up tooooo...y ..y now...when everything was going on so great btw them atleast.... n with that payal in the picture too

    BOH: FInally the secret abt where arnav was is out...omg it was so painful to read the parts where u described what he went through...and how aman saved himmm.....for some reason i think shyam works for NK....just a guess...i dont knw y though

    1. oops forgot to the same Luvbug from IF :)

  35. Awesome chapters!
    So sad about Arnav's truth :( I didn't think it would be this sad..
    I also still don't trust Aman, nor do i really trust khushi's best friend at this point.. something seems off
    SP was as hot and steamy as ever! absolutely loved it! I especially liked the part where Arnav deliberately makes Payal jealous, i hope her truth is revealed to khushi soon... and also want to find out the truth about her that they shared with her previous fiancé... does she have a mental illness?
    and I really hope Khushi doesn't believe Nicole's words! and also makes her look like a fool on TV!!!
    so excited for the next chapters :)

  36. New reader alert!!!

    Finally caught up with SP so far of all your stories on arshi. And let me tell and I'm sure up you already know, that you have a pandora box of beautiful arshi stories. This is one couple I can't seem to get enough off even now. So finding your stories and especially this blog was a haven for me.

    For SP all I have to say is I'm in awe of the love, trust and passion you weeve around arshi and between them. With a twist of Payal being the tormented one here than a usual Shyam I came along in most stories.

    Even though Anjali, Dadi, Shyam are all twisted characters in there own peculiar way, Payal is the most dangerous here for obvious reasons that no one knows her ute face.

    So far I'm enchanted with this story and wanna read more so will be following this blog and story from now on.

    And now I've to make a pick among your others stories for me to pick and start reading from.

  37. first of all thanx for the double update.they were for the ending part i know arnav will save khushi.i hope akash and payal will be out of shantivan .

  38. Oh my!!!double whammy!
    I hate all the freaking raizadas of shantivan now
    Excluding Nani
    Hate aj
    Hate Nicole
    Hate lavanya tho I think she wanted to tell arnav abt payal in DL. Maybe she is ms.x?
    Freaking hate shyaam too
    But I absolutely loved the updates
    Who pushed khushi? Aj maybe? Coz I don't think payal would risk that.
    I'm so glad u r continuing tho.
    Take care

  39. OMGG!! My head is exploding right now. So literally, there's no one but Nani who's the only positive thing in Shaantivan. I really hope Arnav's trust in Aman remains intact otherwise it would be too much for him to take. As it as things have made him so skeptical.
    DL - was the worst kind of thing ever. I hope places like this with so much darkness cease to exist one day. I'm trying to feel sad for Payal since she has Akash as her husband but then dont they say - what goes around comes back around? She has brought this on herself.
    What baffles me is the ArHi are surrounded by so many vile and greedy monsters! Shyam-Anji-Akash-Payal-Dadi-AJ-Nicole even Lavanaya and you know who else. Everyone has some or the other selfish reason. I just hope these people are out of ArHi's life soon.

    As for Khushi, I'm hoping that she'll be fine. She's pregnant and she has so many shocking revelations on the way that am really feeling bad for her. She doesn't deserve all this at all.
    Is that Payal or AJ who pushed her? Waiting for your update.

    Also thank you for continuing with this.

    Lots of love

  40. OH MY GOD....where the hell did that come from.... u got a really devious mind tina.... it was mind blowing,,, and u had to just stop at the climax.... :( hope nothing happens to Khushi and the babies... plssss.... and hope she realises the truth soon,,,

    great update ...keep rocking

  41. Hello i very recently came upon your blog..and i must tell since then i have been hooked to your stories. All are very interesting. And I really felt bad that someone stole ur stories.. But its great that u didnt allow that to be a set back. Now coming back to the updates. My fav story is undoubtedly Secret passion. And seriously what twists! Best part was how khushi gave it back to nicole in style! Totally unimaginable twist was Aj and Akash..goodness! He has totally betrayed Arnav.. And i really pity arnav..he s really surrounded by betrayers...except for his khushi.. Hope he save khushi in time...but seriously u left us at the lurch...cliff hanger.. Hope u update quickly! U r a wonderful writer..

  42. Hey just finished reading SP again and it was just awesome ur writing is absolutely a treat for me. I loved every bit of it. I hope u'll update soon :))

  43. i love was great....i cant tell you how much i love this update....i cant wait to see what happen next.....update soon....please try to update the other stories too....

  44. Hi tina I thought you would quit writing. But to my relief I found SP updated I am so Dam happy seeing that update thank u so very much for posting it. And for the update true to your word it really was a roller coaster ride. I was on the edge through out the update. I hope khushi and the babies are fine and arnav turns to ASR so that he can beat that person black and blue for hurting his pregnant wife. I am hoping to read BHO ASAP. Bye


  45. what an updates of sp. just wonderful. i can't find words to describe it. there r so many twists an turns in the two updates. arnav n khuhsi are attacked from all sides. and finally that attack on khushi. hope arnav can save her well in time. i never thought that akash would go against arnav big time. is he influenced by payal and his mother. i liked it when arnav asked akash to get out of his house. u always finish the sp upadte with suspence. please do update it soon.

  46. Finally a SP's update , Thank you , an amazing update :)


  47. wow Tina, the updates were as you promised... A total roller-coaster... But thank you sooo much for continuing... Payal is mental, i tell u... gosh... I felt bile rise up my throat reading about her and Akash... total made for eachother... Nicole got as good as she gave... I was so thrilled to see Mrs. ASR in action... but the week long separation was heart-wrenching... poor ASR... but as we knew they found their way back to eachother... AJ is in the picture now... and i think i also know who Master Horatio is...and Mrs.C...seriously? Payal is a psychopath... NK helping things out was a breather... and he saw Shaym and Anjali... poor thing...
    Akash...that ungrateful b**t**d... God.. i felt like killing him... Khushi in the pool... Arnav will save her... no doubt.. and then he will ass...of a lot of them...
    waiting for DH and BHO now... update soon... also...dont worry about people not reading your work in the future... I for one am never going to stop stalking your blog... xx

  48. SP part 30&31

    Nicole deserved a few more slaps

    Crap Payal is sick
    hmmm i think the dom maybe AJ or Shyam

    Dammit Akash is really a coward, he saw AJ manhandling Khushi and he just stood there
    he is lucky Arnav only gave him a few punches and threw him out
    CRAP did Payal get enough guts to push Khushi in the pool?

    ASR will kill her

  49. Day before yesterday I ws gng to post asking u whether u r fine or not n here I c double dhamaka. Thanks fr dat..

    A lot of revelations here.. Nicole coming back khushi furious n payal omg.. mrs. C is fr chote.. she s really delusional n crazy. Finally arnav gt a glimpse of it. The man is it AJ? Frst I thought aman wen arnav questiond his loyalty but latr while AJ talking to khushi of dominance n discipline I think its him.. Did AJ n akash started business to bring down arnav n khushi. Akash is fool his wife needs asr n his partner khushi. If payal pulled khushi she will b knwing soon abt her intentions.

    Welcome back n dnt think dat u have to stop writing arshi ff because no one readz it.. at least a bunch of ppl stil read it.. wil b waiting fr ur new ff.. update wen u feel so n please dnt stop writing bcs of stupid brain less jerks..

    Brkn angl

  50. after a long time...
    nice update!!!
    very eager to read the next one..... :) :)
    continue sooo soon... :) :) :) :)

  51. I love the updates of SP .......Please continue soon

  52. SP- The double update had me absolutely glued to the laptop. The twists!! They're not twists, they should be called "super-twists" or something along those terms. The update were simply fantastic. Arnav's confession about Nicole, the week-long tension, the reconciliation!! The party and the black saree also deserve special mention. And not to forget the changes in Akash... talk about twists. Whoa!! I can't say I expected him to condone any form of BDSM but you definitely have a logical basis for him being jealous of Arnav. It makes an incredible amount of sense!!
    I loved how Arnav gave them 20 mins to get out of HIS house. Everyone seemed to have forgotten certain essential facts.
    The last bit, obviously has me pining for the next update. Khushi was pushed by Payal!! Brilliant update!!! Also, I loved how Khushi stood up against Nicole and proved Nicole wrong!!
    Special mention: The DL portions must have been a real challenge to portray... you managed it wonderfully. The entire scenario had me completely creeped out but to be honest, the way you handled the content was pretty impressive. As a writer, you handled those moments and images with a great deal of caution and have managed to aesthetically present something that is essentially innately gruesome and revolting.

  53. Thank you for taking the time to write again after such an awful episode. Really missed your thoughts. As far as the updates go, they were simply "Superb" !!! You really made my day by giving me a double treat with two updates of SP !! :) Absolutely loved it and thoroughly enjoyed it. You are such a mesmerizing writer that I can never get enough of your writings !! Seriously I am addicted to your stories and thank you for my addiction !! :)
    Coming to the updates, loved the fact that khushi gave a fitting reply to that awful Nicole and that finally both khushi and Arnav made up. I really love NK, he is so cute and is the perfect friend to khushi. He brings a smile to my face. Also liked the fact that Arnav finally got to know the extent of deviousness of payal when she said ASR in the video. Seriously both payal and Akash are loathsome and you brought it out beautifully. Really looking forward to the next update. Can't wait !! :) :)

  54. Now that was amazing, u gave up Double update thank u so much...
    Aakash is seriously a coward, I hate him for not coming for khushi...
    & u asked if something stood out, ya there is something which caught my attention in dl the senior member with whom Payal was involved, I have a doubt that it may be shyam because Arnav fad a feeling that he could recognise the voice

  55. So happy to see Double update of SP
    Both the chapter held a lot of surprises...
    Hate the part on Arnav and Nicole...
    And the DL part was kind of gross...
    Too many tensions for ARSHI and the number of people troubling is increasing... Firstly it was Payal and now it's AJ and somewhat Aakash also
    Aakash was seriously a pain and he had the nerve to say nothing was wrong when Khushi was suffering.
    Like the part where Arnav confronted him back and also ask to vacate the house. Good job Arnav
    I guess Payal took the opportunity to push Khushi down in the pool... Hopefully nothing happens to her and their babies
    Continue soon!!!
    Thanks for the pm;)

  56. SP 30 & 31
    Wow what a twist.. Payal is way too sick that I have imagined.. Akash's character shocked me.. All the sweetness n politeness gone .. He seems more like frustrated resentful teenager trying to get back and prove he is more capable and intelligent and shrewd businessman than ArnAv but all it shows is does not know B of business.
    AJ .. I guess he was the man with Payal in the ring @ DL..
    Now that you have told that we are no way near the ending of this story and new twists shades n news characters entering.. I only request you to take your time but please don't leave the story without finishing ...

  57. hi Tina,

    you really make our day for sure, just thanks is not enough for giving this update after a very horrible phase..
    i really appreciate & respect & love your dedication towards writing & keeping ArShi alive still..

    & i m sure with time & after compeleting DH & BHO, you will definetely come with a solution for the continuing Enemy Lines & other story..
    & like now, there will be always alot of readers to read Arshi stories..

    & now coming to an update.
    SP Epi 30 & 31

    with double update there were a lot of double dhamaka i must say & i really enjoyed reading that..
    Khushi handle that Nicole very well.. & Arnav's revealation of his gruesome past with Nicole & AJ (one more in Arshi versus the world)
    as Arnavs pov i clearly understand why he didnt tell her about this chapter of his life which he had closed before, & as Khushi she is also not wrong on her place but i was not expecting this week long sepration between them..
    but really happy that they made it now..

    i m also suspecting that when Arnav was watching that video & finding that voice familier & his visit at DL with AJ & his desperssion to get the premium card, with all these point i think that man with Payal was AJ..

    & Akash really shocked everyone out her with his attitude, he is the one who have respected other & well mannered person, now he is so desperate for getting success in his life that he had gone ahead & make a sick & disgusted person as his partner & to top it all that very same person is the biggest enemy of his Bhai who have done a lot for him..
    & i came to think of it that he might be wearing a mask of sweet & politeness till now & his real face come infront of everyone now. but the way Arnav handle him & the way he gave him the timelimit to leave Shantivan was very bravo & really proud of him.

    & in all these someone take the opportunity & pushed Khushi in the pool & i m guessing that person to be Payal or AJ

    & i hope nothing go wrong with Khushi & the kids.
    ps: pls ignore the mistakes..

  58. Hi Tina,
    First if all love u again for posting the story..... I was going through ur site everyday for the past month just to see if there are any updates... Now that u have I can get some peace :-p ...
    Now to business . that bitch payal !!!!!!! Oh how I want her to strangle her.. But I am really happy that now asr knows the truth abt her.sometimes I feel angry at khushi can't she listen to him ???? What if something happens to her? What will we do ? Anyways now I seriously hope that arnav teaches hiss good for nothing brother a lesson and punishes payal also and that the story goes for a long long time.....
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful story again.. Keep up the good work.... Mmmmmmuuuuuaaaaahhhhhh

  59. its soo gud to have u back:D
    AWESOME updates of SP.

    sida (if)

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  153. Hey Tina....
    I am a new readeer....Just started reading your stories on monday....n oh my goddd.....u r THE BEST.....u just make the stories come alive....i read baby hold on and secret passion....n both are awesome....i was going to read desert heat next but read your note that u would not be continuing it.....i will desperately wait for your ebook and read it then....please please please dont stop writing....the arshi fans are still out there who r waiting for your posts....n there are whole category of new fans like me who r just discovering you...we all love you...



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