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BHO Update Tomorrow!

Hi everyone,
Just a quick heads up, Baby Hold On will be updated tomorrow. I am almost finished with it. I would have updated it tonight, but this is my first weekend off all month and well… I just can't get away from real life.

Be back very soon.
ps. any last minute guesses on the mole in BHO? Last chance… :) 


  1. I feel like it's Sheena! Just because none of them suspect her and arrival was very particularly timed, she also seemed to cozy up toAman preettyyyyyy fast and was disappointed atthe location change. LOL too many crime shows.

  2. I second that! Arnav's instincts about his crew has kept him alive. Sheena has all the qualities of a mole; undetected and sparingly mentioned.

  3. Eagerly waiting ....Sheena Sheena Sheena.....

  4. Eagerly waiting ....Sheena Sheena Sheena.....

  5. I hope it's neither Aman nor Sheena for Arnav's and Khushi's sake.

  6. Sheena!! but it's gonna hurt Khushi a lot! :(

  7. Yipeeeeeeee baby hold on tomorrow

  8. sheena i have a feeling its her coz she seems the odd one out. waiting for the update:)))

  9. I'm pretty sure it's Sheena but for god's sake please please please don't let it be Aman. This suspense is killing me...

  10. Hi Tina
    I hope you're okay. You're doing great with the updates, I just wanted to know when you'll be updating DH next? It has been quite a while, missing the story.

    1. Hi there :) I am doing good, thanks for asking. DH is next on my list, hopefully it'll be up this weekend or the following one. Happy reading!


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