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Imp Note about Updates/DH

First of all, sorry for the delay.  It wasn't my intention, but my schedule changed:(  I opted to work nights this month instead of later in the summer.  Good news: I only have two more nights of call left:)  So there's a very good chance of me updating late this Sunday US time (Monday IST).  Quick progress updates on the stories: Desert Heat: next chapter is 75% done Baby Hold On: is done. Like to the epilogue. But I have to edit it still. I'll post it all together eventually. Secret Passion: next chapter 90% done I will try my best to update on Sunday but no promises, I'm so exhausted these days I don't have time for anything let alone writing. But next month should put us back on track. Reminder: you can follow me on Facebook under 'Tina Ipkknd' I don't add anyone but I do make public posts about updates and notes. See you soon (hopefully!) --T