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Comment Thread 9!

COMMENT THREAD #9 We've crossed almost 200 comments again, so the last comment thread has been moved to the  'Archives' page. Please leave all new comments here (with the Title of my FF and Chapter Number). This will help with page loading issues and also increase security so this blog can remain public for honest readers. I appreciate all the feedback everyone. --Tina ps. I can't always promise replies as I used to do given my time restraints--I figure you'd rather I type up an update instead anyway--but I do take each of your comments into considerations and reply when I can. 

DH 29-30 + First 5 chapters reposted

DESERT HEAT UPDATED! First Five Chapters Reposted! Yes, you read that right, I'm reposting the first five chapters of Desert Heat since many of the events are referenced in this chapter and also because I've increased security over here.  I really, really hope I don't have to regret this decision and can repost the entire story very soon.  After a long, long time we're going back to the dunes... Six chapters to go roughly...  Comment as always guyz! DESERT HEAT: Chapter 29 Paradise Desert Heat Chapters 1-5 Comments all here please! ps. I haven't been getting enough time to reply on the comment thread as I usually do but trust me I do read each one of your comments and feeback. Many people asked about rita after the last chapter of Secret Passion--guys Arnav has answered your question for you in the preceding episode! Question is, do you and Khushi for that matter, trust him? pss. We need to recast Aman in Desert Heat. Any suggestions? :) I don't watch soaps any more so …

Secret Passion Updated!! For real!

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the delay but I've been really busy this week. There was literally no time to write, though I wanted to. Things will be better this month. 
I was trying to post Secret Passion and Desert Heat together today but I'm short on time, so just SP today. DH very soon. BHO is almost over and I'll be putting the last two parts up together.
Thanks for all the messages:) I wish I could reply to each one but I have no time to even eat lately, wish I was kidding. Who knew being a doctor was so unhealthy right? Argh, like I said, this month will be better.
Especially want to give a shout out to Arooba for the poem below. You blew me away hun! Thank you! And thanks to each of you Secret Passion readers for sticking with this novel of epic, soap opera proportions. Enjoy Episode 32 and let me know what you thought of it.