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Comment Thread 9!

We've crossed almost 200 comments again, so the last comment thread has been moved to the  'Archives' page. Please leave all new comments here (with the Title of my FF and Chapter Number). This will help with page loading issues and also increase security so this blog can remain public for honest readers.
I appreciate all the feedback everyone.
ps. I can't always promise replies as I used to do given my time restraints--I figure you'd rather I type up an update instead anyway--but I do take each of your comments into considerations and reply when I can. 


  1. hey Tina
    read the chap of dh it was amazing as usual
    just get the info that u r going to be busy
    feeling really bad bcaz I was waiting fr ur updates eagerly bt it's Ookk I will wait more
    BT plz plz try to update soon
    waiting waiting n waiting from heart fr sp update bcaz I really luv this story
    plz update soon

  2. Hello Tina
    No problem update when u are free!!!
    Thanks for the note;)

  3. Thanks for the note! :)
    Had been waiting eagerly!

  4. Thanks for the note... Eagerly waiting :)

  5. Hello, It has been so long, I hope you everything went well, that you are fine and will be back soon.
    We all are waiting eagerly.

  6. Plz update....its been solo long..

  7. heyyyy
    its been so long
    waiting waiting
    updateee soooonnnn

  8. Thanks for the note Tina. I am so excited to read 2 SP chapters. Eagerly waiting ...

    Take your time to post BHO. All your stories have so beautiful and perfect endings. This will also be fabulous.

    The one thing I miss the most is Fateful Love. That is one of my most favorite stories. Is there a way you can post it again? May be remove initial few chapters like you did with DH.. Please consider reposting it. I miss that story like anything.

    When will tomorrow come... Waiting for SP :-)

    Pinkly (IF Id)

  9. @DesertHeat latest trailer. ..
    Omg....arnav brought khushi to meet nidhant's family? ?? Damn...this is bad....I think khushi must have insisted after knowing the truth. ..and what she said in the end left me in a shock. ..arnav's khushi won't even imagine saying something like that for her sindoor...she loves him way too much to even think like that. ...maybe indirectly she is referring to arnav only.
    Let's see...can't wait. ..hope its not something bad for us arhi fans...

  10. i just finished reading the two chapters of SP. what twists and turns in it. thank god khushi believed arnav about payal . but still they have the issue with rita . even am curious to know who rita is. and shyam turned out to be gay. i don't know if i should laugh about it. as arnav had imagined a lot worst of shyam regarding khushi. hope arnav doesn't misunderstand khushi regarding the kissing episode with karan. hope everything is fine between them. and also eagerly waiting for the next chapter of SP. waiting eagerly to know about rita.please update soon.

  11. SP 33 and 34
    It twisted, it turned, the flame raged. Now what.
    Karan's had it coming for ages. He's gonna be dead.
    But hope in all this turmoil Arnav tells Khushi who Rita is.....

    I have a feeling Rita is a sister. Could be in some convulted way but yes a sister.

  12. What a twist dear. Shaym was after Arnav & not Kushi. Those paintings were of them how gross that. YUCK. Thank god Kushi did not push Arnav like he thought she would but who is this rita & why is he not telling Kushi about it. is it really that bad that he is allowing the RITA to destroy their beautiful marriage. Hope Arnav does not misunderstand Kushi for the part with Karan. can't wait to read the next part. Ppz update soon

  13. thnx for the special mentioning and for the fantastic updates.i think arnav's misunderstanding can be easily solved.he knows khushi well.i guess the master who called payal may be karan.waiting for the nxt update.

  14. Im so glad Khushi trusts Arnav n chose to stay wid him. "Rita"seems to be the only hindrance between dem now......hopefully he has the courage to open up to her soon.
    Concerning Shyam wat a catastrophe!! I tink he is bloody one sick psycho.......maybe he is also linked to this Rita character.....OMG!! Khushi!! wat did u do now? Arnav is gonna tink otherwise....stupid Karan once u hav had The ASR whose gona want to even kiss a slimeball lyk himself......Im sure their love for one another is strong enough to endure it all. Thank u dear for the beautiful n amazing updates!!

  15. SP chap 33 & 34: Oh my God, Tina! So much has happened in these two chapters...
    Phew, Khushi took the news calmly... and trusted Arnav.... yes.... also you finally answered my question on Payal's past, (I remember commenting on this, about Garima mentioning that the Grooms family have come to know about Payal's past in the early chapters). Well, can’t say I am surprised to know that she killed someone. Rita remains a mystery. My brains too frozen to make sense, so this time I’ll wait for you to solve this mystery for me. Payash out of Shantivan and moved to Nainital, that’s all good for NOW; but Master Horatio, I still believe that’s AJ. And I have no comments on Dadi or Anjali for that matter, seriously hopeless cases… NK was delightful as ever. So was Aman and Khan. Can’t say the same for Amma and Buaji… Gosh… but then it’s not their fault that Payal is such a great actress. Shaym, uhmm… he was the shocker for this chapter; I would have never thought him to be after Arnav and not Khushi…. Good twist Tina! Feel sorry for Arnav though. Everyone’s just after him; everyone wants a piece of ASR...hehe. I also want to mention that the ‘Sexyzada’ touch was just hilarious… Now we all know that Shaym apparently is capable of creating accounts and fan-girl-ing… *Laughing out loud* Karan, why’d he gotta be at the wrong place at the wrong time; Arnav, at the right place at the wrong time?
    Now focusing on ArShi: it all started out great in the beginning. Khushi trusting him and Arnav promising to tell her everything but it all was grey clouds in the end. Looking at Arnav’s reaction, it is something big and painful, but Khushi’s patience is running thing… she needs to know and he needs to tell her… looking at the precap, that’ll probably happen in the next chapter… waiting desperately for the whole truth about Arnav’s past along with Khushi.
    DH teaser was… well, tell you when I’ve actually read the whole chapter. But this much is clear, tough times ahead! Totally understand your point about posting the DH chapter only when you feel it’s time. I also remember you asking for suggestion for casting Aman, found anyone?
    All in all, awesome updates as always Tina!
    Until the next update. Bye for now.
    Ps: Thanks for pm.

  16. SP 33 & 34
    Whoa what twists and turns
    Glad that Khushi believed Arnav, but now a new problem "Rita"
    Damn they just can't catch a break
    Oh gross Shyam is sick, he was lusting after Arnav!

  17. Awesome updates of SP
    Good to know that Khushi did not react the way Arnav thought...
    Curious to know who is Rita and how is she related to Arnav!
    Shyam is GAY OmG!!! Why is everyone after The ASR! Poor Arnav... First it was Payal and now Shyam
    Ok Khuhsi was trying to play with Karan but unfortunately her husband has to witness that particular scene and Karan is surely to be gone by Arnav...

    DH teaser was awesome. Hopefully Khushi would be that the sindoor was for Arnav not Nidhant's...

    BHO well it going be the last few chapters do take your time to update

    Thanks for the updates and pm Tina;)

  18. Aaaaaaaaaa
    I got a shout out!!!!!!
    Omg omg
    *fanning myself*
    I just couldn't believe myself when I saw that
    * calming myself*
    Sp chap 33&34(awesome chapters)
    Shyams gay?
    Woah woah
    Now that was totally unexpected!
    I hate payal
    I guess I've said that million times now
    Is master Horatio Karan?
    Earlier I was thinking AJ but then he said he fantasised someone. So....
    Now who the hell is Rita?
    I can't seem to remember it...
    This patron is causing so many problems in arhis lives
    N man! I want arnav to pummel Karan
    Black blue red purple
    Anything!!!! Just teach him a permanent lesson!
    Well Ramadan has started so if I don't comment during these 30 days don't miss me too much ;) :p
    Take care!!!!

  19. Aaaaaaaaaa
    I got a shout out!!!!!!
    Omg omg
    *fanning myself*
    I just couldn't believe myself when I saw that
    * calming myself*
    Sp chap 33&34(awesome chapters)
    Shyams gay?
    Woah woah
    Now that was totally unexpected!
    I hate payal
    I guess I've said that million times now
    Is master Horatio Karan?
    Earlier I was thinking AJ but then he said he fantasised someone. So....
    Now who the hell is Rita?
    I can't seem to remember it...
    This patron is causing so many problems in arhis lives
    N man! I want arnav to pummel Karan
    Black blue red purple
    Anything!!!! Just teach him a permanent lesson!
    Well Ramadan has started so if I don't comment during these 30 days don't miss me too much ;) :p
    Take care!!!!

  20. hiiiii
    read the chap of sp
    it was so critical and complicated
    shyam is gayy hahaa really it was damn funnyyy
    bt now its tough tym fr arshi relationship hope they trust each other
    khushi trust arnav abt Rita
    arnav trust khushi enough to know that she won't leave him after knowing abt Rita
    bt now very curious of this Rita
    can u plz give a hint abt Rita ??
    can't wait to know abt it
    plz update soonnn I really want to knoww
    wish u can update earlier rather than later
    bt I understand u have a professional n personal lyf tooo
    so will be waiting
    bt plz don't take to long
    one more thing arshi romance was amazingg u show it in a sensual way
    u r really amazing update soon

  21. That was a blast if updates and you literally left us hanging there... arnav loves her so much that he definitely doesnot think of khushi in that sense... cant wait to read more

  22. Hi Tina is been so long I have read something. And the updates are nothing but absolutely shocking. These two chapters of SP had so many twists. I am happy that khushi believes arnav and that sicko payal is of of RM. And whoa shyam was a shocker though. Why is that everyone is after my poor arnav baby. And who's this Rita? Waiting for arnav to reveal more about Rita. And that idiot karan I hope ASR trashed that idiot a good lesson by beating him blue and black. And eagerly waiting for theBHO update. That's one of my most favourite stories.

  23. Hi Tina, my reaction after reading the updates "WOW", it was just fabulous !! The updates had everything from mystery, to suspense, to romance to drama and it was an amazing treat reading it. This update also surprised me like never before .... I mean Shyam lusting after sexy raizada !! I was so with arnav that I really felt for him when he threw up !! Also, the mystery of RIta deepens !! Wonder who she is that arnav is so convinced that it will break his marriage with khushi even when khushi herself listed the possibilities of Rita's role in Arnav's life even going to the extent of another child of arnav !! But arnav is so scared to talk !! Payal is totally disgusting; I hope that Akash soon realizes the true colors of her. I was pleasantly surprised that khushi was so forthcoming about accepting that payal may not be what she seems when arnav told her that payal was the enemy. I really hope that arnav finds some solid proof. As far as the loser Akash goes, I hope that he goes to AJ for money and AJ gives him a royal kick that he deserves !! Lastly felt really bad for arnav when he walked into the sticky situation of khushi asking for a kiss from Karan !! I hops after this incident both arnav and khushi are able to trust each other and finally the story of Rita gets revealed !! Really really looking forward to the next update !! You are truly a master story teller and I can't thank you enough for entertaining me so much with your writing !! :)

  24. hey Tina... Read 2 ch of SP. OMG! They were mind blowing. The mystery behind Rita is growing and that Shyam is such a creep. Infact even Anjali has started to be creepy now. Can't wait to read further. U r one of the few writers I have found who are bold enough to write raw passionate scenes so well instead of sugar coating them or leaving half of it to our imagination. Pls do continue writing,,, thanx for the pm.

  25. Hi Tina, awesome updates as usual! I have a feeling Rita has something to do with Dadi's side story, you would not bring that up for no reason ;) Rita could be the girl dada was in love with or a child/grandchild of that relation...the torment has something to do with the way dadi quietened them. Arnav either witnesses or was unwittingly part of it!

  26. hi tina di.......i m commenting for the first tym......i love sp and its my personal it bought me to ur blog....coming to the 33 and 34 chapters.they r mindblowing......ur a fab writer....aftr ur evry update we will be craving for more....and ur hard work also get appreciation.....about shyam being gay ws just wow....for change he is behind arnav....the twist is gud but thinking about it i feel very bad for suddnly discovr ur nude paintings along wid someothr tat too a downright disgustin....and about master horatio.....i hv a strng feeling he is karan....for tat dialogue" for evrtym u rejected me" wud hv to be karan i guess....u knw the villains in tis stry all are twisted ....payal,shyam,karan...evn dadi too.....and oh yeah cud u end tat dadi....she is very irritating!!!.....she has a nasty habit of behaving as if she is always right....anjali..i guess u cud make her normal and make her kick shyam out of their lyf aftr knwing arnavs case....hopefully....i miss the sane anjali....and ,kushi hd also behaved the same way i hd imagined her to be....thinking about payals quirky ways nvr beleing it coz she is her sister....last bt the least about the rita case....i hope she is not like nicole james....cincerly speakin i really hated whn she accused she arnv wid her pregnancy....i really hate whn arnav is mentioned with othr women othr thn kushi......hope tis tym arnv is a victim...a poor victim and he ws traumatized......w8in 4 u unravel it.....and i anjalis fake tea party aftr arnvs scoldin....she thought"they hav been wid each in the horrific tymes....secrets they hv nt shared wid anyone" tis rita in tat category......will be waitin for ur next update...

  27. ya i wud also lyk to read ur shameless....hope u can update it:)

  28. I feel like a shoe is waiting to drop...
    if arnav doesn't give a chance for khushi to explain whatever her plan was, he doesn't deserve her..

  29. Firstly muuuaaahhh! You're a star. Kya update diya. Awesome. I never expected Shyam to be gay. I thought him to be the master at DL but never thought of this. Fantastic twist. I'm actually shocked reading that part and was laughing my head off. I know that mean considering Arnav but can't help it. ASR is so tempting that not only women but men too are crazy about him.LOL.
    I don't think Arnav will misunderstand Khushi as their relationship is too strong. In fact Karan' chapter is going to end forever.

  30. Thanks for giving us two updates...
    As usual Arnav's-Khushi's passion was written wonderfully...
    It felt good that Khushi was ready to listen about Payal's true colours..
    Garima and Buaji simply irritate me.. always singing the same irritating song..
    I liked the way Khushi handled her stupid family...
    More Payal's psycho tendencies have come out in the update (abt Lena)...
    I guess Master Horatio is AJ.
    Shyam's perverseness completely came out a s a shock..
    This Karan truly has a death wish..
    This Rita character seems very crucial now... First Arnav promised Khushi that he would tell her and then he backs on his work. It clearly shows Arnav is very much scared..
    I have an inkling that Rita is connected to Anjali..

  31. wow..
    i m really happy to see two long eventful, full off twist & turn update of SP..
    thanks for this Tina..
    i really loved & enjoyed reading all the twist from Khushi's revert to her parents in hospital to from Arnavs first agree to tell about Rita then backing out(that Rita part was becoming more intrigiung by the way Arnav was fearing to reveal it)..
    from Payal pycho panti to Karans creepy behaviour & i also thing that face behind the mask of master Hartio is Karan only, the way he said that he fantesies someone else & we can predict who can that be..
    but what twist beat all others was Shyams truth..
    thats really a shocking & suprising one, infact i really love this twist..
    Saare Arnav ke DEEWANE hain from Nicole,Lavanya, Payal & now Shyam also join that list but but Arnav is only Deewana & madly & deeply in love with Khushi..
    & i think Shyam is the one in ASRs fan page by the user name Sexyzada which he also mention in the letter for Arnav..
    waiting for nxt eagerly to know who Rita is..

    &DH teaser is very interesting..
    waiting for that also..

    PS: Ramzan mnth has started & thats why i m late & might be late in future, so pls bear with me..
    & thanks to putting my name in special persons list..

  32. wow amazing i really loved every word of the wo parts of SP
    i really hope tou can update soon :)
    and thanks for putting my name on the special list :*

  33. Wowwwwwww really really awesome update of secret passion. I always load your page everytime I switch on Internet to see whether you have updated. Today morning at 3 I was not feeling sleepy, so I loaded your page and wow. Your update.... Read it over and over and over again. Please please continue soon :-)

  34. Just read the last 2 chaps of SP ... Omg shyam is after Arnav ... He is gay ... Lol .... Oh n I'm so glad khushi trusted arnav abt payal ... Oh n the past incident that khushi described was scary... Ok now who is this rita...
    Oh n is payals master karan by any chance ... It felt like that in tje last update.. When karan was talking to khushi
    Oh no n the kiss fiasco... I hope Arnav heard everything from the start n trusts khushi
    Eagerly waiting for the next update

  35. Hi Tina Di Iam new to this site.I really love your stories.Now I just finished SP ,MG,&BHO.They are just mind blowing.I love it.I love to read your other stories too but Iam unable to get Shameless,Fateful love story.Hope you read my message.Will wait for a reply with solution to my problems.

  36. Hello Tina,
    Requesting an access to Read Your Stories.
    would love to read DH right from the beginning
    Also carry on reading SP & BHO
    Love to read more of your work.
    And the new stories as You Pen on Paper
    I would love to read Shameless too.
    Whatever little I have read is fascinating & gripping
    My ID on IF is scorpio47
    Shall look forward to carry on reading Your Work.


  37. hi, tina! i have read your stories so far. and they are fantastic. i was crying during baby, hold on and mind games' seperation scenes. overall, they are outstanding and amazing.. one qestion for you, can i get some informatiion about your book shameless?? thanks in advance. i would really appreciate your help and i really respect your hard work.. all the best!!!!!

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Hi Tina, happy belated 4th! so good to hear from you!...
    SP teaser: well I knew they would not separate or anything, Their love is too strong for such a thing, but its still quite a breather, to know all this, and now can't wait for the update and to finally know who Rita is...
    Thank u, thank u, thank u, thank u, thank u soooo much for reposting DH, I love it sooo much, and am sooo grateful, I got to read it from the beginning... but I still miss 3 more chapters, think u could post those too *Pleeeease. pretty pleease*
    Waiting for BHO as well, update as soon as u could!
    ps: I see u've put my name in your List, and I feel sooo happy about it, so I am letting u on a secret, u're one of my absolutely favourite writers. *mwaah* xoxo

  40. SP teaser
    Whoa what a teaser, can't wait for more

  41. {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252
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    \f0\fs26 \cf2 \cb3 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0
    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 After The SP teaser its more of a cluffhanger now please do update soon hoping to read it cant coukd rita be an illegitimate child of arnav or someone arnav harmed during his famous rage update when u find time n make that soon

  42. Hi Tina,
    Could you please give access to MindGames first three parts for me to read?
    Appreciate it :) (

    Big fan of secret passion. Please update soon :)

  43. What an amazing update!!! Felt soo bad for Arnav. He went through so much at such a tender age. I'm so glad he always remembered his mother's story and kept his hope alive and found Khushi, though not in the best of circumstances.

    RITA, the puzzle finally solved! Who would have ever thought that she would be such an insane freak. She's the one who needs to get into a mental asylum! Bitch!

    And Arnav's family?! Gosh!! They aren't even worth of refering as to his family. Its because of them that Arnav is so deeply scarred.

    Payal and Aakash!! What a twist! Aakash isn't as dumb as we perceived! Wonder what'll happen in their life now. And never thought Aakash would also stoop so low for selling of his wife.

    Arnav is the gem of his family. He is a pure soul born between all the evil demons!

    I hope Khushi shows Payal her place soon. Can't wait for the next update!

    Written in an awesome way! Hats off to you! Thankyou for taking out time from your busy schedule and updating the story!

  44. loved the SP update. i never thought RITA would be something like this. arnav in a mental asylum for seven years . no wonder he hates his dadi so much. loved the way khushi showed her support to him. and somebody apid his guards and the caretaker too. my god. arnav and khushi are getting cornered from all side. hope they come out safe from it all. finally khushi confronting payal. waiting to read what they have to talk about. will wait eagerly for the next update. and khushi shows payal her place and exposes payal to her family too.

  45. amazing post,i also thought rita was ex fling of arnav like everyone ,but this twist is awesome noone think like that SUPERB.

    and one more request pls repost DH ch10-14 dear

  46. it was great....i love all your stories.....and the update of SP it was perfect...i cant wait for the next part....please try to update soon....

  47. Hi Tina... Amazing chapter
    RITA means Rehabilitation center....OMG What a relief
    I thought Rita is Arnav's baby...finally khushi confronting payalπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Loved the chapter

    Can you please repost DH remaining chapters

  48. Yo Tina!!!!
    Howdy? Lol I feel like a cowboy or girl or whatever
    But... O.M.G! What a chapter!
    Right from start to the end you kept me hooked
    Poor arnav has had such a rough childhood
    N loved reading him pummel Karan again :D
    Is master Horatio Karan? :/
    Darn there are so many characters its difficult to guess who is who
    N is the person who bought the guards n Rita, Dadi?
    Coz she n Ajit were planning something weren't they?
    They may even have money who knows, plus she's intimidating to others that way
    Overall I abso-freaking-lutely loved the chapter
    I knew no matter what khushi won't ever leave arnav
    N they are invited to bayaz's house for eid dinner?
    Ooohhh... Something gonna happen then?
    Waiting for next update
    Take care!

  49. Omg omg omg!!
    What an update
    All the tym I was holding my breath n when I get to know abt exact rita
    Relief washed over me
    It was so gud to read
    Really u r an amzimg mindbpoeing fantastic writer
    Hats off to u
    So now on update
    Many things happened with them bt one thing was common
    Arshi bond ,which was always together
    Luved the way khushi was crying feeling arnavs pain she even had the nightmares
    N our arnav oo god he had endure so much pain
    So much loneliness
    Poor guy
    Bt no prblm khushi will convert every pain in to happiness through her luv
    N abt payal n aakash
    Today I really feel pity on her
    Her lyf is disaster
    Her husband is selling her fr freaking contract
    Arnv was.absolutely right
    Bt she deserves it bitch!!!
    Having sex with others in present of her husband
    Now it is tit fr tat situation fr her
    No matter our arshi together will give her punch
    Wondering who is horaito
    Is this shyam??
    Or karan or aj??
    No matter waiting fr next chp as always plz plz update sooooonjnnn fr ussss
    M dying here abt to readdd
    Arshis romance was amazing
    He loves her so much
    N she also
    One request
    Can u post dh chp 11 to 13
    I want to read it
    Plz update soonnnn of sp
    Ur every chp is worth reading bt todays was very much gud
    Lots of love tina

  50. Hi Tina first of all thanks for the update it was awesome as always. I have typed a very long message for u but unfortunately my damn phone didn't post it and I have tried posting it many times and finally lost the battle against my phone:(. So just letting u know that the wait was worth it as always. Waiting for BHO very eagerly hope u take some time off to post that too. Thank u so much for taking pains and posting the SP episode. Loved it.

  51. Oh my god! Rita's secret is an epic,of all ur writings this is something beyond our guesses, u r awesom! Nvr evr imagined that after all this Rita is inversely connected to Arnav' past n nothing to do with his affairs,grt relief phew! But vry haunting all those daydreams wen khushi too had the glimpse, uff.. best part is that they both face all struggles n challenges together,khushi's love wen she wanted to erase his darkness n fill her love and Arnav's words if he was told dat khushi n kids r reward he wud hav faced the torture witout complaints(how noble) n he is ready to face those dark days again if he ll hav khushi to love him forever, how wonderfully written words, totally loving it:) salute n big hug!

  52. Thank you for the update. RITA was a good turning point of the story
    payal knowing about the aslym, have a doubt about that.
    AKASH is a sick man, but tit tat for payal, now she must know the meaning of betrayal and being betrayed

    who is behind the mask of master horatio? Since he knows payal real identity, she is in big trouble
    who would have taken the paintings? and why are the gaurds and nurse rita lying about it. are they trying prove him that he is crazy COZ she kept on telling he's crazy
    DADI, ANJALI, SHYAM, PAYAL AND AKASH all of them should be put in aslym.
    Arnav is getting hyper thinking that khushi will be afraid of him and go away from him. so many negative characters and how are they going to solve their problems by standing against everyone.
    ARNAV past was way too terrific and none of his family standing by him is really sad. i hope khushi will be with him till the last. And finally she found out who is mrs.chote and sexyzada. she should inform arnav about this and the phone call with payal and i hope she comes to know the real face payal.

    ONE MORE REQUEST, could you please update Desert Heat chapter 11-13 and MIND GAMES chapter 1-3 please. cant get involved in the story without reading the first three chapters briefly. and please update fateful love story. i miss that story very much and love reading it. THANK YOU

  53. SP Chapter 35 was AWESOME TO THE MAX!!!
    Totally love the whole secret behind the word RITA though it was very sad that Arnav was one of the persons who have suffered... Really hate Arnav's family for making him suffer like this...
    Mind blowing update I must tell...
    Even though Arnav went through a rough childhood and teenage phase which made to be a kind of bad person, he had made the orphanage and running it well
    It was good to see that he was great with the kids
    Love the way how Khushi keeps on assuring Arnav that nothing would change between them and also supported him
    Good that Khushi manage to find about Payal's and Shaym's presence in he group chat
    Coming to Akash part... He is another sick person... Willing to do anything for his benefit
    Wonder who could have taken the paintings?
    Looking forward to see the part and also the conversation between Payal and Khushi...
    Thanks for the pm and amazing update Tina ;)

  54. awesome update tina.reading the last 2 updates i always thought arnav is just stubborn about not telling aout rita.but after this update i totally support arnav for that.nobody will be ready to share this type of past with anybody nomatter how much he love that for payal i think the actor who played payal in the show will love this one more because most of the time she was used like only a set property in the show.

  55. SP chapter 35 RITA
    My God Arnav's Dadi should be the one locked up, I could just slap her silly

    She made Arnav live in hell when all he needed was love and support

    He witnessed a horrific thing and he was bound to have nightmares

    Crap from one mad person (Payal) to the next (Shyam)

    Damn Payal thought she was outsmarting Akash but Akash is smarter than her

    He is using her or rather pimping her out to save his business, but I guess she deserves nothing better

    Now Rita knows about those paintings disappearing

  56. Is Shyam Master Horatio or Karan!!!!
    Confused totally.
    But the revenge ASR took on RITA excellent. Turning a deranged place to one where love and warmth flow is true revolution.
    Well written Tina.

  57. You are just awesome. Everytime I read your update believe me I m left smitten.It's like how beautifully she writes,how perfectly she moves her story forward, how how n again how???? I have never imagined Rita to be a rehab center.I had thought her to be a girl n even tried thinking her connection with ASR.But you have blown up all my guesses n it felt superb.=D> =D>

  58. Hey Tina I'm a new reader I saw ur ss on IF fateful love n I wanted to know where is the continuation of the chapters on ur blog?

  59. Hey..tina
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    When I read your note, it went straight to my heart. It breaks my heart to think that there are people, who despite your repeated requests and warnings, plagiarize and hurt you. They're running the risk the ruining something wonderful for many readers such as myself. And I know that it hurts you terribly when such incidents repeat themselves. I am not sure as to the identities of the people who did this but I do apologize for the hurt you are currently feeling. I have not a clue as to why someone would so callously risk the happiness of so many people but I do hope that you won't let the action of someone who doesn't deserve any attention or importance to affect you. I may not know you personally but I do know you through your writing. To write as beautifully as you do, you must have a wonderful mind and heart.
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    I REALLY ENJOYED READING YOUR FANFICTION OF ARSHI. Would you please repost fateful love and desert heat from 6 above?
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  128. So, the best thing about re-reading SP is that you finally stumble upon clues that you carefully leave behind for us to figure out identities of someone like Mr. Horatio. I have 3 guesses and each of them is twisted:
    1) Aakash: In Chapter_, Payal and Aakash are kicked out of Shantivan and Payal is eagerly awaiting BDSM pleasure from Mr. Horatio. When he contacts her via texting, he says the following:
    "...because for me you remain the woman I crave. The woman I thirst for... A woman so like yourself... You are mine to punish, Punish for every time you rejected me...haunted me..."

    Now, the first part of the message clearly mentions how despite having her, he still doesn't have her. Its like he knows no matter how much pleasure he gives through the mask of Horatio, he is unable to satisfy her as Aaskash.

    2) Karan: Now, going with that same phrase, it could be twisted and said that it is Karan because he was unable to get Khushi from the man as ASR. He even whipped Payal when she screamed ASR.

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    And as usual...SP teaser was awesome. Intrigued to know who this Master Horatio is...Bad days are coming for Arshi as well. Hope they will stick together in every damn ways.
    And DH...Are you gonna continue DH or not,Tina? After reading last chapter... waiting eagerly for the next installment of Desert Prince and Princess...Plz do update soon.
    Once again thanks for continuing your work and also for this mobile-users menu.
    Love, Kavya.

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    And where he says..'What we share isn't meant to be understood only felt'. Just beautiful!... What an amazing story! Seriously, they are surrounded by psychos pretty much all around and yet their love glows brighter! Well done!

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    P.P.S. I know everyone is saying this... but it can not be said enough. Thx for coming back. Look forward to your other stories.

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    With the end, Di is so important to Arnav. Not being able to protect her will torment him for life. I just Khushi's love can help him through this terribly stressful time.
    I am not saying that I don't feel bad for Anjali and Arnav but I feel that I can see your reasoning in why you chose to do what you chose to do.
    Well, you have me in a bundle of nerves so don't forget to update, Tina!!

  139. Hi Tina
    Thanks for the new update. But Anjali is dead!!!

    Not that I am not relived as it's one crazy less for Arnav to handle . But still she was his sister. So looks like Khushi is firmly gonna be on Arnav's side. Now for them to tackle the crazies one by one. Awaiting the rest.

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    Lots of love

  141. Heyy tina,
    I am new to if and came across your story fatefull love and was not able to read since it was incomplete and could not read in ur blog because it is not available here if u will send me the link to whole story I will be thankful of you
    And I read sp 5 chapters of yours they are truly awesome u have great talent in writing.....
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    thanks for mail.. Happy Diwali and Happy New Year! :)

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    Happy to see that u r back.I'm big fan of ur stories..very beautiful and interesting.keep writing.
    Awesome update but little scary too.I can't believe that anjali was brutally murdered. .in my opinion that's chopped body is not anjali that is nurse RITA's body.this is totally an evil game play of that culprit master and her so called cunning psycho sister anjali.anjali and master wants to torture and kill arshi.that why they will come up with this so called stupid plan.very happy to see that arshi planning to go other country from this psycho families. Hope arshi will find out the real truth soon.anyways thank u so much for fantastic update.wonderfully written.continue soon.take care.god bless u.
    IF arshi 2612

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    WOW! Hmmm Payal really needs to get help she is loco, mad,crazy, loony.

    Oh Lord Karan needs another beat down and Garima need to keep her stupid nose out of Khushi and Arnav's business.

    Can't wait for Arnav to release that tape of Payal's for the stupid Gupta's to see what a witch she is.

    AJ needs another bear down too!

    Crap what is wrong to these people, lusting after people who doesn't want them, so pathetic.

    Khushi is right they need to get a life.

    Thank God Arnav came to his senses and didn't leave Khushi, because they both would be living deads.

    Waiting for more.

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    hmmmmm lots of miscommunication

    Crap they just missed each other

    They really need to sit and talk

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    looks like every is obsessed with either arnav or khushi... hope arnav takes khushi to a safe place.
    why isn't arnav or kushi reying to reack the nurse rita,,, they knew tht she cud possibly know the person tht managed to hide the paintings....

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  155. Hi Tina.
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  156. Hi Tina.
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    Shree :)

    Secret Passion ( I- VI )

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  159. Oh by the way... the chapter titles are just so good to create a heart attack, must I mention that! *Oh I love the episode thing btw... just worth it!* From His Hot Gaze, Her Bottom Lip, Itsy-Bitsy Red Bikini, Slumber Party... with ASR?!, Unleashed and Board Meeting - these cleverly placed titles reveals and disguises just what's required. You're a master at this... truly! What I felt for Raizada throughout the first six episodes is exactly what you had penned down. I hated him for the "apparent" lack of emotions, sensitivity and love for Khushi... to only love him for his possessiveness, care, and late blooming love for Khushi. The flashbacks were painful and I applaud the way you executed Khushi's horror accompanied by her unwanted attraction towards a man "apparently" vile. Even though I am a bit shy to read intercourses and even hesitant to read blatant work... your work steers far away from using "that" as a tool for entertainment. I really admire you for the way you have wonderfully utilise "that" as a tangible necessity between the couple, coupled with the conflicting emotions and desires - hats off. I have seen several people go so wrong on that part and I may be not even be a penny worthy to judge your work... I have to say that I am blown by the way the entire sequence was written. Truly - you're a genius at this! And I've noticed how gorgeously you've used every intercourse as a transition for the dynamics of the relationship they have. The first one we see sets in the entire affair and the emotions each feels for the other, his pretence of experience her solely for his pleasure accompanied by the evident lack of cherishing an "apparent" vulnerable one sets up the initial bar of hatred I had for this man *even though Khu's response was excellently written* and the hatred melted away with his disguised care and concern as he gave her the choice to decide if she wanted it. Every single time... and that revealed what ASR truly is. He actually gave Khushi something that even a few married men forget to give, choice and respect. Wonderful! The changing equations and simmering passion between the two and the final transition to something more than intimacy was clap worthy! Karan, I hate that guy *laughing* but he does play like a positive catalyst for the couple *only for the first six episodes* All in all, I am addicted to this story.


    Thus, I shall be moving on to my next comment for the next set...

    Till then,

    Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke, Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte!

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  161. tina any chance i can read the mind games first 3 part. please please i love all your story. i love to read the firt part of mind games.

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    You are AMAZING😘😘😘😘
    I love your writings
    I'm kind of addicted to it now
    I keep checking you blog every 5day
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    Let me catch up on the updates !

    I suck at blogs. I was trying to comment and it didnt let me. Took me time to figure out there is a separate comment thread from mobile. Long back when I visited your blog I think it wasnt there. Superb arrangements.

    I so feel bad, that I am finding the new development very late. Anyway better late than never.
    Last I read episode 35 in IF.

    Divyaarnavsr from IF

  164. This was my comment for episode 35 Rita of SP on IF:

    Not liking ths payal even a bit and her so called master. Both are making my skin crawl and akash just adds up to it !!
    What kind of a man is he ? Chi !

    So finally Rita isnt any girl, and what a twist, thought of horrific past bt definitely not this hell Rita.

    The sight of Arnav bonding with babies was so pleasant to imagine. How can one like him with such a soft and tender hearted be picturised as arrogant !! *sigh*

    When he was taking us to his horrible past, a tortured child who has gone through horrific things, I started crying. But the tears eventually got sucked up with the way how khushi handled him.

    For a moment I was confused whether you are writing out the state of the reader or Arnav after her action of letting the cell door open. Cos the tears sting anew. That action meant so much, it affected me to an extent.

    Their need to be with each other, followed by the promise and passion. The breezy restaurant breakfast and bloody fantastic idea brought smiles.

    But who the hell is trying to frame him crazy just after the revelation.
    Arnav was right in his place cos anyone with the situation might have given a second thought about the missing paintings. Poor baby!! Bt it is khushi and their love stood strong at that instant and she told what took her time to respond.

    This nurse helped who ?
    Bayaz and nk and arshi together for dinner. Sounds good. :)

    So finally it clicked her about the names and why she is calling the devil directly instead of informing him.

    Will wait to knw whats next !! RITA and the past has shed light on so many things to a different level.

    So many things happened triggering varied emotions. Such an awesome update.

  165. Hi Tina, it's been so many days since you posted anything. Hope you are doing alright. Do post a note to let us know you are doing fine.

    Pinkly (IF Id)

  166. Hey Tina its been nearly 2 months and u haven't updated
    I hope ur alright

  167. Hey tina!!
    Please let us know ur okie

  168. Hello Tina :). New reader here !! Can you please re-post Desert Heat chapters. i want to read the story please...I know there are issues related to that can you please post them as Images or something. Pretty Please :)!!

  169. Hi dear, i'm new reader! From the date i read your blog, i can't leave your story. Full passion, full love, full desire...all reward u get is deserved ! Hope u always full heart for Ipkknd πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  170. Hi I really hope you're okay. But if you've decided to stop writing, please post a note to your readers to say so. I'm also a fanfic writer for another fandom and I totally understand how hard it can get sometimes. But posting a note will at least get your readers a sense of closure. It would be the most honourable thing to do, especially for readers who have been fans since the beginning.

  171. Plzz update Tina...missing u

  172. Hey Tina I've been following your blog religiously I just adore your writings
    Please don't stop writing and if u decide so il respect your decision

  173. I really hope u r okay dear....plz post a note

  174. Missing u..n Arnav Khushi...--Anu

  175. Hi Tina,

    I came across your story Secluded Island by accident. While I am a fan of Arshi stories, I don't have the time to read or follow many blogs. However, your story took my breath away. It was so well written and in keeping with the characters' personalities. Now that I've found your blog, I'm going to be reading all your stories.

  176. Tina, I am very worried about you. Please post a note and let us know you are ok.

    Pinkly (if id)

  177. Tina we all miss u swtheart....I seriously hope u r okay darling..plz come back or atleast post a note ....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  178. Misssing u sooooooo much...please pls come back tina....can't wait more. ..please reply back

  179. Hey Tina...I was reading Secret Passion again today...and I was once again blown away by the intensity of their's all's magnificient...The Arnav of Secret passion is my favourite characterization of Arnav out of all the FF's that I have read...thanks for creating such a mind blowing concept...

  180. Happy Holi Tina....May happiness be filled in ur life forever...keep smiling n stay blessed...
    Miss u Tina...kitna tadpaogi...plzzz update SP..

  181. Hi Tina...I hav been commenting almost everyday since last week....I am craving SP....hope u r okay dear...Miss u

  182. Hiii teena....this is my first comment so far on your blog...well i have been a great fan of your writing so far...i tried to connect you through india forums as well...but got no reply..I have no words to describe the beauty of your stories...desert heat and secret passion are the best piece of work which I read up till now...each and every chapter is beautifully written.....Honestly speaking I dont have right words to describe my emotions attached toyour blog...And truly speaking my words can never do justice to your work as well...I wish you all the very best..please keep writing as your writings are one of the sole reason for me to login to my account to check your updates...

  183. Hi Tina:)
    Missing you sooooooo much:,(! Please finish off your stories. You are one of the best writer in this whole world. Desert heat and Secret Passion are amazing stories and they deserve to be completed. Your hard work and your awesome writing skills should not wasted like this. Please update soon as we're all waiting for soooooo long. We'll appreciate if we get your response. Thank you:)!

  184. Hi it's been so long since you've updated and since you haven't replied to any messages on the other forums as well, I'm guessing you've stopped writing.

    But if you're seeing this message, I would like to thank you so much for your devotion and the time you've taken to write all these stories. You're an excellent writer and I cannot thank you enough for having succeeded in taking me to a whole new world even if it was for some time.

    As sad as I am that you didn't complete your stories, I totally understand the many reasons that could impede on your writing. I'm also a fanfic writer for a u.s tv show and I know how hard it can get sometimes.

    I wish you all the best in your life and for your future projects as well.

  185. Tinaaaaaaaaaaaa.....i miss u...plzzz come back....plzzz complete SP....or at least post a note that u are taking a break

  186. Tina...its been 3 veryyy long months....plzss come back...Missing SP like hell

  187. After all these stories that you've written and moments shared with other fans, I just kinda of wished that you had at least posted a message about whether you've stopped writing or even gone on hiatus for a while. At least readers would have gotten a sense of closure.

  188. Di where are you?Its been so long that you have updated.
    Atleast leave a message

  189. Pls pls come back soon dear....
    Really missing you and this blog...
    I just don't know how to convince you to continue writing. ..
    Just remember that we all are waiting for you....
    Hope you are in good health. ..

  190. Hope everything is ok in your world. As a reader waiting for your updates all the time. Lots of love.

    Divyaarnavsr from IF

  191. Hey Tina, I just started reading your blog and frankly I love it, though I don't know I cannot get to read Desert Heat beyond chapter 5, it says the page is not there. Have you removed it??

  192. Hi Tina...Seriously where r u?...plzzz come least post a message..I can even do with one line....plzzz dear

  193. This is seriously scary now.. Pls Tina reply at least or post a note... Really worried now... Don't want to lose a wonderful writer and friend because of some stupid people...

  194. hi tina im a new reader just came across DH and just got hooked i read the first 6 chapter frm ur blog and when tried for other they r missinnn plzzz tell me where can i find them this story just got strted for mee and imm hokked like hell its thrus midnite fridaygetting strted and sleep is far from me plzzz plzzz telll me where i can find other chap i will g mad how the hell did i miss this story im cursing myself very diffrent ad i love period storys of our belived arnav n khush
    Plzz dear just save me from my despir i have a wekend n i will go mad i just have to read the dark going to read all ur other stories which im sure are beautiful pieces like this one..


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