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Secret Passion Double Update Now Up!

And I'm back :) Please read my note from yesterday before moving onto the updates if you haven't yet done so. It's right below this post. And more than anything, enjoy these two mammoth and very critical Secret Passion chapters!
Secret Passion: Episodes 33 and 34 New Comment Thread: Here Last one was getting crowded so please leave all comments here. Shout out to some very special people:
Divya, Varsha Dutt, Momai, Pinkly, Swetha Jangala, Amina, m kavi, Claudia Cristina Pop, Seeta Naips, Munazza, Smita Leslie, Nivi, Alai123, slowsun93, Shubhangi K, ship13, Richelle, Zyrah Ayok,, Sruthi, Ghada Brahmi, Namita11, Amira, Rose, Insane Clarity, Uttara Jaiswar, Minni Chennupati, Greeshmaraipathora, Renee, Anisha Kumar, Paaskhanna, Vinita Jain, Aakanksha Mohanty, Ravali Alagonda, and all those who left feedback anonymously :) And finally a short Desert Heat Teaser…
As the group trudged inside, far from the smothering heat of the sands, Nidhant's mother's gaze fell on Kh…

Updating Secret Passion Tomorrow!

I'm so so sorry everyone for the delay. Truly. There's a couple reasons for it.  Mostly personal. The other thing is I always have a tough time ending stories so with Baby Hold On I find myself continuously rewriting and editing the last chapter and epilogue. You will get both soon but I don't want to rush it. So then my plan became to update Secret Passion, but that story is at such a critical point that you need a couple chapters to make sense of things. One will not be enough. However, writing 2 mammoth chapters of Secret Passion takes time and coordination and that also inevitably delayed things. Good news: the two chapters are finally ready to go :) I'm going to give it all one last read through tomorrow morning, add in pictures and post it! Promise. Look out for a Desert Heat teaser as well. I hope you all like the 2 SP chapters. The first one will not have any mature scenes, but the second one will. The particular scene had a lot of work done on it (rewrites an…