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Secret Passion MahaUpdate: Epi 35: RITA

A few hours delayed but I made it!
Secret Passion MahaUpdate: EPISODE 35: RITA ALL COMMENTS/QUESTIONS HERE PLEASE: COMMENT THREAD #9 Can't wait to see what you all think of this mega long chapter. Hope the wait was worth it! Happy reading! Tina!

Note about Updates

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay, but I've been trying really hard to update both SP and BHO and trust me, that is a LOT of work. I don't post unless I'm happy with the chapters and that too is a process of fine-tuning and editing sometimes. Anywho, to those waiting, Secret Passion will be updated tomorrow on popular demand. Baby Hold On I will try to squeeze in as well but no promises. I kind of wanted it to have it's own final send off without the other FFs being updated at the same time. It's final moment of glory so to speak :P So I might move that one to next weekend. Just a heads up. So the question is... Are you ready for RITA? Any final guesses? ...Less than 24 hours to go... See you very soon! Tina

Secret Passion Long Teaser + DH chapters reposted

Hello everyone! Happy belated 4th of July to all those celebrating! You might have noticed some activity on the blog this weekend. I've been tweaking things constantly  Was planning on updating BHO but then I saw that a lot of the pictures in the chapters are suddenly missing!
Apparently the site I was uploading most of the pics deletes them after awhile. Wish I'd known this earlier:/ So I've spent my morning trying to fix that situation. Didn't get through too much and it's still very much a work in progress. Secret Passion Chapters 1-12 are what I have finished fixing. As I was going through it, I edited it slightly. I ended up fixing a few typos, changing minor details, and turning up the passion factor in a lot of the scenes like the under the desk one, remember? I'll continue with the rest of the chapters soon.
It takes way too long for me to update on IF and here and I have things to do (already running late lol) but I don't want to leave you with nothing …