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Baby Hold On Final Chapter and Epilogue

Baby Hold On Final Chapter and Epilogue Now Up!
I've left the epilogue page open for comments so please leave all your comments directly there. This way they'll always remain up with the story.
Hope you've enjoyed reading this story about Mr. Sexy and Sushi as much as I've loved writing it. I'm going to miss it...
ps. will update on IF tomorrow

Baby Hold On by TINA!
Part 30: Ten Years Later

I was trying to focus on a very serious issue that had come up, but of course, leave it to Raizada to divert my attention.

He was busy trailing kisses down the side of my neck, tossing my dupatta aside with impatience. Pinning me against the shelves that lined the back wall, his lips found mine.
His kisses were as addictive as ever, but that niggling worry in my head wouldn't fade. "Baby, we can't..."
"We can," he growled, as adamant as ever.
"I don't think--"
"Good, don't think. Just feel. Doesn't this feel good?" He cupped and massaged my sensitive breasts and I bit back a moan. That felt more than good. It felt amazing. All I wanted to do was throw myself into his arms.
And then I realized, nothing and no one was stopping me. He was my husband, dammit. Throwing caution aside, I flung my arms around his neck and pressed my mouth to his.
He groaned with approval, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth. Our tongues entwined.
I'd just slid my hands under his shirt and across his taut muscles when I heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps. I pulled away so fast, I knocked right into a broom.
"This is a bad idea," I told him, searching for my dupatta. Where had he thrown it?
Arnav spun me back into his arms. "Come back here."
"Five more minutes, Sushi."
I nibbled on my bottom lip. "Two."
And then we were kissing again, making out as wildly as two teenagers. I'd thought that after marriage these secret meetings would be no longer necessary but I'd been so wrong. The only difference was that instead of just Buaji trailing after us, we had a couple more pairs of eyes and ears to avoid.
As if on cue, the shouts came.
"Dad! Where are you?"
"They must be here somewhere," I heard Buaji murmur outside. "Go, find them. It's just like hide and seek"
There was more laughter and I forced myself to step away from Arnav, raising a hand to my lips. "Do you think they'll find us?" 
"I may not be a cop anymore, but I do have the same skills as before. Relax," he whispered, smoothing my hair into place. I did the same for him, relishing the feel of the thick strands. Mr. Sexy's hair was still as wavy as before and he'd grown even more handsome with time, if that were possible.
It was strange how quickly time had passed. I'd thought marriage would bring with it complacency, that we'd settle into a daily routine like any other old, married couple.
But our life was far from boring. There was hardly a dull moment. Thankfully, none of it involved criminals or underground bunkers or risky escapes from cargo ships and remote beaches, but it was eventful.
We still went on dates every Friday and Saturday night. Sometimes it would be a candlelit dinner, other times we'd go out dancing, and some evenings we'd just lie out back in a hammock and stargaze. Leave it to Raizada to always keep things interesting.
The rest of our week was usually busy with school projects, bedtime stories, extracurriculars, and sports, but we always found time for one another. Our home was one full of light and happiness and sometimes chaos but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
Said house wasn't in Laxmi Nagar for security reasons but it was near a similar-sized town. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss Laxmi Nagar sometimes, but Lucknow is pretty underrated, let me tell you.
Soon after our wedding, Arnav and I bought the cabin where he'd taken me on my birthday. We kept most of the original cabin intact, turning it into a master bedroom, but added on several more rooms and an entire third floor. Buaji had her own wing and downstairs, there was a gorgeous kitchen that looked out to the trees.
The house was isolated, but it was only ten minutes away from the main town and we were able to get to Sheena and Aman's house for dinner once or twice a week without any trouble. Oh yeah, those two got married almost exactly six months after us and their two daughters are similar in age to our kids.
And speaking of those troublemakers...
The doorknob turned and our six-year-old twins frowned at us. "What are you both doing in the cleaning cupboard?"
I gave Mr. Sexy a pointed look. So much for his legendary spy skills.
"Cleaning, what else?" Arnav picked up each child in his arms, winking at me.
I cleared my throat. "Why aren't you both dressed? We need to leave for the game soon."
"I can't find my shoe."
"And I can't find my ball."
They looked so very sad and angelic as they said that that I couldn't help but feel a motherly burst of affection. My sons were the perfect mix of Arnav and me. They had my eyes, but his wavy, dark hair.
You must be wondering what we named them, right?
Well, let me tell you that naming them proved a bigger challenge than I could ever have anticipated. Arnav and me could simply never agree on a name. Any name! He loved international sounding ones while I loved something more traditional.
Fed up of arguing over Lara verus Lata, we made a pact early into my first pregnancy that we'd take turns. He would name our first child and I the next and so on. Sounds like such a brilliant idea, right? 
Mr. Sexy had no trouble naming our first child, but when I got pregnant again six years ago, I was at a complete loss. I'd finally decided on Madhu if it was a girl after my aunt and Salman if it was a boy after my favorite actor.
Of course, hubby dearest had thrown a fit at both suggestions. "Can't you think of something better?" he'd all but dared. "Admit it, Sushi, you can't beat me when it comes to this."
I'd taken on that challenge and poured over every baby names book I could get my hands on, scouring the internet as if searching for the lost city of Atlantis. I even researched by watching every Bollywood movie I loved--purely for research purposes of course.
And then, like the heavens opening up, I'd found it. 
"Rajveer," I announced at the breakfast table one morning. "What do you think?"
Mulling over the name, Raizada tugged me onto his lap, feeding me a bite of freshly made crepes. Most days, he cooked breakfast, I cooked lunch, and dinner was Buaji's reserved preference. Perfect schedule as far as I was concerned.
I smiled at him, feeding him a strawberry. "It's perfect isn't it? Rajveer Raizada."
"And if it's a girl?"
"It's not," I told him matter-of-factly. "I know so."
"You know so? Really?"
"Yes I do, Raizada. Want to bet?"
It turned out, I'd been right, but not completely. Soon after that we found out I was having not one boy, but two.
My husband had laughed at my confounded expression, massaging my belly. "This is the best news, but Mrs. Sexy, you have to do more research now and come up with another name. Good luck."
He'd teased me about it for days, but in the end it was me who'd won that round.
"Raj! Veer!" Buaji rounded the corner, drawing me from thoughts of the past. "There you are! Come on now, we need to get you both ready. Where's Sushi?" she asked us.
Arnav frowned, pointing at me. "Who's this then? Mushy?"
"Not this one," my aunt said, taking the twins by hand. "That one."
A loud banging sound came from the floor above as a door slammed. Our oldest child, ten years old and going on thirty, stomped down the stairs, pausing at the bottom step. She was dressed for the game, her uniform shining brightly, her hair tied up in a high ponytail, shin guards and cleats in place.
"You all aren't ready yet?" she whined. "Dad, Mom, we're going to be so late!"
"Give us five minutes, Sushi Jr," Raizada murmured.
"Oh, Dad. I told you, I prefer my full name. Sushmita. Or you can call me Sush."
"How about Tush?" suggested the twins, erupting into giggles.
"MOM! Did you hear them?"
The kids were suddenly off and racing around the room, Buaji after them and a random ball flying into the mix. Our dog, Taffy, barked as he barged inside the room and joined the chaos.
I felt my head begin to pound and I mentally counted to ten. Of course that barely helped. Who had come up with that anyway? Straightening my spine, I whistled loudly and the entire room quieted. Oh bliss...
"Time out! That's enough, everyone! We are already very late. Raj, Veer, be nice to your sister. Buaji, please get them dressed right away. Sush, take Taffy outside. We'll meet you by the car. And you--" I paused on Raizada.
He had all three kids in his grasp and was smiling at me. "What would you like me to do, ma'am?"
"Wait right here."
As soon as everyone departed and we were left alone, I took a deep breath. Crossing over to him, I wrapped my arms around his waist. He pulled me close, resting his head atop mine.
"What is it, baby?"
"I..." I moistened my dry lips. "I...I need to tell you something."
He tilted my face up, brushing his lips over mine. "I already know."
My head snapped up. "You do?" 
He kissed me lazily, stroking my abdomen. "You're forgetting that I know your body better than you do. I know you're pregnant and..."
His smile grew, brightening his face. "I'm ecstatic. I've been missing having a baby around. The kids are growing up way to fast."
I nodded in agreement, hugging him hard. "There's something else--"
The dog barked outside. "Mom! Dad!" Sushi called. "We're so late!"
Exchanging a quick kiss, we headed out, hands entwined.
Thirty minutes later, we were in a busy corner of Lucknow and trying to find seats on the nearly packed bleachers. Sushi's game was against a rival team on the school grounds. A pack of girls was already kicking around balls, while others were stretching along the sidelines.
"Khushi! Over here!"
My eyes flew to the top row of the bleachers. There was Sheena and Aman, and besides them my parents. I waved and started to follow after Buaji and the twins when someone awfully familiar caught my hand.
"Wait," Arnav murmured, tugging me into his arms. "Aren't you going to wish me luck?"
I rolled my eyes. "And why would I do that? It's Sush who's playing, not you."
"True, but I am the coach."
I smiled at him. He'd retired from his undercover work soon after our wedding, the very next day in fact. I'd been worried in the start that he'd miss his old job, but he'd surprised me.
Becoming a coach for Lucknow's local college team was something he truly loved. He could have gone international--he got several offers--but he was content to be home with me and the kids and coach our daughter's team in his free time.
I stared into his eyes, part of me still amazed that I'd found my Prince Charming after all. He was not always charming or at times reasonable, but he was mine. And for that I was eternally grateful. "Good luck for the game and..."
His brow furrowed. "And?"
"This." I put his hand on my stomach. "Twins. Again."
For the first time in a long time, my husband was speechless. "You mean... five...five kids?"
I laughed. "I told you it would happen one day."
He pulled me into his arms. "Yeah, you did."
"And baby?"
"Good luck on naming them."
He groaned, tilting my face up. "I'll need it... Damn, I love you."
I kissed the corner of his mouth, nestling closer. "And I love you, Mr. Sexy. Always have. Always will."

~Baby Hold On by TINA!~
Please feel free to leave all comments below.
And look out for a vm soon based on the story!


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