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Important Note

I've been silent this past week or so because once again, after repeated warnings, Desert Heat was copied on two different sites up to the first 5 chapters! My friend who runs checks online every week for any plagiarism discovered it, along with some of you who messaged me. Thanks to those of you who did, it's great to know my readers have my back. So as always, action was taken and the copies were removed. There is another fanfic on hinditvadda which involves the desert, mentions a dark prince and angel and I can see why some of you have reported it. However since only the prologue is up right now let's give the writer the benefit of the doubt that she will not go the Desert Heat route. I know she's a reader of my work and she's commented here repeatedly so I'm quite sure I'm not wrong about this. That being said, every time this happens I question why I still do this. Why I spend so many hours writing and planning these stories when eventually I'm forced …