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Important Note

I've been silent this past week or so because once again, after repeated warnings, Desert Heat was copied on two different sites up to the first 5 chapters!
My friend who runs checks online every week for any plagiarism discovered it, along with some of you who messaged me. Thanks to those of you who did, it's great to know my readers have my back.
So as always, action was taken and the copies were removed.
There is another fanfic on hinditvadda which involves the desert, mentions a dark prince and angel and I can see why some of you have reported it. However since only the prologue is up right now let's give the writer the benefit of the doubt that she will not go the Desert Heat route. I know she's a reader of my work and she's commented here repeatedly so I'm quite sure I'm not wrong about this.
That being said, every time this happens I question why I still do this. Why I spend so many hours writing and planning these stories when eventually I'm forced to take them down to protect them:( 
I think it's time I made a major decision about writing in general. So please give me some time to decide. I want to make the right choice for me. 
I'm thankful for all the readers who have stuck with me and my stories for so long. I will keep you all in mind too, don't worry. Trust me, no one is more upset and saddened than me right now that it's come down to this...again.



  1. you know after very busy 2 weeks i have just visited here in tge evening for the update & was very happy to see the new part of DH & thought to read in the night but when i came here now, i m very shocked & hurt to know that again someone had done the shamefull deed again..
    why cant those idiots understand that, it is not the right way to become a writer by stealing others work, if you want to write then come up with your own idea not someone else. use your brain in right direction & not to how to steal others work..

    & Tina, i can understand what you are going through, again n again your work have been stealing even though you have taken so much precaution but for you loyal readers you have more often put your work back but the stealers are taking disadvanteges of this..
    i'll just say that 'whatever decision you take whether you make this blog private or takedown starting chapters of the stories, i m with you'..
    will be waiting for your decision..

    ps: will read the DH part tom, now my mind is not working after this disaster & will be back

  2. I am sorry that it happens repeatedly to you. I can understand the pain you are going through. Whatever you decide as a reader I'm always with you. Take care !

  3. hi Tina... as usual, I was stalking this blog to see if you updated and look what I found! God... I'm really sorry... hope you're okay... how can people do this...again... All i wanna say is that I'm with you in this one... whatever you decide...Take care Tina... xo

  4. Dear Tina,

    I have been a secret admirer of your works and the strangest fact which keeps me from communicating with you is that I am thoroughly intimidated by you! I think you are tired by the words wonderful, exemplary, out of the world, etc... But truly you deserve each and every wonderful comment that you have got till now.

    You must be thinking as to why I am writing now and the thing is that I feel a bit ashamed of reading your works shamelessly and not commenting on them when I know that you deserve the praise and admiration of my mind to be verbalised!

    And reading that your works have been copied, again... is something of great distress and having faced a similar scenario in the past I completely understand your situation. I will completely support you in any decision you take for as a writer I exactly understand the need to rip off someone's head!

    And he/she deserves it.

    I strongly advise you to take legal action against the person if you already haven't taken so. You see, unless they are caught they really won't cease and they are desperate people. They might lie low and if not you they will catch hold of an easier blog to steal.

    Am really glad you have people going through plagiarism checks periodically. I don't know if it's great to be giving advise to you but then as a reader of your works this is the least that I can do for you.

    I found some material from e how website and if you wish you may read through it. (Though am sure you must have done all of it already)

    1. Take screen shots of both your original material and the plagiarized material. Then copy and paste both into a word file, along with the URL. Any information may be helpful. The screen shots are your evidence that the material was on the web at the date and time of your discovery. The word file will help you recopy the material in future steps.

    2. Enter the website address into the WHOIS database to retrieve information regarding the webmaster for the site. The "Name Server" lists the web host. Check with the host website for contact information for the webmaster responsible for the website.

    3. Contact them and keep your attorney posted.

    4. Report the offending website to Google and other popular search engines. They will move quickly to evaluate the legitimacy of your claims and remove offending content from their search engine. Provide copies of the information you have on the offending website, as well as the URL, for these search engines. Use your word file to copy and paste your collected information into an email to each search engine.

    5. Contact your attorney with all of the information you received about the offending website, as well as copies of your original work, says the Master New Media Organization. Print out your word file and include it with your information. Your attorney can initiate criminal and civil proceedings.

    Read more :


  5. And over all I mean Desert Heat was copied - which is all in all your baby. It has zero influence from the show. Except for the faces in the banners :P This is Completely your baby. I mean you don't have to change the names apart from surnames; that's it.

    I mean if it becomes Arnav Rathore and Khushi Das or whatever - toh yeh kahani bilkul tumhari hi hai. No one has the copyright to not title a couple as Arnav and Khushi.

    I won't be exactly able to list down the process as I myself am not too well verse with this. But then I recall a case where a friend of mine had 9 stories of her plagiarised. The first thing that she did and I followed suit was taking screenshots of the plagiarist's work and hers. We reached to a big file containing proof of her plagiarism and then we contacted the fanfiction site's head in all.

    Now it really depends as to who did the plagiarism. And what social media is the person using to promote "their" work. If someone's using forums then you can always contact the head and get him to disband the member in effect. And it will alert them as well. And the person won't take a risk of doing it again - this is for those one time plagiarists who will learn their lesson at one stroke.

    Similarly if someone is using twitter or google or any other form of social media you can directly report it at their help page and they act into the matter after you have provided proof. And they act pretty fast *personal experience*

    Now coming to those thick skinned plagiarists who have the audacity to retort to you and make a claim of your work shamelessly - these guys need the lawyer's slap on their face.

  6. With my relative as a lawyer I can clearly state that any work of yours produced on net, even if it is a fan fiction - and especially if it's an alternate universe, the person is a one hundred percent in a chance to face hefty fine and legal charges.

    Apart from your attorney, one thing that i would highly recommend is to get in touch with an IT guy. Literally a good one. If you have one then that's a great thing. He/She can easily get a hold of the so called author. The IT person will act as... let me say an online attorney?

    Sounds strange, I know. But then if you're having communication with this exceptionally shameless person then please step away from being disgusted with the person and channelise your energy in making sure that he/she never repeats this.

    Also if this person is doing the activity in a forum, feel free to humiliate him/her in public. The only reason why they copied was the garner attention from the public, it would be "nice" to watch them hit it back on them.

    I am sure you must have taken all the necessary help and action by now. You are far more experienced and clever to handle such a situation. However, I felt like telling this to you hence I stated so.

    Last thing, feeling saddened and the sudden uselessness of the situation is bound to happen. As you stated, it feels terrible to take down works for which you have given hours to make... and we all know that you will take the right decision for your works.

    It is true that no matter how much we love your works, the actual pain of the situation is stinging you more than anyone else.

    I just came across than an e book or kindle can't exactly be copied. In the sense that you could check somewhere where you can make you can make your ebook free but published for like a specific time. For all those readers for whom money is a problem they can keep themselves posted and buy it for free (you can keep this as a thirty or sixty day stuff) and then the rest can buy it at the price you mention.

    Then the issue comes about regular updates. I don't even know if i have the right to keep you advising left right left about all this and i hope you don't take it badly or think i am speaking too much, if so please do forgive me.

    The thing is that, your updates, if ten/twelve chapters are clubbed together, is perfect to be the first part of a trilogy or etc.

    Like if I take secret passion into example; you can make it a 5 editioned or.. how do I say, something like 5 volumes of the book. *considering it's going to be a fifty chapter story* Or if it's 75 chapter story then you can easily divide fifteen chapters per volume or several volumes.

    Because I have realised that every chunk of chapters of any story of yours depicts a beautiful different tone and setting.

    Yes it wold steal the joy of getting comments per chapter which I agree is a huge morale booster, what about writing in a site where your work becomes protected. To explain that registering in xyz site where whatever you write is exclusively yours and everyone can read it but if anyone steals the idea from that site then they are heavily punishable by law.

    Erm, I hope I managed to convey my msg.

    I am so sorry if my words seem too much and if I sound more like a lecturer than a reader. I truly want your best and I wish I could be of any help to you!

    I so wish to punch him/her on his/her face! Anyways, take your own time dear and I pray that that person gets a lesson of a lifetime!

    Nothing should ever stop you from your passion - just remember that.



  7. God those people just have no shame thank god it was caught in time

  8. it is so frustrating i just don't get why the hell people do that. if i am this pissed i can't imagine what you are feeling. Shame on them seriously. I just hope you feel better don't let this people waste your time.

  9. Again ????????? WTF !!!!!! This is too much yaar. How can they copy ur work and oust it without their conscience. If they want they could just refer ur ff but no!!!! These people want to steal others works... Can't u see the ip or something ? And then block it..... I feel so bad Tina... Pls know that I will always respect ur decision no matter what u decide...
    Looks like I only msg u only when something like this happens..... Sorry for that ... Anyways take u rime and find a way ...

    Love u yaar and ur works ..... All the best

  10. I feel so frustrated and bad when i see people copying others stories. Dont they have their own brain? What do they get by doing this? I have always loved and appreciated your work. Its so refreshing and makes my day Im with you in whatever decision you take. :) i hope you find an end to plagarism of ur stories

  11. This is SO UPSETTING !! Seriously, I am just sick and tired of these copycats, plagiarists !! They have ZERO WRITING TALENT and yet want to show to the world that they can write by copying an established popular writer's work !! They are the lowliest of the lowliest creatures !! I am so sorry Tina that you have had to endure this ugly episode again !! I will respect your decision whatever you decide but just want you to know I am a HUGE FAN of your work and it is a shame that such copy cat cheaters ruin it for all the genuine lovers of your work !! A big hug to you. Shipra :)

  12. Its very upsetting and full of frustration...
    really thats not exceptable...
    very bad....

    Tina dear... be well and don't stress so much...
    We are always there for you...your diehard fan readers...

  13. i hate these people who deprive us of these classic stories, because of them we have to suffer...
    i wanted to read the full chapters of DH but now i can't i was unable to read all due to my hectic routine and was reading little by little...
    i'm literally crying now...
    Oh God i hate that person madly who is responsible for this...
    First FL and now DH...

  14. Oh no again .... Y are people so shameless... Goddddd.... I'm sorry this happened to you again :(
    I hope we get to read DH till the end...
    Take care tina .... We r with you

  15. I'm glad that the appropriate actions are taken. I don't know what people gain by stealing other's works. It's quite disgusting. We are with you in whatever decisions you make. But hoping to read all the stories till the end. Take care :)

  16. i'm really sad that some people don't appreciate the hard work of someone and just simply copied with no shame
    i really love your stories and hope u keep writing despite all
    we are all with you

  17. Feeling can somebody steal others work......i support any action you take to protect your work......

  18. Again...its unacceptable. Feeling very angry right nw... v r with u...tina

    Brkn angl

  19. i am with you....and i cant understand that you are angry, but because of some people dont punish the others, who are waiting for your stories.....i am waiting for the next updates.....

  20. Very sorry to hear this again
    But don't worry Tina we are with u!!!
    We understand your situation take your time and decide
    We will wait for u and support u!
    Don't worry be happy :D

  21. hi didu............thanks for considering my msg................i known u still ........ummmm ........b'coz u r still hurt but...............i don't know what to say didu..........i m msging u on indian form as rarshiaaliyak...........plz do read.........i will feel that .......u have really forgave me for hurt that was caused to u b'coz of me..........plz......i don't want these things again in public..........plz didu..........

  22. So sorry to hear about the plagiarism, I am not sure what is wrong with these people. please do continue your works for the readers like me anyway will wait for your decision and I would be okay with it as this has happened couple of times before, will support you in what ever u decide!!! Anu1017 on IF

  23. Hope u carry on writing
    Your stories are very good

  24. Hey Tina sorry to hear about plagiarism again. I don't know what's wrong with these people. Take your own time and hopefully you continue to write. We are with you whatever decision you make..

  25. Hi Tina, We have lost so many writers because of this problem. It's especially tragic when the writer feels that she should just give up writing because of this. You are a gifted writer thus people without such gift will unfortunately take the easy way out. We will respect whatever decision you make. Hope this works out for your.

  26. Hi Tina

    Love all your work and has recommended it to other readers as well.

    It upsets and saddens me that there are people out there who steal other people's hard work and palm it of as theirs.

    Please keep strong and know that we your readers are there for you

    Hope things clear up and brightens for you.

    I saw a saying on HGTV "today is a good day to be a great day"

    Please don't let stupid people get you down, stay strong and happy.

    Seeta (seeta_naips)

  27. hi hun im a silent reader of urs for quite some time now and I cannot believe ppl r still copying ur work . its really sad that amazing writers like ursef feel the need to stop writing which is a passion of theirs because ppl w no imagination r plagiarising I am soo sorry u r gojng through this again. have u considered privatising ur work n allowing access to ur true readers? that way u can allow who u want to the site and if u still have plagiarism issues u can figure out who it is as u r allowing access . sorry not sure if what im saying makes sense


  28. Hey tina
    Got to know about plagiarism
    Believe me I m really sad right now
    Circumstances in my life are also not happening as I want
    So I tried to change my mind by reading ur stories
    Bt see here also I got disappointed
    M really sry fr uuu
    This is bcaz of those stupid brainless person u and us have to suffer
    Bt no matter what we r always with uu
    Bt always keep one thing in mind
    If u stop writing (which I hate even saying it)
    Or if u make it private or etc etc
    Then this will be only thing that those stupid brainless people want
    So dont make them win
    Bcaz there r several honest readers out there lyk me
    Who everyday stalk ur blog n check whether u have updated or not n when get to know u have updated I literally start dancing in my chairs or bed
    I always talk to my family about ur writings
    N when they watch me dancing they truly understand that u have updated this is so true
    So plz plz plz its my hearty request
    Pls dont do anything in which we have to suffer
    Plz do start updating as real funny romantic sexyminded tina
    Plzzz m dying here to know ur decision
    Dont be long wanted to read sp really badly
    I hope u get every happiness in world
    Take care lots of luv to u tina
    Plzzzzzzz do updateeee

  29. Omg I can't believe that this has happened again. I'm so sorry about that. I've also been a victim of that and I know exactly how it feels. Take care

  30. So sad why would some one do that? what they get doing that dear.

  31. Hello Tina, I came across your works last year and i've read (and re-read) everything which is there on the blog and your works are just amazing...i cannot even being describe in words how much i've LOVED them....i keep stalking your blog for updates....and i am really sorry for not commenting before...i really feel guilty about it. I've laughed, cried, smiled and felt what not after reading your works, Arnav-Khushi are simply at their best in your stories. A wonderful writer like you deserves praises and so much more. I being a mere reader would not be able to understand how much sad and painful it is to see your work plagiarised (and that too for the third time i guess) . It is the worst kind of atrocity which can be committed on a writer. I would just say that as an ardent reader of your works my sanity depends on your writing & i would be in a miserable and pathetic state as well if you discontinued any of your works! So i implore you to NOT TO STOP WRITING ever! Just tell us the other way in which we can remain connected to your stories. I hope the perpetrators get some sense after the action is is so ridiculous and cruelto copy somebody else's hardwork such people clearly lack conscience...& it makes everybody suffer!
    IF name- pra_s.96
    -Prachi Sharma

  32. *begin to (being describe)
    *cruel to (cruelto)
    *Commited against
    Because typos distort the meaning a bit :p
    - IF name - pra_s.96

  33. Please don't ever stop writing/posting . I think you are one fine writer and your stories are really great . So please don't stop :)

  34. Hi Tina....I am a new reader of ur wonderful stories...just started the third chapter of secret passion....n omg u r such a wonderful n creative writer...i know How much it hurts wen ur creations r copied...shame on those people...we r all with you....take care

  35. I feel so sad when you are upset Tina. Your stories and writing bring such joy and happiness to me, I keep on checking your blog atleast once a day to see your note or read a chapter of one of the stories. Please do not stop writing and do not remove the whole story from your blog :-((. Every weekend I feel happy just by thinking you might update. Hope you read this note before you make a decision.

    It is disappointing to see people stealing someone's hard work.

    Pinkly (IF Id)

  36. HI there, I took courage from the fact that people have left more than one message... So here I am with my second. I agree with everyone who said that your writing brings great pleasure. Really you have a fabulous style and great creativity. Please don't stop writing... why punish yourself for someone else's idiocy. Somebody suggested that you should publish your work via kindle. Hey I would buy your work on Amazon! I am normally a silent reader ( which you probably don't appreciate ) but that does not mean that I don't appreciate your work... It just means I don't have the same way with words. I have read and reread your work over and over. That is how much I like your style and imagination.

    I wish you a speedy resolution.

  37. Hey tina..felt really bad for what happened
    Shame on those people seriously
    How can they such conviniently call somebody else's work their!!
    But please do not punish yourself and us for them
    We really love your writting
    So much so that i regularly visit your blog to check for updates
    Hope you quickly make a decision and continue your works because i just cant wait for new updates of your stories
    i know it sounds selfish but cant help it..i am helplessly in love of your stories

  38. so sorry Tina....
    if someone like the story so much why don't you recommend others to read it instead of doing something illegal...
    hope you get to find a permanent solution soon

  39. I can't understand why people do this..what's the fun in posting someone else's story and taking the credit for it?? When you know that u are not the one who has written it? Seriously sick. ...I just hope that you won't take any decision that will leave us readers disheartened exactly the way it happened with ipkknd...
    I hope you will find a solution and come back for us...
    Lots of love

  40. Awh man. Well I'm glad you guys found out about the plagarism. That's pretty crappy. However, I do hope you continue writing. You're writing is so amazing and I've been in love since shameless and I've basically re-read and continue to read everything all of the time. You're amazing and just wow, you have a great way with words. No pressure though. I wish you the best with whatever decision you make. Good luck

    -loveandluck (on indiaforums)

  41. Tina ..i am sorry..for not commenting before because i was not aware how to do so and i guess i figured out today . I am really upset by what happened to you again. DH was our baby too. I am sorry for your loss.. please i think you should make your blog private and kind of PM us the link to it on IF accounts ..something so that only WE readers get entrance. I will comment more often then now i know how to do it.

    .GulabiAnkhey. (IF)

  42. this is fucking unbelievably disgusting...and never seems to stop!! matter what u do!!!...bloody plagiarizer..
    -xyzsm (IF)

  43. AGAIN?! This is disgusting. I don't know what you must be feeling right now. It's such a messed up feeling when someone else takes up the credit of all your hard work. I'm sure it's no where close to easy for you to write so many fics along with your hectic schedule. I've heard you can possibly charge fines to plagiarist? Can you do that? That would teach people a lesson!

    It would be disheartening as a reader if you stop writing, but then I understand your plight. Do whatever makes you feel happy because you started writing to be happy for starters! :)

    Lots of love! Hugs.

  44. This is my first comment over here Dr tina at first I didn't know
    How to do it😜 and yeh I loovvee ur every work
    I've been following your stories since 2weeks
    And every story is amazing and beautiful in its own place☺️
    But my favourite one is secret passion I just love this story very much
    It's always sad 😔to know about these kind of people
    Who steal others hard work😡😤
    Hope this problem will be solved and you'll be stress free
    Again .

  45. hi didu..................
    i know u cleared my name.................
    but still some people have doubt on my story.................
    well they can read my story to known that my story soulfully belongs to me...........
    and i have not copied it..............
    so here is the link........
    DESERT: THE BARREN LAND............

    IF (Indian Forums) link=

    HTA (Hindi TV Adda) link=

  46. I've just read your blog recently and since then I often visit your blog and re-read all your story. They're amazing and I'm really sorry to know that some one out there stealing your work. I hope you will be find a way to punish them. But I also hope that you still continue writing these great stories.
    I wish you all the best wishes!

  47. Hey Tina, I usually comment via India Forums but after reading your note this past weekend I felt compelled to comment here. As a honest reader, I suggest you take down your work because truthfully, these shameless people will not stop copying your work. I started reading your work about two years ago and since then there have been at least 4 incidents where people have copied and pasted your work on to other sites and claiming it as their own. For people who don't know this, PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME!!! Just because their hiding behind the computer and you can't see their face doesn't mean they cannot be punished for what they are doing. As much as I love reading your stories, I rather not see you going through this time and time again so maybe it would be beneficial if you just removed all your stories. As a honest reader, I know we will lose out on reading your work but I know how hard it must be as an author to have your work used and stolen by some shameless people. Will look forward to reading about your final decision. Thanks again for allowing us to read so many great stories written on Arnav and Khushi!

  48. Oh this is awfully, I wish there was something we can to do to solve this issue. I'm sorry you had to go through this again and again, I loved your story Shameless and love SP and DH the most. I'll support you in whatever you decide.

  49. It's so disgusting that some useless people are copying your stories without your knowledge. I've always been a silent reader , but I'm commenting now. Your stories are truly heart whelmingly awesome, and we all are gonna support your in whatever decision you make, hope your problem solves fast

  50. Tina, I'm extremely sorry to here of what has happened. I'm shocked to know that this is in fact the second time someone has plagiarised your work. It is beyond me why people pretend to be so thick-headed. The only reason I can think of why anyone would continue plagiarising your work, despite repeated warnings from you, is that they are jealous of your talent and your brilliance. Not that it excuses what they've done.
    I do not write, but I read. A lot. And as a voracious reader I can almost understand the pain you would feel when someone steals your work and presents it as their own.
    I hope, like many other fans of yours, that you don't stop writing. But this is me speaking selfishly. Since it is your hard work that is being jeopardised, I realise it is solely your decision about what to do next, though I will sorely miss your writing if (I hope not) you decide to stop publishing your stories online since I'm a new reader, and having read all your stories in one go I feel very very greedy for more. But please be assured that whatever you decide you will have my complete support, along with the support if your numerous fans I'm sure.

  51. Tina, I am sad to hear of this, you take your time and decide what is right for you. I am with you in your decision, even though if you decide to stop / not post remaining chapters of DH, I will miss it. Take care girl!

  52. Hi Tina,

    I am really sorry to hear about this. Some people just cannot mind their own business, can they? It's sad that it has come down to this again. We all know how you went to great lengths to protect the story and still make it possible for the readers out there to read it.I really appreciate it.Hope you will able to make your decision soon.And if you decide to take down DH, I compeletely undestand. I am very glad that I got to read atleast some part of it.It will always have a special place in my heart.Take care!

    Much love,
    ongongong (from IF)

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I feel very sad for to hear that your work being copied and you being forced to take a decision to stop updating DH. I am with you on your decision. I know how hard and difficult it would have been for you. You are a great writer and I am happy to have read your creation DH which will be in my memory. Same happened with FL, which I recollect often but can't read it again as you had to take that down due to plagiarism. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that me and many other fans who are admirers of your writing will always be there for you. Take care Tina!

  55. I have been a silent reader all along..but actions like these force you to speak up.
    I literally feel sad for people who have to resort to copying works off others..such limited imaginations.
    Take your time deciding how to best deal with this and safeguard these literary treasures. We are there for you!

  56. I am a silent reader tina but I couldn't help not commenting today please do whatever it takes to teach these pathetic attention serking idiots a lesson legal if possible. .even if its just a story according to these dumbos its ur idea its your time effort amidst the crazy schedule of life..every letter written in each chapter is yours. I know that feeling when someone takes your ideas your words and project it as theirs it hurts real bad.. these so called authors should be held accountable for their deeds. As for your story Would love to read your ending for the magic you started but its all on you sweety if you feel you don't want to continue so be it at least write it for yourself and treasure it cause not everybody write like you. Take care keep smiling and dont let a couple of idiots steal your joy passion and talent. take care.

  57. hey Tina
    I have commented before BT wanted to comment again bcaz I m Really really tensed about ur decision
    I know u r very much hurt bt so did us r hurted
    if u have sweet and amazing tym writing ur story so we have amazing and marvellous tym reading it
    ur stories really changed my mood from worst to best
    whenever I m upset I just read ur stories n my mood gets brighten
    seriously I m crazy about ur stories
    n also there r lot of crazy people lyk Me who r always waiting fr ur update n always dances on seat when get to know u have updated
    so plz plz fr alll us crazy lovers of ur stories don't ever stop writing plzzz
    just the thought of it scares me so much Tina
    plz understand u Will make all of us suffer including u by stopping writing bcaz its not urs n ours fault?? so y should we suffer??
    make those cheaters brainless stupids suffer by taking action against them
    if u stop writing than those brainless stupids will damn happy
    bcaz this is what they want
    kill those stupids with ur skills n happiness Tina
    I really hope ull consider my request n don't take such scary decision
    take care Tina we r with uu
    I m waiting fr the next weekend when I'll check ur blog n find out that u have updated sp
    with u on track n back
    lots of love to u Tina
    up date soon

  58. Hi Dear

    I'm really sorry for ur predicament!! cos of some peoples despicable and thoughtless acts ur in this difficult situation!! Ur ffs r absolutely fabulous n I will be really really disappointed if u discontinue ur amazing work. But no pressure, plse take ur tym I'm sure u will make a truly wise decision. Plzzz take care n hoping to hear from u soon. God Bless U


  60. Anera from IF
    I came today to check ur blog bcz u didnt post any chapter of any story
    And then i came across this note and i understand u
    But keep fighting dont give up
    Just bcz Some losers are doing those things

  61. Hi Tina,
    Pls dnt sadden urself by such will just give u harm no good...just remember dat u r nt alone to fight wid dem v all are standing just beside dnt worry nd pls pls pls try to stay happy as u hv so many well wishers around u... :-)

  62. Hi Tina,
    Here I was stalking you blog when I heard the history repeating itself. It's so frustrating when people do the same thing again and again inspite of being told not to. But please don't let these stupid people get you to stop penning down such arshi epics because trust me nothing will be more devastating than the fact you not writing arshi stories anymore. I understand if you get fed up and make this blog private... It's a request that please don't forget thus new reader down her. I am relatively new to the world of arshi and I am a huge admirer of your works. When i first came across your blog DH had its initial chapters removed. Finally when you start you repost them people do it all over again. But still we all will be waiting for you no matter how long it takes...
    Loads of love,

  63. AGAIN !!!!!

    Shit yaar.. this terrible thing keeps on happening with you dear.. I dont know why people are so ungrateful and greedy.. seriously I cant wrap up my hand around such incidents.. bloody morons .. leech kahin ke .. gandey log .. hate them all..
    Ofcourse these kind of things hurt you and make you feel like why should i even continue writing in the first place..

    Sweets your open blog is a risky thing .. Sacchi.. Go private.. thats i would suggest.. You seriously need to come up with a solution for ur sake as well as for all of ur genuine readers..

    Hopefully this mess will be solved soon and you get back into your happy zone..
    GOOD LUCK.. Take Care :-) :-)

    ps: on a lighter note , whenever i come back after a long break there is always some dhamaka waiting for me :P

    ------ luvkkgasr (IF) "Kirti"

  64. Do not get disheartened!!! No good comes to those who plagiarise...your will always win with your readers who knows and appreciate your work��...keep calm and don't stop writing!!

  65. Still waiting for some good news. ..pls talk to us Tina

  66. Again?!!!! What the fuck!
    I've been away these last few months because of some stupid crap or other, but this is the worst thing to come back to. So sorry a bunch of morons don't understand basic decency. :( And dammit I was so looking forward to reading Desert Heat. Double damn.
    I genuinely hope this doesn't lead you to severing ties with the Arshi ficverse, but I can completely understand if you choose to do so and will support whatever decision you make.
    Sending you loads of love, hugs and tasers. Use them well! ;)

  67. I am new to your blog and your stories and I am sorry to hear this, I do not know why people keep doing that. I hope it gets resolved soon and you continue with your stories :)


  68. Dear Tina really this is disgusting! My heart is with you...
    I was not here for a few month and I am now reading all chapter of your beautiful stories.... But please know that we your fans are supporting you! Whatever your decision will be, we are with you.
    And to all those copycats: shame on you!

  69. dear tina i know it hurts to see ur hardwork being copied by some useless creatures but plz i request u to continue ur stories.... i am a regular follower of ur stories on IF n here on blog too.... i have read ur story secret passion only Allah knows... i have lost count... ur a such a perfect n wonderful writer..... plz dont do this... i am requesting u.... i agree i never commented on blog bu i always comment on IF... plz update soon ur all stories... n about plagiarism i wanna give u my opinion that turn ur blog private n give invitations to those who r loyal to u.... my id on IF is candyjan... but plx continue soon... it hurts to see that u r not updating....

  70. Hey dear I'm missing your updates. Are you really going to punish me for some brainless cheaters? I accept your plots are amazing and your way of presenting them is mind blowing and that's why people want to copy your work. But they forget that the final picture presented to us by you has undergone many alterations and lot of brain storming. It's just not words from me cause I actually felt it. After reading so many stories I tried to write one, but I couldn't. It took a lot of thinking and analyzing. So now I'm stuck to reading and enjoy it wholeheartedly. So please write dear. Don't let those cheats affect you. Think this way,ummm, yeah, they can't think brilliantly like you so are reduced to steal. What say girl! Pride yourself, you are the center of attention. Enjoy baby ; )

  71. Hi Tina, I had commented earlier and had been checking here regularly. I agree with a lot of people who have mentioned above that don't stop writing because of such people. You can decide to make this into Kindle books and publish there. I do not like the idea of private blog (for selfish reasons, I am not into TV/fanfics/IF, just visit your blog regularly and like these regardless). Also, as I can see from the comments above, a lot of people like me have chanced upon your work recently. If you make it private, all that stops. However, as I said earlier, I am with you in whatever you decide. Take care!

  72. Why do people post other's work???Idiots.
    I have been reading your stories from shameless.
    Please don't make it private,I know it's selfish of me to say that but I will miss secret passion if you make it private.

  73. Hey Tina
    I'm so darned disheartened to hear this... Again!
    Everytime this happens I think 'oh no! She's going to take down her stories and I'll never be able to read them again'
    Coz this happened with another IF writer and she made her blog private and I didnt know when she had asked for mail ids to send the password for the blog
    I lost out on the chance and still wonder what happened to that amazing story
    Wouldn't want the same here too :(
    I can never understand how can people copy somebody's work and sleep peacefully
    But whatever you decide we'll support you
    Take care

  74. Hi Tina,
    I saw this note today. I don't know for some reason my ISP had blocked blogspot..!

    I'm really really sorry about this. I can quite understand how it feels when your hardwork is plagiarised. The people who do this absolutely have no conscience!! Pathetic is an understatement.

    I wouldn't want to pressurize you into doing anything that your heart doesn't feel right. Although I sure hope you won't stop writing altogether. Please take your time, no worries, no hurry. As an ardent reader of your works, I'll support you all the way! :)
    All the best. And take care. xoxo

  75. Hey, I logged on after a few months to catch up, only to read this sad note :( I am so sorry that you continuously have to go through this, it really sucks. These people who continuously do this clearly have no ethics, it's really sad.
    I hope you are able to come to a decision regarding your work, however I'm really crossing my fingers that you don't stop writing! This has been a trend for IPKKND stories in the last year and a half, and I hope yours is a story that will get to see the end.
    You're a brilliant writer and story-teller, and I wish I was on regularly enough to catch every chapter as it comes out, so that I could tell you every time how amazing all of your stories are.
    Hope you've had some time to think, and so sorry that this happened to you again!

  76. Really worried now...plss plss tell us what's happening. ..can't imagine not reading your stories. ..pls come back soon

  77. it has been so long dear.... plz talk to us... give us at least a note regarding the stories or anything... i am missing u n ur stories like hell...
    candyjan [IF]

  78. Please update your stories.
    I do understand that this is really bad and you are hurt.
    May be you can restrict access to your blog or track the people reading it.
    But please dont stop writing. You are an amazing writer and we are waiting to read your stories :(

  79. This is very sad that your work is copied again....I don't understand how someone can be so insensitive and selfish.. It must be really hard for you to digest such things happening again and again and still keep on writing....We all are supporting you whatever your decision might be.
    I sincerely hope and pray that whoever he/she might be get the well deserved punishment for his unforgivable deeds...!!!!!
    And also that you will continue to write your wonderful stories once again.
    We will always be very thankful to you if you continue to write the stories as you earlier planned..... And will always love you for the wonderful world of arshi you created with your amazing imagination and command over a language....!!!!

  80. This is very sad that your work is copied again....I don't understand how someone can be so insensitive and selfish.. It must be really hard for you to digest such things happening again and again and still keep on writing....We all are supporting you whatever your decision might be.
    I sincerely hope and pray that whoever he/she might be get the well deserved punishment for his unforgivable deeds...!!!!!
    And also that you will continue to write your wonderful stories once again.
    We will always be very thankful to you if you continue to write the stories as you earlier planned..... And will always love you for the wonderful world of arshi you created with your amazing imagination and command over a language....!!!!

  81. This is very sad that your work is copied again....I don't understand how someone can be so insensitive and selfish.. It must be really hard for you to digest such things happening again and again and still keep on writing....We all are supporting you whatever your decision might be.
    I sincerely hope and pray that whoever he/she might be get the well deserved punishment for his unforgivable deeds...!!!!!
    And also that you will continue to write your wonderful stories once again.
    We will always be very thankful to you if you continue to write the stories as you earlier planned..... And will always love you for the wonderful world of arshi you created with your amazing imagination and command over a language....!!!!

  82. hey tinaaa
    where r u??
    its been almost 2 month since ur last update
    I know u r really sad bt Tina so we are
    I have commented twice before bt really can't stop myself fr commenting thrice as I m dying here to get a word from u n hopefully a not more bt smaller update of sp
    I m checking everyday ur blog with just one hope in my mind that maybe today u have updated
    bt I get. sad again
    sry to tell u Tina BT I m really getting sad day by day I think my lyf is incomplete
    some much imp thing is missing
    I know I m being selfish Tina bt plz do update
    I m requestion u from the core of my heart
    as I have said earlier plz don't punish us or u punish that stupid brainless people
    plz plz plz Tina do update soon
    hopefully this week give us some surprise
    take care n once again do update its been so long n this waiting is killing me
    lots of love to u Tina
    plz update soon

  83. Hey, doc. Hope you're doing well. I'm sure whatever you're thinking, it's getting you as aggravated as I can presume. I hope you're not letting it eat you up too much though. Trust me, everyone here will be around always, no matter what decision you take, so don't worry about us. Hope everything else is good. Miss you, lady. Take care :)

  84. Hi Tina.. I am one of silent reader of ur ff. It's so frustrating that DH was copied.. I was so enjoyable reading ur stories.. We r. With u.. Take it time..


  85. Hi Tina, I don't know what's been happening but I hope you're okay. Please do get back to us. It's been more than a month and we haven't heard anything from you neither have we got an update. Please do update soon, we're desperately waiting. Thanks.


  86. Hey Tina! I never thought coming back to this page would leave such mixed feelings! I had got caught up in work as you may well understand and this page has always been my escape.. Coming back here to read what hs happened is so disheartening.. Somehow the whole experience feels tainted when ppl steal what is yours and trust me I know.. I write myself though obviously not as engaging as you.. It's just another escape its mostly poems.. But coming back to your stories. II glad you didn't give up.The world you have created is so close to reality and so mesmerising I should be heart broken if you had given up.. Please keep faith and continue to give wings to your imagination ! Please do share your world.. Lots of love

  87. see these comments tina... just know we love u... don't leave us!

    Fuck those who steal your works! We will find them... we... readers are loyal to u


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