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Secret Passion Teaser

SP Teaser First of all, huge shoutout and my personal thanks to: Zyrah, Saki Mani, Arshi Alai, Radhika Sabnis, Aaliya, Scrap booker,, Momai, Ekta, Pinky, Brkn Angl, Neetu, Sarunian Hamesha, Kamala, Anu Reddy, Paramjeet, A, Suburban SoCal Girl, Ritzzii, ongongong, Kereen Bennet, Sara Sithambaram, Ghada Brahmi, Sida, Nivi, Farheen, Deepika Gidwani, Richelle, Slowsun93, angeldream14, loveandluck, Shipra Agarwal, orchids8888, Divya, Munazza, Amina and all the anonymous readers who left me messages <3 Now... I know so many of you are waiting for an update. It's definitely overdue but I literally just landed home. I forgot when I posted my last message that I had a conference this weekend:/ So unfortunately I've had very little time to write. Hope to post Episode 36 of Secret Passion in the coming few days... Till then, here's the opening...something to mull over... ps. there are a TON of arshi scenes next chapter;)
Secret Passion by TINA! & Satina Episode 36: Dinner a…

Secret Passion 36-37

Hi everyone,

First of all, THANK YOU for all the messages and encouragement. I read each one and a huge part of me logging on again here was due to all of you :')

Second, I'm really sorry for the delay. I needed time to make some decisions but I didn't expect it be this long either. But my laptop straight up died a few weeks ago and I just got it back.

As far as continuing writing... Well to be honest I seriously contemplated just discontinuing but you all are right, it means much more to me than just a passing hobby. I missed writing SP, DH, etc. I missed our beloved Arnav & Khushi. I missed it all. So no, I can't quit--at least no completely--I realized.

Some of you mentioned in your comments other safer options and trust me, I'm considering them all. As far as making the blog private--> well I would not know even now where to begin on that. There are simply too many of you and though I do know most of the regular readers by name, as soon as I make …