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Secret Passion Teaser

SP Teaser

First of all, huge shoutout and my personal thanks to:
Zyrah, Saki Mani, Arshi Alai, Radhika Sabnis, Aaliya, Scrap booker,, Momai, Ekta, Pinky, Brkn Angl, Neetu, Sarunian Hamesha, Kamala, Anu Reddy, Paramjeet, A, Suburban SoCal Girl, Ritzzii, ongongong, Kereen Bennet, Sara Sithambaram, Ghada Brahmi, Sida, Nivi, Farheen, Deepika Gidwani, Richelle, Slowsun93, angeldream14, loveandluck, Shipra Agarwal, orchids8888, Divya, Munazza, Amina and all the anonymous readers who left me messages <3
Now... I know so many of you are waiting for an update. It's definitely overdue but I literally just landed home. I forgot when I posted my last message that I had a conference this weekend:/ So unfortunately I've had very little time to write. Hope to post Episode 36 of Secret Passion in the coming few days...
Till then, here's the opening...something to mull over...
ps. there are a TON of arshi scenes next chapter;)

Secret Passion by TINA! & Satina
Episode 36: Dinner and a Date
The woman’s eyes remained downcast as she knocked on the home’s mammoth oak door, casting furtive glances to the nearby alley. There was no one there, but she still had the uncanny suspicion that someone may be following her, perhaps Khushi or her volatile husband.
She frowned at the closed door, knocking a second time. This time, it opened--just a crack. A stocky, middle-aged man dressed in a pristine uniform peered at her with a look of distaste.
“Yes?” he all but sneered.
“I’m...I’m here to see him. He’s expecting me.”
“And you are?”
“Rita,” she breathed, drawing her coat closer. From the depths of the mansion, she could faintly hear a piano playing, the notes ringing out with a sharp eeriness. Though she was far from musically inclined, she recognized the tune.
The butler gave her a brief nod and closed the door. He was back within seconds, this time his demeanor one of detached formality rather than cold contempt. He held the door open and taking her gray pea coat, guided her inside the glass tiled foyer.
“This way, Nurse Rita.”
She followed him with no little amount of hesitation though there was no reason for it. She had done everything as requested. She’d followed every single instruction flawlessly.
The man who had made those requests and paid her heavily for it sat playing in a massive, dimly lit room, instruments surrounding him. Rita glimpsed a guitar, a set of drums and even a harp. The butler did not announce her presence as she’d expected, leaving her there with barely a second glance. Her mysterious employer remaining lost in his music, seemingly entranced and consumed by it. She cleared her throat, struggling with how to address him. She did not even know his name.


  1. hi tina iam so happy to know that u are updating sp in few days.thanku so much because i know it is not easy after all those plagiarising. as for the teaser u always manages to keep me in the edge of the seat

  2. Omg... That nurse Rita is gone!! Why is this man after Arnav? And why was he singing twinkle twinkle little star and instead of "how I wonder what you are", he was singing "where you are". Is he waiting for arnav? Was he one of the evil people in RITA who troubled arnav? Do post the next chapter soon. That was a scary teaser.

  3. Omg scary nd intrstng tzr...

    Plz plz updt soon


  4. This is too scary........

    Dear, take your time..... Please try & update quickly......

    Waiting for SP update.....

    (orchids8888 from IF)

  5. I get a shoutout again!
    This man is seriously giving me the creeps
    What the hell does he want?
    And this nursery rhyme sounds familiar.. Did you use it somewhere in the previous chapters?
    I cant seem to remember it
    Waiting for the update :D

  6. Is he shyam...???....I guess yes...who else will know about those paintings and RITA....I think he deliberately chose the nurse with name Rita...!!!
    He is psycho....!! And trust me it's scary..when I think about pregnant khushi specifically. I hope Rita hadn't done any other damage to khushi..!!!
    Waiting for an update...!!!

  7. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy tina di u r super ............ i was really missing this..... i i dont know but i feel so creepy of master..... n the poem as far as i remember i really dont remember in this story but it is somewhat familiar.... n the main thing is who is he Aman, Akash, NK, Shyam ya phir Arnav himself u see any kind of disorder... but agar in mai sa koi ni to phir kon aur main thing kyun aran khushi k peechay hai,,,,,, poor rita i think he also the cause of payal outburst..... well i am very eager to read more bas dont separate arshi hmmmm

  8. tinaaa
    was really waiting fr ur update since morning u know
    in the class room I was waiting eagerly fr it over so that I could cm home n read ur update haha getting nuts on ur stories especially sp bcaz its my most fav story I have mentioned it before too
    bt when I get home n opened ur blog I was really sad bcaz there was no up date bt teaser n it was Also short n scary
    bt then I think about uu n ur busy schedule
    n make myself satisfactory by thinking that at least u have updated teaser bcaz most of the people including me won't even do anything bt rest if I was having so much busy schedule lyk uu
    so no prblm Tina
    its Ookk if u have not updated
    bt do update soon in few days I mean before the weekend plz plz
    bcaz we can't wait now as it is almost 2 months since ur last update
    so do update before this weekend bcaz I really don't have patience to wait one more week
    BTW about the teaser
    it was everything fr a person to make it more difficult to wait fr ur next update
    it was awesome exciting n mostly damn scary
    just can't wait
    I think this horaito is Karan or AJ
    I don't know bt someone we know
    n plus the last line of ur note that there r more arshi moments in next update
    after reading that I was lyk damn Tina this is so not fair that u haven't updated
    one more request plz don't seperate Arshi
    waiting eagerly eagerly n so eagerly fr ur next up date of sp
    plz do update before weekend
    take care
    lots of love to u tina

  9. You are back... you're back... you're back! I am doing that jig from Toy Story2... sorry. More graceful mode... It is wonderful to have you back Tina... And then with such a 'dhasoo' ( technical term from our part of the world ) teaser.
    Seriously Tina, it's good to have you back... Please don't let a bunch of losers bring you down.

    P.S. Thank you for the shout out! I have not experienced it before. It's a good feeling. So thx again.

  10. Hello Tina, I am writing about your plagiarizing problem. I have an idea... It is based partly on ignorance so I will preface it with a question. How hard is it to take down a story which has been plagiarized from your work? If it is very hard and frustrating then this idea is moot. If not... then the idea is, and believe me I don't mean to make light of this situation... You have said it is painful and I was reading all the comments, everyone says it too... But again my idea is, if it is not too hard to remove such a work, why not enjoy the fact. They do say that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... Obviously they don't mean to flatter you... but let's look at it that way.

    Also I think, you should start a counter here on the blog, indicating the number of times the various stories have been lifted.

    Thirdly, if there are no legalities prohibiting it, post the links to those stories here, and let your readers do their bit. We can add our voice to yours against a plagiarized work. That would be effective, I think. I know our posts might be removed from the other sites, but the damage would be done, right? I read a lot about stopping plagiarization here on IF, but would this not work better.

    By removing the original author's work... that author is being penalized... Why? You have done all the hard work... You like to share it with your readers... We like to read your stories... So why is this group paying the price of someone else's idiocy. As I said previously... don't let a bunch of loser... especially those lacking imagination, bring you down.

    I apologize if I am out of line here. As I said, my intention is not to make light of something that you obviously and rightly feel so strongly about. I am just trying to provide a different perspective!

    Best of luck and regards,

  11. Interesting and mystery teaser of SP
    Another is after Arnav... Am guessing it was Shyam but having second thoughts of it hehehe
    Well have to wait until the update is up to know who this pyscho person who is after Arnav...
    Continue soon Tina!
    Thanks for the pm;)

  12. Hi Tina!!

    Thanks for mentioning me, it made me so happy! Silly, I know but still happy haha.
    Coming to the teaser, So Rita is the one. Now I am seriously wondering who is who in this scenario. What that master has to do with this? Waiting!!

  13. Oh My God!!!
    Killer Teaser...
    How will we wait now?

  14. Thank you tina really thank you so much for the teaser i'm very happy to read it and wating eagerly for the full update :)

  15. So master Horatio is Arnav's friend ajay, who took him to indigo and who back stabbed him by going behind his back and made out with his girl friend Nicole, I bet he is the one who told Payal about Rita as well... It is really getting interesting and I can't wait for the next update.


  16. What a teaser, Tina. I've got goosebumps all over!
    We've got another Arnav enemy, or is it someone we already know? Hmm, this is getting really interesting, ArHi vs the world indeed. I cannot wait to read the full chapter, do update soon :) and thank you for this teaser, really appreciate it!


  17. amazing
    who is the crazy gut
    is her related to RITA
    he wants to prove ASR is insane so he must be related to that horrible past that ASR never wants to visit

  18. I think Master horiato is Akash :/

  19. I fangirled over the shoutout at the beginning of the teaser. I'm sorry but you're amazing so it made me all happy. Anyways glad you're back at it, and slaying the game as per usual.

    I was going to say who I think master horatio is but I just saw someone thinks it's akash and I might die. that would be pretty crazy because payal and him could've been together on the daily if he was master horatio. WOW what even. I don't know what i was saying anymore because akash. what. If it's him I'm going to die (and then keep reading ofcourse) but Lordy that would be interesting. Thanks for amazing stories and all of the work you put into them!

    loveandluck :)

  20. Is he AJ???? I think it's him.
    But there is a chance he might be shyam too.
    It reminds me a bit og shameless because there the identity of villian is so mysterious.
    Can't wait and welcome back

  21. OMG what was that,,... so creepy... is it shyam?? he knows abt the paintings...or ajay???
    n omg he killed rita coz he CAN??? and he was singing "where you are?" scary

  22. Whenever I read anything realted to SP, the thing which immediately comes in my mind is the prologue in which you mentioned that it is more like the HBO version of IPKKND...i mean this (S.P) is the real ipkknd it seems..... and plus the updates are episodic as well so it becomes all the more interesting....When i watched the show (i did so after it went off air :p) , i realised what a fine thing it was and now writers like you take it to an amazingly different level. I feel it really difficult to describe what i think about SP because it has so so so many different dimensions and i simply love them all....i guess the grey characterisation is my favourite part since this makes the story most thrilling and unpredictable for me and it simply depends on the twists and situations as to what shade of the character would be revealed!
    So after reading this teaser i am planning to gobback and read some of the older updates since this twinkle twinkle little stars has rung some kind of bell :p this Master Horatio really creeps me out...Shyam and AJ apart, my doubts were initially on nk as well initially when there was a description of DL....felt as if any male character except arnav could be master horatio. Waiting eagerly for the next part!!
    (IF name- pra_s.96)

  23. Omg...Wat a teaser.. i think it's shyam. But is it really. ?
    Waiting for the update

    Brkn angl

  24. OMG TINA WHAT A CREEPY TEASER WAS THAT... is master horatio karan or aj or shyam.. it freaks me out whenever i think about the possibilities... waiting for the update eagerly..
    loads of love


  26. gosh!!! amazing teaser!!
    First of all a biggg thank you for deciding to continue writing dear. Trust me its like a tight slap to all those losers out there who know nothing better to steal. They can't take away a gifted writer;s power by their stealing!!
    Now of the teaser.
    My, my..... am on totally thinking mode....
    First of all this guy is rich.... as in filthy rich.... That's for sure....
    Secondly, I remember you once mentioned that this Horatio was very high up in the DL league.... as in an old customer sort of a thing....
    With all this tune and that old servant, its making me wonder if this Horatio is actually someone in like his forties???? Maybe my idea is absurd but am really wondering....
    And as per the characters in the story till now, there are I guess two people in that department- one is Arnav's Chacha and the other is his uncle....
    Though can't imagine to be his uncle but I remember his uncle has a sort if a sad story, like if i remember correctly he loved Arnav's mother...... What is there is more to this story??? Remember, Horatio told Payal that he will love and mark her grieving for the woman he lost???
    Because whoever it is wants to prove to the that arnav is mad!!! I don't thing Shyam will benefit from that....
    Aakash seems out of question as he was talking to Payal on phone when she was with Horatio so he can't be at two places at one time....
    If its not someone new, it comes down to Nk, Aman, uncle or Arnav's chacha.... But thus game of proving Arnav mad dates back to years and from that time only two people could be possible that are uncle and chacha!!
    Geez!! AM going mad!!! Hoping the mystery solves soon!!!
    Thank you so much Tina for writing such a gripping masterpiece!!!
    Eagerly waiting for the update!! But take your time!! Don't stress yourself!! We will wait!!!

  27. What an awesome teaser !! Extremely mysterious and dangerous !! The employer seems absolutely crazy and possessed to achieve his goal by hook or crook !! The fact that he broke Rita 's neck makes him a complete psychopath and was feeling scared for both arnav and khushi !! Wonder if it is Shyam as a lot of effort went into Arnav's name being maligned and arnav being considered crazy !! The fact that he also asked about the paintings makes me guess that it is Shyam since Shyam himself made those paintings !! Fabulous writing. Can't wait for the update !! :)

  28. thanku so sooooooo much for posting it..............
    i'm so soooooo happy...........
    it's amazing///////////////////////
    waiting for full update.................... :)

  29. now who is this man who is behind Arshi.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    he so cruel ..........
    there are many enemies against just the two of them.............
    hope to see them supporting each other,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    despite what the situation may come...............
    will wait for u to update,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :)

  30. Firstly thank you so much for continuing.awesome full of mystery.Throughout the reading I was thinking that the person Sud be Shyam probably because he wants khushi to leave arnav n also because he doesn't want his secret to reveal. but all speculations went in vain n comes Master Horatio. I remember him n was even guessing him to be, who was that guy arnav's Fren who slept with his girlfriend n was hitting upon khushi too???can't remember his name.update soon.wud be eagerly waiting to have my confusions cleared.

  31. Yay, I'm so glad you're back!
    The next chapter seems crazy!! Can't wait for the rest of it
    Im sad about DH, but at this point I think it really is your best course of action.
    Hope to see it as an ebook some day!

    1. Thank you so much....can't wait to read the full update....

    2. Thank you so much....can't wait to read the full update....

  32. Who is this master? Now this is confusing me.
    Looking forward to the chapter

  33. Hey
    Waise to I read ur work on if ....BT some1 der posted u updated came here n got to know abt ur story begin copied ....felt truly bad ...n like u said in ur last note plz do cont ur work ...never leave writing ur 1 of d best writer I know n ur imagination is awesome ....sorry 4 being l8 in supporting u....
    Now abt tesaer it looks quiet interesting w8ng 4 full update ....n plz update SP also .....n don't separate arshi in upcoming part in both stories......
    W8ng n hope to have srpy soon ...I have sent u pm on if also today ......Rpy soon

  34. Waiting for the Arshi update...

  35. Waiting waiting!!
    Update soon plz

  36. Firstly thanks for the shout out Tina :D... wow that teaser gave me chills.. awesome I love it.. seems arnav had a lot of things happening in the past that hasn't reveal yet
    . Master Horatio gives Me the creesps.. wonder why he would want arnav to like he's going crazy hhmm? Poor Rita guess she just braked up the wrong tree sigh

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.


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