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I know many of you are expecting an update and you're right one is due  but how can I be expected to concentrate on writing when we just got a new mini episode of IPKKND after 3 long years??!! I will try to finish the next chapter of Secret Passion this week still but it might be delayed with Arhi being back and thanksgiving coming up. Link to episode 1 of IPKKND Ek Jashn:!/iss-pyar-ko-kya-naam-doon-6721/khushi-arnav--three-years-later--1000077349-e
I'm sooo happy to see Arnav like this: calm, relaxed, reflective and very much in love.  Next episode more of wifey I hope <3 *off to fangirl some more* ps. some asked in their comments about details on these reunion episodes. Appartently it's 8 mini episodes that will be uploaded every Tues and Sat exclusively on HotStar showing Arhi 3 years later<3

Secret Passion Ch 37 Teaser

Hi everyone,
First of all, to all readers in France, many of whom I know personally, I hope you and your family and friends are safe and unharmed. #prayersforparis Thanks everyone for all the amazing feedback after the last chapter. So much unfolded and so much has happened in SP since Episode 1, but it amazes me that so many of you remember all the details and past events and are trying to piece it all together. You're right, there are clues sprinkled in from the start and it will all connect--eventually.
Teaser below is dedicated to my dear and very curious friend Tiffany--you know why:)
ps. Have you all seen the new arshi promo? <3 Can't stop watching it. So exciting!

Arnav slammed his palm against one of the stone pillars bordering Shantivan’s massive back gardens. “How can you not see it, Uncle? There’s a pattern to this. This keeps happening to me.” The older man struggled to understand. “What keeps …

Secret Passion Episode 36

Sorry about the delay, couple emergencies came up...But here it is. Finally! Secret Passion by TINA! & Satina: Episode 36: Dinner and a Date I'll decide tomorrow if I'll be posting on IF or just here from now on. Let me know what you all think! I'll leave this post open for comments since current comment thread is pretty full. --Tina
ps. Reminder: this story is a mature romance for a reason. If you're looking just for fluff, well, this isn't it. There's healthy doses of dark, light, and of course passion;)