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Secret Passion Ch 37 Teaser

Hi everyone,
First of all, to all readers in France, many of whom I know personally, I hope you and your family and friends are safe and unharmed. #prayersforparis
Thanks everyone for all the amazing feedback after the last chapter. So much unfolded and so much has happened in SP since Episode 1, but it amazes me that so many of you remember all the details and past events and are trying to piece it all together. You're right, there are clues sprinkled in from the start and it will all connect--eventually.
Teaser below is dedicated to my dear and very curious friend Tiffany--you know why:)
ps. Have you all seen the new arshi promo? <3 Can't stop watching it. So exciting!

Arnav slammed his palm against one of the stone pillars bordering Shantivan’s massive back gardens. “How can you not see it, Uncle? There’s a pattern to this. This keeps happening to me.”
The older man struggled to understand. “What keeps happening?”
“THIS!” Arnav cried, his eyes wild and rimmed with a bone-deep sense of loss. “I keep losing the people I care about...The people I love. One by one they’re taken from me and I can do nothing about it--absolutely nothing!”
Uncle kept silent as he forced him to sit down, releasing a deep sigh. “Arnav… I know better than anyone how much you have suffered and at such a young age too. Orphaned, sent to RITA, and now poor Anjali’s gone…I still cannot believe it. But son, all of this is simply a tragedy. A horrific tragedy. There is nothing you could have done to prevent it. Are you listening to me? Arnav, it’s not your fault. None of it is.”
But his godson seemed to not accept the truth of his words, his features appearing harsh in the dim light. “This is more than a tragedy...more than a coincidence… For the longest time, I thought maybe we, the Raizadas, were just cursed. Unlucky when it came to love and family. But these past few days have proven that it’s more than that. Di…” He winced. “Someone murdered her because she was close to me. Because I cared about her. I know it.”
“Stop now, Arnav. That is crazy talk and--” Realizing what he’d said, Uncle looked up startled. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean--”
“It’s okay,” Arnav said, his jaw clenched. “You can call me crazy, many have, but that doesn’t change my gut feeling on this. Someone is out there going after my loved ones. You can’t convince me otherwise, Uncle. I wish that cowardly son of a bitch would just confront me, but he or she goes after my family instead. Every single time. And that’s what scares me most,” he confided, his face lined with tension. “The only family I have left now is the person who means the world to me, whom I can’t live without… If anything happened to Khushi or the twins…” He closed his eyes, swallowing thickly.
Uncle laid a calming hand on his forearm. “Nothing will happen to them. We won’t allow it to. We’ll hire the best people out there to protect them.”
“I’ve done that already. I’ve done everything in my power to keep them safe but I still haven’t been able to get my hands on the person or persons behind this. Don’t you see, Uncle? Khushi has been in danger from the moment I stepped into her life. Before she met me there were no stalkers, no threats, no hints of violence in her life in Lucknow.”
Uncle knew him well enough to realize that arguing would be futile. His godson had made up his mind and there would be no changing it. “So what have you decided?”
Arnav stared out at the glimmering surface of the pool nearby--the pool where his wife had nearly lost her life. The memory cemented his plans. “I’m going to do what I should have done a year ago. I’m going to stop being selfish. Fact is Khushi is not safe with me. She won’t be as long as everyone knows how much I love her. I have walk away. I have to let her go. Forever.”
Uncle looked across at him, stricken. “What are you suggesting? You can’t live much less function without that girl and you’re thinking of casting her out of your life?”
“It’s the only way,” he insisted in a resolute tone. “The only way of keeping her safe.”
“She won’t allow it. She’ll fight for you, for your marriage.”
Running a hand through his hair, Arnav shuddered. He did not need to be reminded of Khushi’s strength and overwhelming love. He knew better than anyone how she would react. Uncle was right. His wife would not allow their marriage to fall apart so easily. She’d never understand or accept his reasoning. Never admit that she was safer without him than with him.
“When will you tell her?” Uncle asked with marked disapproval. “Tonight?”
Arnav shook his head. “Not tonight…In the morning…” Though Khushi did not yet realize it, tonight was their last night together and for these last remaining precious hours, he wanted for once no darkness to mar their lives. To lose himself in the fantasy of happily ever after…something he doubted he’d ever have now.
He felt as if he was being hurled back into the cold, dingy cell at RITA all over again, except it was much worse this time. Because without Khushi and their children, he’d be broken, as good as dead. Unlike before, he knew now what it meant to love, to lose yourself in a passion so tender, so brilliant that nothing could ever even begin to rival it. How the hell would he survive without his wife? How would he let her go? How, damn it, how?
He’d often told Khushi that it was them versus the world, that nothing and no one could tear them apart. And that was undoubtedly true. No one could separate them--except for themselves.

To be continued...
You will find out soon what Mrs. Raizada has to say for all of this;)


  1. omg omg omg tinaaaaaa
    this teaser was HEART BREAKING
    I was so so so sad towards the end
    plz don't separate them
    I know one thing fr sure that khushi won't let this happen
    she won't let arnavs stupid idea be successful
    I mean I understand arnav feelings n his circumstance
    bt still it is absolutely silly of him to leave his pregnant wife who needed him the most at this stage of her lyf
    how could he just leave her ??
    can't he protect his wife n children when they r with them ??
    n wat about babies ?
    would they will have a proper lyf without their father
    seriously I think arnav is acting lyk crazy
    I hope khushi would add some sense in his stupid mind
    moreover the teaser has made me so impatient that I can't Wait now
    plz plz Tina u have to update very very soon this tym
    as we are unable to wait now
    the teaser was amazing sad n exactly showing the dilemma of a poor loving n so so caring husband n father
    it was wonderfully written
    up date very very soon
    can't wait

    n one more thing yes I have seen. New arshi promo it make me so crazy u know arshi together finally after 3 whole painful years
    I don't know how many times I have watched that n don't know how many times I will watched
    just waiting fr entire promo to release
    n know also fr ur update
    haha again here

    plz Tina update soon
    lots of love to u Tina
    take care

  2. Hi Tina a teaser update that was least expected but I m so glad u posted. I was in a bliss after watching arshi promo but soon I read your update and it was so heart wrenching plz plz don't don't separate them that's the last thing I want. And I know khushi won't allow that and she will try to put some sense into his crazy brain. Hope u update the episode soon.

  3. Omg
    This is the most shocking teaser..seriously!!
    Arnav wants to leave khushi..his love has made him so strong and selfless
    I am dying to know how khushi reacts when she gets to know about all this
    I just hope they dont separate!!
    So anjali is really dead..
    U just have to update it quickly..pretty please!!

  4. Anjali is dead??? How??? When??? Why???
    Arnav must be broken.....I always get this overwhelming feeling after reading your update or even short teaser...!!!
    I have never read anything sooo intense...and dark..!!!
    Reading this ff again and again makes me so restless..!!!
    Whenever I read these latest chapters I again go and read those chapters where everything was so happy and full of romance...!!!!!
    Hopefully we'll get the update this week....!!!

  5. Anjali is dead??? How??? When??? Why???
    Arnav must be broken.....I always get this overwhelming feeling after reading your update or even short teaser...!!!
    I have never read anything sooo intense...and dark..!!!
    Reading this ff again and again makes me so restless..!!!
    Whenever I read these latest chapters I again go and read those chapters where everything was so happy and full of romance...!!!!!
    Hopefully we'll get the update this week....!!!

  6. Oh Tina, that was heartbreaking! Hopefully Khushi will put some sense into our Devdas Raizada. I dont know about the promo, what's going on? I dont wanna get my hopes up. Though I wish its a new show with Sarun. Sigh.

  7. Nahiiiiiiin.... Don't let Khushi let Arnav do this....Ok that was convoluted. But the Psychos will win if Arhi separate.... Bad idea! I bet Khushi won't let him take this step. Now I am even more anxious for the update! Arghhhhh!

  8. Oh Tina why a heartbreaking teaser...
    Khushi would be so angry about his this decision...
    About the promo, I didn't see but heard abt the news!
    Do u have the link for the promo?
    Thanks for the pm;)

    1. Thats the best quality we will get for now.

  9. Don't want Arnav to do something such bizarre.. no man.. don't hurt yourself and your family this way.. Hope Khushi stands strong before him and don't let him ruin their life like this.. Felt so bad for Arnav that he have lost his sister and now he is fearing losing his only family his Khushi and their twins..

    will be curious waiting for update..

  10. wow thanks for the teaser. Is there a possibility that "the uncle" will turn out to be a bad character (hope not) ??! & really it's ASR's thing to think about leaving Khushi while she can be even more in danger faraway from him !!

    Me just came by as usual to spend some time reading SP all over again to find some clues and here we get a Teaser!!!! Yayyyy!!!
    Sigh!!! Arnav now needs some serious pepping up from Khushi!!
    Seems next update will be full of fireworks!
    Really want Khushi to set Arnav right!!
    He needs to stop being sacrificing and thinking about others even though in this case he is thinking about his life Khushi.
    He has really suffered enough and now doesn't need this loneliness once again!!
    Sigh!! I don't know but in this FF I trust no one.
    Maybe my mind has gone crazy but I have my suspicions on uncle!! Why? I can't point out.
    Eagerly waiting for the update!
    Me sure Khushi would spill water, cold drink, petrol everything on Arnav's stupid plans!!
    Till you update me rushing to re-read the story to find out motor clues


  12. This teaser was a shocker !! Didn't expect arnav to give in to his fears and make a decision of letting khushi go !! How can arnav expect that either khushi or he will be able to have a semblance of a happy life without the other !! Really really hoping when arnav tries to tell khushi about them going their separate ways, khushi understands that his decision is being ruled by his fears and she gives him the necessary strength to stand together and face the crisis in their lives !! I really want that when arnav becomes weak khushi becomes his strength and makes him realize that abandoning each other in difficult times is not the solution but instead they should face life's hurdles together !! Awesome writing Tina. You are such a marvelous writer that I always wait to see when you will update. Really looking forward to the next update !! Also, as you mentioned my heart too goes out to all the victims in the France tragedy and too hope that all the readers are safe !!

  13. Don't separate them please

  14. This teaser broke my heart. I don't how I am going to read the actual update. ArHi separating due to a third party wouldn't be as painful, but here Arnav is doing wanting to do that :'( I know he wants hers and the twins safety but Khushi would never agree to this. I hope he does not trick her into this otherwise that'll just be even more painful. Whatever happens, I fully trust you Tina, so do update soon :)

    PS: That new promo is the cutest thing ever, cannot wait for the full promo + the episode.


    1. So is it confirmed that they are back in a new show? Say yess...

    2. They're back as Arnav and Khushi for one final episode that will air on hotstar :)


    3. Just died gone to heaven.
      Hmm...I heard about 9 episodes. Well, whatever we get. I'm happy about it.

  15. Dont seperate then ah i cant take it plz plz arnav dont do this to you and her

  16. Hey!! Read your update and teaser recently! Extremely happy that u have decided to continue the story! Cant wait for further updates! Please update soon with

  17. interesting teaser
    please don't separate them
    by doing that the evil will win over Arnav


  18. Khushi will never accept this decision. She would give some counterfieght comment or solution.

  19. Oh No......... The teaser is traumatizing..........

    But I am confident of Khushi's love....... She will never accept this decision...... She will definitely put some sense in Arnav......

    Please update quickly...

    (orchids8888 from IF)

  20. No no no Arshi can't be separated, that just can't happen and I know khusi will never let this happen.. feeling so sad for arnav,, I understand where he's coming from but he just can't give up so easy just have to fight it out.. them against the world .. can't believe Angeli is really dead sigh

  21. What the hell he is giving up instead of fighting waiting for Khushi reaction so sad she has giving up so much to be with him and he is going to prove every one right by forcing her out o his life.

  22. NOOOOOOOO!!!! Arnav u just can't do dat Khushi wil be devastated!! Khushi will nvr giv up on dem, she is a fighter n Im sure she won't let anything come btwn der love.....wat is Arnav thinkin??? hw will him staying away help cos dey both wil be miserable widout each other!!

  23. hey Tina
    where r u??
    I thought u will update today
    bt was sad when saw that u have not
    just can't wait after Reading teaser of sp
    n also new arshi promo
    plz update soon
    lots of Love to u Tina
    take care

  24. Wonderful teaser
    can't wait for what will happen next
    (IF) merehan

  25. OMG,,,,,,,,,now what this arnav is thinking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not only khushi i also think that they are safe with him only.................but really waiting for mystery to unfold.......... and to know who is this person who is hell bent on ruining ASR.............waiting.......... :)

  26. i just read this whole ff in onego....
    actually i have read this as the first ff... my frnd recommended it to me n i am so thankfull to her now.... u just wrote all emotions and evrything so beautifully. . love your work... u just bevame my fav author. .... plzzz cont soon... cant wait to read more...

  27. Hope Arnav won't do this. ..
    Khushi make him realise it....

    It's always them Vs world

    Eagerly looking forward

  28. Finally opened gmail account to comment on your Web page.

    Eagerly looking forward

  29. Thank you very much for the teaser but i hope that they stay together and never be apart
    wating eagerly for the full update
    And I'm very happy for Arshi returnson Hostar :)

  30. Oh My God!!! Anjali dead????? I really hope it is just an impression created by him to make SOMEONE fool.. And yeah uncle seems to be suspicious.. I reread almost all the chapters and really didn't find anything wrong in him.. And the most heartbreaking..Arnav wanna leave Khushi.. Like really ?? He gotta be kidding.. It is just next to impossible. Hadn't she fought all his fears..!! I truly hope he understands the fact earlier.. Can't wait for reading more more and more..
    I have been a silent reader for months. But it seems so unfair to you if I don't appreciate your hearty effort. You bring out every emotions raw.. And I'm actually able to picturize every scene. You are great in providing tiniest detail. I have read this story for more than 10times already. Its so fresh, so captivating, so alluring.. Should i say addictive?! I couldn't help it.. Secret Passion is the best fiction I have ever read..
    PS: I know you are facing so much troubles and emotional set backs due to plagiarism. Yet you are considerate enough to write more. Thank you so much for continuing writing. I think this is the least I could do for you. Please bounce back with all your power. The creativity inside you is damn AWESOME.. Write more PASSION..
    Take care. Stay sweet.
    -Phoebe (IF id: crazydreamgirl )

  31. Oh no!!!!!!!
    waiting eagerly 4 khushi's reaction

  32. YAAR when will u update waiting update soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

  33. Interesting teaser ...finally because of arnavs hasty decision hes proving the people who commented that he will be leaving khushi soon after using her and he has planned exactly for people to win ....even though his intentions are right to keep khushi and his kids safe he wanted to be away from them....dint expected the great ASR to be so scary and wanted to leave his love and stay away some how it doesnt suit his personality.....

  34. tina u last updated 1 and half month ago the cliff hanger teaser u updated one month ago is torturous yaar update soon in missing secret passion i have read the whole story all over again plz plz updatelooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog chapter of secret passion sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

  35. Oh my ! Arnav definitely did not think before taking the decision to leave his family. I am so very glad that he came back to them.

    As for anjali's death, either she is truly dead or someone is making them to believe that she is dead (with or without anjali's permission). Too much cinema :P making me think that way as they couldnt get her deadbody in form but meshed up.
    Just thinking it may be that nurse's with anjali's clothes. will wait for the update.

    Nothing matters as long as Arnav and Khushi are together. Arnav also getting the tattoo overcoming his fears was quite touching.

    Much love,
    Divyaarnavsr from IF

  36. Oh my, I just traced back my previous comment. it was a year back. Whoa! Love you Tina, For coming back. I have read new episodes 38 and 39 too. Thank you so much.

    divyaarnavsr from IF


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