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Secret Passion Episode 36

Sorry about the delay, couple emergencies came up...But here it is. Finally!
I'll decide tomorrow if I'll be posting on IF or just here from now on.
Let me know what you all think!
I'll leave this post open for comments since current comment thread is pretty full.
ps. Reminder: this story is a mature romance for a reason. If you're looking just for fluff, well, this isn't it. There's healthy doses of dark, light, and of course passion;)


  1. Please update here, eagerly waiting to read plzzzz

    1. It is updated here. Click on the blue link.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Tina
    Oh my my. What an update!!!!
    It was everything
    There was so much arshi scenes
    It was so passionate,
    Well,, after reading that I was lyk it was worth waiting so many weeks fr sp update
    I just loved this arnav he loves her so much and so did she
    N about the new twist well I am wondering that anjali is really dad?? I just hope not
    Bcaz arnav would be devastated he would be so broken up so plz tina dont let that happen
    In case if it is happening plz mke him strong enough n also make khushi erased all his pain
    I have feeling that there would be complication in arshi relationship
    Whatever u do plz dont let them seperate
    N I m still thinking if master horaito is shyam??
    Its scary enough
    Once again thanks tina fr such a marvellous update u r amazing and fantastic u put every emotion in front of us so perfectly
    Its lyk I m really imagine arshi in it
    Just loved loved loved ur update
    Thqnk u once again
    Plz update sp 37 soon
    Cant wait
    Hehe greedy as always.
    Update soon
    Take care
    Lots of love to u tina

  4. What an update. Arnav and khushi are been hit by all sides. When will Karan understand that he should not interfere in others life. Now again he is ready to marry khushi. And garima is supporting him. And Payal what to say about her. And who is the one supporting Karan . And now above all this Anjali is dead. Dadi will blame khushi for this too. And hope this does not create a rift between Arnav and khushi. And garima does not take advantage of this situation. Hope shashi supports them . And please do update SP soon again hehe. Waiting eagerly to read more

  5. Dear, thank you & love you tons for updating chapter 36. Welcome back.

    This chapter is thrilling.

    Payal is such a creep. She has the guts to come out in open with a bag full of lies.

    But Arnav-Khushi's love is so pure & genuine. Their part is full of passion, sizzling hot chemistry & tons of romance. Khushi is the strong pillar in Arnav's life. So Arnav-Khushi will together overcome the issues.

    The last part of update is scary.......

    Please update quickly.

    (orchids8888 from IF)

  6. Awesome update as usual Tina!!! Loved every bit of it!! Aman's screen name lol, hmm villains are coming out of every corner and really getting to Arshi. What happened to Anji? Cannot wait for the next update!!
    Thanks for returning back and continuing the story!!
    (Anu1017 IF) ps cannot comment on the chapter it self for some reason.

  7. Ooh finally Couldn't get a better start for this month. Good job :)

  8. Cliffhanger at the end of the chapter :O really scared about Arnav's reaction now...hope he doesn't blame Khushi in his rage ! The chemistry between Arnav and Khushi is so mindblowing...they have truly become soulmates now by standing with each other through thick and thin. Initially they fought with each and now they are fighting their enemies together who seem to be increasing in number :p . Looking at the precap picture it seems that Anjali is very much alive and somebody may have played a pathetic joke on them or it may just be a flashback :( .....Eagerly waiting to know what happens next..update soon! :D
    (pra_s.96 on IF)

  9. Seriously..?! Still that Karan is plotting against Arnav and how come he is so confident that he is gonna get rid of Arnav from Khushi's life and marry her!!
    Payal is like a cancer in Arshi's life...How manipulative she is...Such a vile creature.
    Anjali is really dead?? Or is that a sick joke of the so called enemies of Arshi?!
    With the whole world against Arshi,its so damn difficult to free from the vultures and I hope against all odds, Arnav and Khushi remain together forever.
    Waiting for the next update.
    Kavya_sarun from IF.

  10. Hot stuff girl..u r a genious at it..the latest update of SP was amazing ;) Luved the bathroom scene and the school dance. Too gud :*

  11. What a mind blowing update... It seems to me that both arnav and khushi's families are just after them, they are just acting blind to the fact that both kids are happy and madly in love with each other. I am just shocked at garima's behaviour that how can she think that somebody else is going to love khushi's children more than their own father? I just wish that there's a place like RITA for both these families bcz they truly are a bunch of psychos.

    God how I wish that I could kill that Karan... Why can't he just understand that khushi doesn't love him, she never did and she never ever will. He doesn't need to be this self confessed great, who is dying to raise Arnav's kids as his own, when in reality niether khushi nor arnav want him to play this role. I wish arnav just fix him properly once and for all.

    U have left us with this deadly cliffhanger about anjilli' death... Plz don't make us wait for ages for the next update.


  12. garima is insanely annoying. She knows her older daughter might be insane and yet she goes after khushi's judgement instead. are you actually real. And karan actually needs to take a hike. stop being so concerned about another man's wife. that's disturbing. and his mother just annoys me because she's related to him. Payal actually needs to be in a mental hospital. she has real life issues. sorry your man isn't who you wanted to be but chill. i wonder if karan might be the master dude that payal sees. her and karan were made for each other so that would be interesting. they're both insane enough. I love how arnav's main concern is always khushi and the kids even when he's the one being attacked. love the relationship those two share (obviously one of the main reasons, other than your amazing knack for writing, that I keep coming back for more). Anjali's death is probably gonna rock the boat a little but I can't wait to read what you have planned. Glad you're going to continue writing (hopefully with less people being thieves this time around).

    Lots of love and good vibes,


  13. hi tina thnx for the long was amazing and as usual ended with a new twist.i have a request for u.why don't expose a little of payal or karan to khushi's family in the upcoming's because there's so much of negativity around arshi.consider it as our diwali gift.

  14. thank u soo much for such a long n romantic wala update.... i think karan, payal, AK, Nicole, are simply pawn of Master.... karan's boss is master.... but i really dont know k y karan is doing this just becox he loved khushi ya phir as advised by his boss.... n then anjali's death.... there are so much negativity around arshi they are surrounded by so many evils.... but admist of all this there love grow more stronger hai na.... how can garima agreed to cast sich a news yar.... i am very eager now for coming updates.... i have full faith in u dear.... bas arshi should support each other no matter what...

  15. Huh anjali z dead !!!!!!?

    1stly Thnk u so much fr d updt.. It was long so romantic one..
    But who was dat man.. Who killed nurse Rita... Was he d one who was karan's boss..!?

    So beautifully written updt.. Loved all arhi parts..


  16. That was a fantastic update. Totally loved it !! Brilliant writing. :) So glad that khushi heard it on her own the sick intentions of Payal and clearly understood the enemy Payal was !! Poor khushi and arnav surrounded by these horrid people who literally want a pound of their flesh !! Now Karan makes his intentions regarding khushi clear to Garima. Wonder what kid of a mother is Garima that she doesn't even think that there can be another side to the story than what payal, Karan are saying. She seems to be cocooned in her own world and believes whatever seems fit to her meager intelligence !! Wonder what Karan will do to arnav !! Hope arnav has people watching over payal and Karan to understand what other vile things these two were up to. Anjali dead ?? That was a shock !! Also the beginning was really mysterious, wonder if Horatio is Shyam who killed that girl !! Fabulous update, thoroughly enjoyed it and really looking forward to the next one. :)

  17. What Anjali is Dead?????? how??? when???
    oh no...what is going on...
    Payal n karan are so sick?? n who killed rita??
    omg all are sicko's grrrrrr
    oh garima... u r siding with the wrong people :(

    1. OH forgot to mention loved the arshi filled parts....way to go khushi for answering the media :D
      lovely update!!! eagerly waiting for next!!

  18. Awesome superb wonderful i just love your style of writing it's amazing and such a amazing update hpe payal and karan real intentions comes out soon

  19. I can't believe Karan like seriously dude back off she's taken for goodness sake. By this point I'm pretty sure he wants her just so he can show Arnav that Khushi loves him and nobody else. Garima in all of this is acting stupid but it makes sense because she is a mom. Arnav and Khushi are really cute in this story (love em'). And seriously Dadi and Payal are ticking me off like go get a life. Dadi only cares for Arnav because he has lots of money. I don't like Anjali much because she didn't do much to save Arnav from RITA like it makes sense that she couldn't do anything but she could of at least tried. They're complete psychos. You said that there would be more dark parts to the story and seriously I don't mind as long as Arnav and Khushi stay together everything will be great.

    Anonymous #1

  20. Hi TINA.. Im super happiiee you have resumed writing. i was very upet when i read about the ever-growing plagarism issues of y(o)ur stories. i can only say that the people who have been doing this just have a mind of their own n just like the antagonists of the stories , they are pretty crazy and nothing but God can help them in restoring their senses.

    coming to the update , u were back with a super bang!

    rita was killed! the mystery man is surely an A-rated psycopath. goodness! and im really amused at the audacity of karan n Payal.. wot kind of hairbrained stuff have they come up with.? stupid peope!
    Khushi has recreated the date nite marvellously.. i jus wanted it t go on endlessly. but the last line regarding Anjali's (rumoured?) death brought me back to my senses.. this is insanely suspicious.(ofcourse!)

  21. OH MY GOD.........Anjali is dead.........that was really a shock for me...........
    and this payal and karan are just so damn people.............rightly said they don't have life of their own.....................but i'm more worried about that unknown man who is behind removing pic...through nurse rita..........and i love the way trust each other and support each other in spite of all damn stupid people and their doing...............
    amazing update..............
    loved it so so soooooooooooooo much................
    thanku so much..................

  22. Even though Anjali didn't play much in the story it still saddens me that she died. Oh God..

  23. So happy to see u back with SP episode 36 Tina!!!
    This Karen will not change. After what getting a punishment from Arnav he still didn't back off... And Payal again played her cards by giving the media those information...
    I guess if Khushi was not pregnant, she would gave given Payal the place she deserves.
    Loved the way Khushi wanted to create new memories with Arnav. It was lovely <3
    No matter what happens, Arshi trust each other that's awesome. Hopefully they will continue to do so in their coming problems...
    Poor Anjali is dead! Did the Shyam kill her??? Don't know how Arnav is going to take it...
    Continue soon Tina!
    Thanks for the pm ;)
    IF: Alai123

  24. Wow!!! What an update!
    First of all thanks for updating dear! I was literally waiting like anything.... Gosh! The update got over soooooo soon!! :( He he!! But I know its never going to be enough for me even if I read 1000000000000 pages of this wonderful story....
    Ummm.... The ending obviously was shocking but yeah me was kind of expecting something like this when you mentioned that this story is not for light-hearted....
    Now what me wondering is how did Anjali die? I mean obviously it seems hard to digest it to be a case of suicide, but if its a murder, the questions comes who?
    Is all this something related to this heirloom property? I mean with Anjali gone out from picture and Arnav trying to being declared mad, could only point to this.....
    I am really confused with this Horatio guy...
    But this Karan is getting on my nerves.... What is this guy's problem? As far as I know he doesn't love Khushi and is working on someone's orders.... But what about Garima? I understand she is the mother but she should realize that her daughter is not a fool, she should trust her judgment.... And with Payal brainwashing her now I doubt if she will ever listen to Khushi....
    Now the only thing me hoping is that Arnav wins this one with Khushi by his side... Poor guy has already been tormented enough for 10 lives and I know if he loses Khushi and babies, it would be like game over.
    It seems trouble is coming from all sides!! Its really getting very interesting and intense.... Totally loving every bit of it, just thinking and speculating what will happen next!!
    Hoping to read next update soon. The mystery is literally making me jittery! Great update! Loved it loads. Thanks for updating once again/

  25. Thanks for the update..
    lovely update....
    feel bad for Arnav and Khushi...
    Who is the person behind all this?

  26. woah what an update:)glad u are back tina di!cannot wait for chapter 37

  27. Omg!! Awesome update!!! It's worth the wait :) a shout out to the brave kushi.... Nurse Rita is a good example for evilness always has a bad ending.... This Horatio is quite scary.... Let's wait and see what he's upto....

  28. it was super awesome!!...i feel pity on payal and good for nothing karan....
    the ending is shocking?!!...anjali dead?!!! not sure what feelings I am having now- happy/sad/confused may be??


  29. Freaking awesome update. Is nk master H.... pls nt b him... payal is evil personified n I think karan didnt gt dat much punch frm asr dats y back to khushi mantra. Hw aman knew d correct tym... n anjali is gone... but hw.. looking forward to read more yaar..

    Brkn angl

  30. I just finished reading the update, and I don't even know where to begin from. My heart went out for Arnav in this chapter. Everyone is against him, they all want to destroy him, and how. I am just glad that he's not alone, and Khushi - his wife, his support system is with him. I am in love with ArHi's love for each other. I hope their bond remains just as strong, because things are falling apart.

    Their passionate love-making is so beautiful. You really do a great job at that Tina, I am always left blushing.

    Karan, I have no words for. Garima and him just won't give up will they?

    The end left me speechless. What a twist, I couldn't actually believe my eyes when I read that. You really have to update soon Tina, I am here dying to find out how Anjali died, and I am quite afraid.

    Beautiful update Tina :)
    Thank you!!!


  31. loved it
    who is after him
    n y will Payal risk her life if someone has not given her what she desires
    n wht is Garima's problem y cant she leave khushi alone
    khushi is happy with him y cant she digest it
    n who is this mad man after ASR, i think he is connected to RITA
    so Anjali is dead or the mad man got her

  32. awesome update....
    loved it...
    glad khushi came to knw payal's real face...
    hate payal & karan...
    garima is idot..
    always behind arshi...
    loved arshi moments.....
    anjali is dead....
    waiting 4 d nxt update...
    thanx 4 d pm...
    dhanyac (IF)

  33. First of all.... welcome back... even if it was a bit delayed the update was worth the wait.... but the cliffhanger is definitely not expected... poor anjali .... how would arnav deal with this tragedy.... payal is a bitch... it is so frustrating to think what payal has done... and who is this horatio?

  34. WOW!! Lovely to hav u back dear!! Passionate n overwhelming moments between Arnav n Khushi as always....beautiful!! Payal is despicable....hw low can she stoop. Garima just won't leave Khushi alone wonder wat she wil do wen she realises wat scum Payal is!! Karan needs a good bashing one dat he wil nvr forget!! Fabulous update dear!! Thank u!!

  35. OMG i dint check your blog and for my surprise there is an update and a teaser...i really got overwhelmed after knowing that you continue writings for your loyal reader...i really appreciate your decision and happy also....only sad thing is i will be missing desert heat missing updates from part 11 to 13 because that i cant further proceed dear...its ok i will wait for ebook ....once again thanks a lot dear....

    RITA was hired by master Horatio and poor girl got killed after doing whatever her master as said to prove that arnav is gone mad and his mind is not stable....this man is really a sadist and what exactly he wanted from arnav...i hate karans audacity still to own khushi and marry her after knowing she immensely in love with arnav and shes going to be a mother for arnavs kids....this fellow must have solid support and background to think and wish to have khushi ...hope arnav will be more careful with all evil eyes because everyday his rivals are increasing...i hate garima supporting karan in his plan and shes so elderly and still think khushi is in wrong hands instead safe guarding her daughters life and love....Payal is such and nth graded bitch and we cant expect anything good from her because of her evil wish of having ASR and she can stoop to any level to prove khushi is wrong and she can get arnav for her....khushi is so sweet and adorable and wished only happiness for her husband arnav because she knows his fears and also know that he had very bad past which has brutally killed his childhood ....she want to create all the magical moments in his life and give all marvelous memories so that he becomes strong and come out of his fears of loosing her..loved their magical romantic and passionate moments....OMG how come anjali is dead and who can be the reason behind her death....

  36. twist and turns.....more mysteries....More secrets...tangled relations....obsessions...ufff .....Secret Passion is the best...

  37. secret passion is one of the best i ever read...awesome story ..but hate your payal


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